The Irish Rising

On Thanksgiving …

An Algerian immigrant stabs a bunch of children in Ireland.

The Irish rise up against their globalist overlords and riot against multiculturalism and mass immigration in Dublin.

Connor McGregor is retweeting Keith Woods and leading the charge.

“Journalists” are outraged that the Irish are upset enough to fight back.

The globalist Indian homosexual prime minister of Ireland sees Irish patriots as the problem and promises to crackdown on the far right and pass tougher hate speech laws.

It is encouraging.

At least the Irish have a pulse.

Normally, such a hideous crime would hardly register if it had occurred in the United States or in other Western countries where this is just a normal feature of the liberal social order. I needed to see something positive after watching two straight months of the slaughter in Gaza. It has been weighing heavily on me and I haven’t felt like writing anything for two weeks now.

Note: Keith Woods spoke about what has happened to Ireland under neoliberalism at the 2023 Amren conference.


  1. I’m sure every “Irish Catholic” politician in the US will want to be on Biden’s Blue Ribbon Commission to see how many billions of dollars we need to send to Ireland to combat White (?) Supremacy in Ireland.

  2. There is an old expression “get my Irish up” referring to provoking someone to anger.

    The Irish almost brought NYC to its knees during the 1863 draft riots.

    Then there is the early 1970s Paul McCartney song, “Give Ireland Back to the Irish”.

  3. It’s sad that in the west we Need tragedies to wake up…….but if this open the eyes of the sleepy people. There have been a lot of bad things in western world that should make us worried about the left, the immigrants, woke, globalists, etc. I hope that we won’t need other bad things in the future to open the eyes on the current situation.

      • They’ve been doing some nice settler housing projects over there in “greater Israel.” They call them kibitzes. I think many of these stabber types would fit in well if sent back there and I’m sure would be welcomed into the neighborhood because the people running it are all about promoting and demanding diversity in every country.

  4. The best video was the one where the scumbag Lügenpresse reporter on the bicycle is abused and finally rides away. The Lügenpresse deserves to get it in the neck first, the first of many.

  5. After the stabbings, it’s reported that a group of locals surrounded the migrant to protect him from further beating by the mem that subdued abd disarmed him.
    Tell me the people of Ireland deserve to be saved

    • Yeah, we wouldn’t want such a valuable creature to receive some of what he deserved. Scum white traitors are the worst. No other race is plagued by the problem to such a degree.

  6. This is what support of the Palestinians against Israel brings upon whites. I’m not the only one who’s been trying to point that out here, at Occidental Dissent, for the past month and a half. The witlessness …

    • John you are correct. It is witlessness. REAL White racial supremacists and all capitalists who are not “witless,” should be supporting, or at least not opposing the lighter-skinned and fully-capitalist Anglo-Zionist colonial enterprise known as Israel, NOT the indigenous peasants who are being genocided! The Private Profit system, which you advocate is hard and pitiless, and the results of pity and softness are these angry Algerian refugees in Ireland who could have been genocided right where they were, like the Palestinians are. White supremacists should also, logically, believe that the “French” colonisation of ALGERIA that resulted in over one million dead Algerians (many more crippled and tortured) in less than ten years, was good and should have continued to this day. If that genocide had continued, by now the lighter-skinned settlers would outnumber the natives and the natives would be completely subdued like the native North American Indians.

      The two opposite inclinations of human nature result in two opposite forms of government and social order. Algeria that was on the good path for a few years,
      until the conservative coup is now in the gray area between the two ideals. “France” that seemed to bow momentarily to the good inclination when it withdrew its troops and settlers and “let Algeria go,” still interferes in the Algerian peoples affairs as much as it can! France obviously remains fully under control of the evil System, that is destroying France, and Ireland, and Palestine, and many other nations or societies.

    • I makes no difference whether shitlib whites support Palestinians or Christian-Zionist whites support ‘muh Izrahell’. The borders remain wide open because the rulers – who are at least 50-percent jews – command they be open for the ongoing invasion. We just witnessed two Israeli MK’s calling on Murika to take in Palestinian refugees, in an unusually brazen example of total hubris and arrogance. The Great Replacement goes on regardless. Since the overlords overwhelmingly support Zionist ethnic cleansing – and have even sent Murikan boots on the ground to aid and assist Netanyahoo and his gang in the project – some nationalist whites might be tempted to express some support for Hamas as it bloodied the hooked nose of the pet colony of our ‘greater enemy’. At the end of the day no genuine American (as opposed to paper-Americans) has a dog in this fight.

