Karen Dunn: Why Neo-Nazis Are Popping Up At Pro-Palestinian Protests

Karen Dunn of Charlottesville fame has some thoughts on our response to the genocide in Gaza. It should come as a surprise to no one that she has appointed herself to explain our reaction.


Why are white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups popping up at pro-Palestinian rallies across America, including most recently in Washington, D.C.; Orlando, Florida; Boston; and Missoula, Montana? I’ll give you a hint: It’s not because they care particularly about the situation in Gaza. No, for these groups, the large-scale protests across America present a golden opportunity to mainstream the same antisemitic tropes they have been pushing for years and, if they get their way, create new opportunities for extremist violence.

As one of the lawyers who sued the white supremacists responsible for the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017, I checked in on those defendants to see what they have said about recent events. Jason Kessler, the lead organizer, wrote that Palestinians have a right to declare that “Jews will not replace us.” Richard Spencer, a longtime leader of the alt-right (an expression he coined), posted that lighting the Roman Arch of Titus in blue and white in solidarity with Israel was “a reversal and subversion of Titus’ achievement” (the arch commemorated the Roman Empire’s defeat of a Jewish rebellion in A.D. 81). Nathan Damigo, founder of the white supremacist organization Identity Europa, posted on Oct. 7: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” The next day, white supremacist Matthew Parrott, a co-founder of the Traditionalist Worker Party, praised Hamas’ attack, stating that “every military act by the Palestinian forces is an act of freedom fighters” and comparing the massacre of families to “breaking out of a concentration camp to attack your guards.”

And the National Justice Party, founded by white supremacists involved in Charlottesville, responded to the Oct. 7 attacks by marching in front of the White House with signs that said “No White Lives for Israel” and “Zionism=Terrorism,” expressly calling for the “destruction of Israel.” NJP’s website now encourages people to “begin to imagine a world where Israel no longer exists” in an article titled “Four Ways The Destruction of Israel Can Benefit The West.” …

In Charlottesville, we attended the Unite the Right rally in 2017 to 1.) exercise our First Amendment rights to 2.) support and defend Confederate war memorials. Most people in Virginia agreed with our position and opposed the removal of the Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson monuments. For years, the League of the South had held similar events in the South in support of other threatened Confederate monuments in Birmingham, Gainesville, FL, New Orleans, Memphis and other cities.

In contrast, the agenda of our opposition – the agenda of people like Roberta Kaplan and Karen Dunn – was to tear down and destroy our monuments and to suppress our constitutional rights by spinning a yarn of wild conspiracy theories and novel legal theories. We went to Charlottesville to honor the memory of our ancestors while these vultures were motivated by pure hatred and malice. These Talmudic sophists have no other connection to the War Between the States or Confederate monuments.

Why are we on the side of the Palestinians?

1. First, White Nationalists like Dr. David Duke have always defended the Palestinians. Duke has traveled all over the Middle East. He identifies as a human rights activist. When I last saw Duke a few years ago, he was giving a speech about human rights at the League of the South conference. He talks about human rights all the time in public and private. Duke even calls his show Human Rights Radio.

2. Second, White Nationalists like David Duke have been talking about these “anti-Semitic tropes” – foundational concepts like Z.O.G. or Zionist Occupation Government and Jewish supremacy – for over thirty years now. White Nationalists have always complained about Jewish control of the American media and the Zionist capture of American foreign policy. Americans have been complaining about wealthy Jews maneuvering the United States into devastating foreign wars since the days of Henry Ford.

3. Third, White Nationalists are typically isolationists who love peace, hate war and have no desire to harm anyone overseas, which is an American tradition that dates back to when Henry Ford was redpilled about the International Jews who orchestrate and profit off destructive wars on the Peace Ship in World War I. America First nationalists like Charles Lindbergh wanted to stay out of World War II. For over a century now, White Nationalists and their precursors have been opposed to interventionism.

4. Fourth, White Nationalists tend to recognize that no one has been more oppressed and victimized by Z.O.G. than the Palestinians. The Palestinian cause is not our cause, but we tend to sympathize with their plight. The Jewish occupation of Palestine is a Great Replacement.

