Response To Aryan Globalist Bro


Orban is currently in Beijing meeting with Putin and Xi.

I will humor you.

Really, what is going on is the right has a bunch of Putin bootlicker political retards running strategy. When the right puts isolationist ostrich head in the sand people in charge of strategy while the left runs a globalist 360 multidomain multiinstititional campaign, the right loses….everywhere.

Does anyone here have the time or resources to run a “globalist 360 multidomain multiinstitution campaign” to prop up the Polish NatCon Right and to keep it indefinitely in power?

Thus, because Poland was run by a far right party that also took a hard foreign policy line against Russia, many other right wing isolationists ignored them. Without coordinated action with the right in the EU, Poland and even Hungary were isolated, marginalized, and ignored while boatloads of money, assets, and fraud assets went to the left wing in those countries, by the globalist left.

We don’t control our own country and have zero control over our foreign policy. How are we supposed to sway Polish elections? Does anyone here even speak Polish?

As a result, instead of Poland’s right getting help by nationalist right wing spokespeople, campaigners, and parties, they were ignored cuz they didn’t like Putin. In turn, the Polish left went full bore attacking the Polish right while the US right had a meltdown because “Duh, Boomercons” might support Israel against Apache style savages and “Putin is based, bro.” So now, you get to see the atrocious neo-commie Tusk lead a victory displacing the right in Poland.

Admittedly, I haven’t thought much about the Polish elections, as our own country seems to be caught in a downward spiral into a violent conflict which will have a much greater impact on our lives. After 20 years of war, most Americans are apprehensive about getting sucked into a regional war for Israel in the Middle East. In any case, the last thing that popped up on my radar about Poland was the Polish president comparing Ukraine to a drowning man and vowing to cut off military aid to Ukraine.

In conclusion, the isolationist, ignore the rest of the world, let it burn, “muh, Russia is cool man” lolibart Putinbootlicker mentality will see every single right wing government collapse. In turn, you are all gonna get lgbtq shoved down your throats and massmudslide of brown people overwhelming your houses, and still get drafted to fight for World War Fay. Rethink, your world outlook. No man, and no nation is an island. You might ignore the world, but the world is interested in you.

To be completely honest, I have been disappointed with the NatCon governments in Europe. Boris Johnson, for example, was sold to us as a model who was going to usher in a populist nationalist realignment in the UK. He presided over lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations and a large increase in Third World immigration. He was aggressively pro-fag. He led a crackdown on internet hate speech. The Tories have become a complete joke and are now about to get destroyed under Rishi Sunak.

Do you remember Giorgia Meloni? She was also sold as the second coming of fascism in Italy. As with Boris Johnson, she turned out to be a NatCon who presided over another huge surge in Third World immigration. Boris is now out of power and spends his days shilling for Ukraine. Meloni is also a shill for Ukraine. Both have presided over essentially mainstream conservative governments.

I don’t write much about the fate of NatCon governments in Europe because I am not really interested in them anymore. I am not invested in the outcome of the Polish elections.

So, basically Hunter and OD are in alignment with brown people and woke freak retards regarding Israel, Middle East, Ukraine, and presumably anywhere else in the world. The same brown, woke, freak, retards also are opposed to doing anything about the border or stopping 3rd world mudslide into America.

If only our government was willing to Stand With Israel, we would stop the Third World mudslide into America! We would have secure borders!

But, that is where Hunter and OD draw the line right??? Methinks you are missing something here. Perhaps, being in alignment with left wing extremist foreign origin unAmericans on every single foreign policy issue should give pause and reflection on some core beliefs.

I don’t want to be involved in foreign wars in Ukraine over the status of Donbas or Israel over its treatment of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and West Bank. Leftists in Congress are 100% in support of Ukraine aid. They are also 100% on board with Standing With Israel.

For 20 years, I have consistently been opposed to being involved in stupid wars in Eurasia and Africa. As we saw with the failed counteroffensive, $77 billion dollars in aid to Ukraine and attempts by the West to crush the Russian economy hasn’t changed the outcome on the battlefield in Ukraine. Similarly, squandering another huge amount of money on Israel and getting involved in its wars isn’t going to lead to peace with its neighbors, especially in the long run given changing demographics.


  1. Yes. That idiot poster read like a retarded AI amalgamation of Richard Spencer and the San Francisco sodomite pissed about the shortage of blonde slavic catamites for his harem in Shit City. Some folks on our side of the aisle do tend to fall into this trap of somehow thinking Putin is going to save us. That’s nonsense. Putin’s job is to save Russia. Xi’s job is to save China. Both have more than enough on their plates dealing with the machinations of the Globo-Pedo Empire of Lies run from Sodom-on-Potomac and Gomorrah-on-Thames. Even so, the moronic poster was still smarter than the retarded ventriloquist dummy whose the ostensible “president” – a very low bar admittedly.