      Interestingly, the hapless Palestinians don’t even seem to enjoy much support among their fellow Sunni Muslims – certainly not among the comprador elites of countries in the Dar-al-Islam. Why should any white support them if their fellow Sunnis can’t be bothered? Enjoying some tasty schadenfreude when Schlomo gets a bloody nose is not the same as “supporting the Palestinians”. Not even advocating a ceasfire and negotiation is “supporting the Palestinians” – regardless of what rat-faced Jewish oligarchs have to say about the matter.

      • “It makes no difference whether shitlib whites support Palestinians or Christian-Zionist whites support ‘muh Izrahell’. The borders remain wide open because the rulers – who are at least 50-percent jews – command they be open for the ongoing invasion.”

        I disagree, Exalted. Support for the Palestinians is support for the leftist narrative, the liberationist narrative, and is thus support for those wide-open borders.

        “… an unusually brazen example of total hubris and arrogance.”

        Par for the course, I’d say.

        “… some nationalist whites might be tempted to express some support for Hamas as it bloodied the hooked nose of the pet colony of our ‘greater enemy’.”

        Any such temptation is to be resisted.

        “At the end of the day no genuine American (as opposed to paper-Americans) has a dog in this fight.”

        Inasmuch as the fight is connected to the liberationist narrative, the leftist narrative, every white, including every American white, has a dog in it. His obligation is to say nothing about it either way.

        “Enjoying some tasty schadenfreude when Schlomo gets a bloody nose is not the same as ‘supporting the Palestinians’.”

        Maybe not, but there have been commenters here and elsewhere who’ve supported the Palestinians, who’ve tried to outJew the Jews by speaking of alleged apartheid, genocide, atrocities, or whatever on the part of Israel. That is mere endorsement of the anti-white narrative, which consists entirely of denunciatory terms such as those. It rolls right off the backs of “the Israelis,” i.e., the Jews—and in fact, it strengthens them, which is why, in reaction to it, they can effortlessly advocate, to the shock you expressed above, Palestinian resettlement in white territory. Let me restate that: Denounce Israel, cut your own throat.

        • Supporting Palestine rhetorically is not supporting the left you pathetic hasbara/fake/sock puppet. It is opposing Jews in the most direct way possible short of taking up arms.

          • Y’know, Captain, you and I have both been here, at Occidental Dissent, for many years, and you are my only fellow commenter about whom I’ve had mixed feelings. When you think I’ve made a valid point, you second it or add to it. When you don’t, you address me in the most disrespectful and, frankly, inane way. If you’d take a moment to think—difficult, I know, for the common run of Teuton—you’d recognize that there’s nothing “fake, hasbara, or sock puppet” about my comment to which you’ve replied. You people are losing, badly. You’re perishing, because the common run of you don’t understand how the game is played, and your elite are elite only in the sense that they know how to make money by playing along with the Jews. If you would take a moment to reflect on what I’ve said, you’d notice I’ve pointed out what’s wrong with the self-defeating tack you’ve been taking—for what? About two thousand years now? Let me restate that in Anglo-Saxon: Go fuck yourself.

        • This is where you go off the rails:

          > Denounce Israel, cut your own throat.

          Israel has nothing to do with us – apart from the fact that they and their supporters have totally corrupted all politics in Murika. There is a difference between “refusal to support in any way” and “denunciation”. Your point about not supporting shitlibs in the anti-white narrative is valid to a degree, especially as the Jews are doing a fine job destroying any moral claims (which were as fake as their money to start with) all on their own. Remember Napoleon’s dictum: Never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a fatal mistake. As I mentioned above, since the Sunni Muslim states like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, et al can’t be bothered to take any serious action to even provide humanitarian aid to the Gaza populace, why should any white person do so?

          Israel is not Europe and it is not part of western civilization. It is host to a nest of parasitic spawn of Satan who bear a massive degree of responsibility in the destruction of western civilization – now basically a ruin. I literally don’t give a rat’s ass what happens to them. It’s not the white man’s job to defend them or to defend those they are persecuting in the area they control. If the Muslims get their act together and destroy them utterly, so what?

          • “This is where you go off the rails …”

            How did I go off the rails, Exalted? Your penultimate sentence is a restatement of my post.

          • OK. So we agree on this (moot) point, e.g.
            I mistook your earlier as somewhat akin the kind of thing someone like Hagee would say. Say bad things (denounce) about ‘muh Isarel’ and the jew’s imposter-god will destroy us. That doesn’t go along with your history so my apologies. You were just making a cautionary observation.

