Poll Watch: Americans Sympathize More With Israel

It is not Christianity.

It is American Boomers who are Dispensationalists who sit in front of the television watching FOX News all day. That’s the bubble.



  1. I’ve noticed none of the polls breakdown demographics by race and ethnicity in addition to the rest of the categories. If it did I think it would reveal alot. I submit that the reason so many of the youth skew toward anti-Israel is the same reason so many skew toward pro-immigration, pro-Brown, pro-isolationism, pro-humanitarian, anti-Confederate, anti-American heritage, Anglophobic, and Christophobic policies and ideologies. Basically, its down to ethnicity. Namely, pro-Hamas anti-Semite Firsters are on the side of Brown anti-Western commies because they are mostly that.

    The Boomers are like 90% White. The majority descended of Colonial Americans. They are lineal descendents of families whose lore is of settlement of the West, Indian wars, Mexican wars, the Civil War, Black problems, outlaws, farms, arcadian communities, small businesses, industrialization, unions, big cities, the loss of innocence but the gaining of power, WWII, anti-communism, etc. Even its large minority of ethnic White Ellis Island Rif Raf descendents identify with this stuff cuz they were educated in it, read about it and watched it on tv and at the movies and their parents and grandparents fought in the World Wars.

    These Boomers all identify with concepts of American expansionism, especially Westward, American interventionism, especially in Europe and some Euro-colonial areas, ideological wars of necessity like anti-Communism and anti-Islamism, and national wars of choice like WWII and the so called GWOT. To them, Israel is both a new ideration of Western expansionism, and ideologically necessary because WWII, Holocaust, what to do with Duh Jews, Moslem pirates and terrorism etc. They generally support Israel.

    The Youth by contrast are slightly over 40% non-white and roughly 1/3rd are 1st generation Americans. More than half that number are children of illegals. About 3/5ths of the non-White youth are Latinos. They not only have no connection to colonial settlement, they view it as the beginning of the end because they are part Indian and see the American gringo as the Spaniard who took their ancestors gold. They don’t have any connection to Western expansion by Americans except for acknowledging White Americans took something.

    Indeed, they don’t know about Jews until their family came here, don’t care about WWII and the Holocaust, and just want to be left alone to do the American dream of making a tortilla factory and retiring in some tropical paradise, maybe even back in the motherland. So, to them, Western expansionism is the same as Western Imperialism. They see the Jew as proxies of that and Palestinians as the victims of that historical epoch. Intervention seems stupid and causes problems with their tortilla factory dream. As a result, they are pro-Hamas or non-interventionist.

    In this political debate the sides are two proxies of two fundamental civilizational ideas both of which are now fighting over control of American power. One is the West, and its colonial settlers, which in its modern form is represented by Jews literally acting out old Western colonial policies in a sea of bad Indians who are really Moslems. The other side is that of the anti-West, who view the Palestinians as Indian type natives, who are being settled by more advanced Western powers with a clearly designed colonial settlement program, and who are using anti-Western and uncivilized tactics to fight back. Its either the West are the imperialist baddies to the anti-West’s good guys (Hamas) or anti-West nations using uncivilized warfare against Western civilized settlers (Israel). An ethnic breakdown of the polls will show who supports whom. If you are White, Christian, British Colonial descended and support Western Civilization its clear which side you should be on. If you are descendent of Latino half-Indian border jumpers or anti-Western commies its clear which side you should be on.

    • Ok Boomer. YOU have the right to support the parasite called Israel, but you don’t have the right to take money from my pocket to pay for your Boomer Zionism. Israel was involved in 9/11 and was involved in the assassination of JFK. Gradually, more and more Americans are learning the truth, and when we reach a critical mass it will be very bad for Isn’t Real.

    • I suspect you’re analysis is correct after seeing all the latinos marching in support of Hamas. I bet they actually expected to get patted on the back by the powers that be the same way they did in 2020 when they took part in the CIA/organized jewry color coded street revolution against Trump. They really don’t get who is really in charge of America. As I’ve said before about all these foreigners in our midst, to them America is like watching a foreign movie with the subtitles turned off, they see all the flash and glamor, but don’t have a clue as to what is the plot.

      I’d normally support the Israelis after dealing with such uncivil natives had their cousins over here not been up to so much ungood over the last century in undermining our country. But I’m not about to gloat over any pro hamas cause embraced by all these leftist, antifa, browns who have found some mischief to do after the boredom since Trump went away. This whole thing is just bad, it’s destabilizing the world and harming our relationship with an Arab world that had been going in the right direction and becoming much more wealthy and rational. White Americans are ultimately going to be held to blame by the growing global south for enabling the Israelis to do what they are doing and I just wish this whole thing would stop and we could get on to calming everything down sort of the way everything was until the neocons sabotaged Trumps meeting with Kim back in 2018. It was clear at that point that these people still held sway and he was surrounded by more than just a hostile leftist media/academic establishment. The Deep State is real and also basically a euphemism for “jews in the bureaucracy.” Despite Trump we still got the ball rolling for more war in the Mideast, CIA wars against Russia in the Ukraine. The crap never stops along with the relentless leftist push for more crime and uncivilized behavior at home. It seems pretty hopeless.

