They Stand With Israel….

They stand with Israel because they sure as hell don’t stand with us!

It’s not realistic to hope that our Zio TV, SEC/NFL Football addicted Amurikuns are going to take the Palestinian side, not even the side of any Christian Palestinians. Instead let’s focus on the one issue where “Normies” are overwhelmingly on our side:

Stopping really bad, mass illegal (and legal) immigration.

I know most of the (White) Amurikun people tend to be dumb as* morons, but what kind of moron wants to slaughter the Palestinian Arabs in Gaza AND welcome 1 million plus Palestinian Arab (mostly Muslim) migrants in to the USA as “refugees”?

Very few (White) Americans beside Ron and Rand Paul Libertarian lunatics are indifferent about welcoming hundreds of thousands, a million Arabs/Muslims that look, think and act like Mohamed Atta and his murderous 9/11/01 Al Qaeda crew.
Resisting really bad 3rd world, MS13 Drug Cartel killers and Islamic extremists that hate us, want to slaughter us. That’s our best issue. We’d be complete fools not to make that our #1 issue same as the ruling Swiss People’s Party and Poland’s Law and Justice Party.

So, sure – tell anyone you think might listen (not any of the GOP presidential candidate besides maybe that one East Indian guy) NO, HELL no we shouldn’t actually go to war, bomb the Gaza strip, join the IDF in a house to house invasion, killing ground invasion. Instead, tell any decent Arabs, Muslims in America USA you meet – that you/we are 100% against the latest J war. We aren’t taking the Israel side against… Arabs in Palestine, in Syria, in Iraq…Persians in Iran or against our own kinfolk White Europeans in (long list) Serbia, Crimea, Russia, GERMANY, GERMANY. But, we must tell every still sane, non drug addict (that includes Zio TV addicts) that Hell NO, we aren’t going to slaughter thousands, tens of thousands of Arabs in Gaza and then welcome 1 million + of the surviving Palestinian Arabs to come to the United States as refugees, migrants! We’re not crazy.

I hope everybody’s college (in name only) football and NFL Negro Felon League teams are doing better than mine – Vanderbilt U and 1-5 Chicago Bears. I’m choosing to follow the Rugby World Cup instead – good teams in the semi finals (South Africa vs England, Argentina vs New Zealand).


  1. How surprised would you be, Jaye, to learn that that David and Goliath photo, with the tank and the boy, was popularized by a Jew? I personally wouldn’t be surprised at all.

    If you can’t avoid taking the pro-Palestine bait, then—I’ll put it frankly—you are ill-equipped to further the flourishing of whites. Pro-Palestine is as anti-white as pro-Israel, as I’ve tried to make clear in my half-dozen or so recent posts here, at Occidental Dissent. My fellow commenters who recognize that are few.

    • How about a common-sense position like: “I have no dog in this fight. Count me out.” No support for Palestinians, no support for the Zionist colony. In Murika we have no choice as the lawless regime has been funding the Zionist colony for decades on end. As with Russia and Jewkraine: It’s not our war and we need to stop supporting the war.

      Our ruling elites have clearly chosen sides so there is a certain logic (to a point) of the old dictum ‘the enemy of my enemy is a potential ally’ (note I didn’t say ‘friend’). The objective here is the destruction of the Globo-Pedo Empire of Lies so any weapon which can be used to further this objective should be used. If you’re in the Imperial legion, get out. Encourage any you know who are in to do likewise. Understand the concept of greater and lesser enemies. One can cooperate with a lesser enemy to destroy a greater enemy. Who is the greater enemy? Jews (and their white shabbas goys) or Muslims? We wouldn’t have a Musloid problem in the US were it not for Jews and their step-n-fetchit shabbas goys. The big problem is the normie white is completely unaware we’re in a war and he and his kids are targets.

      • Yep. That was George Washington’s advice to our nation in his Farewell Address to the nation.

