Lindsey Graham: No Amount of Palestinian Deaths Would Make Him Question Israel

There is a limit to how much sucking off Israel from the GOP that I can tolerate.

We are now far beyond the limit and the war with Iran that people like Lindsey Graham have been pushing for years hasn’t even begun. BoomerCon Christian Zionists are going to destroy the party.

As recently as last month, I thought everyone in American politics except sociopaths agreed that killing children is bad. It is stunning how quickly that has become a fringe position.


  1. ” BOOMERCON CHRISTIAN ZIONISTS are going to destroy the party ” well, that being said, it will be the one good thing, they have done………….goodbye party of lincoln………..I hope they set their sights, on the other wing, of this foul, unclean bird…….and no, you can’t buy yourself a stairway to heaven……….

  2. The yids have files on these pols, like Lady Lindsay. Imagine the videos they have of him. And most of the others. Including Trump. Epstein was far from the only blackmail operation running.

  3. Eternal Zionism is American politics. We tried to capture the GOP and despite measurable progress everything always broke on the shore of the Jewish Question. The Democrats are split between Zionism and antiwhite hatred which sees Zionism as just another white supremacy, but that is what they were taught by Jews so it’s a wash. Brown people move within the Jewish framework of the victimhood spoils system which always retcons back to Holocaust priority, so they will fail and constantly be rerouted back into Jewish rule. Just look at blacks since the 1960s. Despite their temper tantrums they are always lured back onto the Jewish plantation. No one goes off the Jewish reservation. Boomers dying off is just the shedding away of one obsolete golem.

    I’m blackpilled over this. This and the 2022 midterms have been a real bummer.

    • You have to look at the picture worldwide. Outside this God-forsaken country, there are lots of people who are being awakened to the true nature of what the hell is underway and they do not like it one bit. This warmongering madness is so brazen and over the top that it may well end up uniting the bitterly divided factions in Islam for a real jihad (not the fake-ass CIA created jihads of the past two decades) against the Zionists. That’s a huge potential pool of soldiers (many hundreds of thousands). Combine with the massive production capacities of China and Russia to equip them with advanced weaponry and this could end up very badly for Israel and it’s train of gelded and gilded whores. Cracks are appearing even in NATO. Not everyone wants to die for the Zionists – even here in the cucked west. We’re looking at WW III coming at us like a freight train. The Globo-Pedo Empire of Lies’ days may very well be numbered. That’s ultimately a very good thing.

      • “….this could end up very badly for Israel and it’s train of gelded and gilded whores.”
        @Exalted Cyclops – I don’t know about you, but I am living on the landmass known as the United States, the days of which, in your words, may very well be numbered. Well, then so, too, are the days of anyone who lives here. Probably, this includes you? How, exactly, is that a “very good thing”? And in what fantasy world does the coalition of the Islamic-Chinese-Russian militia spare you or any other White person in the Western world? We are living and breathing at the bullseye of the target.

        • It is potentially a good thing only if things do not degenerate into a nuclear apocalypse. I should have qualified that “good thing” because it could spin into total war. The collapse of the Globo-Pedo Empire of Lies is one potential positive outcome. In fact, it is a totally necessary prerequisite for the best hope of a positive outcome. The sooner the empire implodes the better the survival chances for whites as a people. As for the notion of an Islamic-Chinese-Russian military taking over either the EUSSR or North America (much less both), I seriously doubt this would be on the menu unless the Empire which presently rules over both manages to hold on and continue its present war of aggression. Serous cracks have already appeared in NATO, the empire’s jackboot on Europe’s neck.

          As for whites and their ultimate fate, even being ruled by an Islamic caliphate or the Chinese (arguably worse) is more survivable in the long-run than continued servitude under Jews and their white allies who openly scream for our extermination. Under Islam, feminism and its attendant poisons will end up beheaded or stoned to death. White family formation can proceed even as dhimmis, moreso if whites convert. Christianity in the west is now just a rotting zombie dedicated to idol worship (blacks for one branch, jews for the other). Absent some kind of revival of actual Christianity in the west, young whites might as well convert to Islam. A plurality of whites in Europe believe in nothing except nihilistic materialism.

          The Chinese present a different kind of challenge, but they are also have less capacity to conquer either Europe or North America and would likely exercise influence using comprador white elites. Indeed some of the more astue white traitors already are positioning for this (the best example being the loathesome POS Gavin Newsome of California). Russia already has a vast territory and is the least likely of the three to fall into the temptation of empire. While the the Russian Federation is made up of white slavs, asians (central and east) plus others, a number of whites who fled from Europe and even South Africa are doing well there. Orthodox Christianity is making a serious comeback there.

          Islam is clearly the most likely to attempt a conquest of Europe, but Muslims empires like the Omayyad Caliphate have been short-lived due to internal divisions (between Shiites and Sunnis, along with nationalist divisions as between Arabs, Kurds, Turks, Berbers, and Persians).

