The Boomers’ War

I can already hear Keith getting mad at me.

As far as I know though, there is no issue in American politics that is more divisive across generational lines than Israel / Palestine. It is also due to media consumption habits.


There is a clear generational divide when it comes to how American voters perceive the war in Israel, according to a slew of new polling data. …

The Israel-Hamas war “is not an issue split by party, but by age and by media consumption,” says Mark Penn, CEO of Stagwell and chairman of The Harris Poll. …

Americans over the age of 65 are nearly unanimous in “Standing With Israel.” This is the main reason why Israel has such a stranglehold over our government. Older people are more likely to vote in elections. Older people are also vastly overrepresented in Congress.

I’m not saying that Boomers are bad people.

I’m saying they get their news from cable television, talk radio and Facebook. They are far more likely to be Dispensationalists. They are the audience for television attack ads.

The Messenger:

This month’s Harvard CAPS / Harris poll shows how wide the divide has grown. Asked whether they support Israel or Hamas, those over 65 years of age sided with Israel, 95% to 5%. The generations who in their day protested the Vietnam War and lived through the Watergate scandal now nearly universally side with Israel. Some of them may remember the 1973 War when Israel was attacked by thousands of tanks in a surprise multi-country invasion, as well as the subsequent attempts made by many American presidents to find a peace that would both recognize Israel and give Palestinians a state of their own. To them, the idea that they would side with an Islamic fundamentalist group bent on wiping out Jews and Israel is an absurdity.

Now let’s look at the views of those ages 18 to 24. They support Israel over Hamas by the thinnest of margins, 52/48. These students were mostly born after 9/11 and have no memory of when America was attacked. They missed Schindler’s List and have little or no connection to World War II and the Holocaust. They simply have little to no knowledge about the extermination of 6 million Jews in gas chambers and the post-war return of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland. …

The generational divide shows up in poll after poll.

Joe Biden’s approval rating has crashed among Democrats since the war broke out in Israel:


Before this happened, Joe Biden’s approval rating with young voters had sunk so low that Trump was beating him in the polls. It is the main reason why Trump is so much more competitive against Biden in 2024. Younger voters are blackpilled on Joe Biden.

Former President Trump leads President Biden by 2 points in a hypothetical 2024 general election match-up and is improving his standing among young voters, according to a poll released Friday. 

The Emerson College poll showed Trump ahead with 47 percent support to Biden’s 45 percent, with 8 percent undecided. That’s up 2 points for Trump compared to Emerson’s poll from last month, while Biden’s support remained the same. …

Pollsters found Trump performing better than Biden among the youngest voters, leading the incumbent among 18-to-29-year-olds by about 2 points, 45.2 percent to 42.9 percent. The former president also leads among 30-to-39-year-olds by about 11 points, 49.6 percent to 38.5 percent.  …

Finally, take a look at this:

The number in favor dropped to 32 percent when it came to putting American boots on the ground, except among Republicans among whom more supported the idea than opposed it. …

When it comes to putting actual boots on the ground fighting side by side with Israel in a hot war, only 32% of Americans support the idea. 53% of Democrats, 51% of Independents and 36% of Republicans are opposed to it. 46% of Republicans though support fighting with Israel.


Let us take a closer look:

The United States is about to be in a hot war with Iran.

At least in the polling, support for Israel doesn’t appear nearly as strong as support for Ukraine when the war first began there. The Israel Lobby owns Congress, but not the public.

In light of all this, we can see where this is going.

The United States and Iran are going to go to war over Israel. Older generations who support a more aggressive and globalist foreign policy are going to push us into the war. The people who will be asked to fight a huge war in the Middle East for OUR GREATEST ALLY do not even like Israel and definitely are not going to become more sympathetic as the war goes on. This war is going to be politically toxic for Joe Biden which is why he has put the brakes on the IDF ground invasion of Gaza.

Note: A few months ago, we were wondering what was going to set off the big generational shift of the 2020s and 2030s. A war with Russia? A war with China? A global economic crash? A civil war over Trump? War was coming. The form of the war was unclear.

I wasn’t thinking … maybe Israel / Palestine blowing up into a regional war with Iran which becomes the trigger for domestic upheaval. It was relatively quiet in the Middle East.


