Erdogan Proposes Islamic Alliance Against Israel


Good clip from Nick on the pro-Israel Coalition of the Willing.


This is a Big F*cking Deal.

“Our Greatest Ally” is singlehandedly 1.) ripping apart NATO, 2.) isolating America from its European allies, 3.) inflaming all 1.8 billion Muslims across the world, 4.) alienating America’s allies in the region, 5.) empowering Iran and 6.) sucking us into a regional war.

Israel is acting like a rabid dog and no one in America including the president has the power to stand up to the Israel Lobby. If Joe Biden even tried to do it, he would be shot down by Congress.


  1. What is the Plan B when the Rapture Express doesn’t arrive?
    The Remphan lobby knows they have to go for it before teh Boomers are all gone.

  2. The U.S. plotted and attempted to coup and assassinate Erdogan, a few years ago, but Russia tipped him off and saved him. Erdogan is a

    Palestine was at its most peaceful and prosperous, and autonomous, under the protection of the Ottoman Porte, for more than three centuries, from the final exit of the last bloody “Christian” Crusaders, until the nineteenth-century invasions of the Napoleonic French and by Britain’s proxies, when the people of Palestine rose up as one in a successful “peasant rebellion” to bring back the Turks, who kept a lid on “Christian”-created and inspired modern Zionism, until Turkey was defeated in World War One and the British took control. Under Turkish protection, Palestinians of all three religions lived in peace and harmony, small farmers were free, taxes were low, and there was no draft. Lawrence of Arabia’s work to expel Turkey from Palestine, Arabia, Syria and Mesopotamia, and set up the British and French and the crypto-Islamic Saudis and other feudal monarchies in its place, opened the way for the Zionist invasion.

    Over thirty years ago Michael Parenti gave this great lecture (slow starting, but gets better as it goes along) that applies well to understanding this war:

    • “Palestine was at its most peaceful and prosperous, and autonomous, under the protection of the Ottoman Porte ….”

      I should think it was more peaceful and prosperous under the Romans, whose territories the Moslem morons began snapping off not long after the corpse of the clown Mohammed had cooled.

    • So you oppose Christian Crusades to retake the Holy Land and Constantinople?I sure don’t.If America and Europe hadn’t been controlled by Jews for centuries then instead of White on White blood baths we could have taken back Christian land for the White race.I could give a shit if Turks or other mud men get killed but I do support them rising up against the Jews.The Turks raped and enslaved millions of White women and Slavs.They took White Christian boys after they killed their parents and turned them into Mohammedan Janissaries who fought fantically against other Christian Whites.Its the sickest thing ever.So you worship you precious Ottoman Turks and other muds.I’ll just enjoy seeing Satanic Jew versus Satanic Mohammedans.I stand with the Lord Jesus and the White race only.

      • “So you oppose Christian Crusades”? They certainly weren’t Christian, with their psychopathic mass executions of men, women and children regardless of race or religion, general dishonesty, treachery, alcoholism and cannibalism, and their train of camp prostitutes. They made the Saracens and Turks appear gentle and virtuous by comparison. The first two Crusades expended much of their energy destroying Orthodox Christianity (the Pope’s main target) along the way to the “Holy land,” beginning with sacking of Byzantium/Constantinople and right through to Antioch and Acre (1104). The Crusades were all terrible, including the Northern Crusades to destroy Orthodoxy in Russia and bring it under the Pope’s rule, and the Crusade to exterminate the Albigensian Christians in France, and the Children’s Crusade that led to the loss of thousands of mostly German children, and the Crusades against the Bogomil Christians in Bosnia and Serbia, and against the Serbs.

        “So you worship your precious Ottoman Turks?”: I only said Palestine had its best centuries of peace and prosperity when it was a semi-autonomous part of the Turkish empire. Elsewhere the Turkish empire committed serial crimes against humanity, especially in eastern Europe.

        Re: “muds” and “mud men”: Middle Eastern “mud peoples” actually descend from some of the world’s first civilizations, that had the world’s most advanced civil infrastructure, agriculture, mathematics, science and technology. Defeated, colonized, exploited peoples may appear stupid by comparison to the exploiters. For thousands of years, until European colonization began in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, India was one of the most advanced and prosperous countries, but after a century of full-scale exploitation it had become one of the poorest. The meteoric rise of China after it broke free from colonialism, in just a few decades, from being one of the world’s poorest countries to the world’s largest and most productive economy also proves that exploited people are not really worthless “muds.”

  3. Some reports now say 67 US Marines have been killed and 62 captured in the Gaza fighting. Semper Fi, jarheads. May many more follow you.

  4. I don’t get how blaming the victim here for making Moslems hate us and organize against us makes logical sense. Moslems have always hated us and organized against us and always will, long before Zionism. The issue is rather about how to keep them from coelescing around strong men leaders and movements or countries. Nasser and Egypt, Saudis and Arabia, Assad and Syria, Sadaam and Iraq, Ayatollas and Iran, and now Erdogan and Turkey. They’ve all attempted to reestablish some sort of new Moslem Caliphate. That is a bad thing, PERIOD. Doing nothing only encourages them to build up the funeral pyre faster.

    Our contention has always been that failure to be more actively involved merely enable people like Erdogan and the Mullahs to gain more power toward implementing their Moslem Caliphate. In turn, they have become extremely difficult to dislodge. Also, they and their proxies have always intended to destroy the West but Israel is in their way. The result is they’ve built up an increadible powerful military force to take out Israel on their way to destroying the West. You can deny it all day long, but the fact is, if Israel didn’t exist to frustrate their plans, we’d still be fighting them to stop their plans of destroying the West.

