Con Inc. is slamming AOC as anti-Semitic!


  1. Two enemies (AOC and Con-Inc) at each other’s throats. What’s not to like? The more damage they do to the empire, the better. Both should be egged on even more. AIPAC’s widely supported by the “Christian”-Zionists as well. HW even mentioned the need to start directing fire at this particular gang of tards. Like the Globo-Pedo Empire of Lies, AIPAC needs to be destroyed.

  2. Good, good, I like her and Rishida more by the hour.
    Smart Rommel says, ally with the peaceful religion or have another Bolshevik minority slaughter fest.

  3. AOC claims to be a democratic socialist, sort of like how the GOP claim to be American (and Christian) nationalists or a man claims to be a woman.
    Nonsense, she is just as committed to crony capitalism, war and Zionism as the GOP.
    She is not opposed to the slow displacement of Palestinians by Jews, she just wants Israel to exercise better optics.
    Murdering 50 babies to kill 1 member of Hamas is bad optics.
    She’s saying, tone it down, continue to displace them, but do it nicely.
    Same with Cenk over at the Young Turds.
    None of them are saying we should defund Israel.
    None of them are saying Israel should cease its hostilities against Hamas and cease occupying Gaza immediately.
    What they’re saying is, destroy Hamas and displace Palestine, but minimize civilian casualties, or we, the democrats, the other party of money, war and Zionism, may lose our base to 3rd parties/independents and genuine revolutionaries.
    She is controlled opposition, that is all.
    If you’re over the age of 25, but can’t see that by now, in 2023, that we have a duopoly of crony capitalism, war and Zionism, than God help you, because I sure can’t.

  4. Just because AOC doesn’t like Jews doesn’t mean she likes us. Don’t think that your dislike of Jews means certain brown people are suddenly our friends.

    • She’s not.

      Nevertheless, I will give her credit for standing up to the Israel Lobby, which owns the entire GOP except Thomas Massie.

    • Unfortunately, most White people aren’t our friends, as this conflict has shown. They’ll put Israel before their own country. So we have to make alliances with the Left on certain issues to advance our goals. Most of our people may not like us for opposing the Zionist Entity, but in the long run, they will know we were right.

      • Do you seriously think any Leftist will “ally” with a White Nationalist?!
        Re-read what AOC actually states. Do you understand that she and her ilk equate White Nationalists, or anyone sympathetic to them to Hamas/Nazis??

  5. AOC is going to have to rely on small donor exclusively if she wants to keep her job. Going against AIPAC can basically end anyone’s professional or political career. Any large donor who continues to finance AOC would be called anti-semitic by AIPAC. They are not afraid to throw the race card at people, in fact that’s what AIPAC does 24/7, throw the race card at everyone who questions them.

    AOC is basically and thoroughly anti-White. She doesn’t side with the Palestinians because it’s the right thing to do. She sides with Palestinians because she sees Israel as basically “White” colonialism. AOC sees things in black and white, in her mind, all she sees is White people colonizing Brown people. Never mind the fact that the average Palestinian living in Palestine would oppose 90% of her platform including gay rights, tranny rights, and abortion. When it comes to every issue outside of Palestine, AOC sides with Jews 100%. AOC is on board with every anti-White, pro-LGBTQ, pro-open borders agenda Jews support. She is basically against AIPAC for all the wrong reasons not because of all the right reasons.

    While my gut instinct is to cheer her on because she is calling out an organization that is basically a prolific race-baiter who foments international wars and leading the cultural demise against White people. My rational side tells me that she supports Jewish influence for pretty much everything outside the realm of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    Probably not every single Jew is against White people, but their collective interests are thoroughly anti-White. I support the Jews who call out Israel’s behavior, what commie Jews would call “self-hating Jews”. I’m not an anti-semite, but I don’t blame people for being anti-semitic. Jews (through their collective interests) give people every reason to distrust them. It’s the same with Black people. I don’t hate Black people, but Blacks have nobody to blame but Blacks if people assume they are law breakers since they do statistically cause the most crime.

  6. Could some of our people write AOC a letter of qualified support but also point out that Jews are not really White Colonists as she currently believes they are? I actually fear for her safety now. Some Golem MAGA tard might try to assassinate her to ostensibly support Israel but only give the left a real Martyr. Linking Israeli interests with White interests seems like something The Squad and AIPAC are mutually conniving to accomplish. It’s a rhetorical and political fusion we must do everything to stop.

    • Good catch. I suspect AOC, who is a bought and paid-for whore, is being used by her bosses to get some control over the free-shit orc-army who’ve drifted off the reservation over the Zionist state’s barbarity. The best way to handle opposition is to control it yourself after all. By calling Israel a “white colony” and emphasizing clowns like Brian Mast and Rev. Hagee, the orcs can be shifted back to blaming the present mess on honkies – for which they blame everything else. All she has to do is to point out the long list of whites from Tump on down to Glenn Beck screaming for Israel to exterminate the Palestinians and they’ll get back to their assignments from Schlomo to steal, rape and kill average whites in their vicinities.

      Writing a qualified letter to her is a bad idea. He opposition to this is a ploy, nothing more. She’s been allowed to oppose Israel this time – for damage control.

      • It really is a pickle. On a Meta level her support for Palestinian self determination doesn’t really help Palestinians. It only hurts Whites really.