5. Finally, the Palestinian cause is easy to understand. It is about a people who are resisting being dispossessed from their homeland. Nationalists understand why Hamas exists and why they fight. The issue is a lot easier to understand than the actions of groups like ISIS.

If Israel wants to torch its international image and become a pariah state forever defined by its genocide in Gaza, it only has its own leadership to blame. There is nothing that any of us could say about Israel that could be possibly be more damaging than just one of these clips coming of Gaza.

Génocidaires are Standing With Israel.

Karen Dunn can continue to call us all of her little names, but that one doesn’t stick. 


  1. I remember many years ago, Gore Vidal spoke to Midge Dexter, Norman Podhoretz’s wife. They discussed America. Midge said that to her the Civil War was about as meaningful as the War of the Roses. To Gore, to hear someone who supposedly was a strong American and conservative say this was incredible.
    He used this as an example of how little Neocons are really interested in saving America, except for their own purposes. He recommended Dexter register as a foreign lobbyist for Israel. This was in the 1980’s, so it was very prescient of Vidal to observe this.
    Interestingly, he warned that the Jews were making an alliance with the Christian fundamentalists, and warned the Christian types would eventually take over and control the Jews into conquering all of the Middle East. For God, country, and the defense budget. But Gore could be friendly with Jews, never with Christian types, especially the fundamentalists. He saw them as dangerous, ignorant war hawks.

  2. Well, all this “neo-nazi” this, “neo-nazi” that talk sounds kinda scary, but I’m left wondering why anyone should really care. If you’re white, everyone is already “coming for you,” so it’s hard to see why it matters if “first, they came for the Jews.”

    • Someone should have reminded the stupid cunt that some nazis are more equal than others. Her beloved Azov battalion for example. She’s back to using the old template.

  3. Yes it’s complicated:- the hate triangle of the Jews, the Left and the Right. The Left and Right hate eachother, and they both hate Israel. Ironically, the Jews created the Left, and Communism.
    Geopolitics is a complex thing.

  4. While it isn’t exactly our white nationalist’s fight, it’s very easy to see the same military, political and propaganda techniques ARE being used against indigenous Palestinians and local Whites, by the same Jews and their enablers.

  5. The whole neo-nazi thing is a straw man. It is Christians who are standing up for the Palestinians. Remember a Christian defends and protects the weak and the innocent. A Christian is the enemy of the Jews. The Neo-Nazi schtick is just a way of slandering the morally just into silence. Ain’t going to happen with me Karen, you worthless Irish whore.

    • Theodor Hertzl said the anti-Semites (Lord Balfour was reputedly one) will be the best friends and allies of Zionism. https://www.jstor.org/stable/30245639

      One far-right hand shakes another. “Right-wing and far-right movements and political parties across the world idolize Israel, as they view the Zionist colonial project as a successful model of European domination over the indigenous populations of developing countries. Seizing on ultraconservative concerns about demographic developments in multicultural societies for the perpetuation of Islamophobic, white supremacist and otherwise racist ideologies, different far-right movements intersect in their adherence to Zionism”:

      I believe most Neo-Nazis admire the Zionist genocide of indigenous untermenschen to gain lebensraum, even though they are anti-Semitic at the same time. Some have expressed a desire that Israelis and Muslims would kill each other off. If Neo-Nazis “support” Palestine, it is only to expose and shame the Talmudists.

  6. Unfortunately whites, particularly the upper middle class whites who manage things, are still too decadent to take our own side.
    Only the socioeconomic breakdown of our civilization could teach us the necessity of taking our own side, which’s coming.
    De-dollarization and the dismantling of the American empire is coming because BRICS+ is rising, degrowth and deflation is coming because our middleclass is shrinking while poverty grows.
    Eventually developing worlders aren’t going to want to come here anymore and we’re not having enough kids, our population is aging.