          Look at it this way: If jews and their white step-n-fetchits continue in charge as now, whites are finished as a race. If there is total war, whites could be almost destroyed as a race with perhaps a remnant surviving to rebuild. If the Chinese win, whites could end up exterminated because the same gang of Jews and white-shabbas goys would bow the knee first to them and continue on their present extermination agenda here. If the Muslims take over even both Europe (possible) and North America (unlikely), whites would likely survive and might even rule their own nations once the caliphate fell apart (the previous huge one lasted no more than 200 years). If the empire collapses before the war goes nuclear, whites could have a chance to rebuild their lands provided they made peace with the winners, ruthlessly execute all treasonous elites, expel all jews and others whose crimes are insufficient to warrant execution.

  4. So now wanting a ceasefire is “anti-semitism” according to Lady G. Jaye Ryan, I think you need to do an updated article on how it came to be that South Carolina has made this appalling poofter their senator-for-life. The Repukes in that state are so ridiculous they even gave Lady G a nice house-nigra to provide ‘service’. Not even to mention the equally rabid warmongering Pajeet Princess they elected as governess. Calhoun must be spinning in his grave so fast they could run a power-plant from it.

  5. > BoomerCon Christian Zionists are going to destroy the party.

    Going to? It’s already well past toast. We’re now into total fake-and-gay farce at catboy-ranch levels.

    Christian-Zionists have a level of sheer blind stupidity that is breathtaking. Given your own skills at historical research, you should consider writing a series on Christian-Zionism and how it came to be such a force. It also kind of ties in with your Southern history writing. There are a couple of fine articles over at Unz which can point you to more detailed material. Then outline some strategies to discredit and destroy the whole thing, which by now corrupt to the core. Lady G was put there by these people in large part. Hagee, Falwell, Swaggart and the lot of them are leading their flocks into the abyss. Wolves clothed as shepherds. Clouds without rain.

  6. “UNGA Resolution 3379, the so-called ‘Zionism is racism’ resolution, mocks this pledge and the principles upon which the United Nations was founded. And I call now for its repeal. Zionism is not a policy; it is the idea that led to the creation of a home for the Jewish people, to the State of Israel. And to equate Zionism with the intolerable sin of racism is to twist history and forget the terrible plight of Jews in World War II and, indeed, throughout history. To equate Zionism with racism is to reject Israel itself, a member of good standing of the United Nations.

    “This body cannot claim to seek peace and at the same time challenge Israel’s right to exist. By repealing this resolution unconditionally, the United Nations will enhance its credibility and serve the cause of peace.”
    — Address to the United Nations General Assembly by President George H.W. Bush, 1991

    You are fighting against almost seven decades of indoctrination. You are being attacked by politicians who operate on double-think. You are being harried by “people” who believe that -only- a dead child today will prevent an extremist tomorrow. Remember these things, when Those That Be are on your doorstep, and demand your cooperation.

  7. “As recently as last month, I thought everyone in American politics except sociopaths agreed that killing children is bad. It is stunning how quickly that has become a fringe position.”

    For years we’ve been watching White children murdered senselessly in our own states by feral orcs and nobody but us cared, because they were White.

    Why would you be surprised when brown kids dying six thousand miles away is of no importance to Whites, while White kids are still being murdered senselessly here at home?

    What is it you would have us do? Part of the reason the dissident right has no political power is the chronic and frivolous squandering of all political capital by zealots who can’t bring themselves to prioritize long term benefits to WHITE people because their autism makes them reflexively spend that capital on perceived short term gains at the expense of ethnic/political enemies. Think owning the libs by conservatives. This is an example of this. Or the antisemitism that was the ideology of the Alt Right, but which led everyone associated with it to ruin at Cville.

    Propose a reasonable action instead of making appeals to the sympathy of our remnant ethnicity, who have no more fux to give about dead orcs.

    • This is the long term move.

      – Use this crisis to expose Jewish power and control over the government

      – Use this crisis to show that Our Greatest Ally is a major liability

      – Use this crisis to erode Holocaust guilt tripping

      – Use this crisis to discredit and stigmatize Dispensationalism

      – Use this crisis to morally discredit Con Inc.

      It is really an opportunity in a lot of ways. Even the Con Inc. shills are gradually adopting this posture. They have no choice. The optics are just too bad

      With all that said, it is genuinely disgusting what is happening over there. I fear it will escalate. If it comes to that though, it is only going to blow up on the people who sent us in

      • HW’s list (first three):

        – Use this crisis to expose Jewish power and control over the government

        – Use this crisis to show that Our Greatest Ally is a major liability

        – Use this crisis to erode Holocaust guilt tripping

        The enemy is already doing the first three for us – big time. Every time they open their mouths in fact. Only the fully gaslighted can’t see it. I think the focus needs to be the last two on your list. Destroy Con Inc. and Christian Zionism and the beast gets two legs of support cut from under it. Reminders to push more of the astonished into being de-programmed might be good from time to time, but most energy should go to the last two.