      • What Hamas allegedly did (we still don’t know exactly what happened given conflicting witness testimony and the already debunked beheaded and baked Jewish baby stories), pales in comparison to what Israel has done if you don’t start the story in the middle, as the Zio media always does when they suddenly notice people dying over there (when a Jew dies after a long lull in Jewish death over there).

  2. When Jews launch war against zoomers, this is good for us.

    Carring force of every revolution is young angry men and we must be happy when Jews make young men angry.

  3. If wonder if someone managed to ask the retarded geezers who are busy cheering for Israel if they’d be willing to toss their Medicare and Social Security benefits, plus any pension or 401K funds and their personal savings as burnt offerings upon Muh’ Izreel’s holy altar to Baphomet … would they still be cheering on the slaughter of not only Muslims but Arab Christians? They’ve already made it obvious that they literally don’t give a shit about their own flesh-and-blood, but all those golden promises for their golden years??

  4. Geopolitically my primary interest of late has been to understand this new world we’re living in.
    Boomers grew up in the old world, Z is growing up in the new.

    The way I see it, in 2017 with Trump, Brexit and the rise of right and leftwing populism (insofar as right and leftwing populism were legit) and in 2022 with Russia’s peacekeeping mission in the Donbass, we exited the American neolib/neocon unipolar world order.
    We’re now in a multipolar world order, not just between nations and the 7 nation blocs (the West under America, Latin America under Brazil, Eurasia under Russia, South Asia under India, East Asia under China, the Middle East and Africa), but also within nations.
    The old unity is crumbling, but the American establishment under Neoliberalism/Neoconservatism is clinging to the old world, creating a new cold war (Cold War 2) between America under neoliberalism/neoconservatism and all the countries, blocs and ideologies there’ now in the process of breaking away from it.

    Rightwing populism is one of these ideologies, leftwing populism another, and there are many more ideologies that will come to the fore as this era develops.
    The neocons/neolibs don’t want us entertaining any other ideologies, they want to maintain hegemony indefinitely.
    And the American establishment doesn’t want Russia, Iran and China doing their own thing in their own regions, they want to reel them back in.
    They don’t want different regions of the united states like the south doing their own thing either, they are struggling to maintain the old unity that existed from the 80s, 90s and 00s to the 10s when America under neoliberalism/neoconservatism was king and there were no significant challenges to its power.

    Once boomers pass away, we will be more ready to accept this new plurality world of competing ideologies, regions, nations and nation blocs, but as long as boomers still dominate they will cling to the old world.
    Right this isn’t a left/right thing, it’s about unipolarity versus multipolarity, about accepting the new multiplicity or fighting against it, that’s what it’s about, gen Z is ready for the new world, boomers aren’t, they will cling to the old world till death, while X and millennials are somewhere in the middle.

    This multiplicity is occurring because multiplicity is the norm throughout history, unipolarity first under the British empire pax Britannia then under the American empire pax Americana, an anomaly, an aberration.
    It was a unique set of circumstances that led to American and more broadly western dominance, some monopolies it had on things that could never be maintained for very long, it’s over.
    A series of discoveries, developments and conquests the west made particularly Britain and America while the rest of the world is sleeping.
    But the rest of the world woke up, they took from Britain and America what made sense and discarded the rest.
    Now the rest of the world has caught up, and so we are returning to multiplicity, which’s natural and normal, it’s not normal for one section of the world under one ideology to completely dominate the rest.

    • And Zionism is a big part of the American establishment, because American Jews are very wealthy, powerful and culturally influential, they largely run banking, politics, academia and the media.
      In America, as in the rest of the west, Zionism isn’t left or right, it’s center.
      It’s on the fringes of both the left and the right where you can find Anti-Zionism.

      Gen Z is more open to the fringe left, and the fringe right because they have been betrayed by the establishment, whereas boomers were largely successful under the establishment.
      It’s because the establishment grew ever more corrupt, that’s why Gen Z didn’t thrive under it.
      Decades of gutting America and selling it out to special interests, banks, bureaucrats, corporations, the military industrial complex and Zion ruined things for Gen Z.
      Z is ready for change, leftwing change, and rightwing change.
      Z is ready for geopolitical and ideological multiplicity and multipolarity.
      Z will be more anti-establishment in all sorts of ways than previous generations because they have no future under this corporate military Zionist establishment, whereas boomers will die loyal to it.