            > It’s not the white man’s job to defend them (jews) or to defend those they are persecuting (palestinians) in the area they control.

            The above point is moot because we’re being taxed to pay to defend ‘muh Israel’ and ultimately the oligarchs ruling this god-forsaken land plan to draft white boys to go and fight wars jews themselves refuse to. According to the narrative if we object to this in any way or even advocate a peaceful solution to the century-old blood feud between middle-eastern Hatfields and McCoys – those who pull the strings state we’re “supporters of Islamic terr-rr-r-r-r” against Israel and Naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews.

            Does that mean we march with BLM and the leftoid jews who are attempting to wrest control from those in their free-shit army who sympathize with Hamas against what they see as “white” colonialists? Hell no. As I noted before, never interrupt an enemy when they are making a strategic error.

      • Re: “some nationalist whites might be tempted to express some support for Hamas as it bloodied the hooked nose of the pet colony of our ‘greater enemy’. At the end of the day no genuine American (as opposed to paper-Americans) has a dog in this fight”:

        You are correct. White Nationalists and Genuine (white) Americans are imperialistic (Lenin said imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism) and any concern they show for the welfare and rights of their “inferiors” or victims, including these victims of the most blatant genocide in modern history is an aberration or fakery.

        Re: “the hapless Palestinians don’t even seem to enjoy much support among their fellow Sunni Muslims – certainly not among the comprador elites of countries in the Dar-al-Islam. Why should any white support them if their fellow Sunnis can’t be bothered”:

        I disagree. Hamas (the democratically-elected government of Palestine) does have the support of the masses of common, working people, but the puppet regimes that the U.S. set up to rule them ignore or work to thwart the people’s will. (Note that Mahmoud Abbas and his “Palestinian Authority,” which the U.S. set up in place of the Palestinian people’s choice (Hamas being the clear winner of the last election that the U.S. allowed) is also such a puppet regime. The rich, regardless of their race, religion and ethnicity, don’t really care about the sufferings of the poor victims they feed on. Money is thicker than blood, for the rich. It is harder for the rich (who seem to “have it all”) to enter the Kingdom of God than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. They really couldn’t care less about the Palestinians being genocided.

        This last paragraph is a response to John Bonaccorsi, who wrote: “Support for the Palestinians is support for the leftist narrative, the liberationist narrative, and is thus support for those wide-open borders”: I agree that only the Left (the real Left) really cares about the sufferings of the indigenous Palestinians and other common people (true Left being the outworking of the natural human inclination of charity and fraternity, whereas the Right is the outworking of natural human greed). But I disagree with the implication that socialism is responsible for the pouring (mass migration) of cheap labour and racial (demographic) diluents across the open (laissez faire) borders of most capitalist “nations.” Do you suggest the cure for these migrations of refugees from imperialism is to double-down on imperialism – to shut the borders tight like Israel and do the imperialism even harder? Yes, that probably is a solution, but not the good one, not the real cure for the real disease of which the mass migration is a mere symptom.

        • You have no more understanding of capitalism, Merthyr, than you have of yourself. The mass of non-concepts that you would call socialism is merely a manifestation of the urge, on your maniacal part, to deny every single one of your fellow human beings a fundamental right, namely, the right to do NOTHING AT ALL, no matter what you or anyone else would have him or her do.

          • “no more understanding of capitalism…than you have of yourself” and “the mass of non-concepts that you would call socialism….”

            I would rather not major in the dismal science of the evil class-and-usury system (“I would have you be wise unto that which is good, and simple concerning evil” Romans 16:19) – and maybe you feel the same way about understanding socialism, a “mass of non-concepts,” as you call it. Ayn Rand (Rosenbaum) called it that. She also said capitalism is an “unknown ideal,” implying most people have “no understanding” of it, and also no understanding of their own, rational-volitional “self.”

            You refer to a “fundamental right…to do NOTHING AT ALL.” Doing nothing at all would be a fatal condition, if everyone else exercised the same “right,” by not feeding and taking care of you when you choose to do nothing. But you may be describing the Class (and usury) System, in which SOME individuals who are rich and privileged think they “have the right” to do nothing for others, and “not to spend” anything on (give to) others. But the vast majority of people, who are the base and middle of the class system pyramid, will never have, cannot have, these “rights”: to not spend, and to do nothing.

