Stuart Seldowitz Arrested

I assume that most of you saw this.

It happened while I was taking a break from writing.

Stuart Seldowitz, a thirty year veteran of the U.S. State Department who worked under five presidents as acting director for the National Security Council South Asia Directorate and as deputy director of the U.S. State Department’s Office of Israel and Palestinian Affairs, was caught on camera stalking, harassing and threatening an Egyptian halal cart vendor in New York City. Seldowitz was once one of the closest associates of former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

The encounter went viral on the internet. More videos surfaced of Seldowitz harassing Russian diplomats. He was finally arrested and charged with hate crime stalking and aggravated harassment. In my adult lifetime, it is exactly people like Stuart Seldowitz who are hardcore Jewish Zionists who have flourished in the foreign policy establishment under both Democrat and Republican presidents. They have spent the last thirty years inciting expensive and devastating wars all over the world.

It was the Iraq War which woke me to this. I have spent the last twenty years opposing these people to no avail. I voted for Trump because I was exhausted with all the wars in the Middle East. He gave Bibi Netanyahu everything he wanted, pardoned Jonathan Pollard’s handler and assassinated the Iranian general Qasem Soleimani. Joe Biden empowered the neocons who rebranded themselves as Never Trumpers. Joe Biden plunged us into the war in Ukraine. Now these people like Seldowitz are thrilled that he has given a blank check to Israel to exterminate the Palestinians.

Virtually the entire Congress with the exception of libertarian gadflys like Thomas Massie and The Squad is either owned or cowed by AIPAC. Repulsive Zionist ghouls like Stuart Seldowitz are unchecked. I wish I knew what could be done about it. I don’t see any short term solution.


  1. “I wish I knew what could be done about it.”

    There’s nothing to be done about “it,” because “it” is not the problem.

    Every white will do best to avoid conduct by which he is not enhanced, by which his strength, his range of sensibility is not expanded. Should he do that, he is bringing his own kind nearer to a day when the Jews and all other impediments to the flourishing of whites will simply drop away.

  2. don’t you have a party in the USA that is not controlled by either the Republicans or the Democrats?? As far as I know there is the National Justice Party……….But I don’t know his chances of winning over the mainstream parties.

  3. Seldowitz was bad publicity for the ruling oligarchy and deep-state so they had him arrested using one of their favorite weapons against YT – hate speech laws. He’ll be off scot-free before you can say ‘Uncle Schmuel’. The good thing about this is that their mask has largely fallen off now – and more normies are seeing the true ugliness beneath. By contrast, some white guy was put in prison for posting memes about the witch Hilary not long ago. Betcha (((Seldowitz))) doesn’t do even an hour of jail time. This too will serve to fuel the fire with the hoi polloi, since some of them will see the special treatment afforded by being related to those who create fake-money by adding zeros to accounts. The great promoters of equality über alles are increasingly revealed as believers in Napoleon the Pig’s famous quip from Animal Farm: Some of us are more equal than others.

  4. “I wish I knew what could be done about it. I don’t see any short term solution.”

    It is a good and natural impulse to hate these people for what they are, corrupt, treacherous and viciously cruel and cowardly.

    We live in a fallen world, wherein viscious cruelty is often rewarded. If your objective is to change that, you are engaged in hubris. That task is beyond us. So says scripture and so says common sense and the evidence of our eyes and knowledge of history, modern and ancient.

    If instead we turn out eyes to our own, to the cultivation of those virtues in us that are anathema to their corruption, our enterprise, our limitless empathy (seemingly unique in the upright primates), our boundless curiosity and desire to explore, our sense of good humor and all of the things that made Whitey the dominant species on the planet, if we turn to those things and embrace those in our people and learn to appreciate our own again, if for no other reason than that we are so much more than the jews can ever be, there is a path forward there.

    Hunter the short term solution is already in front of you. Be a good father to strong White children. Teach them to love their own and to defend them tirelessly, to be upright and do their best.

    Antisemitism is a dead end. Not because its wrong to hate Jews and what they are. But because hating them isn’t an end in itself. Loving your own and sacrificing for them is an end in itself, and one worthy of a White life given if need be.

