Selling the Gaza Slaughter to Liberals

Palestinian and other Arab, Muslim and 3rd world POC migrants/immigrants are protesting & rioting in European, UK, American cities like Berlin, London, New York and my Chicago . They’re upset about the IDF slaughter of Palestinians in the GAZA strip. They’re unhappy – when are they ever happy to be in… The West?

Time flies when we’re not having fun.
It seems like last year that I fled war torn 1990s New York City. I noticed the same disturbing NYC sites and smells as Atlanta Braves Southern Good Ol’ Boy John Rocker riding the #7 train from Manhattan to Shea Stadium in NYC Queens. John Rocker said:

“It’s the most hectic, nerve-wracking city. Imagine having to take the 7 Train to the ballpark looking like you’re riding through Beirut next to some kid with purple hair, next to some queer with AIDS, right next to some dude who just got out of jail for the fourth time, right next to some 20-year-old mom with four kids. It’s depressing..The biggest thing I don’t like about New York are the foreigners. You can walk an entire block in Times Square and not hear anybody speaking English. Asians and Koreans and Vietnamese and Indians and Russians and Spanish people and everything up there. How the hell did they get in this country?[11]” (Sports Illustrated Link

I went back to Nashville TN in 1990-91 after graduating Vanderbilt University in the mid 1980s. I was on a one man mission to warn the remaining good (White) people in Tennessee about the horrors coming their way from NYC and other 3rd world invasion entry points. I predicted the first of two brutal Islamic terrorist slaughters at the New Work City World Trade Center 1993 and 2001. Thanks to DD and Chronicles Magazine, National Alliance I was aware of the JQ regarding the nation destroying lies of J Neo Conservatism. In 1991, I took out full page “America First” anti war advertisements in the Nashville Tennessean, Chattanooga Times and Vanderbilt student newspaper opposing then President George Bush Sr.’s first of many J Neo Con wars, interventions in Iraq. The Tennessee media including the (then) small J media treated me very fairly, gave me access to local talk radio and cable news (the Teddy Bart(kowski round table) and I explained why we should not jump in to Middle Eastern, Eurasian wars, Islamic sectarian/tribal conflicts or listen to ridiculous George Bush Sr lies about “United Nations”, “New World Orders” – we should use our $ trillion national defense forces for our own national defense as in:

Defend our own nation, defend our borders from invasion.

I argued that America should not be used by the House of Saud and/or the Israeli Lobby as Janissary White slave warriors; this at a time when our major cities such as LA, New York and my Chicago were falling down in to 3rd world slums of drugs, disease and despair (Time Magazine Cover Story “Are Cities Dead” Link). On a one to one basic, most Tennesseans admitted I was right. Sigh, most Tennesseans couldn’t get their mind off the idea that the only people that would oppose a US military operation/war were those hated “Jane Fonda 1960s Liberals” and “We need to fight to win like we did in World War II against the NAZIs and now lose again like in Viet Nam”.
Pretty much all Lib Leftists back during Bush Sr and Bush Jr Iraq wars accepted the media spin that these wars were the fault of White racist Conservative, Neo Colonialists trying to steal poor brown people’s oil

“No War for Oil, no blood for oil”.

And the J Neo Con wars in Iraq, later Syria, Afghanistan were put on the back burner as Lib Democrats under Bill Clinton and the Magic Negro Barack Hussein Obama took power. Liberals especially Js, Blacks and LGBT concentrated on taking power, getting rich, completely the long march through our institutions.

Now we have another brutal Israel J vs Arab war in GAZA and and tens of thousands of Palestinian and allied Ay-rabs, Muslims, 3rd world POC are protesting in the streets of Berlin, London/Londonstan, New York City and my Chicago. How are Liberals in the USA spinning all this?
My take is that Liberals, Leftists, Demorats Blacks, LGBTs and especially Js are just trying to ignore the Gaza slaughter – put this on the back burner. They are preparing for next years presidential and congressional elections, National Dem convention will be here in Chicago. The Lib coalition of “anything but straight WASP White” (correctly) expect to win full power in American cities, suburbs, academia, the mainstream media. They’ll be running and winning against rural Religious Right, anti abortionists, anti Gays, Racists (us) promoting DIVERSITY, Equity and Inclusion and bring in just enough White union workers, senior citizen “Social Security” one issue voters to win – same as the UK Labor party is expected to win.