            From the opposite point of view, only a very young or very sick or very disabled person should not be expected to do some WORK that is beneficial to others, and to society, and to humanity as a whole: “from each according to his ability, to each according to their need.” A fundamental doctrine of the New Testament and of the primitive church, especially when they had all things in common, is: “If any would not work, neither shall he eat”: Second Epistle to the Thessalonians 3:10. It is morally wrong to live on the fruits of others’ labour, and do nothing to help others, and hoard up “property” and goods, instead of sharing them with others. “He that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin.”

            There are two different systems based on two opposite “ideals,” which are the outworking of the two diametrically-opposite natural human inclinations, good and evil. No one is perfect and people “live in the gray area,” but we should strive for the ideal – for Jesus’ ideal, of love and good works, not for the “unknown ideal” of so-called “rational” selfishness. This life is a trial ground, and a short walk from the cradle to the grave. Our eternal destiny depends on our choice, the choices we make every day.

    • Support of Israel is no improvement, as their diaspora kinsmen work feverishly from every angle to deny Western countries everything that they say Israel has a right to.

    • Yep, you’re right, stay out of this crap with Israel and Palestine. The problem is intractable and hopeless, they hate each other. While I dislike you know who’s control of our foreign policy, gushing over Hamas destroys all credibility with the average American who can sense these people are as dangerous as the Indians two hundred years ago who would come into a homestead and kill everyone.

  7. And apparently the child stabbing migrant asylum seeker was/is Algerian Arab not Palestinian Arab. Algerians aren’t fleeing Zionist terror, occupation, nor are Algerians oppressed by any White European/British let alone Irish colonialism, neo Colonialism.

    Algeria was part of the nation of France, not a colony up until 1963. The majority of people living in once beautiful, Mediterranean French Algerian coastal cities in the 1950s were French Pied Noir and other White Europeans, but as always happens, poor Arabs, POC from the countryside, mountains were flooding in to European French Algerian cities, same as Black Africans from other countries, tribal areas flooded in to White South African places – it was explained then as “Well these people are just coming to do work the local Whites don’t want to do, be our cooks, nannies, street cleaners – they’re just trying to put food on the table and share in our prosperity and European, British culture”.


    In 1963 98% of all White Pied Noir French Algerians and other White Europeans were ethnically cleansed from French Algeria when French Algeria was shameless turned over, surrendered to Arab Muslims majority rule, the same as White ruled Rhodesia/Rhodesia Zimbabwe was surrendered turned over to Black African majority rule and the safe, one prosperous “Breadbasket of Southern Africa” become the help of Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.

    Once beautiful, prosperous French Algeria was turned over to Arab Muslim majority misrule in 1963 and all our White French and other European Kinsmen were ethnically cleansed given the options of:

    The Coffin (stay and be murdered)
    The Suitcase – leave with just the clothes on their backs and one suitcase

    Well, Algeria became just for the Arab Muslim Algerians. And guess what:

    As Gomer Pyle once said:

    “Surprise Surprise” The Arab Algerians don’t want to stay in 98% Arab Algeria – they want to go to where life is better, cleaner, where there are pretty White girls not all covered up in burkas – they want, demand to go to …

    And not Irieland

    Where they do sh*#$& like riot, set cars on fire every New Year’s Eve in France or murder little Irish Children because, well they don’t feel welcome.

    Those here and in the Alt Right, Populist Tommy Robinson, Neo Con, Christian Zionists that want to sort of oppose this mass Muslim invasion, ISIS, Al Qaeda, now Hammas terror against Israel Js and us, but also worship all things J, please understand the J media elite, political elite in both American parties, the UK Labor party, the cucked UK Conservative party will smear you/as as NAZIS, far right, just for criticizing, noticing Algerian Arab migrants knifing, murdering little Irish children, setting off bombs in French and UK Manchester Discos as if we were/are open anti Semite anti Js who name the J first.

    Remember Spain 15th Century when our people, still Christian then had to fight both Arab Muslim Moors and that certain J people we’re never allowed to notice.

    We wrote about it here on OD, republishing this classic Occidental Dissent history lesson about 15th Century Spain – Whites, Arab Muslims and Js – when our people fought and won for our side and why the Js and Muslims have never forgotten or forgiven us for our victory in Spain.

  8. Good Crac.
    I don’t hate the Muslims as long as they are in the Middle East! Reminds me of Oldham riots in 2000.

    Hopefully the fighters in Ireland can get this one right and stick it to Varadkar.

  9. Well, ancient Rome had something they called Divide et Impera. Instead of fighting themselves, they put 2 hostile groups fight each other and got rid both of them.

    Now , the wettest dream Jews and communists have, is putting immigrants and nationalists fight each other, them sit back watch and laugh.

