Joe Biden Requests $105 Billion To Finance Wars In Israel and Ukraine

We’re home.

Baby Jackson is safe and sound.

I have taken some time off from work to enjoy these first days with our newborn son. It has been years since I have been woken up at night by a crying baby. It brings back memories.

Meanwhile, I have watched in horror over the past few days as the situation has deteriorated in Israel and Palestine and all of our politicians have blindly rushed into this mess to “Stand With Israel.” It has been a surreal experience holding my son in my arms – a defenseless child who has no politics – while scrolling through Twitter and seeing video after video of Israel “glassing” the “human animals” in Gaza. Bloodthirsty Christian Zionist BoomerCons have been screaming about turning Gaza into a parking lot.

I just feel … overwhelming revulsion right now. The worst is also yet to come. It has been nearly two weeks now and the IDF still hasn’t invaded Gaza. The reason it is taking so long to launch the ground invasion is because Iran and Hezbollah have signaled that is their casus belli to enter the war. Israel is waiting for more American forces to arrive in the region before moving ahead with the attack. Then we will be in a full scale war with Iran and all of its proxies and jihadists all over the Middle East.


  1. Not ‘bloodthirsty Boomer cons”, Hunter, but “bloodthirsty Christian Fundamentalist cons”- the types who say “He who blesses Israel is blessed, he who curses Israel is cursed!”. The best thing about not having a Speaker of the House is that it stymies their efforts to pass laws giving money to the Ukrainians and the Jews, and spending us into the poorhouse.

  2. Before Iwo Jima was invaded by the Empire, the defenders were subjected to naval & air bombardment, history repeats.

  3. All sorts of Murikan forces are on the way. Soon to be two carrier battle groups plus a battalion of woke marines in the region ready to go and die for their paymasters. I read that even precious 155mm artillery shells are being diverted from Jewkraine to Izrahell. Repukes and “Christians” alike are a total disgrace. Surprisingly Cheetohead has been somewhat low key on the issue, mainly sticking to the pro-forma ‘stand by Israel’ crap while proudly reminding everyone in earshot that he’s the biggest fellater of Schlomo-shlong the world has ever seen. Gotta be the best at everything, ya know….

  4. “This land belongs to the seed of Abraham.” Doesn’t he know that Arabs come from the line of Ishmael?

    • Why would you expect a total grifter-heretic like Hagee to have actually read – much less understand – anything in the bible. All who follow Hagee are on the broad path to perdition. They need to step off the path they’re on.

  5. The Jews will not go into GAZA on the ground. The Jews will whine and whine until the US goes into GAZA for them.

  6. Normiecons haven’t changed at all. They’re still the same people who supported all Dubya’s wars. Even after all the Trumpy nonintervention stuff, all it takes is some Palestinians busting out of their cage and all the old programming is reactivated.

    These aren’t my people. Dubya is the only President I’ve ever actually hated. I’m not down with the ethnomasochists and alphabet soup crowd on the left, but I’m sure as hell not down with these people either. Politically homeless, again.

  7. “””…all of our politicians have blindly rushed into this mess to “Stand With Israel.” ….””

    They know that their situation is catastrophic and the end is near. When The Jew falls, it takes also them down.

    The problem is that except Nukes they don’t have any means to save The Jew. As we saw already in Iraq and Afghanistan, bombing from air is very ineffective against modern small unit fighters. What they need is massive land forces, million men who will take fight and suffer hundreds of thousand casualties similar to Ukraine Army.

    We see this already. We have thousands of pics and videos of dead children but very little dead fighters. Jew needs huge infantry army to rout out Hamas and Hezbollah from every house and bunker. They had Ukraine Army what could be airlifted to Israel but they sent those people to death and now.

    BTW, has anyone counted, how many bombs rockets artillery shells and anything else US and NATO has left ? How many sorties those carrier fighters can fly before whole NATO completely runs out of ammo ?

    The Jew has as bad situation as Hitler in the 1945. No troops and ammo and guns anymore whatsoever.