    Advocate for the virtues of Whitey, for Whiteys freedom to express those virtues and to seek prosperity for future Whitey, for Whitey’s sake.

    The burden of solving this issue isn’t one man’s cross to bear. The solution is a cross we can all share together, and that fellowship will forge us into the bulwark we need against the evil that assails us. All it takes is a remnant.

    Look what the Irish did. They were righteously angry at what was done to Irish WHITE children. Nobody can fault them for it either without exposing themselves as the corrupt monsters they are. Their cruelty, turned on them by people advocating for their own. People see that, and draw strength to stand up for their own, to resist our oppression and the ineptitude of the coopted ruling class toadies.

    Its gonna be ok man. The only end we should fear is one met on our knees in submission and defeat or despair, instead of on our feet fighting to the last if thats what it takes.

    The 14 words is a worldview and a credo that holds the means and the end all at once. White prosperity is worth any sacrifice. Doesn’t have to be all Whites, it never can be. All it takes is a remnant.

    Have a good holiday season. Enjoy the time with family. It really is precious.

    Eat some ham. Jews don’t get ham.

    Use your hard earned talent as a researcher and writer to lift White peoples eyes and remind them its ok to be White.

    We got Twitter back. Use it to spread good humor, and ham recipes.

  5. Wow. Untouchable got touched. This is a promising sign. Hopefully others will follow soon.

    “””….owned or cowed by AIPAC….”””

    This unholy alliance reminds a late Byzantium where everybody loved each other and everybody poisoned each other. They may give Bibi 200 standing ovations but in deep heart most of them wants throw Jew down the well to get rid from their evil master. The Swamp wants lay comfortably in their cesspool of corruption, not fight WW III with Russia and China and maybe meet Hezbollah or GRU best men 3 AM in their bedrooms.

    Like Stalin administration greatest dream was get their boss dead. Considering all recent events, for exactly Elon mentioning Jew and getting away with that, Donald is still alive and out of prison, Hamas won the Gaza battle, Jew power might be on its last leg.

    They desperately want to get us into some kind of fight like this Mossad agent attack in Ireland mentioned in the previous article or this Jew picking up fight with everybody or other provocation and terror attacks coming in the nearest future. But when everybody keep calm and ignore Jew provocations , then the end of the Jew might come sooner than most of us think.

  6. He’s not the only one. These Anglo-Zionists who act like they “hate the Muslims” are at the same time working to create, support and direct “radical Islam” proxies such as Al Qaeda, and many others. If radical Muslims didn’t exist they would need to be invented. In fact, they ARE mostly invented.

    What his kind REALLY hates and REALLY fights against are secular socialist movements in the Middle East, which would bring true national sovereignty, equality, peace and prosperity to Middle Eastern peoples, and deny the U.S. a military and financial foothold, nationalize all banking and all the rich natural resources. The Saudi and Hashem cryptos and other “royalty” and all the puppet dictators such as al-Sisi would be permanently de-throned when people’s rule is established.

    Like the old Roman Catholic Crusaders who were much worse than the Saracens (the Crusades mostly worked to destroy orthodox Christianity), these modern Anglo-Zionist crusaders are much worse (more bloody barbaric) than the most “stubborn, backward” Muslims. Here is a U.S. (U.sury S.ystem) crusader working up traditional Muslim proxies to destroy a secular, socialist Afghanistan:

    • Other races are different but diseases are almost the same. Mental diseases included. Those “radical Muslims” are in fact their liberals. Or communists or however we call those weird woke people.

      Radical Islam is also their version of wokeness. Those lunatics think that making a world better, Tikkun Olam in Hebrew, gives then right to commit any kind of crimes and makes them übermenschen and all other people untermenschen.

      Other similarities are also visible. And like we have our trouble with wokeness, Muslim countries have a lot of trouble with ISIS. Syrian and Iraqi armies fighting them, also Hamas Hezbollah, Iran and Central Asian countries.

      Jews know that there is lunacy inside the mankind and using those lunatic people. They form evil alliance from mad people and call it democratic opposition.