    The outcome supposed to be like 2 World Wars where every country patriots killed other country patriots , Jews watched from safe distance and later took over without single shot.

    At the current moment, worst thing what could happen, is war with diversity. We will lose last patriotic youth fighting enemy with unlimited manpower supply. This will be definitely the end of white race.

    • This is a valid and important point. The knifeman wouldn’t have been allowed into Eamon de Valera’s Ireland. The Irish gave away their sovereignty when they joined the EUSSR. It’s important to make distinctions between the greater enemy and the lesser enemy. The lesser enemies will often self-deport once the greater enemy is neutralized.

  10. But, wait why is this happening to Catholic trad Ireland? They got little to no Jews. The Catholic Church sits in primacy over the country. Its got Gaelic nationalists still running around say pogue mahone to every Protestant they meet. Nationalists are still celebrating kicking out the British monarchy. Ireland doesn’t support Israel. In fact, many of its present politicians were symps like Keith Woods is now, with the Palestinians. But, they still got Blacks, Browns, and Moslems. What gives? It doesn’t make sense with the magical thinking that support for Israel means more immigrants and refugees.

    So, let’s look. Ireland isn’t run by “Duh, Jews” but by the Papists. Sinn Fein is one of the biggest parties in the country. They bombed their fellow Irishmen who were Protestants cuz the Prods supported the Judeo-Masonic British Empire, kicked out the British monarchy, made Catholicism pupreme, only to elect a fucking Hindu as leader of the Republic. There island still had loads of assholes like Nick Fuentes running around for gibs cuz Judeo-Masonic British Empire, even though Ireland is run entirely by Papists. Yet, they still got Moslem and Black immigrants and refugees and still got little Irish children violently attacked by Moslems.

    Ireland doesn’t send loads of weapons and ammo to Israel, yet they still got Moslem and Black immigrants and refugees. Ireland doesn’t think Israel is its “greatest ally,” yet they still got Moslem and Black immigrants and refugees. Ireland isn’t run by Anglophiles, but Anglophobes, yet they still got Moslem and Black immigrants and refugees. Ireland is run by Nick Fuentes Trad Catholics, but they still got Moslem and Black immigrants and refugees. Its almost like the magical thinking of “Duh, Jews” faction of the Dissident Right doesn’t actually make sense.

    But, that doesn’t stop the deceivers still getting support from blame “Duh, Jews” faction of the Dissident Right. They feted out Keith “The Papist” Woods so he could wax on about “Duh Jews” and get everyone to not look at the Papists. So, its hilarious to see Keith “IRA symp” Woods, wasted his time here ginning up magical thinking agitation against “Duh, Jews.” While rampaging on Twitter to get Nick “Catholic Catboy” Fuentes reinstated and blaming Israel for its citizens getting murdered by savages, Moslem and Black immigrants and refugees where attacking little Irish kids and the country was being run by a Coolie.

    Keith should’ve stayed in his boggy island and worked to stop Moslem and Black refugees and immigrants from coming into the “REPUBLIC OF IRELAND” and worked to clean out Papists from his country’s institutions. Maybe, he should’ve spent more time focused on the WEF and his own fucking church’s complicity with Globalism before screaming “Duh, Jews” every minute. But, that wouldve placed him in direct opposition to his co-religionist Irish Republican friends who support Black and Moslem immigration like fellow Catholic Joe “The Irishman” Biden.

    Indeed, if one looks at who funds and has the largest political infrastructure pushing refugees and immigrants, its Nick Fuentes paymaster, “Duh, Catholics.” The reality is the blame “Duh Jews” faction don’t live entirely in reality. The reality is we have a leftwing Globalist elite running Western Civilization into the ground. They are mostly atheists of various ethnic groups, principally Papists, Jews, and Yankees in that order, and mostly American and European in origin. Expect many more Palestinians to be offloaded into Ireland while the deceivers like Keith Woods, Nick Fuentes, and the Sinn Fein woman keep you all focused on other b.s. like Judeo-Masonic British Empire Israel nonsense. Note, it looks like the area the stabbings and rioting happened in is heavily Protestant. Hmmmmm.

    • Yo, Shit for Brains! Look up Alan Shatter, the “Irish” Immigration kike that opened the floodgates 15 years ago.

      • The Hasbara troll-boy is always going to omit any involvement of Schlomo – no matter how important it is. The scum (((Shatter))) really opened up Ireland to invasion. Another common trick in their bag-o-lies is to deflect blame for the Murika’s 1965 open-borders bill onto Catholics Ted Kennedy or Philip instead of the author of the bill, the Jew Emanuel Celler. Yes Hart introduced the parallel bill in the Senate and Kennedy gave a drunken speech supporting the bill in which he swore it would not alter the demographic balance of the country (lying through his teeth). Even so, it was Celler who wrote the bill and even danced a little jig late in life when someone mentioned that whites would be a minority in Murika before too long.