  1. This is all politics, which is to say unimportant.

    The flourishing of whites will commence when the average male white, upon reaching his sixteenth birthday, says, as does the average Jew, “I should begin mastering a profession,” not “Soon I’ll be able to get fake ID and buy liquor.”

    • That’s not an altogether unfair point. I’m no fan of jews but whites would be way better off if they would learn some self-discipline when young.

  2. When Boomers send their people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing dementia. They’re bringing diabetes. They’re Zionists. And some, I assume, are good people.

  3. Brad, were you a statistics major? I ask because of your fondness for polls, charts, and graphs. I wish we would ditch what Jim Goad calls generational astrology. I’m a tail end Boomer (b.1960) and I have nothing in common with early boomers who welcomed the Beatles, went to Nam (or worried about it), etc. Hell, I don’t have much in common with my own age cohort.

    • Political science.

      My degree wasn’t of any use to me, but I am obviously still interested in the stuff

    • @TW:

      Fellow Late Boomer here. My teen years were like the Those Seventies Show and I spent my early post teen years going to disco clubs.

      There is a clear demarcation between Boomers who turned 18 during the draft to those who turned 18 after conscription was discontinued. We didn’t go to protests and we weren’t radicalized by Leftist Commie Professors.

      We were a lot closer in our political attitudes to Generation X. So much so that we have been nicknamed by some demographers as Generation Jones. A popular term when we came of age was how we were “jonesing” for something or another.

      The one reason why we got pulled into all these wars that had absolutely nothing to do with American interests is that we had a voluntary military. Our men got killed or returned home maimed or mental and emotional wrecks because they volunteered for duty. Mostly because the military had become the only hope for obtaining skills that could lead to a middle class lifestyle in an economy kept in a perpetually shitty state particularly for young White men. Making all previous post-conscription wars getting their manpower through an economic draft.

      The American youth who had affluent parents didn’t notice, because all these post-911 wars had no affect on them. Had there still been an official draft, the American youth would have been much more alert to the antics of our Military Industrial Complex and there would be increasingly violent anti-war protests.

      Conscription is on the table. Kind of like FEDGOV seizing all those IRAs and 401Ks of the Middle Class and folding into the social security lock box with an IOU. It’s not being publicly announced, but it’s being considered with great timidity by our politicians who want to hold onto their offices.

      The most recent emergency conscription bill included women. Even more interesting, college students can have their inductions postponed only to the end of their current semesters. Draft age is still between the ages of 18 and 25. Once in, their tours of duty could be extended repeatedly as happened in Iraq and Afghanistan with the military and the military reservists.

      The mystery of why American citizens between 18 and 29 cast a jaundiced eye at Muh Israel, wanting no material support, weapons, and military advisors sent to assist them in rescuing American (Dual Israeli) hostages from Gaza is easily solved by this pending conscription bill.

      Needless to say, the closer John and Jane Q Citizen are to the Gaza front (figuratively speaking), the less inclined they are to lay life and limb on the line to fight for Our Freedumbs. Especially in view of what happened to the veterans who tried to exercise the freedoms they had laid life and limb on the line in past wars.

      Korean, Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghan veterans didn’t know that they would be considered nothing more than cannon fodder once they joined up, but I suspect that it’s a totally different story for the young Millenials and Gen Z. And they are not interested.

  4. This is all well and good but the bigger question, as I see it, is how will the younger generation lean after the inevitable false flag against the US military targets being setup in the Middle East. Perhaps there won’t be an immediate 180 given that they don’t get their news from the MSM and there won’t be a mad dash by 18 and 20-somethings for the recruiting office.

  5. The overwhelming support by the Boomers for Our Greatest Ally/J-Bags is the result of them having TalmudVision beamed directly into their brains for 60 years.

  6. Caspar Koch, you nailed it. Before Pearl Harbor Americans were against entering the war by large margins. After Pearl Habor, and especially after Hitler declared War and signed Germany’s doom, the polls changed. That’s why statesmen understand permanent interests will always direct happenings in the long run.

  7. As a millennial, I would rather die fighting my own government by any means necessary than be drafted to fight for Israel.
    I’d rather fight for Hamas than fight for Israel.
    But, I’d rather not fight at all, instead we should be spending those billions on ourselves, on affordable housing, education, healthcare, infrastructure and securing our borders.
    Simple, easy, spend our money on us, it’s not rocket science, it’s the simplest, most straightforward thing in the world, but libtards want to put the oligarchs and Ukraine first while the conservatards want to put the oligarchs and Israel first.

