Rachel Maddow – National Review Conservative Thought Policeman/Policelesbo

Conservative Gate Keeper Lesbo Hard Leftist White man Hater Maddow

In case you weren’t watching MSNBC or reading (Inter) “National Review” (who under the age of 90 yrs old does?) Rachel “Mad Cow” Maddow is now a spokesman/spokeswoman/spokes Lib Lesbo something for mainstream American conservatism!

This week, Rachel Maddow congratulates National Review and Conservative Inc for purging former NR writers and editors John Derbyshire, Peter Brimelow, ( also Joe Sobran, Sam Francis, Pat Buchanan etc) for stepping across the line from “respectable Conservatism” to EXTREMISM for “noticing” and commenting on taboo subjects such as:

  1. Black African American criminal mayhem in our cities (My Chicago 2023 shootings total shot: 2412 total homicides: 495 source/link
  2. The 200,000 a month mass illegal alien migrant invasion of our USA
  3. The Great replacement of White Europeans in Europe
  4. Endless, pointless J Neo Conservative, military industrial complex $ trillion wars, regime changes, UN, New World Order wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Serbia and now Ukraine, Crimea.
  5. The J media war on Christmas, Bob Iger Woke Disney anti White cultural wars, BLM Antifa mobs destroying Confederate and Christopher Columbus monuments, Bud Lite the gayest, homo pervert beer in US history (Link)
  6. homo, LGBT pervert sexual grooming of little White children – preventing all children in the USA to go to the bathroom in safety.

Folks, we live in an occupied country, our mass mainstream media, even supposedly “Conservative Media” such as National Review, post Tucker Carlson/Meagan Kelly/Rupert Murdoch Fox News is monopolized by ethnic, racial, sexual groups, that hate us. It’s not a misunderstanding – they really do yes HATE US, want all of use purged from respectable society, fired from our jobs, treated as religious heretics to some horrible, Godless fundamentalist religion/cult.
No, let’s not be:

Sweet reason has nothing to do with the vicious, hateful likes of Rachel Mad Cow Maddow or Jonah Goldberg, Max Boot, Bill Kristol or any of their fag*ot puppets like David French, the Bush, Romney or Cheney families.
Yeah, we know – you HATE US, we’re not really wild about you.

Romney and Maddow

Hey Rachel Maddow, since no one is watching you on MSNBC or caring about your NR thought police actions, have you considered a second career as a US, UN diplomat like Niki Haley? How about getting appointed as the US/UN ambassador to Uganda or Afghanistan? You might want to look in to the local laws and customs regarding some of your alternative views and alternative lifestyles, or you might be getting short helicopter rides, roof tosses from the local POC males. Ha ha.


    • I wouldn’t even say it’s “Controlled Opposition”. I’d say it’s dominated by …

      the Opposition.

      The White hating Eternal J.

      David Frum’s “Unpatriotic Conservatives” purging any and all White Gentile Conservatives who opposed the Neo Con wars in Iraq, Syria, Serbia, Afghanistan and now Ukraine/Crimea – that’s just the classic J purges of our people.

      Jonah Goldberg’s purge of John Derbyshire for his best ever Taki mag article “The Talk – the non Black version” for just noticing Black A American crime, BRA and how to teach your teenagers to survive, not get fired, purged like John Derbyshire did – those were the two worst examples of what National Review became after Bill Buckley turned over National Review to…

      The Js.

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