  8. I am greatly encouraged. God continues His move for an enormous war that will destroy Zog.

    The yids have their plans, just as they did for Ukraine, but that one failed. Once the missiles start to fly, and the grid goes down, the dollar will be worth less than toilet paper.

    We should all pray that London, Paris, New York, Washington, and all of Israhell cease to exist. The weapons to do this exist.

    These circumcised snakes are nothing but men. God does whatever He wants. And He hates them, the murderers of Jesus Christ.

    • London and Paris is in the official plan at least 20 years.

      “””…In 2003, a military historian, Martin van Creveld, thought that the Al-Aqsa Intifada then in progress threatened Israel’s existence. Van Creveld was quoted in David Hirst’s The Gun and the Olive Branch (2003) as saying:

      We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force. Let me quote General Moshe Dayan: ‘Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.’ I consider it all hopeless at this point. We shall have to try to prevent things from coming to that, if at all possible. Our armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under…….”””

      This article is more than 20 years old
      The war game

      Uncle Martin is very kosher man and one of the wisest Elders of Zion. He is always worth reading and his blog is here.

      Edward Luttwak is another wise Jew who,s works are worth reading For example if anyone looking job in Soros organization, bringing down Governments with color revolution then this is mandatory.

      “””….Coup d’État astonished readers when it first appeared in 1968 because it showed, step by step, how governments could be overthrown. Translated into sixteen languages, it has inspired anti-coup precautions by regimes around the world. In addition to these detailed instructions, Edward Luttwak’s revised handbook offers an altogether new way of looking at political power?one that considers, for example, the vulnerability to coups of even the most stable democracies in the event of prolonged economic distress….”””

    • “We should all pray that London, Paris, New York, Washington, and all of Israhell cease to exist. The weapons to do this exist.”
      @Rangewolf – I’m curious what you think happens next after Western civilization (Israel excluded, of course, being neither “Western” nor “civilization”) ceases to exist??
      Most likely, all of its inhabitants shortly thereafter cease to exist. You included. I will not be praying for my own destruction.

    • “We should all pray that London, Paris, New York, Washington, and all of Israhell cease to exist. The weapons to do this exist.”

      The kinds of anti-Western and anti-human hate talk I read here sometimes makes me feel the readers are mostly commies or loonies. Rangewoolf sometimes writes normie edgy things. Makes me wonder if all the extremist propaganda put out by the likes of the pedo Mexican fraud faggot and the CIA Catholic Cone head got him unbalanced. Which btw, is what they wanted.

      Look folks, the world is full of monsters. You go on non-stop crusades trying to fight monsters, you may start finding a lot in your own backyard. The point is to not do so unless it’s required and to restrain ourselves so we end up not becoming that what we fight. This after all is the story of America where fighting savages in the frontier was equally fought to keep us from becoming like the savages.

      As a descendant of such ranger folk, that is why I know it is necessary to destroy savages like Al-Queda, ISIS, Cartels, and push down 3rd worlder aggression. But you attempt to do so in the right way at the right time. War is ugly and messy and a place like Gaza is going to witness lots of civilian deaths even with restrained targeting. It has a good chance of spreading. Mostly, because the third world want it too. Then well, we will have a third world war. Should’ve seen it coming and been prepared.

      Hopefully, rangewolf gets his head back on his shoulders as do the rest of you. Pray for peace, but prepare for war. Dear God, we may have to do it under this sick fuck of a President and his staff. Pray that doesn’t happen above all else. So, pray for a miracle.

  9. Congrats. However the Jews will not attack Gaza because it’s a concrete jungle. Their own boys are fleeing the draft or refusing to roll in. 20,000 nutters willing to fight Jews to the death in an urban combat paradise like that could absorb 500,000 men who’d prefer to be on the beach or shopping in NYC or London.