    • A key figure in Irish history is the Mayor of Dublin. He was Jewish and cynically moaned about Divide and Conquer as the British and Prots were shown the door and he got to pick up the plum political job in Ireland.

      Robert Emmet Briscoe was born into an Orthodox Jewish family in the Ranelagh neighborhood of South Dublin. He was named after the Irish Revolutionary, Robert Emmet. His brother Wolfe Tone Briscoe was named after Theobald Wolfe Tone, one of the leaders of the Irish Rebellion of 1798.

      Briscoe’s father, Abraham William Briscoe,was the Lithuanian Jewish proprietor of Lawlor Briscoe, which was a furniture factory on Ormond Quay which made, refurbished, imported, exported and sold furniture all over Ireland and abroad. Abraham Briscoe – known universally as Pappa – had arrived in Ireland penniless, and made his fortune as a salesman, first as a brush salesman, then as a merchant of imported tea. According to the memoirs of his son, Abraham Briscoe felt a very deep sense of gratitude for the social acceptance and opportunities for success that living in Ireland had granted to him. He accordingly raised his children to be Irish nationalists and supporters of the Home Rule agenda of the Irish Parliamentary Party.

      Brits out Browns in.

      During the Second World War, Briscoe, at this time a member of Dáil Éireann, was placed under close surveillance by the Irish Directorate of Military Intelligence and the Garda Siochana Special Branch. His covert activities in support for Zionism and his lobbying on behalf of refugees were also considered potentially damaging to the interests of the Irish State by senior officials from the Department of Justice. Briscoe was also an admirer and friend of Ze’ev Jabotinsky and his campaign of resistance to antisemitism and his efforts to create a Jewish State. Between 1939 and 1940, Robert Briscoe worked closely with former British Army Col. John Henry Patterson, the former commanding officer of both the Zion Mule Corps and the Jewish Legion during the First World War. Together, they were involved in covert fund raising for the Irgun in the United States. Jabotinsky, while head of Irgun, visited Dublin for secret instruction from Robert Briscoe in the use of guerrilla warfare tactics against the rule of thr British Empire over the Mandate of Palestine. During the same period, Briscoe jokingly described himself as the “Chair of Subversive Activity against England”. Briscoe also wished for Ireland to give asylum to Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany, but did so discreetly in order not to be accused of compromising the neutrality policy of the Fianna Fáil government. Briscoe notably had ugly spats with Irish trade envoy to Germany and avowed anti-Semite Charles Bewley, who tried to thwart his effort of helping Jewish refugees gaining visas for Ireland during the war.
      After the Second World War, Briscoe acted as a special advisor to Menachem Begin in the transformation of Irgun from a paramilitary organisation into the Herut political party in the new State of Israel; the party later became Likud. Briscoe had already been a key figure in the formation of the Fianna Fáil political party out of the Anti-treaty IRA post Irish independence but not before a bitter and fratricidal Civil War. Briscoe accordingly prompted Menachem Begin to make the transition immediately after the Altalena Affair, in order to prevent a similar civil war in Israel.

      Direct DNA line from IRA(Jew Wing) to Irgun and Likud.

  11. If you want to get an idea of how Ireland, a country of only 5 million, got to be enriched by such glorious diversity, take a look at the Irish Savant’s old blog (taken down by Joogle) – archived here. As always, Shatter the Spawn O’Satan couldn’t have accomplished all this without plenty of help from native white traitors, always more than happy to sell out their countrymen for thirty pieces of fake-silver. The day of the rope cannot come soon enough for all who are guilty. Caedite eos…

    • At the dawn of the IRA and Irish independence, there was a certain millionaire Robert Briscoe, an MP from Dublin South, Irish Dial, who also founded Irgun and Likud. You could not make it up. There is no exit.