        “Avoid Foreign entanglements – expel foreign government representatives such as then Revolutionary France’s ambassador to the USA Citizen Genet who was inciting Americans still upset about the revolutionary war deaths of Americans to go to war against Great Britain.

        Avoid Foreign entanglements – Put….

        “America First”

      • I’m afraid I can’t agree with you, Exalted. Even “I have no dog in this fight” is a position that works against the interests of whites. If whites would flourish, they’ll not avoid stating plainly that race is their sole concern. They’ll not avoid stating that, from their standpoint, this conflict between Israel and its neighbors—this ineludible conflict—isn’t even really taking place. It’s an illusion, which masks the true contest, between Aryans and Jews.

    • I’m afraid you’re right about Palestinian factions hating white people. I attended a Palestinian conference years ago at UCLA and was impressed with the pro-Palestinian speakers who included a woman doctor, a couple of college professors, etc. Dignified intelligent people, but also white haters. Sorry for their misfortune, but rank and file white people are not responsible for it.

      • A white who is concerned with his race’s flourishing is obtuse if he does not recognize that to direct the charge “oppressor” at Israel is simultaneously to direct it at himself. Any endorsement of the liberationist narrative works against whites.

      • “””…rank and file white people are not responsible for it…”””

        But some weird people keep voting for psychopath war mongers like McCain for decades.

        Those people are same colour with those who rejected every last anti immigration politician last 60 years. Not a single white army hasn’t crushed in the border but politicans elected by white people let them in.

        Racial consciousness includes also knowledges about your own race. White people like bombing Middle East and mass immigration. Because of that, war mongering open border politicans get elected and anti war anti immigration politicans always lose.

    • John B in Philadelphia asks:

      “How surprised would you be, Jaye, to learn that that David and Goliath photo, with the tank and the boy, was popularized by a Jew? I personally wouldn’t be surprised at all.

      If you can’t avoid taking the pro-Palestine bait, then—I’ll put it frankly—you are ill-equipped to further the flourishing of whites. Pro-Palestine is as anti-white as pro-Israel, as I’ve tried to make clear in my half-dozen or so recent posts here, at Occidental Dissent. My fellow commenters who recognize that are few.”

      I respond:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the person taking the incredible photo (I included in this post) was a Jew and was honestly working to peace between Arabs and Jews, just as I’m not surprised that Eric Zemmour in France (ethnic J, Jew family family were refugees from French Algeria when all non Arab Muslims including all Pied Noir Whites and Jews were ethnically cleansed from Algeria when French Algeria was shamefully handed over 100% to Arab Muslim majority misrule in 1963.

      I’m not surprised when honest ethnic/ racial Jews such as “America First” Stephen Miller takes our side the historic American people on the live or mostly DIE issue of the great replacement, mass non White immigration, migrants, refugees. I don’t see the likes of Stephen Miller, Eric Zemmour or that J photographer of the little Palestinian “David” boy about to be run over by the IDF tank – I don’t see them as liars, enemies or traitors, as pro Al Qaeda, pro Hammaz, pro ISIS terrorists, pro Hezbollah, pro the Muslim Brotherhood or pro genocide of us remaining White Anglo Gentiles – though there are few or any of our/my people in the holy land, Jerusalem, Bethlehem now. 100 years ago our/my people – White Anglo Saxon “Christian” British ruled this are under the British Mandate, our side, our people could go see, hear Handles Messiah in Jerusalem, Bethlehem when our people ruled, ran that place, tried to be fair and neutral to the Arabs and Jews that lived there. Now our people, my people are all gone there – ethnically cleansed by first Jewish terrorists like Menachem Begin (later one a Novel Peace Price – go figure) and Rahm Emannual’s father in the Irgun terrorist gang.

      The way things are going our people/my people will also be ethnically cleansed, culturally and physically replaced in the Great Replacement from all American cities and whole states certainly my city of Chicago.

      My position has always been fair and principled.