Are OD readers familiar with the Yiddish term “Chutspa”? “Chutspa” denotes a J person showing extreme arrogance, such as a J man who murders his parents and asks for mercy of the court on the grounds that he is an orphan (Source “The Joy of Yiddish” by Leo Rosten) . Last week two Israel Js in the Israel Knesset published an Op-Ed Piece in the American Wall Street Journal arguing that “the West” (Europe, UK, USA, Canada – still majority White countries) have a moral obligation to take in all the Palestinian Arabs in Gaza (~ 1. 5 million) as refugees, not accepting all these Palestinian Arabs as refugees would be ….

RACIST – the same as not saving the Js from the NAZI Holocaust!
Link to Israel Knesset MPs Wall Street Journal Op-Ed demand

And yes, the J and allied “powers that be” are pushing this as part of

The Great Replacement of our People and Our Civilization

Js, Arabs/Muslims will try to make it work for them at our expense. Js and Muslims know that Spain and the Ottoman Empire were once theirs. They know that Arabs, Pakistanis, Somalians and Js all vote the same way in places like Sweden, Germany, England, California and here in Chicago Illinois. The Js will even do some marriage match making (IN HELL) to cement the anti White J & Arab/Muslim alliance as best represented by the arranged marriage of sexting J pervert Anthony Wiener and Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff Huma Abedin. J pervert Anthony Wiener was being groomed to be the next J mayor of New York City, similar to Biden’s sort of Black VP Harris is married to a J Hollywood macher.

The reality is that there are very few “honest Liberals” in positions that matter in the USA, UK – Anglo-sphere. The few honest Liberals that do care about these ME slaughters such as Tulsi Gabbard are marginalized, bought off and/or pushed aside. Plus most Americans are distracted wasting 5 days a week watching college (in name only) and NFL Negro Felon League tackle football. Any Questions? We’ll try to answer them in the comments section.


  1. The woke Red Guards aren’t buying.
    Saw one of Grand Old Politburo (R) Washington General Johnson at a podium with the crowd chanting no ceasefire.
    Not a single American flag in sight, not even a hecho en China lapel pin.
    Some pages have a popup of a pin with dual flags in the WTF department.

  2. Enough Boomerplaining!

    POCs stand up to the Jewish lobby, taking the jobs whites won’t do. I’m happy. Diversity is our greatest strength.

  3. What is the point youre trying to make in this article? It seems kind of confused in a way I’m not used to seeing from you or others on this site, like you’re trying to imply a message but don’t feel comfortable stating it clearly.

    If you are trying to argue for the neutrality position of “stop talking about Gaza who cares lol (dont pay attention to the fact that our Western traitor governments seem to act like it very much does matter and are completely and totally enthralled to this issue)” then just say it and make your point instead of acting all vague and mysterious about it

    • White Law asks:

      “What is the point youre trying to make in this article? ”

      I respond:

      My point was my personal life story for the last 30 years which is more than half my life. I ‘ve been waking up each day trying to “tell the teacher” about the bad things going on in the classroom that was just confined to certain big Northern cities, Atlanta, college towns “the Lib media” and the fake J Neo Con Conservative media, various dead ends like Constitutionalism, the tea party, Ron and Rand Paul Libertarianism, ‘turn back the clock”, remember the good old days in the 1950s, 1960s before feminism and queers came out of the closet and the colored folks were mostly all nice, well dressed and respectful and the Js were mostly confined to a few Northern cities, LA and were mostly “Liberals” – kind of naive, but not openly working to destroy White Western civilization like they are now.

      My tale was a “Cassandra” tale – does anyone get the “Cassandra” classical Greek/Roman/Trojan reference.

