Bibi Netanyahu: We Must Defeat the Axis of Evil

No thanks.

Israel just blew up a Baptist hospital and killed around 500 people. Meanwhile, Sen. Tom Cotton is opposed to even humanitarian aid going into Gaza.


  1. Did Tom Cotton-picker ever hear of the Red Cross? Red Cross packages to POWs for both sides? Red Cross marker is just a target for the Jews, of course. The adversaries of all men. Those who support them are the enemies of God.

      • They don’t. It was probably a Murikan-supplied JDAM bomb. Latest spin from Jewsmedia and their various shills is that Hamas was operating a ter-r-r-rst base from inside the hospital. That hospital was founded by Baptist missionaries in 1882 and is presently funded by the Anglicans. Of course Talmudics like Jared Kushner routinely spit upon Christians in ‘Muh Izrael’ so it’s not as if they give a shit about that aspect.

        • Correction about the above. JDAM bombs are too big (they start at 500 lbs) in airburst mode to have left the relatively little damage to the hospital building itself. Larry Johnson believes the evidence (small crater and lots of dead and wounded) point to a particular model of hellfire missile – made in USA and fired by Rev. Hagee’s favorite country.

  2. Actually the US (((Wall street))) did give aid to the nazis. Germany was bankrupt following the Weimar collapse and the great depression. Companies like Ford and others invested heavily there. See the works of Anthony Sutton.

  3. I was stunned and saddened to see the al-Ahli Baptist hospital in Gaza hit by the IDF. I am afraid that many (most?) brain addled “Christian” Zionists will support Israel, even if the IDF starts openly bombing Christian installations in Gaza and neighboring countries.

    • The so-called “Christians” (heretics all) who support ‘muh Israhell’ haven’t said a word of complaint about the IDF bombing of a church that’s been in Gaza since the late Roman empire (ca.400). All just ‘hadji’s to those tards.

  4. Why are globalists so bloodthirsty? If they are not vying for genocide of Russians, they are then opting for genocide of defenseless Palestinian civilians. Count me out of this ZOG daydream. If this conflict extends to Iran and Hezbollah, the U.S. will get involved. Nothing repulses me more than blind obedience to Israel. Stupid Boomers ruined Western civilization and their final send off into the abyss is to genocide Palestinians and sell out our country down the tubes. I support Palestinian refugees because they are escaping genocide that we financially supported, unlike these other immigrants that just come here to milk the welfare system and hate Whitey.

    Anyone get a whiff of this Richard Hannania fellow on X / Twitter? The guy is an ethnic Lebanese / Palestinian and cheering on the genocide of his own people. What a clown. Israel turned Gaza into an open-aired prison, sends hundreds of thousands of settlers into the West Bank, bulldozes Palestinian homes and then has the audacity to say the Hamas strike was “unprovoked”. What a circus.

  5. This take on barbarous IDF hospital destroyers didn’t age well at all. The quickness to accused Israel of deliberately seeking to destroy a hospital, a church, or babies, while ignoring Hamas as a savage terrorist organization shows the delusion so many have on the right over “Duh, Jews.” In reality, the hospital, church, and babies were killed by errant Hamas rockets which were launched with the intention of destr1oying and murdering Israeli hospitals, churches, and babies. In contrast to Hamas, IDF attacks are not made to intentionally and indiscriminately murder civilians.

    Any perusal of multiple media sources will show the preceding is true. However, if one follows Grifter Papist Propagandists like the barking gay Mexican Chihuahua, aka Laura Loomer’s Gucci Purse dog, aka Nick Fuentes, or globalist double agent propagandist Lord Haw Haw 2.0, aka Jackson Hinkle, then one will believe Hamas are Christian White Knights and the Israelis are Satanic Sand Niggers. The fact is there is a large amount of extremist bullshit fighting for your mind in the media. Its fought by anti-Israelis like Fuentes, and pro-Israelis like Haggee. Both types need to be ignored. They are the true deceivers for the devil.