    • The yid attack on Gaza doomed the Polish boomertard regime. That and the ceaseless kicking of the Bear.

      The Zogbot you responded to is quite wrong about Hungary. Hungary is not isolated. Orban was meeting with Xi and Putin yesterday. Those are two good friends to have.

      • The attack on Gaza undermined the right wing in Poland? How so? Poles have been fighting terroist Muzzies, Commies, and Nazis for decades now and understand Israel’s need to crush Gaza. Israel’s invasion had no bearing on the election victory of the left.

        Furthermore, unlike other rightwing parties, Poland’s work with Israel’s rightwing parties. On the other hand, again unlike most rightwing parties, they also don’t put up with Israeli guilt mongering b.s. and quickly made Israel’s left stfu about blaming Poles for being nazi collaborators in WWII. If anything, the Poles appreciated the rightwing party’s patriotism and opposition to sandni@@ers.

        Overall, Poland’s rightwing has been the standard for Western rightwing wing movements to attain. Sadly, in turn, they’ve been a target for the globohomo left who’ve targeted the country. Except for their friends in a few Eastern Europe countries they’ve gotten no help from any other rightwing parties or governments, most of which, especially here in the US, are dominated by corporations and libertarian morons.

        As a result, the EuroLeft and Russia were free to phuck with them. In a replay of the CIA’s post WWII intervention in Italian “democracy” the EU and US intervened in this election. Simultaneously, Putinsbootlickers will be sad to hear that Putin weaponized 3rd world mud people to assymetrically invade Eastern Europe from across Russia and Belarus borders. The combined one-two punch gutted the right. Now they will be coming for your state and community next Hunter and Rangwolf. Thars what libertarian isolationism gets you.

    • I am an AI amalgamation of Richard “The Yank” Spencer and some SF Sodomite? LOL. I don’t know which SF Sodomite you are talking about. There are so many. But I know Richard and don’t agree with his or Gregory Hood’s White Imperium nonsense. With NATO, we already have all we need to do that without the authoritarian stupidity.

      Putin and Xi’s jobs are to destroy the West, both the bad and what remains of the good so they can set up their own multiracial, multiethnic, multireligious authoritarian world order. They would like nothing better than to take your children to advance their own kind of mudslide empire and accrue all the money. They are just bigger a$$holes than our ruling class.

  2. BTW, not being up to date on Polish politics, did the alleged “right-wing” candidate who lost in the recent Polish ‘election’ advocate leaving the EUSSR and NATO? In other words, did he advocate that Poland actually exist as a sovereign nation instead of as a place-name assigned to a satrapy of the Globo-Pedo Empire of Lies which our tardbot poster apparently thinks is a fine and upstanding institution?

    • He was very belligerent toward Russia and was being praised in the West, but I attributed that to Poles being Poles. Poland has a long history of being in conflict with Russia. I haven’t paid any attention to what is going on there in years.

      • They hate the Russians and hate the Germans. Europeans are all full of hatreds against each other. I heard a professor claiming how North America is beyond such pettiness because Americans and Canadians get along with flying colors! What he failed to see is the hatred is not along the dividing line of the 49th parallel but between blue city Yankees and Southerners and other rural folks in general. And there is some friction within Canada as well between the Francophones and Anglos.

        • Yes this is true. There is a Polish word which describes their country as a marching parade field shared by Germans and Russians. The Poles managed to do pretty well proving they are one of the best people by holding their own against both Germans and Russians. They are eternally grateful to the British, French, and Americans, but especially the British for sticking up for them when they needed it the most.

          Currently, the effects of German ethnic cleansing and the Allies victories in Europe during WWII, the Allies ceating true nation-states and finally NATO in post-WWII, has established a solid peace in Europe outside of Russia. As a result, Putin would like nothing better than to stir up invidious arguments, thereby reestablishing conflict throughout Europe. Similarly, for Xi, Erdogan, the Mullahs, the Imams, and other Moslem and African despots.

          It serves our and what remains of Western Civilizaton’s interests to see NATO maintained, Poland protected, and Putin held at bay. It also serves the rights interests to create alliances to overthrow the liberal-left hegemony. Especially, because dividing the US is still am object of the globalist left. Sadly, our American leaders have created conditions inside North America for those same folks plus the Latinos to dismember us here too. No man can survive as an island. Its time for all of us to put away our childish libertarian isolationism.

