The False Dilemma

There’s nothing like a fixed American Presidential election and 2 terrible J wars in Ukraine, Israel/Palestine to show that we are dispossessed people/civilization.
100 years ago, both Palestine/Israel and Algeria North Africa were ruled by our people: White, nominally “Christian” British, French Europeans. Just think what it must have been like to walk the streets of British ruled Jerusalem and Bethlehem and attend a concert of Handel’s “Messiah” or Hubert Parry’s “Jerusalem”.

But alas, this was not to be. The most brutal, sadistic, Jewish terrorists such as Menachim Begin and Rahm Emanuel’s father ended our Anglo British rule of Palestine. Identical Algerian Arab FLN terrorists such as Houari Boumedienne ended French Algeria- ethnically cleansing over 1 million Pied Noir French Algerians. Once French Algeria was handed over to Arab majority rule in 1963, the Arabs offered the Pied Noir two choices:
1) The coffin – stay in the new Arab Algeria and be murdered. 2) The suitcase – escape to Metropolitan France with just a suitcase.

The latest Arab vs J Israel war in the Gaza Strip features two groups of people that are not… our people. These are places “our people” used to govern and also live. But, we can’t do that anymore – same as our people can’t live or send our children to nice schools in Selma AL or Baltimore MD.

Are OD readers familiar with the 16 most common logic fallacies – the most common dishonest ways to lie?

The False Dilemma Fallacy

“This common fallacy misleads by presenting complex issues in terms of two inherently opposed sides. Instead of acknowledging that most (if not all) issues can be thought of on a spectrum of possibilities and stances, the false dilemma fallacy asserts that there are only two mutually exclusive outcomes.” So who’s side are “we” on? A) the Hamas Arab/Islamic side or B) the Israeli Likud, AIPAC, ADL, CNN side.? The correct answer is not offered to us under the false dilemma fallacy. It should be option C) Neither. “We” (what used to be our governments) should promote our own side in everything that matters like foreign policy, military policy and especially IMMIGRATION POLICY. But, we are never, ever offered that choice – to just…
TAKE OUR OWN B*&#*3 side.

It’s the same as being offered the false dilemma choice of: “Would you prefer that your teen age daughter be raped by the J porn actor pervert Ron Jeremy or (nasty ugly twin) Islamic terrorist leader Khalid Sheikh Mohammed”

And while 90% of White American Anglo WASP and related White Americans are distracted 5 days a week watching college (in name only) tackle football and NFL – Negro Felon League football, the “powers that be” are calling each other in Tel Aviv, Washington DC, New York City, London/Londonstan , Ottawa Canada. They are discussing moving 500,000 to 1 million Palestinian Arab Muslim”refugees” to enrich us with their D-I-V-E-R-S-I-T-Y. Then these Ay-rabs will join the likes of AOC, Donna Shalahla and that (strong case for birth control) anti White marriage made in Hell Anthony Weiner and (Hillary’s Chief of Staff) Huma Abedin. Politics makes for strange bedfellows and in this case it makes for very ugly bedfellows and we’re the ones who always get F#*&$&@.


  1. I forgot about Weiner and isn’t it odd that Bathhouse Bwarry and the inevitable pantsuit princess always have an Iranian at their side?
    The CPUSA (D) may go through a schism due to the pro-Palestine elements.
    Good, good.
    Thanks for history lesson regarding the French and perfidious Albion has been J for a long time?
    Just read about Nose Maher and Honker Osbourne gloating about how London is no longer white.
    This is their plan for the world and most drooling telescreen griller sportsball jock sniffers don’t have the intellectual horsepower to see the writing on the wall.

  2. One of the most important articles ever published here.

    These issues should not be viewed as complex moral abstractions but as simple cost benefit analysis “What do I get out of this?” summaries.

    Excellent article.

    • Malachi writes:

      “One of the most important articles ever published here.

      These issues should not be viewed as complex moral abstractions but as simple cost benefit analysis “What do I get out of this?” summaries.

      Excellent article.”

      I respond:

      Thank you so much. Hunter and I and some other occasional contributors try very, very hard to share our knowledge, idealism and real world experiences to defend the legitimate rights of our people, defend our borders, defend our history, our culture and our civilization.

      Does our knowledge and idealism really change anything in this falling age of Kali Yuga? Probably not.

      But, hey – at least we try.

      Keep the faith brother. Pass the word to those you think have worth and who might listen.

  3. At the moment there is not question about dilemma but supporting those who fighting our strongest and most dangerous enemy.