      “What is the point youre trying to make in this article? ”

      My main point here is that real street events in North America, Europe, UK – “The West” are spiraling out of control – we’ve got a cursed Presidential, congressional election year coming up here and in the UK – the anti White Libs – which is a co-alition of the anti White fringes which now contains a sh** load of Arabs/Muslims along with Blacks, homos and especially Js – so what we, any time of respectable Conservatives, pro Life, Christian co-alition, school vouchers, school choice, Hillsdale college, pre J Neo Con purges of Fox News and National Review, Conservative Inc – what all these “reasonable” Conservatives have to say, including us/me – really doesn’t matter. We’re crossing in to, falling down in to “Falling Down”, “Emily the Criminal”, “”Do the Right/Wrong Thing” , “Orwell’s 1984 with the added racial horrors of “The Bonfire of the Vanities/Camp of the Saints”.

      These are my personal observations and my personal, auto biography of one man – like the Michael Douglas character in “Falling Down” observed and did.

      I really don’t have anything new to say or do – probably just provide some entertainment on the deck of the Titanic as it’s going down.

      That’s my main point.

      • Strike up the Titanic Band and get going with the deck-chair feng-shui. Also, remember to voar moar harder, zeks!

  4. You’re going to have to scratch Tulsi Gabbard of the list of honest liberals concerned about the slaughter in the middle east. Either she was always a phony or someone got to her.

    • They even whacked the Jewish chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Marc Rich, for wandering a little bit off the reservation. Perhaps viewers might refresh my memory on the why.

    • What’s Tulsi Gabbard supposed to say if she wants to ever get asked back on Fox News? Is she supposed to done one of those checkered PLO scarves and star chanting “From the Sea to the River, death to America, death to the Jws?”

      Tulsi Gabbard obviously wants some access to the mainstream media, like Pat BUchanan’s ugly sister Bay Buchanan that purged all of us “RACISTS” in her brother’s failed Reform Party crusade for the US Presidency where Bay Buchanan made her brother pick that Black John Burch Society woman as Pat’s VP choice.

      Tulsi Gabbard doesn’t want to drop out of mainstream politics, mainstream media and have to fall down with us on the rubber chicken, “Patriot”, “Survivalist/Prepper”, Silver coins circut.

      She obviously thinks she’s too good for us.

      Who wants to drop out and hang out with us?

      We don’t even want to hang out with us!

      Ha Ha.

      • I remember how weird it was when Pat picked her I knew he was toast, if he even had a chance to begin with. And yes, those cute little code words like “patriot”, “prepping”, “precious metals”, etc.

  5. Isaiah 11 (KJV)
    11 And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people, which shall be left, from Assyria, and from Egypt, and from Pathros, and from Cush, and from Elam, and from Shinar, and from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea.

    12 And he shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth.

    13 The envy also of Ephraim shall depart, and the adversaries of Judah shall be cut off: Ephraim shall not envy Judah, and Judah shall not vex Ephraim.

    This notion that one cannot be against Israel is nonsense. It is not Biblical at all.

    Actually this nation falsely called Israel today are just the descendants of the tribes of Judah/Benjamin/Levi. Putting Israel (Jews) ahead of your own people and practically worshiping them is just Jew-inspired politics that is a result of the Jews buying out politicians and making these political hacks their puppets who will do whatever is pleasing to the Jews so the Jews will keep bribing them with money so they can afford to get reelected.

    Many centuries ago ancient Israel divided into two separate kingdoms: the House of Israel and the House of Judah. At times these two separate kingdoms actually even fought against one another. Eventually the House of Israel sinned so exceedingly that they were taken captive by Gentile enemies and became known as the Lost Tribes of Israel. Within these 10 tribes the two tribes descending from Joseph who received the birthright blessings from Israel became two of the 10 separate tribes and were named after Joseph’s two sons Ephraim and Manasseh because the first born (Ruben was the actual firstborn but he lost his birthright status because of incest) was to receive a double portion.

    Many believe these lost 10 tribes are scattered among the Gentiles and don’t know they are actually more deserving of the name Israel than these Jews calling themselves Israel today since these lost ten tribes actually have the name of Israel because the are descended from the House of ISRAEL. The Jews are descended from the House of Judah. This Jew worship has got to stop. They hate Christ and will have to have their minds finally opened when Christ returns to then get right with God and be at peace with Israel.

