Tommy Robinson Arrested and Removed From March Against Anti-Semitism

This is perfect.

This illustrates why I have so little interest in European nationalism.

After wearing a yarmulke, draping himself in an Israeli flag and shilling for Israel for years on Twitter, Tommy Robinson still isn’t respectable enough to attend the “March Against Anti-Semitism.” He was arrested and removed from the march by its Jewish gatekeepers.

The UK is the poster child for why we should be skeptical of Zionists rebranding themselves as “National Conservatives” and making big promises to do this and that on immigration and other important nationalist issues. Boris Johnson came to power to “get BREXIT done” and was touted as a model for Americans who would usher in a global conservative populist realignment.

What happened?

After succeeding in pushing through BREXIT, Boris Johnson supported COVID lockdowns and vaccine mandates. He supported draconian new hate speech laws. Immigration was cranked up to a record high. He finally became one of the biggest cheerleaders for the war in Ukraine and was instrumental in torpedoing any chance for peace between Russia and Ukraine in early 2022. Johnson lost power and was replaced by Liz Truss who was replaced by the current PM Rishi Sunak. The Tories are now on track to get blown out in the next election. Boris attended the March Against Anti-Semitism.

Washington Post:

LONDON — Thousands of people including former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson gathered in London on Sunday for a march against antisemitism, a day after large crowds turned out for a pro-Palestinian rally.

Johnson was joined by the U.K.’s Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis and other senior government officials at the march to express solidarity with the Jewish community. Organizers billed it as the largest gathering against antisemitism in London for decades.

Marchers waved Israeli and the U.K.’s Union flags and held placards reading “Never Again Is Now” and “Zero Tolerance for Antisemites.

”Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, the former leader of the far-right English Defence League, was detained by police at the march. Yaxley-Lennon, more widely known by his alias Tommy Robinson, was among crowds of counter-protesters who clashed with police during an Armistice Day march in London. …

The idea that Zionism is pro-White is just laughable.

Did America become more pro-White through 75 years of Standing With Israel?

If there is a pragmatic case for supporting Zionism as a quid pro quo, I have yet to see it. I increasingly see it as nothing but the same old conservatism rebranding itself as “national populism” to be marketed to a younger audience. It has the same Jewish gatekeepers. It makes the same big promises and delivers the same pitiful results. You can count on it to be pro-war and maximally pro-Israel.


  1. Robinson has always been an anti-islam, islam in Britain is considered more dangerous than zionism or jews. I think this is the reason. Even in my country conservative talk about the threat of islam and terrorists rather than of jews. The only people who clearly endorse palestinian cause against zionism and jews are the once of Casapound and other local far-right movements.

  2. It’s rather humorous to see the worthless cuck get his pee-pee whacked by Schlomo. It’s even funnier that we have at least one hasbara troll here daily advocating that we all follow Tommy in his glorious assumption of the position of endlessly fellating Schlomo – in an obscene self-licking ice-cream cone.

    The best course for whites is the simplest one. Never jump into a fight between two enemies. Stand aside and let them kill one another. Our chief objective must be our own peoples’ survival. Siding with either Zionism or Islam is a one-way ticket to our own destruction. Let the Muslims fight the Zionists. They are less cucked and less infiltrated with Judases than we are. They are much more willing to directly take on Schlomo and his retarded CZ golem than anyone else.

    • I complete agree with you…….globali want usato jump on one side or another instead we have think only about out affairs or at least the affairs to other whites.

    • After 1917 revolution , Eastern Europe fought off Trotsky march to Europe. We also thought that communism is Russian problem and let russkies sort this out. We close the border and forget what is going on on the other side.

      Russians failed to sort the mess out and 20 years later, entire Eastern Europe paid heavy price for our ignorance. I don,t say that we should jump the shark like Bibi did in Gaza but careful moderate support to Muslims is at the current moment reasonable.

      There are 2 billion of them and after implosion of the Jew World Order we need good relationship. For example for peaceful return of the immigrants. Russians supporting Muslims and greatly benefit from this alliance.

      • Russia had some serious Muslim problems as well – see the Beslan massacre for example. That being said Russia has had Muslim populations within its borders since the 1400s. By and large they have not had anything approaching the problems the west has had with them: Invasions starting in the 700s and only ending with the Turks’ final defeat at Vienna in the late 1600s.

        I suspect at lot of the problems we’ve been seeing with Muslims are the result of actions carried out by the City of London and its various minions since the 19th century. It’s only made worse by the mass importation of them into western countries.

        As I’ve noted before, the only ones protecting the small remaining Christian populations in Iraq and Syria are Alawites (a small odd sect of Muslims) and Shiites – Hezbollah in particular. Muslims have their own civilization and enjoy majority populations in many countries. They should go back there and build their own civilization. The ones in the west are all controlled by Jews like Soros – though recent events might see a breaking of this.

        Just remember: Heaven has strict immigration laws. Hell has open borders.

    • The reason supporters like Tommy Robinson are openly discouraged (but privately encouraged) is that they represent a bargain (England’s sovereignty and the English people’s right to have their own country upheld if Israel’s sovereignty as a Jewish country is).