    The Mullahs and Iran have established a Moslem Shia crescent from Iraq to Lebanon, and from the gulf states to Yemen. Hamas is the farthest West main proxy and its next door to Israel, their mext main target. Hamas for whatever reasons has decided to initiate this region wide conflict. They knew it was going to expand. They already had the go ahead from Hezbollah and Iran and likely Syria, probably even Russia and Turkey. They are striking now when the West is at its weakest since 1975 and arguably internally weaker than ever. The plan of the Moslems was always to expand this war until it engulfs Europe and America. Doing nothing doesn’t stop that from occurring.

    Isolationism never would’ve stopped this from occurring but in fact encourages it to occurr. That’s why I called it a form of far right strategic accelerationism. Because it obviously causes a collapse of the governing neo-liberal Western regime. But, there is no happy ending to it. We aren’t prepared to replace it with something better. Which means the war will come home. War at your doorstep isn’t going to be better than war over in the Middle East. To blame Israel for this expansion literally is blaming the victim. This isn’t to condone certain strategies for carrying out interventionism, but rather that it’s antithesis, isolationism, isn’t better but far worse.

    • Aryan Globalist Bro ” we aren’t prepared to replace it with something better” I beg too differ SIR, we are prepared and WILL replace it with something better, some of us call it THE SOUTHERN REPUBLIC….

  5. What Nick doesn’t know would fill a library. First having a gay Mexican Catholic who is a known supporter of pedophilia, has groomed his interns to be buggered by another known pedophile, named Ali Akbar, has taken payments from a convicted pedophile who raped young boys, has a team of trannies running his cyber hack team, uses fraud to inflate his actual support, and is a suspected fed for the leftist regime is a bad look.

    Second what Nick doesn’t know is that the US is routinely outvoted on issues regarding Israel and Palestine. Such votes in the United Nations are almost routine. This is nothing new and does not represent some sort of recent diplomatic retreat due to America supporting blowing up Mud babies. In fact it merely reinforces the look that Nick is on the side of the grand mud people alliance we’ve described earlier. The so called Trad Catholic is ensuring that Hamas blows up his precious Pope and Vatican City after wiping Israel off the map.

    Nick is just another ruling regime pied piper. His role is to agitate the right into supporting his stupid bullshit and neutralize them. In fact, he has done nothing but get his followers jailed for storming the Capitol, disrupted Southern redneck political coalition building efforts, paralyzed right wing youth organizing, and got his interns’ anal cherries popped by Negro Jews like Ali Ackbar. And he got paid for it. Nick the Gay Pimp is not someone you want to explain your position.

    • What is your point? As far as I know there is not a single person here who gives Fuentes or his followers from the catboy ranch any credence whatsoever. He’s a total clown and a shill whose running a racket – probably with FBI assistance and funding. Just like Richard Spencer and any number of other self-appointed “leaders” of the dissident right.

      It was Cheetohead the Clown who got most idiots to go and march in Sodom-on-Potomac on January 6, 2021, not Fuentes. Dumpf’s also the one who flew off to Florida as he tossed his followers under the Church of Woke bus. Many rot in jail to this day for the “crime” of peaceful protest against a lawless illegitimate totalitarian government – which you are here shilling for every day. Hello Mr. Pot. Thanks for telling us about Mr. Kettle.

  6. Erdogan, slimy and serpentine as he is, might very well get his alliance since Netanyahu and the Globo-Pedo Empire of Lies have basically nuked any goodwill in the Dar-al-Islam towards Israel and its lickspittle backers. Erdo could lead the Sunnis and Iran the Shiites (who they already lead). Hamas are mainly Sunnis – who make up a large majority of the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims. They alone could form the basis of a truly massive army. Still, Erdo’s longtime shady dealings with stolen (by the US military) Syrian oil sold to Israel for 12 USD a barrel (on which Erdo gets a commission) could be used by an ambitious Saudi leader (MBS?) to discredit Erdo and lead the Sunni wing of the grand Muslim alliance.

    Top notch strategic thinking there, Neo-Klowns (for Schlomo only). Oh and don’t forget kiddies, there are many thousands of Muslims imported into Murika in the wake of 9-11 by our patriotic flag-waving Jewish friends running both nominal parties and their shabbas-goy step-n-fetchits both shitlib and CZ’s. Zion-Don, despite his failure, actually made some attempts to stop this ongoing racket (to no avail). The jihadis won’t be making fine distinctions between different types of white-looking Murikans. It’s all no doubt part of Schlomo’s grand design to exterminate YT and kill lots of Musloids at the same time. Keep that in mind if you’re ever tempted to back up Schlomo because you’re afraid of Musloids. One thing you can absolutely bet on is that Schlomo will never, ever have your back in any fight. Guaranteed.

  7. ”I beg to differ SIR, we are prepared and WILL replace it with something better, some of us call it THE SOUTHERN REPUBLIC.”

    How a couple of divided White Republics could defend themselves independently on the North American continent, let alone globally, when they can’t even do so now as a single White Republic is beyond me. In fact, a Southern White Republic would be even less White than the current National White Republic and would have that much more of a problem securing its interests. Separation is a recipe for guaranteed disaster.

    • Aryan Bro, point made, no argument here………their just is nothing more miserable, than having to live in the same house, with people, you don’t like………

      • @Terry Smith,

        Attempting to place a red-line across said house which is filled with people you don’t like, as a means of demarcating yours v theirs, when some of the same people you don’t like are still on your side of the demarcation line, makes ZERO sense. It only makes sense if the objective is reducing and eventually entirely eliminating your ownership of said house. My people didn’t fight, sweat, and bleed across this continent to create America just to see their entire posterity reduced to a shack in a haller in West Virginia surrounded by little squabbling mud countries and half barbarized white mini-republics, all under Chinese suzerinty. Not gonna happen. We will take the entire world down with us in a mushroom ball of flame before that happens. And you can take that to the bank.

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