      What we have right now, is global fight between good and evil. This is the reason why we shall never ever enter into race war or ethnic war. Good people are our natural allies. Hamas and Hezbollah, also Kadyrov with his Chechens , Iran, Houthi rebels and other darkies screwing Jew more than all Soros abiding white gun owners.

    • “Like the old Roman Catholic Crusaders who were much worse than the Saracens …”

      I should hope they were. It will be a sad day, indeed, when a pack of Teutonic idlers can’t do more damage than a few nations’ worth of non-white fanatics.

  7. My first thought when the news hit is what does Seldowitz do for income? People that high in the government, milking it for so many years, develop expensive tastes, live in expensive areas, etc. A quick google finds he was employed as an “outside consultant” at GDC, a private company that provides “logistical services” to non profits, governments, etc.

    GDC’s current “Our Team” web page has a disclaimer that Seldowitz was never an employee but only hired as on “outside consultant”. The “Team” consists of 3 jews, with the CEO and founder being an “Israeli-American”. The company’s current projects are in the Ukraine and Israel (after October 7th). Previous projects included “rescuing the last Jews out of Yemen” and “rescuing the last Jews out of Afghanistan”.

    The previous team web page, archived by the WaybackMachine has Seldowitz in the first row of profiles on the web page:

    My point in relaying all this is only to show what an interconnected mess is setup to support these moles both inside and outside of government. But, I’m preaching to the choir here.

  8. So are we gonna cancel, deplatform and dox this guy for hate?
    Are his banks going to suspend his accounts?
    Are Antifa and BLM gonna pay him a visit on his doorstep?
    I doubt it, because his brand of hate is protected.
    It’s okay for Jews to hate Arabs/Muslims or anyone else in America, especially if they’re also members of our political/ruling class.
    Jews are a protected class.
    They and Israel have been handed a blank check by both sides of the political aisle.

  9. Brad,
    There is nothing that can be done about it and certainly not in the short term. There are only two things that will collapse the current order – the jews overplaying their hand (which, historically, they have always done) AND (not or) the economy getting significantly worse (which is baked into the cards because of the asymptotic growth of the national debt). It is impossible to predict when. Could be 6 months or 60 years. Of course, voting will accomplish nothing.

    There is a big danger though. Any collapse could be followed by a Soviet style revolution resulting in countless dead. The difference in the USA today compared to old Russia is that the ones who would order all the killings are already in control of the government.

  10. I have been on the road Stuart Seldowitz is on. Here is were it leads——-

    Second degree harassment is a violation. Violations are offenses that result in a fine but no jail time.

    For the record, I support the right of the obnoxious kyke Stuart Seldowitz to be as obnoxious and offensive to anybody and everybody for as long as this little heart desires.

  11. Isn’t it the Jews who are working behind the scenes 24/7 to have these people in the West?
    Seems it’s only okay to be anti Muslim when there’s conflict in the Middle East and the Jews suddenly want us on their side.
    They make me sick.

  12. The Germans were in an even worse predicament during the weimar republic, and they managed to democratically elect a patriotic national, and socialist team and engineer an economic miracle in 4 years. Mr Hitler even made the cover of Time Magazine for it. The jews have control of this good cop/bad cop 2 party system. Everything that could be compromised, has been. Time to get busy and follow tried and true solutions. Vote NSDAP.

  13. “Now infamous for his viral Islamophobic rant, Seldowitz allegedly called Russian UN officials “whores” and even harassed a diplomat’s dog” ….

    Doesn’t matter , he’s Jewish – he can do whatever the Hell he wants .

  14. Makes you wonder about a lot of things, like: what world-ending derangement did Seldowitz banter about in national security meetings; is ZOG that flippant and powerful that they could hire a literal psycho like Seldowitz; and most of all, just how many more psychos like him are still sitting on the National Security Council.

    • John Bolton, Cheetohead the Clown’s ‘national security advisor’ is at least as deranged as Seldowitz – maybe even more so. The more these clowns expose themselves, the more the mask slips away to reveal the monstrous reality. Ultimately this could be a very positive thing because it has the effect of interrupting the 24 x 7 x 365 brainwashing the normies have been marinating in for literal decades running.

