March for Israel Rally

More of this please.

I can’t wait to Stand With Israel and vote for the GOP in 2024.


  1. Only white people are stupid enough to put aliens ahead of themselves.
    It’s a disease we have, a mental illness.
    The establishment left fetishizes blacks and indigenous, and both the establishment left and the establishment right fetishizes Jews, but the establishment right a little more so.
    It’s disgraceful, they have no shame, there’s no bottom for these people.
    And there’s a lot of money to made in the cult of Jew worship, these wealthy Jews, their lobbies and NGOs donate billions to these shill politicians and shill preachers.
    Dispensationalism is cancer.

  2. These pro-genocide fake protest marches were also being staged (and I do mean staged) yesterday in France, and in Germany. State-corporate capitalist-imperialist Western “news” media gave these staged protests full coverage, while continuing to ignore or understate the much larger genuine grassroots anti-genocide protests.

    This “antisemitism” being used as anti-Left trope is also a red herring to distract weak, easily confused minds of the majority from focusing on the real crime they should be protesting against, which is the real, ongoing GENOCIDE of the indigenous people of Palestine by the U.S. and its chief colonial proxy force.

    The Empire of Money, aka “Babylon,” may stage fake protest marches now, but the march of History is coming, the march that cannot be ignored, upstaged or stopped (no matter how much money is spent), when “Babylon the Great” (including Zionism if it still exists) will finally, permanently fall. “All her MERCHANTS stand with wonder, What is this that comes to pass? Murm’ring like the distant thunder, Crying, “Oh alas, alas!”

  3. Didn’t Hagee get fired at one Church for having sex with with another man’s wife who was also a member of the church?

  4. I really think we need another state visit from Bibi, with the piano no-hands guy as his accompanist. I can’t we to see the endless standing ovation from the entire congress of hos – ho-house and chamber-pot of Incitatus alike. Complete with Capitol Pohleece Gen. Byrd (who killed the imminent unarmed national security threat Ashli Babbitt) and his homies there to drag away members who sit down before they’re allowed to. Surely Bibi and the no-hands pianist can out-do old Koba the Dread – being from the master-race and all. It should be broadcast on all channels so the whole country full of retards can stand and applaud as well. It would be almost as good as Slim Pickens ridin’ the H-bomb all the way down in Dr. Strangelove.

  5. Other than the obvious of it being VERY white. It was also very heavily wealthy upper middle class white. People in the top 10% of America financially. The people who have benefited from all this pro-war military industrial complex bullshit for decades. Not a working class person in sight. This is a very important part of this.

    It was like a big get together of people from Northern Virginia and it was heavily bi-partisan. This was not just some GOP evangelical clown show even though some of those elements were there.

    It was NOT Christian at all. It was Talmudic Judaism on full display which is the true religion of America’s ruling class. It was a paranoid genocidal pro-war pro- Israel rally for the ruling class of America. Nothing was global OR grass roots about this. It has zero support around the world other than the U.S. vassals in Canada and Europe who are just pushed around by a stick.

  6. Jew organizations on Rabbi Don’s Truth Social were offering $250 for people to be “protestors” in this DC rally.

    • In a sense that’s true. The reason is 24 x 7 x 365 gaslighting. Propaganda and word-spells are tremendously effective. Look at the population of Ukraine. In a mere 30 years (less actually), Uncle Schmuel and other minions of those who call the shots were transformed from a general sense of being Russian (the birthplace of the Russian state was Kiev, after all) into an insane hatred of all things Russian and a love of the Globo-Pedo shopping mall EUSSR. Bernays (Siegmund Fraud’s nephew) proved the power of propaganda by convincing women to literally poison themselves with cigarettes in the 1920s. Brainwashing is a very powerful weapon. Stalin also made an interesting observation about education:

      Education is a weapon, whose results depend upon who is holding it and at whom it is aimed.

      As you are no doubt aware, white Americans are not the ones holding the edumacation weapon for their own offspring. They have zero control over it and haven’t had any for decades. Yet they still support public schools. They might as well take the kids to the nearest statue of Moloch and tie them up as burnt offerings. Just take the NEA a one tiny example. One would think the NEA would either stay out of the trans-debate but they fully support being given the power to groom susceptible kids for perversions – or even worse. The NEA is even exempt from all manner of laws governing unions. This is a massive stain on western Christianity, who totally failed to address the open assault upon the innocent. They much prefer to cuck before BLM thugs and Tamudic Satanists though.

  7. Mike Johnson: Just another Judeo-Christian asshole. I guess his Black career criminal son learned it all from him!

  8. Israelis who DON’T the indigenous people must keep silent now, or else. This is one of the “animal lovers” who was not silent about two years ago:

  9. All the killing is being done for the Jewish people as a whole, to evict the Muslims and rebuild their Jew temple so Jews can alleviate themselves of sin by killing innocent goats. The way for all to deal with sin is not by killing goats but by admitting a wrong, confessing and trying to make repair for the harm you have done. Why can’t the Jews see the truth in Christ??

    Be aware of those Jews who are speaking out against the crimes being done in their name, they have a choice and are free at any time to accept Christ, and yet they never do………all the better to deceive you, you stupid goyim.

  10. > … Jews can alleviate themselves of sin by killing innocent goats.

    Why don’t they just gang-rape the goats instead? After all, their holy book (Talmud) sez this is perfectly OK with the god they worship (Satan).

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