GOP At War


LMAO. These people are hopeless.

BoomerCons are living in a parallel universe.

The biggest problem facing the country is anti-Semitic protests on college campuses!


    • I’m afraid you/we have to do more than just not vote for system Republicans, Christian Zionists. This doesn’t change their behavior or even inconvenience them.

      Why not look at that Iraqi Arab did to George Dubya Bush after Dubya and the J Neo Cons invaded, slaughtered so many of his people in Iraq.

      He through a shoe at Dubya.

      Don’t you have some used shoes you could part with one?

      How about ordering lisping Lyndsey Graham some Pizzas he didn’t order – or blast loud Islamic prayers in front of his house and wake up Lyndsey Graham and one of Lisping Lyndsey Graham’s high priced Homosexual prostitutes in bed with him.

      We have to get beyond just complaining about the current fixed elections, traitor and occupation government, we have to do real things to offer resistance and punish our traitors.

      What Southern woman gave birth to this fag*** . Is she still alive? If so, let local Muslims know about her, Graham.

  1. I think Genocide Joe won’t win re-election since the far left won’t vote for him over the Gaza situation and only 17% of Arabs will vote for him. That’s a large enough minority to cost him the national election. I do think Trump is going to prison though before the election. Not sure how this situation is going to work out, they are even trying to get Trump off the ballot in some states. I’m probably am not going to vote but if I do I would probably vote red across the board just because the Republicans can’t possibly make the border worse than it is now. I’m a one issue voter, if I do vote, I’m voting over the broken border.

    Even Richard Spencer is predicting that Genocide Joe won’t be re-elected because he’s lost the Arab vote and the far left vote. Who knows, maybe Trump wins the election while in prison and then pardons himself. Crazier things have happened.

    • > Who knows, maybe Trump wins the election while in prison and then pardons himself. Crazier things have happened.

      It’s like something out of The Godfather. I think Hoffa ran for election as Teamsters boss while behind bars – and won. It’s so damned cynical I’d almost be tempted to vote for old Cheetohead – especially if he was a jailbird.

  2. Hunter, earlier this year and last yr. you were claiming, by poll analysis, the evangelical conservatives had essentially become nationalist, even close to ethno variety. Doesn’t this single issue pull the carpet from under your feet? The house of cards came toppling down all because of a century-old, well-drilled message, i.e., American fetish over Israel or Jewish racial exceptionalism. Never voting GOP again until these bloodthirsty neocon gone.

    • No, you will still find Matt Walsh and Charlie Kirk pushing plenty of pro-White rhetoric. I never said that evangelicals had been weaned away from their disgusting stance on Israel. The message has broken through in other areas like race and Great Replacement.

      • But they lack the intelligence or intellectual integrity to see that jews are the leading theoreticians for critical race theory, the Great Replacement etc.

      • Maybe their prowar opinions will change as the expenses of war, including human life, make their toll. Otherwise, this is a blackpill w evangelicals and the seven mountain club, especially after CN summer when things were riding high.

  3. HI Hunter,

    I have my take on the current war in Gaza, expanding to Middle East. It’s humorous but also references Roman history.

    My blog is in draft mode, please look it over to see if you have any alterations, objections, I post in ~ an hour.

    Thanks brother.


  4. Hey, didn’t you hear? The A-rabs, Chinese and Knee-grows have far more wealth and power than a non-existent lobby which cannot be named. I read about it on a post from a globalist. All those Gay Old Pedobears are really lined up voicing their undying support for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Chinese – plus St. George of Fentanyl.

    Not much point in us talking about the JQ much more to tell you the truth. This clown show is causing even some longtime leftoids to reconsider their flawed perception of reality. The sheer level of the Repuke’s absurd, shuffling step-n-fechit minstrel-show is become painfully obvious to all but the caved-head conserviletards who inhabit the ‘Christian-Zionist’ insane asylum. Schlomo laughs now, but for how long?

  5. BoomerCons are living in a parallel universe.

    True. Perfectly understandable that are some are impatient for this most fuckwitted generation to die off.

    Gen-Z has numerous problems of its own. Fortunately, kneejerk philosemitism and Israel-firsterism doesn’t seem to figure among them.

  6. The “most fuckwitted generation” was the Greatest (Worst) Generation. It was they, not Boomers, who passed the civil rights and immigration laws. The judges who made the early anti-white decisions were not boomers. The youngest of the Worst are all over 90 and dropping like flies. Thank you for your service.

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