  10. Just as an aside, even the eminent Israeli military historian Martin van Creveld admits the IDF had its ass kicked by Hezboallah in the 2006 adventure into south Lebanon. He even states that Hezbollah is the “finest light infantry on earth”. Any invasion of Lebanon or Syria would be very bloody for not only the IDF but for the woke Murikan marines as well. One thing about the tards who inhabit Murika is that they really can’t take any serious number of body bags coming home after having given their lives for the Kosher Nosetra – regardless of what Rev. Hagee and his red-letter Scofield reference bible says.

  11. Congratulations on Baby Jackson. Will you call him “Young Hickory?”
    I agree with all of the above, and I’ve always admired Creveld. He also said women in the military were put in to appease social progressives and show certain countries were “democratic.” Creveld argues women are useless in combat and most military positions, and in a real war would immediately be dismissed and men put in their place.

    My biggest observation is the complete hate for Arabs and Iranians. On the radio stations, there is unrelenting comments about “savages” in Palestine, and “Evil Iranians.” A talk show host I like went on shouting about Palestinian “evil Nazi savages,” who “kill their own children to make it look good for them,” and “they bombed the hospital because they’re incompetent and evil savages.”
    Another host went on to say “it’s obvious the Hamas bombed the hospital. They’re too incompetent to fire a rocket properly.”
    Or “it doesn’t matter if we kill their children. Palestinian children were raised to be terrorists, and that’s all they know. The kids who were brought up on their hate are the ones we’re fighting now.”
    Not to mention all the “experts” on their shows, who all seem to be Jews or military types or front men for the Heritage Foundation, etc.
    And the atrocity stories are never changed. Even now, the shows keep talking about “beheaded babies” with no break.
    I also find a real thirst to go to war with Iran. A segment of the radio audience is excited about it, and arguments from “experts” brought in say the war with Iran will be short. We’ll waste them, the people will overthrow the Ayatollahs “so they can live decent lives and have democracy, prosperity, go to the beach.”
    Having spoken and dealt with Arabs and Iranians, etc., I’m very saddened at the automatic hatred for these people, and, by the same token, how support for Israel was turned on like a light switch. it was that immediate.
    I do think this might represent the boomers, who are probably the last group listening to talk radio in any numbers. I’m 71, and I feel very sad for my generation.

    • It is cable television.

      Boomers sit in front of the television and watch CNN or FOX News all day. That’s who listens to Mark Levin. That’s who watches Hannity.

      Support for Israel trails off from old to young because younger people are not stuck in those silos. The Cold War also has a lot to do with it. Older people have a different view of the world

    • According to Larry Johnson, who has some actual military and even intelligence experience, available evidence indicates the missile which landed on the hospital parking lot (leaving a small crater) was a particular type of hellfire munition which Murika has supplied to their ‘greatest ally evaah’. It’s basically something designed to go into a tunnel and then detonate a thermobaric charge to kill everyone inside.

      If there were hundreds of civilians camped in the hospital parking lot the blast (which burns up all oxygen in the blast zone) could have easily killed around 500. Hamas has no weapon of this capability. The rockets they’ve been shooting for years are basically unguided with a small explosive warhead and only rarely hit a target. A JDAM glide bomb would have done much more extensive damage to the hospital itself in air-burst mode (which leaves no crater at all). The gaslight media and its branches in the EUSSR, Australia, NZ, et al (e.g Clown World) are all lying in overdrive about this and the bombing of the church.

  12. $105 billion for other countries while there are issues at home to solve:- drug issues, homeless issues, crime issues, border issues, etc.
    What do you get in return? Another horde of refugees and military personnel returning in body bags. That’s what you get in return.

  13. Even in the darkest time, a candle of hope in the future shines. God bless the birth of your child. It definitely seems a great war is approaching. Perhaps we will evade it without cost, or overcome it without great cost. Keep strong in your faith in God, and the redemption of Christ. This world is temporary anyways. The soul of your children is not.

  14. Boomers don’t sit in front of he television watching CNN, ,Fox News, and listen to Mark Levin and Sean Hannity- Christian Fundamentalists indoctrinated in Jewish Dispensationalism heresies taught to them by their pastors and churches do!

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