Fascists For Peace: National Justice Party Calls For Gaza Ceasefire In DC

We should create a petition calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and circulate it among all of the leading “hate groups” in the country. Get Neo-Nazi and Klan groups to sign it.

As an officially designated “hate group” and “extremist” by the SPLC and ADL, I think Genocide Joe is going way too far in his unconditional support for Israel’s war crimes in Gaza. Sure, I am xenophobic and maybe a little racist, but I am appalled by the indiscriminate slaughter of all of these brown kids.

The most galling part about it is how Genocide Joe tries to spin what is going on. On the hand, he tells these people to their face that he deeply cares about innocent civilians losing their lives. On the other hand, he has given the green light to Netanyahu to kill Amalek and intends to Stand With Israel to the point of giving them an unlimited supply of bombs to drop on these people.

Genocide Joe pats these people on the head as he murders them.

Note: Eric Stiker is standing on the moral high ground over the Democratic establishment.


  1. Whenever the jews have to justify a crime they use their 3000yo Jewish Book Of Fairy Tales to do so. Land theft? Check. Genocide? Check.

  2. I think it’s a good idea associating far right extremists with Joe Biden at the same time the far left is aligning with Catboy. More of these types of campaigns the more Aryan Globalists gain legitimacy in the state.

    • Just out of curiosity, how does calling for a ceasefire equate with supporting Shitpants Joey (who supports Israel’s war at least as much as Rev. Hagee does – even if he can’t read his teleprompter lines)? Like Spencer (and yourself), Catboy has zero to do with us. As ISA stated in the other thread:

      It’s not our problem and we can’t afford it.

      Aryan Globalist is every bit as oxymoronic as Christian Zionist is.

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