    The American empire is being kicked out of Eurasia and Africa, poverty is rising, political and ethnic tensions are rising, we were just never going to relearn what our ancestors knew the easy way.
    The post-war boom is well behind us, the big bust is on the way.
    Our debts are enormous. This bubble is enormous.
    As a collective we are still living in la la land, in Hollywood, in the myth of liberal democracy and interventionism/nation building, consumerism and diversity/mass migration, never have a people been more asleep at the wheel/inebriated than our people.
    Our circumstances after WW2 were contingent, ephemeral, historical.

  7. Is Karen Dunn a Jew? That’s the only thing you need to know! Because if she is, then she’s biased. And not only just biased, but duplicitous as well.

    If she is not a Jew, then why is she standing up for Jews? Is she getting paid by them? Is she related to Jews? Is she married or in some sort of incestuous disgusting Sodomitical relationship with a lesbian who is a Jew? It always comes back to how is this person related to the Christ- killers. Because that’s all that matters.

    End of story.

  8. Our ruling class likes to talk about white privilege rather than class privilege, but soon whites will have no privilege.
    America is the last great white global empire in a long line of great white global empires stretching back to the age of discovery; Russia, Britain, France, Holland, Iberia.
    The white middleclass is spiraling downward.
    Soon the west won’t be special and woke/cultural Marxism will be completely moot.
    A lot of this crap we worry about now is making itself moot.
    Soon we won’t be in a position to worry about what’s happening in the global south, we just won’t have the resources, and the will to do anything about it.
    Soon we, I mean as a collective, will have real problems, as opposed to things like bathrooms and pronouns.
    These are the thoughts of a class that’s totally detached from the real world.
    Reality is inevitable.

  9. A lot of us have been critical of the Jews since they terror bombed the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon in the Spring-Summer of 1982! The Jews even used the Lebanese Falangists, groups in the pay of the Jews, and modeled on the Roman Catholic Falangists to slughter unarmed Christian and Muslim Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. The Catholic Falangists in Lebanon may have killed as many Palestinians as the Jews. Only by different methods.

    The stinking Catholic politicians, including Republican Catholic assholes like Esper need reminded of that.

  10. Richard Spencer tried to play the gay Apollonian game at the outset by defending Israel because their role was “victimizer” and thus automatically good but then the Jews stepped on one of his idols apparently and that was too much hypocrisy even for Spencer. So once again he has to assume the status of “victim” like when he perversely compared himself to Jesus at the trial and cries about muh Rome being bullied by Jews. Meanwhile across from him Dunn demands the gentiles she and Kaplan persecute through their ZOG system “March with Israel” and go die in another Jewish war. This is all very gratifying.

  11. That lapel pin popped up in a Breitbart ad.
    I blocked it and then clicked the reason box.
    I clicked the ad promoted violence/discrimination or some such.

  12. Roberta Kaplan and Karen Dunn are just the legal beagles of the opposition to Americanism, especially Southern Americanism. It isn’t people like them that ran the Charlottesville P.D. or the Richmond Mayor’s office. Those were Black men with an axe to grind cuz they are white hating niggers. The people behind those two enemies have Yankee and Irish Catholic names, maybe a few Italians. They are North Easterners, a mix of Yankees, Catholics, and Jews all united by atheism, leftwing militancy, and antecedents in mobster politics. If you are only going to concentrate on some Jewish leftwing lawyers you are going to be enveloped and outflanked. Also, neither are Talmudists. They probably never really studied the Torah or the New Testament. But they did study Marx. The enemy is bigger than a few leftwing Jews and Israel is run by rifhtwingers now anyways.

    Indeed, White Nationalists haven’t always opposed Israel or always supported the Palestinians. Thats been a minority of American White Nationalists who are into trends, virtue signaling, and performance politics. Jared Taylor has never opposed Israel. White Nationalists joined in the tens of thousands to kill muzzies after 911. Almost all of the White nationalists in Europe support Israel.