  15. Does Stuart Seldowitz act like a master of the universe who feels like he is in total control of the fates and fortunes of the lumpenproletariat everywhere… who is so successful at hiding his absolute power from the goyim that he has perfected the art of striking at them from the darkness simply by making a phone call? Does such a man have to threaten a lowly Egyptian halal food vendor? Would such a man be caught on camera doing so?

    Or does Seldowitz act like an unhinged lunatic whose hatred, fear, frustration, and growing sense of impotence is driving him into a complete and total meltdown that would have once had him involuntarily committed to a mental institution? And I imagine that a lot of this meltdown stems from the fact that the State Department he worked at in tandem with Israeli “intelligence” are dealing with the failure of the policies they implemented to divide and rule the Middle East only to ultimately unite “Anti-Semites” all over the world against them.

    They created HAMAS to destroy FATAH only to create a smarter, deadlier opposition to Israel. Israel supported the overthrow of the Shah in Iran and Iran against Iraq. The two Iraq Wars empowered Iran who is funding Hezbollah and Hamas. Because of some personal distaste for Trump, they ousted him and his Abraham Accords and instituted Obama’s unofficial third term which not only unfroze Iran’s assets but enriched Iran. Sunnis, like everyone else, want to be on the winning side, so they are getting behind Iran. Turkey is allying with Iran. Thousands of years of sectarian division in Islam have been wiped out by Seldowitz’s State Department.

    For all his happy talk about Biden unreservedly funding the genocide against Gaza and whole-hearted American support of Israel, Seldowitz knows something you don’t, Hunter. And that is, that Obama puppet, Biden is doing everything imaginable to tie Israel’s hands and that so-called American support is astro-turfed or, at best, a mile wide and an inch deep. It will evaporate the second any move is made to draft young Americans to fight Hamas and Hezbollah, much less invade Iran or Russia.

    If you monitor the “conservative” talk radio circuit the way I do, you will see a similar meltdown going in with the motor-mouthed talk show host, Ben “Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings” Shapiro, because Candace Owens tried to maintain a ‘Gee, I hope that more killing of innocent civilians on both sides stop suffering” stance and agrees with an X user’s post that claimed Jews “have been pushing the exact kind of dialectical hatred against whites that they claim to want people to stop using against them.”

    Mark Levin dropped the mask months ago when he was pushing the War in Ukraine and what I presume is now an ex-Levinite out-right asked Levin if he wanted the USA to go to war with Russia. He told him to “get off the phone, ya big jerk” and hung up on him.

    Levin is trying to be more restrained and exhausting all his manipulative skills to talk his Boomer-con audience into pressuring TMFIIC to draft their grandchildren to replace Israeli soldiers fighting Hamas and Hezbollah (now that military recruitment of White men has sunk to an all-time low, but the country’s successful campaign against toxic White masculinity has thinned the ranks of those remaining a lot. I imagine that this looming War with all its “training accidents” already starting is only going to accelerate Whites leaving so that only POC and LBGTQXYZ Alphabet freaks are left.

    I know that the David Dukes, Jared Taylors, Peter Brimelows and other Pro-White advocates like yourself have not been able to influence much if anything through activism – and in many cases, have even see it backfire miserably in Charlottesville and on J-6, but we ARE WINNING and BIG TIME despite those set backs.

    We are seeing Louis Beam’s Leaderless Resistance Concept playing out – not in the Lone Wolf or small cells activist groups the way he envisioned and the FBI keeps pushing to keep their Domestic Terrorism funding high, but we are seeing such highly successful leaderless boycotts that keep hurting the bottom line of the NFL, Hollywood, Target, and Disney. Indeed, formerly “woke” companies live in mortal terror of being Bud Lighted. There is a slow but steady move against commercials pushing race mixing and stupid White people being lectured to by smart Black people.

    We are witnessing Carl Jung’s Collective Unconsciousness Theory in action big time, because the Normies who have been the despair of frustrated WNs everywhere are coming out of their comas with a vengeance. Not only that, they are bringing Non-Whites with them. First, we saw the “White-Adjacent” working class Mestizos and Asians and now we are seeing Blacks like Candace Owen and Jason Whitlock noticing.