    As my namesake did a thousand years ago, I happen to work with a chivalric order that actually provides humanitarian assistance to that hospital and other sites in the Holy Land. So let me educate you.The explosions which you guys use are fake. The entire building wasn’t destroyed. It wasn’t hit by a JDAM. It was an errant rocket fired by actual Sand Nigger devils trying to murder innocent Israeli men, women, and children, which instead murdered innocent Palestinian men, women and children. The rocket hit the parking lot where they were encamped, despite a week of warning to remove themselves both by the IDF and the hospital’s Christian management. Fix your thought process.

    Non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tua da gloriam,

    Reginald De Chantillon

    • Israel would never attack a hospital.

      It only attacked multiple hospitals before that one and repeatedly demanded the evacuation of other hospitals. Even after the blast at that hospital, Israel has demanded the evacuation of other hospitals, which are targets of IAF airstikes. It also bombed an Orthodox church … what a day or so ago?

      As all the videos show above, Israel doesn’t indiscriminately kill civilians. It doesn’t carpet bomb huge population centers. Israel also didn’t shoot thousands of civilians over the years who approached the Gaza perimeter fence

      • There is literally no proof that Israel indiscriminately carpet bomb civilians, seek to blow up hospitals, or destroy churches cuz they are Satanic Khazars. Distributing warnings to not go near military targets, blowing up said targets, and then finding civilians packed in it, is not targeting civilians. Civilian deaths in urban combat are a given. The Western way of war, which Israel follows tries to mitigate it. But, it will happen, especially if civilians are being used to shield unlawful combatant operations. Under the Western way of warfare, any buildings including churches and hospitals which are used as military outposts are no longer civilian and protected from deliberate attack. Israel, as a Western power, accordingly seeks to not deliberately attack civilians but attempts targeted attacks on actual combatants and military targets. Civilian losses are collateral damage. The Sand Niggers are trying to increase collateral damage by using civilians as shields for their villainy.

        Fact, the Orthodox church was damaged in an airstrike which targeted Sand Niggers who deliberately set up a military center next to the church so they could complain like Towel Heads usually do when they got rocked, and used nearby Christians wounded and killed as propoganda consumption for barking Papist American Lasters like the gay Mexican Fuentes. Indeed, the command and control post was used to send rockets to indiscriminately murder Israelis. The same rockets which often indiscriminately kill their own because, well, they are savage AND stupid Sand Niggers.

        Another fact, any buildings including churches and hospitals which are used as military outposts are no longer protected from military strikes. So, if in some future balkanized Lebanon style America, some Irish Chicago Papists following Catholic Fueher Fuentes decide to declare war and launch attacks from their parish churches on Lutheran Southrons in Alabama cuz they owned slaves 150 years ago, House Griffin Army can go on a rampage and burn the offending church to the ground. Because so many Americans are plain ignorant about such things and full of White guilt, the Sand Niggers and their symps like the Aztec Papist use that to their advantage to wage propoganda war. Don’t buy into it.

        War is hell, particularly urban combat. The West has a history of such combat and a history of seeking to limit its effects. Civilians are not to be deliberately targeted but if they get killed in the crossfire thats collateral damage, it’s not indiscriminate mass murder. Thats what happened when our forefathers battled their way through Normandy, fighting Germans, who although, not using civilians as hostages, still resulted in the Allies and Axis killing tens of thousands of French civilian men, women, and children as collateral damage in the process. No one talks about our grandparents wading through French villages filled with dead and dismembered bodies both American and German soldiers and French civilians. Westerners hate doing shit like this, because it is hateful. Its ugly and dirty. Sand niggers on the other hand apparently like it.

        We, including the Israelis, try to limit the consequences of our military action. Sand Niggers and Aztec Indian Savages know this about us, and consider it a weakness to exploit. They don’t hold to the same beliefs of warfare. So they like to strap bombs on women to come blow up innocent civilians and enemy soldiers, invade rock n roll concerts to mass murder attendees, or paraglide into dance raves and mow down tranced out dancers before storming military bases. They will do the same thing with hospitals. They see a hospital, they’ll put missiles in it to launch attacks to murder “Duh, Jews,” so that when Israel strikes back, Sand Nigger Aztec Indian symps like the Papist barking Chihuahua can blame Zionists. Israel doesn’t have the time, methodology, or ideology to blow up hospitals cuz “Duh, Jews.” Sand Niggers however, like the merciless Indian savages our forefathers fought, consider blowing away without regard to sex, age, or condition, an act of perfect war.

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