    Just get away from the Jews and this country falsely called Israel today. (Its real name should be Judah to be accurate.) Don’t fight for or against them. Keep away from them and don’t accept their bribes and allow them to make you their servants to fight and get killed for them as they seemingly seek to anger the entire world and bring world war three to the Middle East.


    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

    • Ok.

      I wish you and your family only the best this American Thanksgiving shortly before another God awful US Presidential campaign year.

      Sure, pray to whatever form of Christian God, Gods, Trinity that still works for you and yours. I would just add that pretty much all forms of Christianity are done in Jerusalem, the once “Holy Land”, Bethlehem, Palestine there are no White English, German crusader states, Crusader castles in the Middle East – Je(ish terrorists like Menachim Begin, Rahm Emanuel’s father in the J Irgun terrorist group and various Arab, Muslim terrorists in French Algeria, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq have ethnically cleansed, killed off, driven out all British, European White Christians or just “Whites”. The only Whites that can even walk around in the Middle East these days are White Russian/Soviets and they have to be openly in military armed groups – it’s like the Russian Soviet armies waiting outside of Warsaw Poland while the German SS and Allied Ukrainian Nationalist put down the Warsaw uprising, including the J ghetto uprising – the Russians held back and let the Js, Poles, NS Germans have at each other – same is happening in Gaza – elites are phoning Washington DC, NY Times, NYC Wall Street Journal, agents in Londonstan, Canada, France to ask “Hey J brothers, how many hundreds of thousands of these nasty Ay-rab Palestinians in Hamas, Islamic Brotherhood can you take in your cities, can you publish this Op=Ed a couple of our Israeli Knesset MPs, MOSSAD intelligence officers penned demanding White Western countries/societies take in as refugees or we’re smear these White countries/societies as evil RACISTS like the NAZI collaborators that ratted out Ann Frank to be sent to the Gas Chambers of Auschwitz”?

      Yeah, please have a great, safe traditional Thanksgiving brother – who knows if we’ll be allowed any more after this year. I guess some forms of White Christianity survived in Russia, Ukraine afgter 100 + years of J Bolshevism, NKVD, but IMO the J part of Communism in Russia and Central and Eastern Europe only lasted ~ 35 years and the J Talmudist, Bolshevists didn’t have the Russian media, Hollywood, CNN, Jew York Times like they do here.

      Peace brother.

  6. Jimmy Dore is wrong about the causes of the war in Syria. It wasn’t about enriching the bloated MIC or stealing Syria’s oil although both things happened. The fundamental purpose of the war in Syria was the introduction of U.S. troops to act as a tripwire against Iran directly supporting Assad with Iranian troops thereby securing Our Greatest Ally’s northern flank against combined Syrian/Hezbollah/Iranian forces. A Syrian-Iranian alliance has been an Israeli strategic nightmare since the 1979 Iranian Islamic Revolution.

    Tulsi may have lain it on a little too thickly regarding Hamas but she is fundamentally correct. Hamas is not some sort of crypto, pro-White ally-by-accident and both sides have committed war crimes, too. If one side’s war crimes are condemned then both side’s war crimes should be condemned, no free passes for the vicious.

    BTW, get ready to welcome +1 million new Gazan refugees into the U.S., admitted legally as part of some nebulous “peace” deal, another gift from “Our Greatest Ally.” The republicans will be the first to sign off on the deal too. With friends like these , , ,

    • 12AX7, I’ve never been fooled, not for one minute, by the Indian politician Tulsi’s “anti-war” act, when she parades around in her military unform, and says she is PROUD of her “service” in the bloody imperialist military. She is just another capitalist politician, like Bernie and The Squad. No true socialist will be allowed to hold office or even run for any position above the local level in the U.S. (U.sury S.ystem) – and as for Jimmy Dore, he’s not a socialist either. Liberal means capitalist. As for “Populism,” it is mere reactionary capitalist reformism, like a pressure-relief valve that “reforms” and preserves/conserves the system when too much “pressure” has built up.

      Regarding the post itself, “Selling the Gaza slaughter to liberals,” I think “selling” is just the right word. In this System, everyone is buying and selling, selling their souls, selling lies, and buying lies. With clever and relentless advertising, even the most outrageous lies can be sold, to almost everyone.