      I’m for our side – the White side and try to be tough but fair to others, respect the best of others like the best of the Japanese, Han Chinsese in Singapore, highest caste, whitest Hindu Indians, Parsis and just nice Black people like the Bushmen or nice “The Colored folk” in places like Tennessee, there are still some nice colored folk here outside of Chicago.

      I took out full page anti war adverts in the Nashville Tennessean and Chattanooga Times and Vanderbilt student newspaper in 1991 – seems like yesterday. My position was the same then as now – “America First” – Take our own side in foreign wars, immigration, culture and politics – I named the “J”, “AIPAC, also the Emir of Kuwait, Saudi Sunni Royals and their lying PR firms in Washington DC and stupid Christian Zionists.

      My position was/is consistent.

      I’m on our our side, may side – ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamaz, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, Paki sexual grooming gangs of poor White English girls in England or that *#$&@$@ North African asylum seeker in Belgium that murdered two Swedish soccer fans this week – they ain’t our/my people, then are not on our side or I/we on their side.

      Those people like David Duke who’ve become 100% obsessed bat shi* crazy about the JQ that they don’t see the Arab, Muslim migrant, terrorist, rapist threats or David Duke like Ron and Rand Paul idiot Libertarian loons that say “We deserved 9/11/01” or “Arabs and Muslims couldn’t do 9/11/01 – Arabs and Muslims could never do anything bad to us in our country (LIKE THE SACK OF CONSTANTINOPLE, invasions, mass rapes, occupations of Spain, Sicily for 700 GD Years!) These Whites have just gone crazy, acting treasonous on the Great Replacement.

      I hope that clears up any questions you might have on my position regarding Arabs/Muslims, Jews and our people.

      15 words (our people haven’t organized as “Whites” but they are now organizing as Polish Europeans, Serb Europeans, French Europeans and various types of hyphenated Americans like Italians Americans, Greek Americans, Southern Americans) how about English/British Americans – my people?

      • Jaye, the problem with Anglos (Anglo-Americans if you prefer) is that most (even the so-called conservatives) are liberals (in the older definition, as opposed to today’s shitlib lunatics*). Robert Frost I believe came up with the perfect definition of the liberal: A person who refuses to take his own side in an argument. Liberal Anglos think this type of suicidal behavior is some kind of virtue. They are wrong. It is in fact a serious (and all-too-often lethal) vice.

        *Shitlib lunacy is the inevitable outcome of liberalism. It’s just the reductio ad absurdam. If the premise logically leads to lunacy, the premise is false. Some step back when faced with the abyss before them. Others march into the abyss.

        • True it ain’t just Anglo Liberals who refuse to take their/our own side in an argument. Libertarian true believers, cult members like R&R Paul are the worst. So are Christian Zionists – that’s the American Religious Right -[ why can’t they take their/our Christian side in Jerusalem – Christian Whites in olden days refused to be slaves for either Js or Muslims… well some did agree to be jannisary slaves to the Turk Muslims, but they had a good excuse, they were taking by the Ottoman Turks as little children and groomed to be warrior slaves, same as Pakistani Muslims are grooming poor White English girls to be their prostitute slaves.

      • Jaye,

        Vandy used to be the only real academic school in the SEC sports conference. Has this changed? Has it ever been a conservative school?

      • @Jaye,
        Most of us don’t see the Palestinians as the best side in this conflict per se……but maybe the least worst. It stems from the fact that Israel is Jewish, and always receives unconditional support from America and the West, whilst the Palestinians do not.
        Israel wants to be an ethnically Jewish only country whilst Jews in the West want every Western country to be multicultural……. rightfully angering many on our side. Israel also receives more US aid than other nations combined (so I’ve read). They take, take, take, and give nothing back.
        As for the white race, which are sometimes indefensible, they’re willingly doing things detrimental to their wellbeing.
        We give Asia all our manufacturing, whilst taking their refugees in return. We vote for gay marriage, trannie rights, and give out endless amounts of foreign aid. We put our noses in countries and conflicts that are none of our business. The white left is hell bent on destroying us while the deeply fragmented white right can’t agree on anything.
        Cast your eyes over to Europe where eco protester’s block traffic on a daily basis, whilst ignoring the fact that China is the global No.l polluter. And…… the footages shown, ALL the offender’s are white Europeans.
        Why does the white race have to suck so much?
        We also often have drug and alcohol problems which rarely seem to affect other groups like Asians or Muslims.
        As a race, we are circling the drain. I don’t know what will finally trigger a turnaround. It will need to be something rather major.