    In fact, if you think about it, supporting Palestinians against colonialism would make that wop Nathan Damigo support Indians against Americans. Which of course he will given his ancestry. Being on the side of Palestinians is being on the side of anti-colonialism. Which is being on the side of the anti-Americans. Which is why the rest of the White Nationalist universe sees this position as autistic and retarded.

    Speaking of autism and retardness, David Duke has been talking about Jews for so long now, he’s developed a kind of anti-semetic terret’s syndrome. He is constantly saying Jew, Jews, Kike, bastard Jews, for no reason at all in his every day conversations. Listening to David Duke has turned into a drinking game where you have to take a shot of whiskey every time he says the word Jew. But he says it so often in his broadcasts, you can only take a shot for every five Jews he says. Still, within 15 minutes, you will be flat out drunk on the floor. So, not a worthy person to mention as representatives of the White Nationalist movement.

    White nationalist isolationism in America really only became a majority position after the Obama wars of failure and White Christian liberals in the South opened their legs to penetration by Northern ethnic White rif raf. In Europe, White Nationalists still want intervention in Libya, tend to support Ukraine, and dream of their nation-states once again wiping out Black fuzzy wuzzies at Ordurman. Isolationism is pacifistic weakness. Its adoption by some White Nationalists is merely a counter cultural trend. Most likely it would change overnight if the country was once again run by able minded Patriots who were willing to crush the third world revolution and emulate the Marines capture of the Emir of Tangier back in 1904. Even Nathan Damigo would support that instead of emulating like a fag, that other fag Nick Fuentes. https://youtu.be/oUSG1r3Nb90?feature=shared

    • Bong-dreams of a white imperium while the damned border is wide open and overrun with invading armies – not only in Murika but in the EUSSR – is treasonous stupidity on a Apollonian (Spencer) scale. It isn’t 1895. Most of us here have repeatedly stated that our worst enemies are whites who’ve allied with Jews and do their dirty work for them – which includes invasion and slaughter of Muslims and others worldwide.

      By all means let’s stir up even more hatred among 1.5 billion Mohammedans on behalf of some jew bankstains and the utterly decadent whites – including plenty of Protestant Anglos like the Bushes and Rockefellers – who daily import more wogs from around the world. Christian Zionists will be signing up for the Imperial Woke legion now that they see the new army ads featuring white boys. What more to expect from anyone dumb enough to fall for Cyrus Scofield’s lying pile of bullshit theology?

      In the putrid decayed shell of England, the few native whites who dared to protest their own kids being kidnapped by imported Musloids and enslaved as prostitutes to supply Jews and white degenerates like Prince Andrew as ‘meat’ – are arrested by the white police while their Jew and Pajeet bosses laugh and the groomers continue their trade Your position is beyond retarded. The Hasbara farms are really scraping the bottom of the barrel these days.

  13. Who is Karen Dumm you ask ?
    Well according to the old Wiki:

    ” Dunn is a specialist in debate prep in Democratic politics, particularly for candidates for President and Vice President.[5] Dunn, with Ron Klain, co-led President Barack Obama’s presidential debate prep team in 2012 and led the presidential debate prep for Hillary Clinton in 2016.[6] In the fall of 2020, Dunn oversaw Kamala Harris’ preparation for the general election vice presidential debates.[7]”

    In other words, she’s an Anti-white bigot.

  14. Karen? Ummmm, is this like an official rank in a underground feminist cult or faux female military cadre? Anywho, “Why are white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups popping up at pro-Palestinian rallies across America, including most recently in Washington, D.C.; Orlando, Florida; Boston; and Missoula, Montana? I’ll give you a hint: It’s not because they care particularly about the situation in Gaza. No, for these groups, the large-scale protests across America present a golden opportunity to mainstream the same antisemitic tropes they have been pushing for years and, if they get their way, create new opportunities for extremist violence.” HAHAHA. Uuuuuuuh……Karen? I hate to break it to you, Is-real doesn’t need any help from the old 80 year old German junta larpers that they control to spread the AS tropes, Isthisreal’s clownworld holocausting for all to see spreads the “tropes” you ******* fatass arrogant fart sniffing shitlib ****.

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