      Yes, I agree that even this most obvious genocide in history can be sold to liberals, and also to the moderates, and to the conservatives. When “you all” realize that you can invest in the new Gaza beachfront properties and tourist industry, new commercial and residential real estate development, and new natural gas and oil industries with new pipelines being built, and a new, bigger and better, second Suez Canal being dug from Gaza City across the desert to Eilat on the Red Sea, and many other developments “made possible” by the sacrifice of just a few (million) indigenous people’s lives, then you will realize “it was worth it.” Because there is no objective morality in this rotten system, only the so-called “good” of making a profit (and the “bad” of not making a profit) you will revel in the profit-making potential of an EMPTY Gaza, and you will soon forget that the stubborn peasants, who were always rooted in the land, tending their little flocks of land-race sheep, and ancient olive groves, vines, and pomegranate and citrus orchards, ever existed.

  7. @12AX7

    The reason behind the Iraq invasion and also the war in Syria is the creation and control of a new country called Kurdistan, whilst at the same time reducing the country’s of the Middle East into smaller ethnic statelets. This process would give Israel legitimacy as an ethnic state in a transformed region.

    The reason why Kurdistan is so important is that whoever controls this area has the lock on the BRI (Belt Road Initiative) coming out of China and the other countries to the East. Russia to the North, the Middle East and Africa to the South and Europe to the West, as well as being criss crossed with many important pipelines etc.

    Apparently the Khazarian empire also controlled this area when the Silk Road commercial networks were last in operation, so the j’s are revisiting their history.

    • @12AX7

      “The reason behind the Iraq invasion and……. (lots of “New World Order conjectures)

      I respond:

      A shorter explanation is:

      It’s the Jews Stupid

  8. In allowing in ten thousand bitter Muslims fresh from a war with America’s greatest ally, where America and the West spoke up in support of Israel…………what could possibly go wrong?!
    Whatever happens in the world, Y pepo are expected to fix it, then take the resulting refugees!
    It’s time to introduce Israel and boomer warmongers to our middle finger.
    NOT OUR WAR!!!
    When you interfere with the world, you receive the world.

    • Re: “allowing in ten thousand bitter Muslims”:

      No. Many more than that should be allowed in! Israel (Anglo-Zionism) is merely the Anglos’ (the U.S.’s and UK’s) chief settler colony and most important military base in the world’s most central strategic location, and the genocide of the indigenous people of Palestine is done using the colonial settlers as proxies, using weapons and other military equipment made in the USA, paid for by American taxpayers. and delivered to Israel daily by American ships and military planes. The US really plans and oversees the entire operation. It supplies the Zionist proxy army with GPS targeting coordinates (as it does for the Khazarkrainian proxy) so they can accurately bomb and destroy all the humanitarian NGOs and medical and other civilian infrastructure. US special forces are also involved, on the ground, with plausible deniability, as they are in Khazarkraine. The US also provides its chief proxy with unlimited diplomatic and propaganda (the so-called “news” media) support, so you can say correctly that the Israeli genocide of Palestine is really being done by the U.S. It is really the U.S.’s war!

      Therefore it is reasonable and just that the US (and the UK, now the lesser half of Anglo imperialism) should be willing to accept ALL the refugees who survive the current slaughter in the Gaza concentration camp and the remaining indigenous enclaves in the West Bank, who may wish to come here. Moreover, the U.S. should be REQUIRED (by the U.N. and the international court system) and even FORCED, if necessary, to admit all (it could be as many as four or five MILLION) Palestinians who survive the slaughter and want to come here. These millions of justifiably very angry and universally shell-shocked (aka PTSD) immigrants must be paid full reparations (including free land and good, permanent housing if they come here) by American taxpayers, for what WE did to them by taking their land, and destroying their houses, and mosques and churches, and mass-murdering, starving and crippling them, et cetera. Our willful ignorance of our serial war crimes under international law is no excuse! We need to finally learn the lesson of the true cost of our bloody, rotten imperialism. that is normally paid for by our foreign victims, by re-paying some of it back to at least these four or five millions of our victims.