        • One point that it is very difficult for White Americans to understand is that:

          With both Arabs/Muslims and Je*s – the concept of the “National State” where one is to spend one’s whole life, devote one’s whole loyalty to in some form of patriotism, one and only one source of personal identity – this is alien for both Arabs/Muslims and Js. Js have never been restricted to one country, one nation not even after they were given the historic wish of a J ethno state – Israel in what has been at other times Palestine under the Romans, Palestine under the Arab Muslims, later Ottoman Empire Turkish Muslims. Js have historically lived in White Christian Gentile nations – (Depicted as total horror at all times by the religious J secret world) >

          Arabs/Muslims be they Palestinian Arab Muslims or Turks or Pakistani have never agreed to be in just one nation – Turkey under Nationalist leader Kemal Ataturk is the closest to a Muslim state that did for awhile make Nationalism their main identity. Otherwise – Muslim are global like the Js. Lebanese Arabs – often some for form of Lebanese Arab Christian to better fit in to majority Christian nations are as international as the International Js. Muslims and Js all know that Spain was invaded, conquered and occupied by Arab Muslim Moors for 700 Years and the Js did really well there working under/for the Arab Muslim Moors – both sides want that again for Spain, France, England, etc. Js think they’ll do great in such a situation, they did well in that arrangement in the past.

          Also note how most Arabs/Musims first get a start in a White country, society – they start as merchants, Kaufman – setting up rip off convenience stores selling newspapers, lottery tickets, smokes bad food. Paki newsstand agents did that/do that in England now, Js did it back in Weimar Germany in New York City 1910.

          Both Je*s and Arabs lust after White Gentile blonds, keep their women – wives and daughters home under lock and key, chase after or women, treat them like whor*s/shiksas.

          So it doesn’t do us really any good for root for either Arabs or Js in the Israel vs Palestinian Gaza race/religious war – neither non White group is going to stay in these places and leave us alone in ours. That’s never happened, never will unless we legally and physically contain then some place, wall them up in ghettos like the Isreali Js did to the Palestinians in Gaza or NS Germany did in Ghettos to the east.

    • It’s in our interests to cool this whole thing down. Yes Israel might be pissed about what happened and have grandiose plans. But like an adolescent wanting a car, WE’RE paying for it and we want a “used Toyota Tercel” solution and not buying them a brand new Range Rover of their dreams. We have to thing about how this plays out in the broader world and don’t want to over antagonize the oil producers who had themselves been hoping the situation would cool off and wanted a broader peace in the region to build Dubai like cities instead of war. As I said before, Israel cannot possibly expel the Palestinians without completely destabilizing the regions and US relationships across the globe. So they should have just given back Gaza and the West Bank to Egypt and Jordan with security agreements and let them police the places.

      • “We” don’t have any say in the matter. The oligarchs, most of whom are people like Sheldon Adelson (he owned Mitt Romney), Michael Bloomberg, Les Wexner (of Epstein infamy) to name just a few have bought the loathsome scumbags in Congress who do their bidding which is always to support Our Greatest Ally even if it means the destruction of the U.S. They also have control over “news” programs which have been unrelenting cheerleaders for Our Greatest Ally including Fox TV. I don’t listen to radio but I’m sure they are singing the same tune.

