Philadelphia Police Announce Warrant In Josh Kruger Case

In death, Josh Kruger and Ryan Carson are now both complicit in hunting down young black men and contributing to systematic racism in the criminal justice system. The cops should set their killers free. It is what they would have wanted.



  1. “Trying to help”……..???

    “Hey man, here’s the lube”

    I call ‘queer fight’.

    So many of these white males who have a strong interest in ‘justice’ for blacks are just protecting their source of queer gratification, *ahem* Russell Moore.

  2. Con Inc’s response to the recent professional [antiwhite] radlibs/shitlibs killings has been very telling.

    Whenever a no-name white liberal gets killed Con Inc is the biggest pusher of the “this is what they voted for lol” “why would you live in a dem ran city!?!” narratives. Especially if it’s a no-name white woman. It’s lol’ing all over the timeline from big con inc accounts.

    That’s definitely still happening BUT there’s way more pushback from con inc saying NOT to lol at these professional antiwhite radlibs getting killed in part by policies they’ve pushed for.

    Con Inc is showing their true colors. They’re establishment first, everything else is a distant second or third.

    Many embittered personalities and groups in what used to be called the alt-right took bashing of republicans too far at times- BUT one thing those types are correct on is that they would eagerly work with antifa to give them info about who to purge from their ranks.

    When it came to kicking pro-whites out of the right con Inc relies he’s upon SPLC, ADL and lower level antifa types. They just don’t like it when they’re targeted by them. But if someone posted a racism or even worse an antisemitism years ago con Inc wants to know.

    Many Con Inc types are expressing empathy for these people, when it’s a random no-name liberal white woman who gets killed while jogging it’s all “lmao dumb Karen voted for this”

    I think relishing in your oppositions misery is bad for your own “mental health.” BUT if you’re going to lol at anyones death it’s more appropriate for people who are A) actively thinking about their beliefs and propagandizing them B) professionals who are paid to impose their beliefs onto others.

    Espresso when it comes to normal people I pushback against this morbid humor because it’s morally stupid. It also doesn’t make anyone who might be on the fence want to join your side. Like cool everyone on my side is delusional about crime/trans but everyone who disagrees is a morally preening asshole.

    But its also just wrong.

    It’s not surprising why in a system that’s a 24/7 propaganda regime and that’ll financially punish you for not being a shitlib no-name whites up to their ears in debt would try convince themselves the “correct” narratives are correct. Most normie shitlibs only engage in performative politics to signal conformity but don’t actually follow politics. They just follow trends. And try to lose themselves in the circus provided by the regime, whether that’s drug fueled concerts like burning man or Netflix for the downwardly mobile/introverted normie shitlibs. Living in SF and NYC I’ve seen this up close and to those in middle America they think every dem is watching Maddow every night, reading salon etc the vast majority of them are not. The vast majority of them know on some gut level they’re being lied to but are too “lost in the sauce” to know how or about what.

    It’s a lot like talking to someone who’s served in the army vs a newly enlisted private. If you’re a normie shitlib who went to college at 18 by the time you realize “huh this might be BS” you’re already more than halfway through, if you quit you’re in massive debt and they don’t really know what else they’d do so they press forward. Many vets know their service in recent wars was kinda BS and many of them have half-baked rationales for it, and some totally kooky conspiracy theories. Just like a shitlib who might not like the most extreme antiwhite or trans stuff but think maybe, just maybe things could calm down and we could go back to a 90’s style liberalism. That’s the shitlib version of the vet who says everything would be alright if we just went back to a constitutional republic. Both would be better, but both are delusional and ignore the historical reality we live in.

    Whenever you challenge a normie shitlib to think about a system narrative the most common phrases they’ll repeat to you is “why would annyone even care?” or “people need to get a life.” Both of these are not actually saying they agree with the system narrative but they realize opposing a system narrative is trouble, and why put yourself through that when you could just post a black cube on instagram for blm and go back to doing drugs, drinking, casual sex, go to concerts or watching streaming. Why fight it, just enjoy the circus provided. Cowardly sure, but totally understandable.

    I don’t understand people who would lol at normie shitlibs being killed but then say “yeah let’s not lol at this professional shitlibs.”

    I haven’t spent time lol’ing at this guys dying but I also don’t lol at normie shitlibs being killed, and I’m far more sympathetic to those who are lol’ing at these guys deaths then when a normie shitlib gets killed.

    TLDR; Con Inc is more invested in antifa’s safety than of random white people

  3. The Pantifag might well have owed it drug money. So it came and killed him. Or possibly the faggotry thing. Or maybe it just came to steal and the Pantifag resisted. Robbery gone lethal. Just as likely, it was just tired of seeing that cracker’s face in his hood..

    Whatever it was, the Masons (cops) will lie about it. They always do.

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