Israel At War

Karen Dunn is on the side of pure evil.


  1. Herzog says Americans brainwashed by TikTok don’t understand that Israel is actually invading Gaza to defend “their ability to enjoy decent liberal modern progressive democratic life.”

    Totally bro. Settling the occupied West Bank with religious fanatics who deny the indigenous non-Jewish inhabitants the right to participate in the democratic process is just part and parcel of the modern liberal progressive lifestyle. What kind of an antisemitic nazi goon do you have to be to fail to understand that?

  2. Here’s how I feel about it; I’m not pro-Palestinian, what I am is anti-anti-Palestinian.
    At this point in time, the most we should do is passively support Palestine by defunding Israel and its army.

    Whites need to put ourselves first.
    Our priority should be to reverse the impoverishment and deracination of our people by Jewish and deracinated white oligarchs.
    We have WAAAY too many problems of our own to do anything but passively support other races and we have to ask ourselves, would they do the same for us?
    No they would probably deracinate us by either forcing us to convert to Islam at gunpoint or at least conquer and treat us as 2nd class citizens if they could like they did in the middle ages and early modernity in Iberia and the Balkans, so again, I’m not pro-Palestinian, I’m anti-anti-Palestinian, we need to stop funding Israel and its army.

    We should stay out of this conflict.
    This is a middle eastern conflict between Jews and Arabs/Muslims.

    • Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe stayed out from Russian Civil War back in the 1918.

      Everybody thought that communism is Russian problem, let the Russians sort it out.

      Well. Russians failed to solve communism problem. Later poor Polish warriors got very clear message in Katyn that when you ignore foreign problems, they will be you problems.

      At the current moment, we must support Palestinian people and forget Jew crap about moozleemz

    • “would they do the same for us? No they would probably deracinate us by either forcing us to convert to Islam at gunpoint or at least conquer and treat us as 2nd class citizens”:

      When Palestine was mostly autonomous or semi-autonomous, during the centuries between the exit of the last Crusaders and the entry of the British and French imperialists, it was always religiously diverse and tolerant, majority-Muslim with a large Christian component and small percentages of indigenous Jews, Druze, and Samaritans. Furthermore, the rump Palestine left after 1948 has also been religiously tolerant, especially during the years before secular Palestinian socialism was destroyed by the U.S. and replaced by conservative Muslim puppets, including Fatah, and Hamas. (Hamas was a joint U.S. and Emirati project to divide the Palestinians, that seems to have backfired.) Palestinian socialists keep calling for a secular one-state solution with full equality for both the indigenous people and the Zionist invaders:

  3. What is the end game? Everybody is asking what is the end game? The end game is the Moshiach, all the Jews know what the end game is, it is the Moshiach, the guy who is going to build their Jew temple and lead all the Jews home. Now who are the Jews going to select?? It has to be somebody the Muslims would trust…….keep your eye on the Pope.

    • Nah. It’s going to be some Anglo-Saxon Protestant. You honestly can’t trust anyone of English descent. I’m thinking Tony Blair.

  4. Not to overgeneralize, but I’ve noticed that “pro-life” Americans, particularly white conservative Southerners, are usually quite bloodthirsty to go to war, even if a lot of fetuses, babies, and pregnant women get killed. Well, old Jehovah was fond of genocide in the Old Testament, if one believes that document is a history book.

    • You’ve noticed that too. I’ve been disgusted by it for quite awhile. Well, the gospels have nothing to do with support for the American government, nothing to do with plastering the American flag over everything. Yesterday I saw this on a Catholic church near where I live: Freedom isn’t free. What a load of horse shit! As if the damn wars of the last seventy years made the American people more free. The last place anybody should see this pro war pro government dog shit is on a Christian church.

  5. I wonder if those Hamas guys who parasailed into Israel to find, locate, target, and murder innocent women and children, would’ve done what they did, had they expected Israel’s response? When they got in their cars, vans, and paragliders to go find some fine white Israeli ass to rape and murder, did they think of consequences?

    Some people asked the Apache and Comanche whose murderous attacks were earily similar to those of Hamas, why they did what they did and did they think of consequences. To paraphrase what Geronimo himself replied, “Why? Consequences? We did it because the power. We liked to torture, maim, and kill, because it gave us power. That is it. That’s the way of our ancestors.” In turn, the US Army, various local and state ranger and militia units, attacked Comanche and Apache villages targeting their warriors but in the process killing many Indian women and children. In the end the Apache and Comanche were conquered, defeated, subjugated and resettled away from civilized people until after firm control they were somewhat normalized.

    In the end, its unknown if the Hamas soldiers would’ve still attacked had they known the response. Many if not all are hopefully dead. But in the battle to defeat them, comes the savagery of war. We used to fight to win, to conquer and subject the enemy. We knew how to do it well against nations like the Comanche and Apache. They didn’t think of consequences. So they just had to be destroyed. If we don’t know how to do that anymore, the Israelis do.

