Vivek the Impaler Calls For Hamas Heads At RJC

All of the Republican presidential candidates are currently stripping in front of the big Jewish donors at the RJC. This is Vivek’s attempt to distinguish himself from the competition.


  1. This ugly wog and his ugly wog girlfriend, Nimrata Haley should be deported back to India along with the rest of their peeps. They have a country to go to even if it’s 10,000 miles away and smells bad.

  2. Just about every politician is fake of course, more than 99% of them, perhaps 100%, but there’s something uniquely fake about Rama Salami the Hinjew, he may be the most fakest person I’ve ever seen, there’s nothing this guy wouldn’t say or do for money, he has 0 empathy, 0 dignity and 0 integrity, he’s just a soulless automaton/sociopath, and a terrible actor, you can spot this guy a mile off.

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