  3. I, too, am tired of having to take sides in wars around the world………everything is what globalism wants, that even our logic becomes global, that we worry about events miles and miles away from us, taking place in countries other than us whose dynamics and history we often do not understand. So it was with the war in Ukraine, I did not take sides either, and so I will for this conflict in Israel that actually lasts for years…….I don’t like the state of Israel but I don’t want to take sides, it is a distant reality. Then of course I think the Palestinians have a right to their own territories…….
    The problem of globalism indeed is this: we always worry about what happen around the world but not in our home, in our country. In the past centuries people took care about their homes, their lands (the crusades were an exception) or at most what was happening in states neighboring them but not miles apart.

    • Until you undo the globalist economy ther is no hiding from its effects on your own locality. You might be tired of the wars overseas, but better than getting tired of wars in your own backyard. You can’t stop the later by hiding in your little community. It will find you and then then the odds will be even worse. We also no longer live on Medieval times so only worrying about House Griffin next state over isn’t a luxury you can afford anymore.

      • If you care about the situation abroad or worldwide you will finish to play the game of globalism……..we have a lot of problem in our countries, why we should care about the other countries which have a different context and story, about which we understand nothing but which serve us only for economic purposes.

  4. The core beliefs are clear, a Christian protects and defends the weak and the innocent. And it is bothering the living crap out of that Jew bastard.

    • As long as they are OUR poor and OUR weak, and OUR Innocent, I would agree Robert.
      But, as so many Prots have truncated bibles, they miss out on gems like this from Sirach and Tobit. I’m more than willing to have a NATIONAL SOCIALIST government, dedicated to all European Whites.. and no one else. Just like the Bible says.

      “Do good to the humble, but don’t give to the ungodly. Hold back your bread, and don’t give it to them, since by it they might gain power over you. You will encounter twice as much evil for all the good things that you have done for them. 6 The Most High also hated sinners, and he will repay the ungodly with punishment. 7 Give to good people, and don’t assist sinners. – Sirach 12:5-7

      “Beware of all whoredom, my son, and chiefly take a wife of the seed of thy fathers, and take not a strange woman to wife, which is not of thy father’s tribe: for we are the children of the prophets, Noe, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob: remember, my son, that our fathers from the beginning, even that they all married wives of their own kindred, and were blessed in their children, and their seed shall inherit the land.” – Tobit 4:12

      But the CZ/Scofield/Arminian/Neo-Gnostic Evangelical PERVERSION OF SAME? [ cf. Rev. 22:19, in this instance] NOT ON YOUR TINTYPE!

      “While the Bible maintains that the Christian apologist is prohibited from adopting the starting point of unbelieving thought, he is encouraged to show the unbeliever the end result of his foolish philosophical principles if they are consistently followed. As defenders of the only true faith, we are to “answer a fool as his folly deserves, lest he be wise in his own eyes” (Prov. 26:5). That is, we are to put the unbeliever’s worldview to the test, showing how absurd it is when followed consistently. “-

  5. There is nothing wrong in Poland.

    Daddy Kaczy?ski made bunch on stupid decisions, first blatant hatred of Russians what pissed off people who don’t think that major war with Russia or Belarus is good idea.

    Second is corruption. He appointed bunch of old buddies who filled their pockets too much. This pissed out another group of people. This was probably the worst

    “””…Poland’s ruling party has put hardline opposition to immigration at the centre of its brand – but it now turns out a top official may have corruptly facilitated hundreds of thousands of visa applications from Asia and Africa….”””

    And third reason is, average Polish nationalist is very young as everywhere else in Easter Europe. Those autocratic old farts with their Stone age issues are major problem down here and lot of ours think that they must give their places to younger generation. We need modern 21 century nationalism, not local version of Reagan era western conservatism.

    PiS like some other nationalist parties will clean itself and come back stronger. Polish Nazis will keep communists at bay until then. So nothing to worry.

  6. Thank you Juri,

    I was really despairing about the elections in Poland this Sunday – thought it was novue riche Polish voters, single, no children cat ladies wanting to join the EU – Germany Liberals , be anti racists, play Sinead O’Conner music – dis working class Poles like Taylor Swift did in her music video “You need to calm down”.

    Hey Juri what you say about this old, old Polish nationalist guard , how do you feel about Polish Law and Justice spokesman MP Dominik Tarczynski? He sounds like best, no nonsense, right age European nationalist leader I’ve seen in the last 40 years. He handles their idiot Lib BBC women interviewers perfectly:

    “If you are asking me how many Muslim migrant illegal aliens have we, will we accept in Poland – the answer is not one, zero”.