      So for me this isn’t really a left or right thing, maybe gen Z is a bit more left than right overall but it’s more of dissident thing, they are dissident left and dissident right, open to change in left and rightwing directions.
      The establishment itself isn’t left or right, the left wears a black tranny vegetarian veneer and the right wears a Magatard veneer but of course that’s not what the establishment is, the establishment is made up of child and drug traffickers, the establishment is just a soulless corporate military police state entity, as well as a Zionist entity.

      The establishment isn’t ideological, it’s Machiavellian.
      Power for power’s sake.
      Money to buy power, power to protect money.
      But insofar as it is loyal to anything it is loyal to Israel because white elites are more deracinated than Jewish elites.
      White elites sold whites and the county itself and as a whole out long ago to special interests.
      Gen Z largely gets that, and while some gen z are leftwing and some are rightwing, across the board left right and center there is a consensus among z that they’ve been swindled.

  5. A few well-orchestrated anti-anti-genocide street protests being puffed (promoted) by the so-called “news” media will erase from memory the larger, genuine, grassroots protests (ignored by the “news” media) led by the extremely small and weak real Left, anti-war (and anti-genocide) community that still exists in the U.sury S.ystem’s “homeland.” Fascist France also just staged a “100,000 strong” anti-anti-genocide march in Paris, to counter and erase the memory of the much larger anti-genocide protests that filled the streets of Paris while being ignored by the fascist “news” media. The fascist U.K. has also been dealing with one million anti-genocide protesters at a time. in London, and hundreds of thousands in other cities. The Usury System has the money, and all the big weapons (including all the big media) it needs to win the battle for workers’ “hearts and minds” (determine their perception of reality).

    • Americans are a bunch of fatso retards. They have thrown away what was built by those who came before. Best case scenario is that it will become North America’s version of Brazil.

  6. Boomerwaffen cucks who’ve indulged themselves for 50+ years and are now faced with the inevitability of old age and death might just decide to take us all down with them.

    Many of this generation were raised by the glowing box and take everything that comes out of it as gospel.

    Excessive self indulgence and unchecked narcissism are a dangerous mix.

  7. Hunter, Fox News has prime time viewership of less than 2 million. Hardly 1% of Baby Boomers even watch Fox News.

    Now, the Dispensational part, that is important. Pastors bought and paid for (Jewish money) have deceived tens of millions of Baby Boomers.

    The really decisive part is fear. Fear Of The Jews. They can hurt you and everyone knows it. The younger generations are only minority white, and very few of them actually have anything to lose. With nothing at all to lose, they are freer to speak what they really think.

    But “Fox News”. No. It is not Fox News.
    Dispensationalist radio influences twenty times as many as Fox News. The yids will grant radio licenses to Dispies, but not to real Christians.

    • But you seem to miss the point some here have pointed out. This anti-zionist street marches going on in the US is composed of all these hispanics and other riff-raff we have imported over the last 40 years. Not a popular uprising of young whites. If it were really the latter Biden’s Handlers would have the tanks out rolling like at Tienaman Square. It’s just a further emboldening of the brown army to take it out on these whites in North America they view as illegitimate inhabitants who stole this continent. They don’t seem to have gotten the special memo that our jewish financial oligarchs running this country are “victims too” and not supposed to be included in the Helter Skelter/Mau-Mau purge the Generation Bastard punks are gearing up for.

  8. Are they really supporters of Israel? Maybe they’re just unsupporting the Muslim Palestinians, whom they perceive as less like them than the Israelis are. In the end, someone has to win the opinion war.

    • There are Christian and yes, even Jewish Palestinians, in historic Palestine. But I agree that the conflation of Palestine with Islamic extremism is very good for Isn’t Real. If only Americans knew that Israel has supported AQ and ISIS in Syria. Oh but wait, so did the US. Never mind…

  9. On my return leg of a supermarket visit this afternoon, I passed a Baptist church that stands near the main cross-street in this my part of northeast Philadelphia. At the top of its streetside marquee, two announcements that probably don’t change were worded something like this: “Bible Class for Children Sunday 10 am—Worship Service 11am.”

    Below that were four lone words, indicating, I guess, the subject of the upcoming Sunday sermon. They were these: The Attack on Israel.

    Just thought you ladies and gentlemen might like to know what’s going on up here, in the Bible Belt.

  10. There’s more than one way of looking at these statistics. Even in the worst case, 18% do not support the Jews. That’s a lot of people.

  11. Fox News boomercons are so preposterous in their political acumen that many believe that closeted homosexual Barack “Barry” Obama is running the West Wing and Oval Office since January 20, 2021.

    Ngl, some of OD’s less sharp than a butter knife commentators aren’t that too distant from that POV too.

  12. I’d spit on such Christians for a totally different reason than the jews in Jerusalem do.

    Christianity is jew worship, and non-racial universalism. It needs to be kept in Chernobyl reactor 4 ideological. philosophical, and theological sarcophagus.

    Let the epithets by the muh Christianity commence.

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