Tucker Carlson: Sending $100 Billion To Foreign Countries Is a Huge Mistake

Tucker has been replaced by Jesse Watters.

The BoomerCons watching FOX News are now sealed off in their own bubble. There isn’t a single dissenting voice left.


  1. Watching Jesse Waters is infuriating. Hamas doesn’t have that kind of fire power or funding for it but we do know who does. ????

  2. I wonder why I, of all people in my generation, seem to have been aware of the bullshit even back in the 1980s. I just can’t fathom their (boomer) stupidity.

    • Gaslighting works on the great majority of people. (((Bernays))) proved that you can gaslight them even into literally poisoning themselves with his “torches of freedom” campaign in the 1920s. As the old Colt-45 malt-liquor ads claimed: It works! Every time. What the younger critics fail to understand is that they will be just as gaslighted – if not even worse – by the time they reach the age of today’s boomertards.

      The real question is how does one de-program the gaslighted?

  3. For a while, when Tucker was still on Fox, Laura Ingraham began raising some of the same questions Tucker did, expressing similar skepticism about Ukraine, foreign aid, etc., although not – I believe – Israel, about which she was either quiet or orthodox (Israel can do no wrong). And she was excellent on the border. After Tucker was purged, Laura apparently “got the memo” about the new order at Fox: 1. no daylight between Fox & Israeli government propaganda 2. on Ukraine only quibbles about “where our aid is going” allowed, no doubts permitted about the general correctness of supporting the Ukraine war 3. on the border, pointing out demographic consequences is now forbidden; shift focus to “humanitarian tragedy” (which didn’t score well with Fox’s Boomer viewership) & the drug/criminal/terrorist threat.

    Oh well…reality based Fox for a couple of hours a day was nice while it lasted. Now Fox is back being the cable news version of the old Weekly Standard – pure neocon, plus a dash of pandering to evangelicals (We need a national abortion ban!), 24/7.

  4. Your right. The main reason to watch Fox News is to understand what the Boomercons are thinking and the grand poobahs of the GOP are pushing.

  5. Can you explain why public on wars even matters?

    The jewish lobby funnels so much money into the pockets of our politicians, that even if 99% of Americans supported Palestine, our politicians would still push for war with Iran.

  6. Lmao

    Who’s going to fight these k*ke wars?

    These Jews are insane. American demographics are trending towards mudblood.

    Demographics is destiny.

    • That is the point I have repeatedly, uselessly made to people: a Third World country, which the U.S. is rapidly becoming cannot long support First World things such as safe, modern air travel, high tech medicine on a large scale and a First World military either,amongst many other things people today take for granted. If Third World people could produce First World societies their own countries wouldn’t be shitholes they escape from.

      The predominant thinking amongst most White people seems to be that “they” wouldn’t let things get that bad. “They” will fix things when they break and “they” will always be ready in an emergency. When asked who the fuck is “they”, blank stares are the answer.

      White people believe there is an endless supply of other Whites who will magically show up in an emergency with the skills, competence and materials to fix things. The idea that no one is coming or those coming are dangerous, incompetent brown people never enters their Fox TV addled little minds. Get thee prepared now, and be quiet about it, too.

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