    • Note the troll’s repeated insistence of following the gaslight media narrative about the Hamas killing of Israeli civilians?

      Here’s a more realistic breakdown of the dead and how they died.

      Note that the writer acknowledges that Hamas fighters or allies did murder unarmed Israeli civilians. It always happens in war for various reasons. The figures given above are 119 Israeli civilians killed by Hamas, but Israeli 126 civilians killed by IDF under their longstanding ‘Hannibal doctrine’. Besides the above doctrine, there is considerable evidence emerging that the IDF units close to the Gaza border were ordered to stand down just as the attack got underway. The Diabolic Narcissist Netanyahu is not very popular in Israel and wanted a war to prop up his support there. So far, the plan is working. The war might very well spin out of his control though, even to the point where Israel falls to a much larger and better-equipped Islamic army.

      If AGB is a retarded white who thinks the Israelis are so great he should join Brain Mast and sign up for the IDF. Of course in reality he likely IS in the IDF operating from one of their many well-funded troll farms. Always remember that AGB’s ‘holy book’ – The Talmud – teaches that goyim are merely human-shaped cattle placed upon the planet by their ‘God’ (Satan) to do with as they please. Can one lie to a sheep or cow? Talmudics are as allergic to telling the truth as a vampire is to garlic, if not moreso.

    • Re: “those Hamas guys who parasailed into Israel to find, locate, target, and murder innocent women and children (…) just had to be destroyed. If we don’t know how to do that anymore, the Israelis do”:

      A.G.B., that is how Fascists characterize (demonize) colonized indigenous peoples; and they admire the violent methods of successful colonizers. But you must know that most of the approximately 1,000 (the official total has been reduced recently from about 1,500) Israelis who died during the Palestinian soldiers’ desperate outbreak from the walls of the Gaza concentration camp, on the 7th of October, were actually killed by the Israeli military, NOT by the Palestinian soldiers – and yes they really are Palestinian soldiers, not terrorists, or “Hamas guys” as you call them. They are the real, legitimate armed forces of the democratically-elected government that was chosen by the overwhelming majority of Palestinian voters, in both Gaza and the West Bank, to the great surprise and consternation of the U.S., in the last election that the U.S. allowed, knowing that if the Palestinians were allowed to vote again, Hamas would win even more. The U.S. did not even allow the winning party to take office in the West Bank, choosing to prop up its illegitimate puppet, Mahmoud Abbas and his illegitimate regime to enforce U.S.-Israeli rule in the West Bank, instead of the democratically-elected Hamas party. So, the Israeli military attacked its own military bases and the concert venue, and the kibbutz buildings, with tanks and helicopters, firing missiles and large munitions, that were way out of proportion to the lightly armed Palestinian foot soldiers. Only one Israeli woman survived the Israeli attack on one of the kibbutz buildings, which was surrounded by Israeli tanks. The large holes in the walls still standing show the size of the munitions used, and from what direction the strikes came. Palestinian soldiers might have killed as few as 50 Israelis during their very courageous (or desperate) sally forth from the concentration camp, and nearly all of the killed were Israeli soldiers. Israeli soldiers evidently killed the rest, because they are allowed to kill their own people and abandon their wounded soldiers “when necessary,” under the Hannibal doctrine. But you probably already know all this, so why do I even bother? Left is left and right is right and never the twain shall meet….

    • At least the Apache and Comanche physically fought for their living space. Note I did not say “their land”. They lost, true, but it was more honorable than organizing a giant Welcome Invaders Committee, which modern white Americans have done.

  6. Remember the jews murdering innocent children, mothers, fathers, and the elderly are the descendants of the same jews responsible for (((the Russian Revolution))) and Holodomor. They will gladly kill any non-jew with talmudic zealotry, and a Mr. Sardonicus grin.

    These jews grandfathers, uncles. cousins, brothers were/are the kinetic political and financial inertia that pushed every anti-White policy in the West from “Brother Wars” to miscegenation to The Great Replacement, to ad nauseum pernicious schemes over the past 2500 years.

    When the tables eventually turn on these vermin, as Hitler foresaw, the world will know he was right.

  7. I’ve been convinced for a long time the Jew population has a very large number of narcissistic psychopaths. These animals, and I mean this literally, they have the psychological metal framework of wild animals(I believe this is what psychopaths are. Pre-emphathatic wild human animals), really don’t understand how awful they are. They continue to push and push and push to see what they can get away with. Because it’s always worked before for them. Normal people not wanting conflict will allow this to go very far, but at some point even the normies will completely set their minds on deleting and getting rid of these irritants. When they do, they will be determined and not stop until they believe they have made them cease their aberrant behavior. This is of course the history of the Jews who have been thrown out of over a thousand countries and principalities in history. Before they could go somewhere where people had not been exposed to them and start over, but this time it is different. People will all know. Everywhere.

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