Standing With Israel

I can’t say that I have learned anything new since October 7th.

  • I knew about Israeli settlers in the West Bank stealing land from Palestinians
  • I knew about the siege of the Gaza Strip
  • I knew about the apartheid laws with barbed wire and checkpoints
  • I knew about regional players like Hamas and Hezbollah
  • I knew about Netanyahu’s plans with the Abraham Accords
  • I knew about the sort of people in Netanyahu’s coalition
  • I covered all of Trump’s various gifts to Israel from recognition of Jersualem to the Golan Heights to Jonathan Pollard
  • I have always known about the foreign aid to Israel
  • I knew all about the power of AIPAC
  • I knew about the Christian Zionists
  • I knew the history of Dispensationalism
  • I have watched the GOP reflexively Stand With Israel for years
  • I knew about Jewish control over Conservatism, Inc.
  • I knew about Jewish media control
  • I knew all about how the RJC finances the GOP
  • I knew about the proliferation of anti-BDS laws
  • I knew about the crackdown in Florida and other states of speech that is critical of Jewish power
  • Finally, I knew the Palestinians were being treated horribly by Israel

Something has changed though.

In the past, I might have resented all this and put up with it as long as it was in the background and the focus was on other issues. I would have said something like it is the hardest hurdle to deal with. Conservatives are coming around on all the other important issues and this one will take more time. Attitudes toward Israel will gradually change as Christian Zionists die off.

Now, every time I hear the phrase “I Stand With Israel” it brings to mind all of these clips and photos of dead kids. I have never seen anyone treated so horribly in my life. I cringe when I see people who believe they are “blessed” for supporting this. I don’t want to be associated with mass murder.

I’m not Standing With Israel. I’m not going to support anyone who is Standing With Israel either like our pyschopath Sen. Katie Britt who I now regret voting for in the midterms.

Note: I’m just going to raise my own kids and chill and stand with people who are not Standing With Israel.


    • Their actions always lead to unintended consequences, sometimes even bad for themselves. They do what is in their nature to do, and their nature is destructive.

  1. Gaza has managed to unite Sunni, Shia and even a good number of Christians in a way never seen before. Not a good move Slomo. What now? Untested nukes? Better hope those 40 year old detonators work.

  2. As long as you’re clear it’s not Christians but Judeo))-Christians. The church, like the country(ies) has/have been subverted just as well. “Synagogue of Satan”

  3. No one needs to be surprised by the current escalation of the U.S.’s long genocide of Palestine and that the U.S. is behind it. Palestine is just one of many countries being genocided, sanctioned, blockaded, couped, color-revolutioned and otherwise overthrown and destroyed, by the U.S. and its proxies (such as Israel, the U.S.’s key proxy in the Middle East). Consider the case of Myanmar, which is located very strategically on the border of China (so it is being used by the U.S. in its hybrid war against China) that has been kept divided and destabilized ever since it dared to become communist for about twenty years after defeating British colonialism (they had always resisted and were never fully colonized, unlike India). The U.S.’s proxy war in Myanmar is heating up a lot lately. All of these wars are sucking up billions of our tax dollars and creating trillions of debt, that we the commons are forced to pay.

    I could go on and on, listing many other examples of U.S. imperialism besides Palestine and Myanmar. (Note: U.S. global imperialism was just getting started when President Ulysses S. Grant visited Myanmar, then called Burma. There was a possibility of wresting Burma from Britain, like we took Cuba, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Guam, etc. away from the Spanish empire twenty years later. During the 1950’s the U.S. had quite a large proxy army operating in Burma. The CIA and related NGO’s have never ceased to intervene.) The broad perspective of seeing the “forest” of capitalist imperialism all around the world, helps to understand the U.S.’s Palestine genocide “tree.”

  4. Whites who stand with Israel are basically supporting their own extermination via war-culling and replacement. So much for their high IQs. Even negroes have more common sense than this.

  5. Because I also need a reminder, here is ISA’s excellent dictum again:

    No funding for Israel or Ukraine. ITS NOT OUR PROBLEM AND WE CAN’T AFFORD IT.

    It’s undeniably the truth. Sad to say, AIPAC’s control of congress has already indicated that they plan to make it very much our problem and that we’ll pay for it all to boot. Will Rogers remarked a century ago that the USA has the “finest congress money can buy”. It’s only gotten far worse since then – when it was already bad. Vox Day puts the death of the old republic and birth of the empire at 1865. Hard to disagree.

    Let’s go back to one of HW’s earlier idea about direction. Instead of joining the diversity mobs (often Jewish-led) – see my earlier points on how they are working to control this opposition wave amongst their free-shit army here – we need to be undermining the entire Christian Zionist heresy. These white folks are caught in a huge lie which will only lead to their own demise. Opposing CZ also means opposing whites joining the military and urging whites in it now to get out. It’s not wrong to stand for a ceasefire and honest talks between Palestinians and Zionists – futile as it might be – along with opposition to any funding for either. Nor is it wrong to condemn slaughter of civilians – by either side. Is this so very unreasonable?

    Here’s a statement from the Foreign Ministry of the Zionist regime:

    > Nations that have failed to support Israel’s response to the atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7 are on the side of the militant group in the conflict, the Israeli Foreign Ministry has declared. There can be no neutrality regarding the conflict, a ministry spokesman has insisted.

    As Larry Johnson notes, the official narrative from the Zionist regime is not backed up by their own damned numbers. Jonathan Pollard, a jew traitor born in the US who was pardoned by Zion-Don, even alleges that a stand-down order was issued to IDF posts near the Gaza border on Oct. 7. Excepting the totally gaslighted populations in the Imperial heartland and in their EUSSR colonies, the Palestinians have been waving their bloody flags very convincingly to rest of the world. It’s fairly obvious by now that those who control the west, who bear zero evidence of any good intention whatsoever, are wanting to launch a civil war in the US while they still have large forces in place to ensure the desired outcome. Don’t fall for it.

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