Mike Pence Suspends Presidential Campaign

Maybe he can go fight for Israel now that he has nothing better to do?

Note: Every other clown in the race is Standing With Israel. Nothing was lost.


  1. Mike Pence is one of the most boring people I’ve ever seen.
    He’s so boring I might listen to his speeches at night if I’m having trouble sleeping.

  2. He betrayed his solemn duty to ensure free and fair elections by refusing to send results from the five botched states, back to the electors. Company men don’t win out in a democracy.

  3. I think I asked this question here once before but go no response. On Jan. 6, just after the Senate certified Biden as POTUS, someone walked up to Pence when he was still at the podium and handed him what what looked like some kind of coin. Pence briefly looked at it and then put it in his coat pocket. Did anyone here see this? Masonic stuff perhaps?

  4. I thought Pence was the usual establishment type made Veep to keep an eye on a possibly independent president (JFK/Johnson. Reagan/Bush), and he seemed okay with Trump, although lackluster. He did do a good job of demolishing Harris in the debates, although that was pretty easy (and what was that bit of the fly on hushed?), but Jan.6 he let the country down, and in the last few months seemed like a real weasel behind Trump. Now, he’s nothing; I assume the donors stopped answering his calls, and it’s over. The useful idiot is now a useless idiot.
    About the coin: anyone ever notice that when Trump made his comments during Covid on stage, Fauci and Bird were always making gestures and eye signals to someone in the audience?

  5. Pence refused to do his constitutional duty to withhold certifying the 2020 presidential election so that the numerous questions about the legitimacy of the vote count in certain states could be investigated. For that his name will forever live in infamy.

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