        • Absolutely. She’s attempting to re-direct their outrage over jewish crimes towards whites. That’s what she’s been paid for. Part of this includes expressing outrage at the white-supported AIPAC. Sadly, all of the very which Christian Zionists are playing right into her rondentine paws. The Zionist state has nothing to do with white colonialism. It’s a special case all done for one very special group of people, who AOC is not really mentioning except to say their another group of whites (which they are not).

          Colonialism was not a very good deal for average whites in Britain or France. They got shipped off to fight wars to take control of resources and wealth which would mainly end up in (((City of London))) vaults. Now both countries are on the way to being exterminated – with the natives soon to minorities in their own lands. Whites get all the blame for the looting, though. The white elites of course were happy to send their lessers to die in the jungles of Africa and Asia at the behest so their creditors would be paid for the fake-money lent. The massive NATO fleet off the coast of Israel is much the same scenario.

          • This is why a public letter needs to be addressed to her. And the same thing sent in private. It’s quite important to knock her off her balance, on the basic premise of her argument. Jews are not White Settler Colonists. Most of the Israelis are Mizrahi (half Arab). The rest never see themselves as White folk in the diaspora. She’s got to be argued on this point in public.

          • I think I see the big lie in AOC’s remark, see below:

            > AIPAC endorsed scores of Jan 6th insurrectionists.They are no friend to American democracy.

            > They are one of the more racist and bigoted PACs in Congress as well, who disproportionately target members of color.

            No they did not endorse the faux-insurrection (in which only the protesters died, one murdered in cold-blood by a dindu cop). They are on the same side as AOC in that debate – and agree with her that it was an “insurrection”. Here’s news for the retards: An actual insurrection would have involved an armed riot/attack on the Capitol, preferably with artillery and bombs. A peaceful protest in a public building by unarmed citizens is not an “insurrection”. AOC wouldn’t use that term if a bunch of BLM and Antifa actually rioted and burned down the Capitol (as with other buildings). AIPAC are racist – against anyone who is not sufficiently obsequious to Jews. AOC herself is Jew-approved, so her whine about “racism” is pure bullshit.

  7. A stopped watch is correct twice a day.

    For a short time, the eyes of the American POC, Lib Leftist, anti White world and “The Eye of Sauron” are focused on Israel – the slaughter in Gaza against Arab Palestinians – most are Muslims, some are secular, some families used to be Christian way back in the day before the American White Christian world went 100% Israel Uber Alles.

    Wow, time flies when you’re not having fun.

    It seems like it was just last year that I was doing a one man “America First” anti Neo Con, anti Zio peace campaign against the first Iraq war in 1991 in Nashville TN, where I had gone to undergraduate school at Vanderbilt.

    I took out full America Fist, anti war adverts in the Nashville Tennessean and Chatanooga Times and also in the Vanderbilt Hustler (Student newspapers not the porn mag that went under). I got on Nashville and other Tennessee talk radio and local Cable News with Teddy Bart (Kowski) – and was treated very, very fair by the local media including the local J media (Teddy Bart). On a one to one basis most White listeners, callers were impressed with my knowledge of American history, George Washington’s Farewell Address to the nation warning against the dangers of “Foreign interests” , Foreign wars for foreign governments. I presented all of the terrible problems our country then and now had with no border security, no sensible immigration policies, our cities descending in to 3rd world slums of drugs disease and despair – I “named the J” but also named the Emir of Kuwait, the House of Saud Sunni Islamists that treat our military as White slaves and named the military industrial complex permanent war machine, I also called out Bush Sr’s insane, treasonous call for a “New World Order as envisioned by the United Nations” WTF?

    There was a small Populist Party in Tennessee that contacted me and said my adverts were pretty much identical to their party platform, and I was contacted by some/one nice, funny Palestinian Arab guy married to a White American woman, the had an adorable daughter with green eyes – she called me “Eric” – the Prince form the Little Mermaid animated Disney movie. Some Liberal , Leftist anti War people, groups contacted me but they waled away when I was openly anti Semitic/anti J and anti homosexual extremists – the Palestinian Arab guy didn’t care.

    The media contacted me and put me on their radio feeds, though they were a little leary of giving me a lot of free airtime as they (correctly) thought my America First anti war group was just me, and it was just me.

    The local media asked how I felt about being on the same anti war side as Lib Leftists like Jessie Jackass Jackson, and Louis Farrakhan, Jane Fonda, the ACLU etc. I replied that yeah:

    “Stopped watches are right twice a day, plus mainstream American Conservatives – the Bush Sr administration had abandoned American nationalism to embrace the worst forms of UN globalism.

    In the case as always in my life, intelligent sweet “Reason” was/is overwhelmed by the heard, bandwagon, controlled J media. The Powers that be dragged out one of the C&W pop music singer/prostitutes Hank Williams Jr to crank out a pro Iraq war propaganda song:

    “Don’t give us a Reason” – “we gots to get SADDAM HUSSEIN like we got Hitler and the Neo Conservative narrative was:

    “This time we’re gonna fight to win, not like Viet Nam, we’re fight Saddam Hussein like we fought and defeated the NAZIS.”

    This narrative is still being used today – there’s a lot less enthusiasm for these endless Neo Con J wars, interventions, but it still works with our SEC, NFL J TV addicted White goyim – being a Jannisary White slave or just cheering on our Jannissary White slaves is better than being an outcast – greeter at Walmart or trying to earn enough $ to pay rent and get canned food by selling Hitler speeches in flee markets.


    Here we go again.

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