Third 2024 Republican Presidential Debate

I didn’t watch it.

It looks like I didn’t miss anything either.

As was made clear at the outset, Jewish donors own all the puppets who were on stage.


  1. I didn’t watch either, but according to Zerohedge, Vivek dropped a few bombshells from the start, such as Haley and DeSantis being Dick Cheney in 3″ heels. Hahaha

    Regarding warmongering, have you all seen the new Army recruiting ad which only contains White men? The comments under the YouTube ad in the Army’s YouTube account present some reason for hope. Here’s one:
    “I would like to join the military, but as a white, heterosexual male, I don’t want to take opportunities away from minorities.”

    Here’s a sarcastic comment that will hit home for everyone here:
    “Now that all the bases named after Confederate Heroes and Patriots are being renamed to modern American heroes, will I be stationed at Fort George Floyd or Fort Jeffrey Epstein?”

  2. These people have got a fetish. They are sexually gratifying themselves by whoring themselves out to the Jews.

    idolatry—–extreme admiration, love, or reverence for something or someone.

  3. We need Israel like we need a hole in our genitals. Ah, wait, some might think that’s a good thing these days…

    Be good with your family, your friends, your neighbors, your church family, your hobby buddies, etc. The Army ads feature only white men now. They’ll be coming to get you like the gentleman on the run in New Jersey. The more connections you have, the more likely you’ll beat Anne Frank’s hide-and-seek world record.

  4. I overheard, from a distance, a few minutes of it when Nimrata Haley was saying Social Security must and will end. She has everything the system wants. I have been predicting for a long time that she will be on the ticket for POTUS or VP in 2024, as I predicted Kamala would be running with Biden almost a year ahead.

    Regarding “all the wars they want to start”: Imperialism is integral to the system, which cannot exist without it, growing stronger with every war and every proxy war and every “meddling” intervention, even when the U.S. appears to have lost or reaches a stalemate. Like a true high-pressure salesman, the “U.”sury “S.”ystem keeps coming back and coming back and making the same demand until it gets what it wants. The Usury System continues on course, and you CANNOT VOTE your way out of it. The power of the Almighty Dollar, the grip on workers by those who are privileged to have and control the money, actually grows stronger year by year.

    The Gaza genocide will soon be finished, and Gaza real estate development, beach tourism, gas pipeline and oil pipeline building, and the extraction of billions of dollars-worth of previously untapped oil and gas will begin. Gaza is rich and it belongs to the rich. Yesterday the Saudi monarchy confirmed (what I knew all along) that “normalizing relations with Israel is still on the table” and that they will not use oil as a weapon, or use any kind of force, to stop the genocide of fellow Muslims:

    “Using economic tools, such as the price of oil, to achieve a ceasefire” (like Saudi Arabia did during the Yom Kippur War in 1973) “is not on the table today. Saudi Arabia is trying to achieve peace through talks that seek peace.”

    What about the Ummah? The crypto-Islamic House of Saud is as capitalist as can be, and “Islam” is its commercial advertising. Nearly all Muslim-majority countries are under the iron grip of capitalist governments that only pay lip service to the communal concept of Ummah.

  5. Two papists two street shitters and a black.

    Not interested.

    What we need is for some muzzie to go full Jihad crazy and sink a carrier. Let it begin.

    Whatever states are cobbled together as the new Confederacy in the aftermath can exile everyone that is not US, into the heathen lands of the north.

    A small remnant. That is the best we can do. And it has nothing to do with the Republican Party, which has tried consistently since 1854 to replace us.

  6. Western Civilization (civilization as a whole if WW3 goes nuclear) is obviously in decline and heading for collapse within the next several years.
    So in light of that, what does contemporary politics matter?
    If we survive the fall, our task will be to rebuild (or just survive) in the ruins.
    We’re not going to turn this thing around, like you said Trump is the leader of the GOP love or loathe him and he’s going to prison.
    American politics is an absolute shit show and it’s all down hill from here, the American empire is through, Ukraine will lose Crimea and the Donbass, Israel will lose Gaza and the West Bank (and all the petrol underneath them) and China will gain Taiwan.
    It’s over, none of this matters.
    You may as well elect a tranny for president at this point and get it over with, Elagabalus 2.0, the world is laughing at us.

    • Don’t call them “tranny” call them what they are: autogynephiliacs. I read up on the perversion that these creeps like Bruce Jenner, James Pritzker, the Wachowski Brothers, and that “Admiral” have and the research shows that it all starts with adolescent masturbation in their mother or sister’s clothes. Some really sick shit, and for those men who let their perversion consume them they take it to the Jonestown level of chopping it off and going around 24/7 in drag. Other paraphilias also run comorbid with autogynephilia, masochism in particular and that “autoerotic asphyxiation” is disproportionately found alongside it. At least 25% of men found dead by accident while masturbating with autoerotic asphyxiation ropes around their necks are wearing women’s clothes. Like that David Carradine from the Kill Bill movies. That BTK guy used to masturbate in women’s clothes, with a woman mask on his face, and a rope around his neck. As if there is no connection to having such a perversion and the multiple murders he committed? These autogynephiliacs are some of the worst perverts out there, it’s some sick, sick shit second only to pedophilia in wickedness and they are now out there proudly on stage as the current favored pets of the leftist establishment leading a so-called “rights movement?”

  7. I never understood why we haven’t replaced our stars and strips with the hammer and sickle, or the star of Remphan – at least yet. It’s time to acknowledge who rules over us.

  8. White people have no party to call their own. Speak against Islam you get cancelled, speak against the Jews you get cancelled plus. Speak against blacks you get double plus cancelled. I can see why cucks like the new speaker adopt black children. It’s a shield of some sort that is real in the mind of the Conservative.

    • The shield won’t protect them from Anti-White hatred, even as they sell out their own race. Cucks are worse than out and out shitlibs.

  9. Rona baby is as useless as tits on a bull. She’s also a Mormon cultist.

    I guess Mormons are natural consevatives, just like Catholics.

  10. Nakba Haley… remember that this cunt attacked the Stars and Bars too. Attacking Whites and Palestinians is her game plan.

  11. In observing the debating lineup there, I find myself playing ‘spot the YT’. Different shades of brown there vying to run not Pakistan, but the world’s most powerful nation.
    And this is the…………..’Conservative’ party!

  12. I sent my Representative a message that simply said “not a single penny for Israel.” I got back a form letter assuring me he was supporting Israel 100%. Useless, every single one of them.

  13. Hmmm. I watched enough of it to see Tim Scott holding hands with his new white girlfriend afterwards…putting to rest (maybe) rumors he’s gay. Tim Scott, Nikki Haley…makes you wonder about South Carolina. Although as yet they’ve done zero damage compared to the Texas Trifecta: LBJ, & Bush 1 & 2.

    I’ve heard the next two Republican debates will be in Tel Aviv & Kyiv – standing with our “partners,” you know.

    • Perhaps Mr. Tim’s honky slut is really just a ‘beard’. Or perhaps he will screw anything that stays in one spot long enough – as is the case with many negroids. After all, Lady G has never actually stepped out of the closet and he’s about as flambée as it gets. The SC church ladies might not like the idea of two poofter-senators….

      I wonder how these two would fare under Sharia? Just a pleasant thought for a fine autumn day…..

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