Israel At War

After screaming “blood libel” over accusations that Israel bombed a Christian hospital, Israel has done it again.

I pledge allegiance to ZOG,

And the Global Empire for which it stands,

One nation under the foot of Israel,

Justifying all if its war crimes,

So I can get Raptured when Jesus comes back



  1. Yea, we’re never going to turn this thing around.
    There will be no white, Christian or even civic national populist revolt against the establishment.
    Too many morons on the bottom and shills on the top.

    I’ve come to the conclusion only Russia, Iran and China can turn this thing around, so I’m rooting for them.
    Not because I love them, but because they are an agent of change.
    They will seriously undermine our establishment militarily and fiscally.
    The Zio-American empire will fold like a lawn chair.
    The left and right side of our corporate Zio-establishment will destroy each other, not because of serious disagreements on policy, but out of petty vindictiveness.

    Then and only then, after the collapse of the Zio-American empire, will we be able to chart a new course in a multipolar world where no one cares about America and the west anymore, no one will fear us, nor want to immigrate to us, they will be indifferent, they will even laugh at us.
    We will just be another region of the world like we were in the middle ages, no more special than the middle or far east.
    No more special than Latin America or Eurasia (Russia and its satellites).

  2. Brad, my fellow Alabamian, most white Southerners have zero problem with this. Lets not be in denial. Not that I’m saying you are.

  3. What a fuc**ng disgrace. Wish they tried this nonsense when I was in the Marine Corps. They would have been in for a very rude awakening, I promise you that.

  4. How does this get walked back For Jews? The entire massacre is being filmed and recorded from every angle. We must not allow these Jews to rope us into their Molech sacrifices. Ziovangelists are going to get us blamed for what a few hundred Jewish decision makers have settled upon as their policy.

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