RJC: The Kiddie Table

He who pays the piper gets to call the tune.


  1. So turns out republicans and cons are just as woke as dems and libs.
    Pick your favorite victim, blacks on the left, Jews on the right.
    This is what politicians do, they hide behind the (supposed) downtrodden, all the while stealing more money for themselves and their corporate and military buddies.
    But at least the left owns it, they’ll tell you straight up they don’t care about free speech and freedom in general, but the right hides behind freedom and that makes them more insidious.

  2. Other than ritualistically slaughtering masses of gentiles there’s nothing the jews enjoy more than making the Shabbos Goyim grovel in front of them.

  3. Fatboy will never be forgiven by the kikes, he tossed too many of them in prison when he was a U.S Attorney.

    Naturally, the orange faggot pardoned some of them (including his Chabad Lubovitch son in law’s father).

  4. What a fecking minstrel show – a load of shuffling step-n-fetchit clowns, complete with a darkie in tow. The kosher nosetra in the audience were no doubt howling at the performance. They should have topped it off with Lady G playing Hava nagila with his shriveled dick on the piano – a real servant of the (chosen) people!

  5. “””…says criticism of Israel is not “free speech” but “hate speech.”…”””

    Look how they operate. They give meaning to the words and so they change narrative.

    Criticism is not free speech, doubting in elections is attack to democracy, Cristianity is uneuropean and doesn’t belong here, presenting evidences is denying science and so on.

    Until we don’t learn fight with this orwellian newspeak, we are in troubles.

  6. I was so sickened by this I couldn’t read any further

    If there’s anything positive about this, it’s that it removes any doubt about who is running the show here. Even our boy Trump, who’s supposedly outspoken and not afraid to say something outside the official narrative, cucks just like the rest of them. The cynics are right; we have a uniparty and voting is pointless, with I guess a few exceptions. It just took an episode like this war to illustrate the way things really are by removing all the folderol.

    My thanks to you Hunter for bringing all this out in the open.

  7. There is no hope that we will have a Congress that doesn’t slavishly worship Israel and Jews. Money talks and bullshit walks, and everything except money is Bullshit! We should have required all elections to be financed by the federal government equally between the parties when we had the chance!

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