  12. The unnatural “System” naturally works to destroy Ireland, and any other country or society where it rules. The Irish martyr James Connolly warned his compatriots that winning so-called national independence will not be enough: “If you remove the English Army tomorrow and hoist the green flag over Dublin Castle., unless you set about the organization of the Socialist Republic your efforts will be in vain. England will still rule you. She will rule you through her capitalists, through her landlords, through her financiers, through the whole array of commercial and individualist institutions that she has planted in this country and watered with the tears of our mothers and the blood of our martyrs.” Connolly was correct. “The Bankers, and their Greasy Hands” still run so-called “independent” Ireland. “Risings” of the far-right, and of conservatism, and right populism really work to conserve/preserve the System, not to replace it. Such “rebellions” that won’t touch the ROOT of evil distract, confuse and wear out the people. As James Connolly said, “Ireland will not be free until the people own everything from the plow to the stars”:

    • Yes. Exactly so. The closest they came to being truly free from the Satanic entity across the Irish Sea was during the period 1947 to 1965. Even then, the DeValera government based its currency on the GBP and stupidly joined the Rockefeller-founded UN, which ultimately led to the total loss of independence under the EUSSR monstrosity erected in Brussels. Outlawing usury would be an important first step.

  13. White people don’t riot. Is it safe to assume the damaged property did not belong to the nutcase stabber? To the Irish mind the appropriate response to a mental case going on a stabbing rampage is set fire to the property of innocent people, some of it presumably belonging to their own kind. What does Pastor Lindstedt call them? Without objection to their immoral conduct, these Irish are going to bring all whites down to their level, gutter filth. When was the last time the Lutherans rioted?

    • What do you expect the Irish to do, vote for fake-opposition parties like retarded mystery-meat Murikan goblins do? The buildings torched are likely owned by foreigners and/or (((bankstains))). The African and Musloid colonists imported by the bankstains and their shitlib step-n-fetchits should be given the same choice the pied-noirs of Algeria were given by the Algerians: the suitcase or the shroud. Ireland never had colonies – and indeed as a badly-treated colony of the British Empire – yet the comprador elite there insist on importing colonists to replace the Irish.

      If you bothered to read the response from the leader of the so-called “nationalist” Sinn-Féin, it should be obvious that she’s just another grifter running a fake-and-gay “opposition” party in one of “our democracies”. To be truly independent, Ireland would need to exit the EUSSR and ally with Russia, China and BRICs – dropping the Euro and the SWIFT racket run by the Empire of Lies and its vassal states. Nukes aimed at London would ensure independence for the small country. It would take only a minute or so of flight time to render the (((City of London))) into a radioactive glass square mile. The rabid genocidal gang in Britain would think twice about re-invading the small nation then.

      You constantly whine about what cucks for the Jews the Irish are – and there indeed many cases to back this claim up, especially in Murika. What you totally ignore is the fact the the English are even more cucked to the Satanic bankstains than the Irish are. Even Dostoyevsky notice in the 19th century how British missionaries would far prefer to travel to some distant colonial shithole to convert the natives there than to lift up and help their own starving poor there in Britain. You see the same thing in every retarded fake-and-gay branch of ‘Christianity’ today in the west – both Protestant and Catholic alike.

      • Substantial cities like London, Manchester, Liverpool, Southampton, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol and so on are at least 30% Irish in ancestry.

        And btw the Irish were complicit in the Empire. As much as they piss and moan about the Black and Tans up to 1/3 of the British army abroad in the Empire was Irish in ethnic origin. Senior Irish NCOs were common, as well as being mid/high level politico civil servants in the colonies. See the strange tale of a Sir Roger Casement. Happily running parts of Africa for His Majesty, Edward VII then became an Irish Republican Army gun runner in 1914-16 in contact with Imperial Germany. Good chum with Joseph Conrad, writer of Heart of Darkness in his Africa days.

        • Yes plenty of Irish were complicit. An even higher percentile of Muirkan whites are complicit. Just add the CZ retards with white shitlibs and you’ve got well over 50%. Every single white nation has no shortage of people who are willing to take the offered 30 pieces of fake-silver from Shekelstein & Co. to sell out their own people. The Irish are certainly no exception in this respect. The numerous Irish units who fought for the “British” (((City of London))) empire were collectively known as the ‘Wild Geese’.

          The absolute worst white traitors of all in Murika are the former WASP elites, with a long string of infamous names: Bush, Harriman, Morgan, Rockefeller, Gates, Bezos, et al. Schlomo couldn’t have achieved the remarkable control he has were it not for all those nice white folks paving the way. The Yankee ruling class was working to get plugged into the (((City of London))) fictional-reserve usury-racket from the very foundation of the republic. It was only the Scots-Irish Andrew Jackson who had the fortitude to knock-down the predecessor to our beloved “Federal” reserve. The city played the long game though and ginned up fury over an issue (negro slavery) which every other country in the western hemisphere managed to resolve legislatively. The old Illinois railroad-shyster tried to double-cross the city by printing tons of greenbacks to pay for the war they fomented and they had their agents pay him back according to bankstain rules.