    WNs do not have to do a thing but sit on their hands and give the Usual Suspects enough rope to hang themselves. Hard as WNs tried to stop the Seldowitzes – thus saving them from themselves – they failed in the face of draconian crackdowns by the hostile alien elite of running the show. WNs were shoved out of the way and a good thing it was, too.

    It was their own hubris which unites groups they used to divide and rule. It started with parents outraged over the grooming of their children in public schools and pushing sex changes on them. We saw large populations of parents of all races and religions – particularly Muslims and Christians they like to set on each other’s throats – raising hell over this sick curriculum. The FBI has stopped arresting conservative White Christians protesting at PTA’s since Non-Whites and Muslims started demonstrating with them.

    Unlike you, I do not believe that Seldowitz is going to be let off the hook without even a slap on the wrist. I think the book is going to be thrown at him, because they have no other choice. That video with him harassing that Egyptian halal food vendor (who wisely did not erupt into a rage and assult or kill him) went around the world. Egyptians (who they are trying to cajole into taking in the Gaza refugees) will be following Seldowitz’s trial closely.

    I wish the Jews would give Seldowitz the Leo Frank treatment rather than throw him beneath the bus like they should have with Leo Frank. They should have Epsteined Frank and left a corpse hanging in his cell as he awaited trial. I don’t see any defense of Seldowitz by the ADL or SPLC coming. Too bad.

    Call it counter-intuitive on my part, but I devoutly hope that Seldowitz does get away with his antics with that vendor, because it would not only be a good thing but a great thing for Whites, illustrating all too clearly which group has all the privilege around the world. I am hoping that the Jews use all their capital to haul Seldowitz’s chestnuts out of the fire.

    If they do, I strongly suggest you and other White advocacy boards broadcast it. A lot of Non-White groups follow boards like this and though they can’t totally get rid of their own historical and imagined grievances against White people, they will spread the word about where the real privilege is. It might even lessen their animus against us.

    In the mean time, I suggest we look more and more to Orania as an effective example of how to deal with Anti-White authorities. The Oranians have withdrawn from the competition for power and resources in South Africa and are in the process of creating their own unofficial country which is self-sustaining and very ecological on a desert land which was formerly so desolate no one was interested in it.

    Yes, now that it is profitable, there is great interest now, but the founders were very careful to establish it as a Bantustan like the Zulus and the Xosa have. And they have no problem meeting with these two other groups and sharing the technology (but not the funding) they have come up with. They surprisingly have more support than opposition by most Black South Africans who can see what corrupt screw ups are destroying the country.

    Whites should stop building easily accessible Whitopias like the gated community in McKinney, Texas whose private pool was invaded by Black teenagers invited to some party by a Black resident renting there in 2015. The responding police officer, Eric Casebolt was forced to resign. The teenaged girl he restrained won a settlement and a resident fighting off a Black teenaged girl lost her job.

    Whites are at best a small majority or worst a large minority in this country. Orania’s proposition turning the Too Big To Fail argument upside down on its head as far as government is concerned can work here. Whites can and should take local control in small towns with aging but working infrastructure off the arterial roads that eventually feed into the main highways. They can make sure no public schools are built, but put up parochial schools at churches there. This situation offers the most Affordable Family Formation.

    Such settlements are not illegal. We already have an ethnic-religious community model set up in the United States known as the Kiryas Joel Hassidic community. Whites will be forced to use the Orania model and self-fund it, because unlike Kiryas Joel, Whites salvaging aging White small towns won’t get any kind of subsidization from the government.

    Small, local control in easily defended areas is in the best interests of all Whites as, thanks to the feckless foreign and domestic policies that the Seldowitzes imposed in the United States, the wheels are about to fall off of this cart sooner rather than later. Any windows of opportunity may be slow in closing, but when they finally do, they will shut quick and hard.

    • Fantastic post. HW should make your post a blog entry. It’s a super reminder that we should not despair. Like the pandora legend, the box has been opened and a great storm of misery has washed over us. Yet there at the bottom of the box lies the jewel – hope.

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