        Any moral authority enjoyed by jews and their train of whores because of what took place 80-90 years ago has been negated by what they’re doing now to civilians is a simple argument to the point with respect to item three.

    • There is footage of 1000s of children being dragged out of piles of rubble at the hand of Jewish bombers. It can’t be cover up. The key will be to get Whites to realise that the media/legal indifference shown about their own White predicament at home is the same thing as the indifference shown about the media/legal indifference in Palestine. This is a good moment to have more Whites realise that they are not in control here and that the Jews are just as likely to drop these bombs on Whitey later on as they are now dropping them on these wretches in Gaza.

      Hard work I know, but it’s an important message to drive home. A tough sell but also the most important thing.

    • @Ironic Sock Account, your commentary the past few weeks has been crystal-clear brilliant. You are one the few commenters who seems grounded in reality. MASSIVE respect to you!

  8. The GOP was destroyed long ago.
    It was taken over by Anti-American, Anti-white, Anti-Christian Zionists sometime between the middle and late 20th century.
    If you can’t see that by now than you are blind.

    At most they pay lip service to America, whites and Christianity, that is all.
    Insofar as they’re socially conservative at all, it’s a universalist conservatism for all colors and creeds, Christian, Jew and Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh.
    By conservatism they mean crony capitalism, they mean globalism, Zionism, imperialism and interventionism.
    The borders will never be secured under the GOP.
    Mass immigration from nonwhite, NonChristian countries will never cease under the GOP.
    Only a fool would believe otherwise.

    There was no national populist revolution in the GOP, Trump and his accolytes are just the latest con.
    Fox news and even the vast majority of so called alt media are con artists.
    They are beholden to just two things, mammon, and Jewery.

  9. The Pink Palmetto Princess or Juan McLame’s fluffer!
    There must be some stupid azz mofo in SC.

    • It’s at least in part money, the biggest lobbies in America are Israeli/Jewish.
      I’m pretty sure Jews are the wealthiest ethnic group in America and the world.
      They have a disproportionate influence over American academia, banking, media and politics.
      They fund the politicians, if Jews were as poor as gypsies, few would care about them.
      The white elite is deracinated, they just care about money and power, but some of them are brainwashed by the Christian Zionist cult too.

    • Just imagine, if you will, a lisping Lady G singing the old Maurice Chevalier tune with slightly different words:

      Thank hea-ven, for lit-tle boys!

      I’m sure Mossad/CIA has all sorts of pictures/video in their Epstein provided dossiers, ready to be published in ‘trusted media’ like the Washington Post upon command. Ditto for all other members of congress. The standard offer of the Mexican mafia is Plata or plomba? The Kosher Nosetra offer which can’t be refused is basically the same.

  10. Again, the most salient characteristic about the American whites who “Stand by Israel” isn’t their generational identity as Boomers, but instead their steadfast embrace of an odd religious heresy called Jewish dispensationalism that identifies them as Christian Fundamentalists. I rarely if ever see an Episcopalian, Presbyterian, or Roman Catholic, Boomer or not, who espouse this nonsense. Even in our movement there are so-called spokesmen for our cause who refuse to name the Jew, or say a discouraging word about Israel., probably because they secretly worship Mammon, and think deep down that the Jews really are smarter and better than us-look how rich and powerful they are! Like they say- if you can’t lick them join them! Mark them well! Marc Antony’s funeral oration for Julius Caesar comes to mind. As for me, my confederate ancestors blood flows in my veins and I will never embrace or make peace with a tyrannical evil. How can people tell themselves such lies, to the point that they actually believe them, and cloak themselves in righteousness ala Mike Pence for embracing such a falsehood.? They have really bought a bill of goods- May God have mercy upon their souls!

  11. Hunter,

    As I said earlier, it can get much, much, much worse. Basically what you see happening there will happen here if we just pull up stakes and left as I understand you want to occur. The European nationalists, who have been the most successful at gaining power, are on opposite sides with you and Nick Fuentes, especially regarding Israel. They also think he is a sick fed plant and view anyone who aligns with him as misguided at best.

    None of the objectives you mentioned are going to be obtained by pulling stakes from the MidEast and/or politically attacking Israel and/or aligning with the Palestinians. All that will be accomplished is a bunch of information war receipts to defame you guys. In contrast, the European nationalists have already accomplished all those goals prior to now but still manage to side with Israel in the crisis. The reason is clear, because war requires a mentality to win and they want to win not run away to isolationism.

    Basically, we can’t keep running away from the movement of history in the MidEast which is a clash of civilizations. The more we run, the more certain the war will be fought ere. I know neo-cons made that argument, but they weren’t wrong. 2001-2016 were lost years for nationalists because of following neo-Isolationism. I fear following the Gay Mexicans plan will leave your group more marginalized than ever, and Israel will still win, or worse, the war will be brought here in a bad way and Israelis will live in your neighborhood as rich refugees.

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