        Our Greatest Ally exercises this extensive control through control of money and the ever present threat of blackmail against their opponents. Congress’s bribes are called “campaign contributions” and are legal. “Gifts” to members’ families in the form of scholarships, jobs, consulting contracts etc. may be illegal but the so-called DOJ never investigates unless the violations of law are too flagrant to ignore or are done by political enemies such as Trump and Jan. 6th types. Jeffrey Epstein types run blackmail operations which they use to make sure their catamites like Miss Lindsay Graham do the right thing.

        No doubt Our Greatest Ally is also running some of the pro-Hamas propaganda because it enrages the stooopid “conservatives”, shakes the money tree with the gullible Scofield Bible types and makes idiots of Hamas supporters who aren’t too bright anyway. The political position that is absolutely, unequivocally, never, ever allowed to be discussed is U.S. isolationism i.e. washing our hands of this filthy, irreconcilable conflict. Instead, the propaganda presents the false choice of being pro-Israel or pro-Hamas and you don’t want to support those Arab crazies, do ya?

        The only pro-American position is supporting neither side, becoming neutral like Switzerland and letting the Third World burn; fuck ’em. U.S. Isolationism is the great fear of Our Greatest Ally, not U.S. support for Hamas. That is why a third position, U.S. pulling back and not getting involved in international conflicts cannot be discussed except rarely and only to be mocked.

        • Best summary I’ve seen in a while. Every sing;e paragraph is dead on the mark. Read it and weep zeks. If enough of the gaslighted tards who inhabit this wreck of a country actually woke up to this reality described above, perhaps something could be done to end it. Most prefer to live by lies though.

    • My suspicion is that those that believe they assumed a ‘big brained’ opt out of world events also ‘break challa bread’ with jewish capitalists of the Wall Street and Silicon Valley variety.

    • @John Bonaccorsi, Philadelphia

      Assuming you’re a real person and not just a shill (a shill isn’t a person I disagree but a conscious bad actor).

      Why your argument doesn’t make sense:

      1) saying the David & Goliath meme was “probably made by a Jew” while also saying we should either actively or passively support Israel is completely incoherent. My criticism of jewish power doesn’t mean “AJAB” (All Jews Are Bad). However pretty much all jews with power are… and if this meme was made by a jewish person it wasn’t made by a jewish person with power. But in the [poorly constructed] logic trap you invented you would be siding with powerful jewish interests over some random jewish person out of power… totally incoherent.

      2) Saying the “oppressor” charge against Israelis is also a weapon used against us…. YES! Where have you been my guy??? That’s why it’s good it’s been used against someone else other than Europeans! For the past I don’t know, 100 years or so the “oppressor” attack was only and exclusively used against whites. If we were in an alternate universe with a different history and this was some *new* precedent being set then your argument would make sense.


      This is the same bad argument used by shills to protect Harvey Weinstein. The precedent to screw over working class white men in court was set 50+ years ago. Only those rules didn’t apply to rich jews (and to a lesser extent rich whites). The Harvey Weinstein case didn’t set a new precedent against working class white men. It set a new precedent that *sometimes* rich jews would have to play by the same rules as working white men… that’s a win

      Israelis being called oppressors is a win. What’s a losing position is the current narrative that European men are the worlds oppressor and everyone else are victims of “white supremacy.”

      The more the term “oppressor” is used for non-europeans the more that attack loses power against us. Because while it would be awesome to *wave-magic-wand* and create the narratives we wish existed but oppressor getting over used that it’ll loses all meaning would be a win for European men. It’s like when the left tries to call non-whites white supremacists, that’s good! It’s them being retards and over playing their hand. Like when the 5 black cops beat the black guy and they blamed white supremacy. Not only did every right leaning white (and many nonwhites) saw it as total bs it was such an overreach many more centrists BLM supporting democrats were embarrassed by their side and were saying things like “you can’t blame everything on white supremacy/white people.” While those centrists democrats still want to blame whites for shit that’s not our problem but when there’s an acknowledgment of whites being racially scapegoated it opens up the discourse to well what else are whites being blamed for that isn’t our fault…

      Never correct your enemy when they’re making a mistake is a cliche for a reason.