    • It’s meaningless to suggest that either of the conflict’s two cheering sections is supporting “peace.”

  8. Everyone has an identity. I’m a Boomer- you can’t influence when you are born-and Hunter is probably a Christian Fundamentalist- Neither one of us wants to be seen as a Jewish ass kisser, and neither one of us is. I sincerely believe, as a person who has lived 70 years of his life in the South, that the strident outspoken Israel lovers in my vicinity are Christian fundamentalists of all ages, The Boomers tend to break down along denominational lines-the more Fundamentalist they are the more pro-Israeli they are.

  9. I’m sure Micheal Hill and David Duke don’t support these wars. Things besides age determine ideology:- life experience, education, where you’re from, upbringing, etc.
    Wasn’t it mainly young boomers opposed to the Vietnam shitfest?

    • @Goose:

      When I was in Junior High, there was a strong anti-war sentiment among us all for any police actions – that was what the Vietnam War used to be called – that term fell out of favor after Serbia. Particularly when we started sending troops to occupy Arab countries due to the increasingly large Arab populations legally allowed into the USA through chain migration from taking in war refugees and former “translators.”

      In any case, it took a while for the White working class and lower class to wake up, but the red flag moment resulting in the end of the Vietnam War was Creedence Clearwater Revival’s song, “Fortunate Son,” which came out in 1969:

      Some folks are born made to wave the flag
      Hoo, they’re red, white and blue
      And when the band plays “Hail to the chief”
      Ooh, they point the cannon at you, Lord.

      It ain’t me, it ain’t me
      I ain’t no senator’s son, son
      It ain’t me, it ain’t me
      I ain’t no fortunate one, no,

      Some folks are born silver spoon in hand
      Lord, don’t they help themselves, Lord?
      But when the taxman come to the door
      Lord, the house lookin’ like a rummage sale, yeah.

      It ain’t me, it ain’t me
      I ain’t no millionaire’s son, no, no
      It ain’t me, it ain’t me
      I ain’t no fortunate one, no.

      Yeah-yeah, some folks inherit star-spangled eyes
      Hoo, they send you down to war, Lord
      And when you ask ’em, “How much should we give?”
      Hoo, they only answer, “More, more, more, more.”

      It ain’t me, it ain’t me
      I ain’t no military son, son, Lord
      It ain’t me, it ain’t me
      I ain’t no fortunate one, one
      It ain’t me, it ain’t me
      I ain’t no fortunate one, no, no, no
      It ain’t me, it ain’t me
      I ain’t no fortunate son, no, no, no
      It ain’t me, it ain’t me…

      We didn’t have the social media we do today, so the song became more of an underground hit due, no doubt to TPTB tamping down on it, but it did gather steam as time went on and more and more body bags filled with young White working corpses came home.

      Fearing that they would lose their college deferments, college kids started rioting and raising hell on one campus after another, leading to the Kent State shootings on May 4, 1970.

      Nixon signed the legislation to end conscription and put the Selective System on “standby” on September 28, 1971 and Secretary of Defense, Melvin Laird announced that “the use of the draft has ended” on January 27, 1973.

      History is why I am skeptical over any involuntary conscription being reactivated. Though it isn’t widely discussed practically everyone is aware that the American people have been lied into and false-flagged into every military conflict we engaged in, which led to nothing but the greater erosion of our rights up to and including the attack on September 11, 2001. Social media, even as primitive as it was back then, quickly uncovered the Dancing Israelis.

      Indeed, there is a lot of evidence to show that Bibi Netanyahu was notified three days in advance of the attack on Israeli border settlements by Hamas but decided to pull the IDF to guard the West Bank for some mysterious reason that was probably merely a coincidence and had absolutely nothing to do with all the violent political opposition against him being Prime Minister of Israel for life. Okie, dokie?

      Another reason for my skepticism is to point out the way young American men look these days. I am not talking about the obesity epidemic or the soy boy look or even the gay carnival tattooed freaks we see all the time.