    If anyone is afraid either coffin or suitcase then best way to avoid them both is close the border and closong the border is impossible without defeating The Jew first.

    To avoid arabs we must…support arabs . Also don’t forget that project Great Israel demands expelling tens of millions of arabs. So if Jew wins, all those tens of millions of losers coming to the West .

    • > If anyone is afraid either coffin or suitcase then best way to avoid them both is close the border and closing the border is impossible without defeating The Jew first.

      This is an undeniable truth. The problem also lies with a large segment of whites who serve the Jew. Defeating the Jew (or, more accurately the oligarchy) means ending their ability to endlessly fund traitors. Kill the petrodollar and you pull the magic carpet out from under Big Jew. First step is to withdraw any consent and support for the Empire of Lies.

      • Agree. Jew most powerful weapon is the money.

        To burn down financial system and petrodollar, best way is blow up 100 trillion derivate market.

        Iran can do that by closing both, straight of Hormuz and Red sea via Houthi rebels. But for that, Jew must attack Iran

        They will do it only in extreme circumstances when arabs are winning big.

  4. @Jaye

    It’s fightin’ words to dis SEC football in the Deep South. I live around the madness everyday living near Tuscaloosa, AL. I’m sure Brad would back me up.

    • In West Virginia, maybe 2% of the population is Black. While West Virginia University football teams are over 60% Black, and have been for decades. If you want to really piss a WVU graduate off, and, reduce them to tears, just mention this fact to them!

  5. “TW
    NOVEMBER 9, 2023 AT 9:58 AM

    It’s fightin’ words to dis SEC football in the Deep South. I live around the madness everyday living near Tuscaloosa, AL. I’m sure Brad would back me up.”

    I respond:

    Yes, this is (sadly) true. SEC Football (stupid name, American Football is a derivative of the British sport of rugby, not “Football”/Soccer – nobody in American Football kicks the ball with their foot except the punters and field goal kickers. Dumb as* Amurikuns just got the wrong name as usual.

    This is an other instances where White Southern Americans and just White Amurikuns hold on to allegiances to people and institutions that were once ours, but have longs since stopped being ours – like working class White Southerners allegiance to the National Democrat party – “Yellow Dog Democrats”, “Southern Dixicrats” – these allegiances were formed from the 1840s – 1980. The national Democrat party longs since got taken over by the worst anti White Southerners, taken over by motley crews of Jessie Jack Ass Jackson, Coleman Young, crack addict Marion Barry, NAACP (under Je*s and Blacks), homosexuals, LaRaza, Js, Js, Js everywhere and scalawag traitors like Bill Clinton, Al Gore.

    White Southerners in their 70s still think of the SEC as it was before 1970 – the days of Archie Manning, Bear Bryant, Ol Miss flying Confederate Battle Flags – Blacks back in the day played for historic Black colleges and Universities like Grambling, Jackson State (Walter Payton) – those were yes, better days, but it’s still not a good thing to do to become addicted to 5 days a week of Amurikun tackle football. Those White Southerners then and now who profess to be some form of “Christian” – aren’t they/weren’t they supposed to keep the Sunday Sabbath holy, sacred and not spend all day worshipping Negro felons smashing each other around and suffer thousands of Bud Lite TV adverts with trannies, race mixing spokesmen?

    Yep – SEC football is now a fundamentalist religion in the South – a bad religious cult.

    Did anyone else besides me follow the Rugby World Cup in France? South Africa won the World Cup in some very inspiring, very close wins over England and New Zealand.

    • I caught a bit of the Rugby mach when I was visiting Ireland. Besides rugby, they also have a version of soccer called Gaelic Football there. Both are much faster and more intense than Murikan football, where you get to see kneegrows pat each other on the ass during the endless breaks.

  6. The author of this article is fundamentally incorrect, with all due respect. Reality is what it is, even if we don’t like it (and obviously we don’t), but no one’s interest is served by rejecting reality for an Alice in Wonderland fantasy of past glory.
    Today, a choice must be made to either passively accept Jewish dominance and control over every important aspect of our lives, or to oppose it. Opposing Jewish hegemony starts with vigorous opposition to their using our tax dollars (through ownership of politicians and media) to annihilate the Palestinian people.
    Obviously, that requires aligning our interests, even temporarily, with those of the similarly oppressed Palestinians, so that a meaningful first step can be made towards and end to Jewish control of the United States.

  7. Israel:- ‘we’re your greatest ally. Send us your best white troops, and in return, we’ll send you some brown future activists, terrorists and members of Congress……along with some dead white bodies’.

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