  7. Do Christian Zionists even know their own doctrine? They want to destroy the Dome of the Rock which is on the temple mount so the third Jewish temples can be built. Which according to Revelations is where the Anti-Christ proclaims to be God and the majority of Jews worships him as their long awaited messiah after which God sends tribulations of the world and only 144,000 Jews survive out of what 6 or 7 million?

    • No. Most of them are only semi-literate and mal-edumacated in Murikan publick schuls – who promote stupidity and evil as virtue. A white parent sending their offspring to publick schuls is literal child abuse. That’s why so many of their kids end up as atheist shitlibs or mindless drug-addled zombies. The kids spend more time with their indoctrinators (both in schul and via the jewjewbox) than with their parents. Total failure.

  8. In the larger picture, I could care a less about Europe because they are nothing more than the vassals of the United States/Israel and NATO. They make ZERO decisions. The so-called right wing (whatever that means) governments are worthless and have used whatever pathetic little power they have to salute Washington/Israel. They allowed the US to blow up their oil pipeline and did nothing. Their leaders exist to get their marching orders from Washington and Tel Aviv. The elections of vassals mean nothing.

    One thing is for sure – I have no interest in their lame politics which change zip nor any conflicts they wish to wage on behalf of the US/Israel. I see the nations opposing ZOG and it is NOT anywhere in Europe.

    • Very Russian take. They definitely aren’t vassals like most White Imperium types would like. They have pretty extensive and independent interests. That they don’t have even more influence is because they are led by leftist who hate militaries but love police states. Its not the US whicj subordinates them so much now, its the EU. The enemy of their independence is the EU not NATO.

      Right now most of Eastern Europe is domknates by the rightwing. They’ve done great work restoring traditional Christian morality in society, encouraging higher domestic birth rates, resourcing economic assets to their domestic economies, phucking up leftist organizations, and scaring the hell out of oligarchs like Mr. Soros. Stop whining about ZOG so much. Start fighting back by working with your righwing nationalost Brothers in Europe.

  9. The big fear of the Left, which by its nature is a globalist ideology is that the U.S. will become an isolationist nation. That would be the death (in practical terms) of the Left which must constantly expand or die. In that sense it’s like a cancerous tumor which must grow or die, destroying everything that is healthy and normal.

    The latest war in the Near East is a golden opportunity for GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire to expand again. Ehud Barak, formed Israeli PM was speaking on MSNBC recently. He opined that Israeli forces may “clean out” (his words) Hamas from Gaza but some unspecified “international” force will be necessary to occupy Gaza to prevent Hamas from returning. Hmmm, would he be referring to the U.S. military when he says “international force”?

    Meanwhile, diversity is still going balls out in GloboHomo’s military. Here is an article lamenting the dearth of colored fighter pilots. The usual bullshit explanations for the lack of colored pilots are given i.e. no role models, unspecified discrimination, the mysterious miasma of institutional racism etc. The obvious, Occam’s Razor explanation: they just aren’t smart enough to be competent pilots cannot be discussed.

    With genius thinking like this GloboHomo is shooting itself in the foot. GloboHomo’s enforcement arm, the U.S. military is being weakened every day by diversity just as diversity weakens everything else. A U.S. military failure is inevitable as the willfully blind geniuses in Washington make ever more unsustainable military commitments eventually forcing them to try to enforce conscription to maintain the military. The blowback from that stupid decision may very well collapse GloboHomo Shopping Mall as it unites opposition to its agenda of destruction.

    • The rest of the world outside of the US and some small nation-states in a few places is overwhelmingly leftist, anti-Christian, tyrannical, and vassals of the Globohomo empire. If the US became isolationist the world would become even more globohomo and Euroleftists on the one hand and more Sino-Russian Asiatic on the other. It would be even more of a shot show.

      It’s possible to walk and chew gum and the same time. You can fortify and militarized the border, purge diversity, reestablish Anglo-American supremacy domestically, all the while maintaining a strong US present overseas, and promoting a traditionalist rightwing restoration across Western Civilization. Retreating to your stupid cabin in the Ozarks is a fools errand and will just see the Judeo-Catholic-Yankee redleg mercenaries for Sino-Russian Asiatics burn your isolationist cabin to the ground and massacre your family.

  10. I swear my IQ drops a point or two every time I have to suffer these hot takes from Alt-MSNBC or aryan globalists. I get the pro-interventionist position but it seems they’re just always trying to one up the online far right status quo and they typically don’t have the brain power to pull it off. They’re not as smart as the liberals and Jews they envy.

  11. “The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.”
    ? Dante Alighieri, Inferno

    Therefore, to no one’s surprise, I chose to oppose the side of international jewry.

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