      When I was growing up, men who were not hippies (and even men who were) were all clean shaven. Now even the most conservative of them are sporting short hair and lot of facial hair. I rarely to never see a young man who is clean shaven. They are all bearded. A lot of their clothes serve more and more as vague imitations of what the young Muslim men wear.

      When I saw stills of that mass shooter in Maine (who was a bearded brunette), I had a hard time knowing for sure if he was a White American or one of the many Arabs “Homeland Security” has resettled throughout formerly lily White states.

      That old saw about Imitation Being the Best Form of Flattery isn’t a lie. The more loses we have taken from our multiple engagements with Islam – whose adherents refuse to be housebroken by Organized Jewry), the more implicit admiration, respect and even sympathy they are winning from the very same men who are expected to fight them for Our Freedumbs.

      I am only surprised that we haven’t seen a huge rash of conversions to Islam by White European Disaffected Christian men all over the West with all the assaults against “Toxic Masculinity” and the prosecutions of all the Daniel Pennys who try to defend our civilization
      against those agents of chaos unleashed by the Left to tear it down.

      I can’t see a hearty handshake and “Thank You For Your Service, Son” being enough inducement for any young American to register much less report for duty once their draft number has been called.

      • @Clyte,
        Great insight.
        My own observations are that when we enter these wars, we’re fighting against people we can’t, and shouldn’t be trying to change, for a government that never does anything to benefit us, and won’t fix issues on home soil.
        Why would you want to go and fight Muslims, then come home and find your own nation full of them? All we gain from these wars is their resulting refugees and body bags containing young white men. They end up in Arlington cemetery with honours and flags draped over their headstone…….but they’re still dead!
        I’m incensed by it all.
        These ‘freedoms’ they talk about are usually under threat from mass immigration, not from staying out of conflicts that don’t concern us.
        Our real enemies are in our corridors of power, not across the Atlantic.

        • @Goose:

          You’re welcome.

          Again, I remain mystified why many young White European men have not converted to Islam. Our “Judaeo-Christian” West has done handstands to undermine them, dispossess them, and caponize them … when they are not being used as cannon fodder to prosecute more wars against Islam which not only remains un-housebroken, but only seems to be getting stronger.

          Going by the signs of what I am already seeing: the implicitly Muslim dress code that I posted about earlier, I think it won’t be long now. It will probably start with the Millennials and accelerate as Generation Z and Generation Alpha mature to draft age.

          I honestly think that instituting forced conscription will only accelerate the Islamazation process. It would not surprise me that Conscientious Objector ranks will swell with potential draftees wanting bow out rather than take up arms against their Muslim Brothers. Major Nidal Hasan shooting up Fort Hood in Texas only shows what a potential security threat to any war effort forcing them to take up arms would be.

          As a woman, living under Shariah Law would suck raw sewage, but the people running our government are a bunch who came of age on the tail end of the Silent Generation, the bulk of them are Boomers and early Gen Xers. They all seem to be stuck in this bubble where it is still the sixties and we still have this huge population of White military-aged men who are so patriotic they would shut up and salute before they march off to another war.

          It ain’t happening and the sooner someone disabuses them of that delusion,
          the better.

  10. Rather than “The Boomer’s War”, this one should be called “the Christian Fundamentalist’s War”!-check out the comments of newly minted Speaker of the house Mike Johnson- he’s no Boomer!

  11. All of these related issues are solved by requiring a certain period of military service for the vote franchise, and even more service to run for office or hold any office of trust or profit. In turn, you wouldn’t be taxed. But, you also couldn’t own property. 99 year leadholding? Sure. Wages not taxed? Great! You wanna serve? Go for it! Heroes welcome to ya if you get back! In other words, going back to the earliest days of our Republic.

    Hunter, think of it. Only after so many years of service could you vote let alone hold office. The other people would only get military training and do militia training for home and State defense ONLY. This would put a new class of leaders in office, who would have an interest in keeping foreign adventurism to a minimum to ensure the electorate remains happy and small.

    This is also called the Heinlen Amendment or the Spartan Amendment after Starship Trooper novel and of course Sparta. I think most your readers would accept these conditions as they could then fish, fuck, and drink beer all day to their hearts content without any responsibility thereby living in happy ignorant peasant bliss. Then, “Duh Jews? Foggataboutit! Let’s go fishing.”

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