      Well, that is how I see it from my Left perspective. But Jack, thanks for your articles, and I try to appreciate your right, White Nationalist perspective.

      • Merthyr Rising, 1831 writes:

        “Well, that is how I see it from my Left perspective. But Jack, thanks for your articles, and I try to appreciate your right, White Nationalist perspective.”

        I respond:

        Thank you for your kind words and just good manners. So much of the things I don’t like in our big cities, in popular culture especially Black A American culture, J culture – they aren’t really political or religious differences, just what I consider to be bad manners – things pretty much all Americans in the 1950s considered to be wrong – things like swearing the worst F words in front of women and children or women swearing, people dressing badly, being bullies, cruel to animals – just bad movies, bad (rap) pop songs with bad plots, no stories – businesses treating their workers (me) with disrespect, people not cleaning up after their dogs, throwing trash on the ground, everyone sucking up to rich people or celebrities that don’t really have any talent. These aren’t really Liberal vs Conservative, Left vs Right issues, just what I consider to be basic right and wrong again good manners.

        Thanks again, have a nice American Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, seems to be the only one the cult marxists haven’t totally destroyed or replaced. Though the Black Friday shopping day is something to be avoided.

        Take care


      • The taxes I pay were confiscated from me. I never consented for them to fund Israel, or any of ZOG’s many unnecessary military intrusions. I am also not a moronic jew-worshipping Xtian Evangelical. Palestinian refugees are not my responsibility.

      • Merthyr, you’re basically doing the same thing the Jews are with respect to collective punishment of the enslaved white populations of the UK and Murika. Yes to an extent the enslaved are responsible for their own situation by choosing to believe lies over truth. Even so, it is not moral or right to punish one group of slaves for the actions carried out by the overlords upon another group of slaves. The actual guilty actors escape justice that way. The resettled Palestinians won’t be showing up in the Hamptons, Chappaqua or other locales where the treasonous elites and their well-off step-n-fetchits live. Instead they’ll get stuffed into some locale near those who are potential enemies of the elites. One might even have a case for resettling them near John Hagee’s Texas church and letting them build a masque next door.

        Our greatest problem is not really Jews, but treasonous whites who always do their bidding for 30 pieces of fake-silver (or less). If the Palestinians were settled next to Victoria Nudelman, Max Boot, Mike Johnson, the Clintons, Rockefellers, or exclusive zip-codes in Pedowood and Washington state, you might have a case. As for Jews, once you comprehend that they are literally the agents of Satan, the actual chief source of our trouble becomes more visible. It’s the white people who believe and act upon their endless stream of lies who have enabled their control – which is starting to unravel thanks to the mask now falling away – which in Greek is apolcalypto (unveiling).

        Some try to attach a label to these whites such as ‘boomer’ or ‘yankee’ but those terms are really too vague. While there are likely a fair number of boomers in Hagee’s abomination of a “church”, there are not a great deal of yankees. In a devil-run places like Massachusetts, Illinois or Californistan there also are some boomers (though most have retired to places like Florida and Arizona) and plenty of yankees as well. The whites in such places are too often willing slaves and accomplices to their criminal overlords. They’re willing because they’re basically programmed – completely propagandized and brainwashed. They respond like sheep to word-spells such as “racist” (a word which was basically unknown until the 1920s).

        I’ll repeat here again the ‘Grandmother’s Tale’ because many seem to miss the actual lesson it contains and instantly assume it’s about Jews (which is of course always a Jew’s favorite topic). It’s not really about them but about our own folly.

        > I once asked [Grandma], when she came on a visit, what her problem with Jews was. Her answer struck me as Old Lady ranting then, but I have realized since that it is so true as to almost be a mystical Truth.??

        > She said:??“The Jew will look at a pile of shit and say ‘That’s gold!’ Then, he’ll look at a pile of gold and say ‘That’s shit!’ And then he’ll find ten other Jews to rewrite every book and newspaper within reach until YOU and your kids look at the shit and agree that ‘Yes, shit is gold and gold is shit!’

        > Then, while you are putting shit in your pockets, he’ll take all the gold and share it with his ten other Jews. It’s their NATURE.”??