      • I have been trying to tell you, the Jews and Irish are allies no matter what this small group of dissenters may lead you to believe. And the reasons they, the Jews and Irish are allies is because the Jews and Irish share common traits and characteristic, a desire for power, an inability to condemn the sin among their own kind, and a willing to blame others for their own wrongs doings.

        And because of these traits and characteristics they are doomed to the same fate as the Jews.

    • Nancyboy brownstain ” when was the last time the Lutherans rioted ? ” Why would a self satisfied denomination such as the Lutherans riot, a denomination at peace with this world, it would go against every molecule of holy Roman empire blood, coarsing thru their veins…..

      • ……the Amish too, why don’t the Amish riot? Do you know the Amish in Lancaster County PA are being over run by Puerto Ricans and yet no riots? Why aren’t the Amish burning the place down?

        • Because they’re pacifists, like all Anabaptist Protestant sects. They don’t resist even if someone openly attacks and starts to butcher them. Nor do they join militaries to go kill others on behalf of bankstains. They get massacred now and again by the locals (usually over their refusal to fight for the banks). Their fellow Anabaptist Hutterites were slaughtered in the wake of the Russian revolution – as I recall the Jew-Bolsheviks were especially eager to rape and butcher those gentle Germanic farmers. They have large families though so they continue to flourish in a number of locales around the world – even in Latin America.

        • The amish are going to burn down the corn fields?
          The barn?
          The buggie?
          The horse?
          Here’s a free clue Boob, the amish live in the countryside. There isn’t a city in the countryside.

    • Roberta O’Browning,
      Maybe the buildings they attacked were government buildings or belonged to Muhammad ‘the best kebabs in town’ shop owner. Could have been the premises of leftist immigrant lawyers, you know, the ones who fight to keep immigrants in, whome we were promised were ‘temporary’.
      We weren’t there, so we don’t know.
      I’m afraid I must break it;- your posts have a continuous inability to turn my frown upside down! 😉

    • Hate to say it, Hunter, but your comment section has collected some of the most witless and idiotic morons to ever put hand to keyboard. High speed internet has made us all worse off because of it.

      Even when provided with a great moralizing example of White men punching back at the evil system we all suffer under, they’ve opted to bring it back to how not White the Irish are, how the Catholic Church is the REAL problem, and how we ought to be supporting Israel, not those brown people.

      Unfortunately, the loudest are those that should keep quiet. Like blacks.

      At least we have the dimmest opinions on here as bright shining examples of what not to believe.

    • “these Irish are going to bring all whites down”:

      I thought I remembered that Irish people who were enslaved in the Caribbean joined the Haitian revolution, but no it was Polish people. Polish mercenaries (Napoleon’s Polish Legion) turned on the French and joined the Haitian revolution, when they realized what they were fighting against. It was in Jamaica that escaped Irish slaves joined and mixed with escaped Africans. The long, complex “global” reaction to the Haitian revolution is an interesting subject: the sugar plantation colony was extremely lucrative and the French, British and Spanish empires all wanted to have it (even the young United States got involved, with gunboats, briefly) and the level of atrocities that they reached trying to subdue the slaves included gassing rebel prisoners to death with SO2 in floating gas chambers. Anyway, the “fighting Irish” or “rebellious Irish” were not involved with “the wrong side” in the Haitian slave rebellion. Now the Africans have come to Ireland, by the same system.

  14. While it is good and righteous what the mob did, the reaction from the establishment is saddening and infuriating. First, what the hell are they doing putting an Indian in charge of the government? Just reminds us how Indians are slowly moving into administration posts everywhere. Vivek and Nikki Haley the American examples.
    Also, the Irish artistic/literary community for a long time have been very pro third world. “We were the first third world colony” they say over and over, and the Irish intelligentsia are enthusiastic for blacks and browns in unreasonable ways.
    As a song of the Chieftains said “Our hands and legs are all our own, but our brains are foreign led.”
    Jaye’s example of Algeria is quite true. France and that great hero DeGaulle abandoned the Pied Noir, but abandoning white people almost seems a trait of the educated and upper class. The Irish are no different.
    As they used to say in Ireland, it’s time to talk a little treason.

    • 20th Century will go down in history as the most shameful and tragic for our race, and very possibly its ultimate extinction. White nations went to war supposedly at the behest of other White nations, cousins killing millions of cousins; but when it came time to resist brown invaders, the knee was bent. Absolutely pathetic.

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