1. Though the history of this heresy goes back into the early 19th century, Dispensationalism was widely popularized in the latter part of that century thanks to the machinations of wealthy powerful Zionists and their white elite allies. By the first decade of the 20th century the über-Zionist millionaire lawyer Samuel Untermeyer was bankrolling the publication of Cyrus Schofield’s heretical bible commentary (first published in 1909). The horror of WW I, whose actual causes remain largely untouched by historians, caused a collapse of the church in continental Europe. The Austrian, Russian and German empires all were history. The winners, drowned in debt to the bankstains, were scarcely better off. In the Anglosphere, especially the USA, dispensationalism was sold to Christians as an explanation for all this The false prophecy was even “proved” with the Balfour declaration. Balfour was a dispensationalist himself.

    The following article gives a good summary of how the Zionists got their colony established in the middle-east at the expense of others. There was no divine hand in all of the bribery, corruption, theft, treachery and violence involved in the establishment of the Zionist state – just the usual Satanic one. Untermeyer’s deal with Britain in 1915 (who was already losing the war) was that he would arrange for the US to enter the war on Britain’s side in exchange for the Balfour declaration for the Zionists. The only reason the US entered that evil war was to satisfy jewish bankers and the wealthy white elites who owed them money for all of the British war bonds. People forget this but over 100,000 US soldiers died in France in the one-year they were there. Lots of white southerners perished in those trenches.

    The dispensationalist heresy did not arise in the south, but in New England – Yankeedom – which seems to have been the birthplace of all manner of heresies and apostate teaching in the early decades of the 1800s. Ironically, today’s south is the today largest bastion of the Yankee-founded heresy now known as Christian-Zionism, which might be described as the dispensationalist heresy given a massive dose of streroids.

  2. Tell evangelicals you know that it’s a sin to support these Christ Killers. We are not Jews. Jews are not Christians and Jews are not whites.

  3. Ever notice how ALL of these Christian Zionist preachers come from good old Dixie. Why is that? Propaganda that Southerners just have no ability to resist?

  4. I see where this is going, I checked out the stone choir, I appreciate their honesty, they confirmed, what I suspected, for a while now, they made a rather pissy ass remark, about the King James Bible, they we’re quite clear, about their belief, that Baptist and Pentecostal people, are generally IGNORANT and UNCOUTH, the kind that believe JESUS is coming back, I always thought of those kind of protestants as kinda cold and I always preferred the company of celt’s ………

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