        > Her statement is true on so many levels that it blows my mind. Criminals are victims, victims are criminals, truth is a lie, immoral is moral, shit is gold.?

        > Oy vey.

        The solution is both amazingly simple and hard as hell. Solzhenitsyn brilliantly summed it up in four words which directly counter the four-words that summarize the Talmud (which is just plain old Satanism).

        Believe not in Lies.

        • E.C., I was using hyperbole to make a point when I said “We” (the workers) are fully responsible for what the ELITES make them do (and pay for), and that we must take in as many survivors (of the genocide) as want to come here (maybe four or five million of them), and we must pay them full reparations, whether or not they come, and give them our land and houses if they do come. It was overstatement, but maybe not obvious enough.

          Solzhenitsyn is not one of my favourite authors. He did a lot of harm.

          Your comments are very well informed and worth reading. By the way, what do you think of the German socialist Sahra Wagenknecht? I was just reading about her culturally conservative (not woke) far-left political party.

          • “Solzhenitsyn is not one of my favourite authors. He did a lot of harm.”

            Yes, because telling the truth about communism is “doing harm” according to people like you. How many workers died miserable deaths in the Worker’s Paradise?

  9. Sigh. You can cut off all aid to Israel, do nothing, and you will still get refugees. You can wait till all the evil comes to your front door before doing anything, but you will still get refugees. You could declare war on Israel and all Jews, like the gay Mexican pedo Nick Fuentes did, even succeed in wiping out all Jews, and you will still get refugees. The reason? It’s because they are two different issues. But being a one issue side of the house (((Duh Jews))), you guys can’t get out of the straitjacket.

    Ultimately, this straitjacket will be your demise. Although you see many problems and connect them together, and although you are part of the nationalist movement, your agenda isn’t about solving the problem with nationalism, it’s just to gain a platform for blaming “Duh Jews.” So, at the moment of victory, of breaking the left wing Gentile-Jew Axis, you will blow it.

    Yet, trago-comically, you could get everyone to agree with you about “Duh Jews,” but when solutions are needed, your final solution will still be to go fishing. Or even worse, to still commit Hari-Kari and bizarrely live out Seigreid’s funeral fire down the Rhine. So, you have all become just a bunch of whiney little artistic complainers and instigators, literally neo-nazi libertarian hippies. It’s bizarre.

    Still, even with all this, your ability to analyze events would be fantastic if you had logic to your process. But, as usual, your superstitious neo-nazi side of your brains jumps to using magical thinking to get around unpleasant facts like there being no relation between Israel and refugees. Nope, still stick to your real final agenda: “anti-semetism yesterday, anti-semitism today, anti-semitism tomorrow and forever.”

    This is not to say everything you all say is wrong. Yes, lightning did hit a tree and cause a forest fire. But then your magical thinking comes and it’s “Duh Jews.” Still even then, you all did notice the fire. But, as I wrote literally a few weeks ago, your solution is still to watch OD and the entire nationalist edifice and civilization go up in flames, or sink like the Titanic, all to the backdrop of Wagner’s Godderdumurang playing, as you fling yoruselves off the parapets in burning flame saying, “DUH, JEEEEWS!” Lord Soros has got in your brains me thinks. I, Aryan Globalist Bro, Grand Wizard of the White Robe, scion of Grand Dragon, will not let your consume OD into the flames.

  10. “and bring in just enough White union workers, senior citizen “Social Security” one issue voters to win”

    Well, you can say that a lot of these Republicans are particularly horrible on Social Security. What do they mean by this canard we keep hearing from the rich about how “pretty soon Social Security is going to run out of money and go away?” Well, I’ll tell you exactly what they mean, in order to cut spending the FIRST thing these cretins intend to cut off are the old people. Really? That’s the first thing they intend to toss overboard to lighten a sinking ship? Well, yes it is and it tells you the kind of people they are. They’d rather keep spending on their neocon military and rich liberal academics to take vacations all over the world to study so called “climate change” than pay a pittance to the people who built this country and are now too old and feeble to work. We have a big federal budget and these people should be the LAST in line for any cuts, not the first as our plutocrats think with their let them eat cake type attitudes.

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