Israel At War

Words fail me.

How can anyone support this?

How can anyone think we are “blessed” for supporting this? How can believe they are scoring extra points with Jesus Christ by endorsing and defending this?


West Bank

Endless clips.

It goes on and on like this.

Our Greatest Ally is a rogue state.


  1. My opinion is that we have not to stand with Israel as with Palestine……the same for Ukraine/Russia war. Because if we support one side or another, until we support one state or another we continue to play the game of globalism, we continue to think as globalists. Globalists want that our way of think become global, instead we have to focus on our countries or at least on the west.

  2. How did they knew the flying terror monkey paragliders were planning for two years?
    I thought it was an October Surprise.
    One that bails out Brandon and Bibi.
    Having fun teasing youngsters about getting drafted!
    See the Palestinian children playing, this is why the worshippers of Remphan have already lost.

  3. Judging from the UN vote on a cease-fire, America’s “Greatest Ally” is about to become our “Only Ally.”

    Our slavish support of zionism has chased almost everyone else away.

    But we shouldn’t fear Iran, Russia, and China.,

    We can still sleep soundly at night, secure in the knowledge that military powerhouses like Tonga, Fiji, and Papau New Guinea still have our back.

  4. Re: “Our Greatest Ally is a rogue state”:

    It is a genocidal religious supremacist state, but really, essentially, it is an imperial colonial operation (British-created and now American-run) and the free market empire’s most important, most strategically-located military base, the keystone of the system of suppression of the Middle East. The workers and peasants of the Middle East must not be allowed to rise.

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