      Because it’s smart!

      Many whites like to pretend we have more power than we do. We don’t control the media, we don’t control the narrative. Them undermining their own narrative is good!

      If you think israel being able to commit genocide would weaken the oppressor narrative you’re wrong. Jews justify their actions based upon the victim narrative. “We’ve been persecuted for 5000 years and now that we finally have a home we have a right to defend it.”

      That narrative doesn’t apply to us because we are the Roman’s and we are one of the main groups that alleged oppressed Jews millennia’s ago and oppress them into the modern era.

      I’m against genocide morally but even if I went full ghoul like you it’s not even a winning strategy because Israel being allowed to act brutally against Palestinians only further enshrines the victim morality narrative. Jews are eternal victims ergo they can do whatever. Jews not being seen as eternal victims and them having to wear the mantle of oppressor weakens victim narrative. As it demonstrates that the once “victims” or “oppressed” can just as easily become the “oppressor.” And that there’s nothing unique about europeans that makes us the eternal “oppressors.”

  2. They worship the star of Remphan over all.
    It will be their demise.
    Sadly everyone will be equal in this soon to be uncontrolled demolition, equal in misery.

  3. The Jerry Ford and the Eisenhower have been sent near Israhell. They are standing with Israhell. These are fearsome weapon platforms, they could obliterate whole nations. But are they the RIGHT weapons for the job? Probably not. If one or both go to the bottom then the big one will be on. The empire of Zog could be over.

  4. Rangewolf- Aircraft carriers are obsolete- they’re basically fuel depots with little or no armor plating- one well placed missile could turn either carrier into a burning barge!

  5. Most Americans and Australians didn’t give a crap about the north/south Vietnam conflict. It was a waste of time, money and lives.
    In the end, it was lost. All we gained was their resulting stream of endless refugees.
    We should keep OUT of their dog fights, and keep THEM out of our countries.

  6. The Jews attack and destroy a hospital killing hundreda. The Jews, straight from Bibi’s office, admit it. Then the Jews realize they made a huge PR error, and start to lie about attacing the hospital. The US chimes in on the side of Jews claiming they didn’t do it! Making us part of the Jew crime.

    That’s the situation.

  7. “…nice Black people like the Bushmen…”

    Standard advice I read once for people setting up South Africa ranches in the bush was to clear out a hundred yards, so bushmen would not shoot you with poison arrows. Like most things they tell us, the bushmen weren’t shot for no reason.

  8. They worship the Star of Remphan and it will be their demise.
    The scales have lifted and the world can see the sewer pipe of evil GAE abomination and its puppet status.
    The Time of Revealing.

  9. The Republican Party has nothing conservative for thirty years, or going back to Reagan’s time. I’m hoping with all of the chaos with trying to get a speaker, that some faction can come out this that will control the border or will do something positive. Because this group of war mongers has done nothing but run up debt and make a bigger police state since 1995 at least.

    There does seem to be some people who are sick of the some old uniparty cowshit.

  10. I agree, but you forgot to mention Israelis. Nothing pisses me off more than to see dual citizen Israelis presented as Americans that we should defend and identify with.

  11. The United States giving the green light to Israel to do as they please to everyone in the region is a recipe for disaster. This will lead to a large conflict, not just the genocide of Palestinians. Lebanon and Iran will probably be struck, they will strike back and then the United States will be drawn in. I stand with the Palestinians who are being targeted with ethnic cleansing and collective punishment. We are all Palestinians now. The Palestinian has become the international symbol of what it means to be a victim of global policy. There are no individual national policies, only policies deemed fit by a ruling elite who do not have any of our own interests at heart. The Palestinians have a right to their little patch of homeland and not be blown to pieces just as much as you have a right to have your land and live in peace.

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