      The Jews have intentions of honoring such a bargain (even if it is implicit not formal) but encourage any anti-Islamic sentiment TR might generate, because it represents less interference to their plans of eliminating the Palestinians from the West Bank as well as Gaza. The Israelis and the Jewish Diaspora are already applying pressure on the West to take these Palestinians in.

      Then rap the knuckles of White Christians all over the Western world for their Islamophobia.

      Tommy Robinson is an idiot who would better serve England if he just kicks back and allows the two factions to fight rather than pulling them from each other’s throats. Why DO White Nationalists break their own necks to get in the way of the enemy when he is destroying himself? Tommy Robinson strikes me as a total attention whore.

      Our only position as White Americans should be militant neutrality. We don’t want American blood or American treasure expended on a land that does not represent American interests and to which Americans have no historical claim.

      Here, more than ever, George Washington’s admonitions that the USA should be a neutral force that only does business with the established authorities of a country/territory, never interfere or “assist” in its internal affairs and, most importantly, engage in entangling alliances should be heeded.

      Thanks to abandoning the Back to Africa Project set up in Liberia, we already had a built in population with real or imagined historical racial grievances. The last thing we needed was to engage in all these “nation-building” wars that did not only not spread “democracy,” but imported even more pissed off Non-Whites to deal with.

      If the only thing we have to vote for in 2024 is which candidate can best drag us into WWIII, count me out; I’ll sit this one out and stay home rather than take that walk of shame to pull the lever this coming election. The Republicans and their gushing over Israel is so cringe-worthy, it’s disgusting.

  3. Jews are Absolutely incompatible with white and Christian nationalism.
    Not only that, but they’re incompatible with any form of nationalism in the western world, even civic nationalism.
    Jews always have, and always will promote globalism for the west while simultaneously promoting ultra-nationalism for Israel.
    Anybody who tells you otherwise is either a fool, or lying to you.
    Either way, they aren’t fit to lead a serious white/Christian nationalist movement.

    Like oil and water, white Christian nationalism and Zionism cannot mix.
    If you’re a Zionist, you’re a Zionist, you cannot be a white/Christian nationalist and a Zionist at the same time.
    Jews are not our friends, we will never be able to make common cause with them.
    Zionism isn’t merely Jewish nationalism, it’s Jewish supremacism, Zionism is the belief that all non-Jews are cattle and can be slaughtered like cattle.
    This is why Zionists promote the genocide of whites by mass immigration and the genocide of Palestinians by mass murder.
    I look at the genocide of Palestinians by mass murder and the genocide of whites and Christians by mass immigration as two sides of the same coin of Zionism/Judaism/Jewishness, it is all one phenomenon, the phenomenon of Jewish supremacism, and while there may be a few exceptions, a couple unicorns, Jewish supremacism always has been and always will be the norm for Jews.

    I will take a step further and say, you cannot be a Zionist and be anything else.
    You cannot even be a Zionist and a liberal, because Zionism, along with its sisters Judaism and Jewishness, is an intrinsically authoritarian, Jewish supremacist way of being that looks upon all non-Jewish peoples of the world as cattle only fit for slavery and mass murder.
    Zionism/Judaism/Jewishness is anathema, poison to the west, there is Absolutely nothing redeemable in it.

    Our first mistake was welcoming Jews in our lands.

      • Who died and made you God? The ONLY FINAL SOLUTION is the restitution and restoration of a Triune-worshiping Hierarchic Monarchic state in ‘Symphony’ with the Valid Church. You cannot have ‘nationalism’ if you don’t have overt Christianity.

        “Without violating personal free-will, but always honouring it and taking it into account, God invisibly steers the destinies of states and nations towards a certain end, which is the salvation for eternity of as many people as He has chosen.

        “When the Lord Jesus Christ ascended into heaven, He declared: “All power hath been given unto Me in heaven and on earth” (Matthew 28.18). All power means just that: power over both angels and men, both believers and unbelievers, both souls and bodies, both galaxies and sub-atomic particles. Jesus Christ is the supreme King of kings and Lord of lords, “the prince of the kings of the earth” ( Revelation 1.5): there is nothing that is not both and preserved in existence by Him.”

        “As Blessed Theophylact of Bulgaria writes: “’All is delivered’ to the Son by the Father (Luke 10.22) in that all is to be subject to the Son. There are two ways in which God rules over all. First, He rules over all independently of their own will [the outer kingdom]. And second, He rules over those who willingly subject themselves to Him [the inner Kingdom]. Hence I can say: God is my Master independently of my will, inasmuch as He is my Creator. But He is also my Master whenever I, as a grateful servant, fulfill His will by working to keep the commandments.”

        “So the kingdom of this world embraces the whole of nature, including the State, which is that part of the outer kingdom that is organized by human beings to the highest degree, embracing the whole of society. The Church, on the other hand, is God’s inner kingdom on earth. Although it has a visible presence and organization on earth, its essence is not of this world, being the Kingdom of Grace.
        The inner Kingdom of the Church ministers to the inner needs of man, his salvation for eternity. The outer kingdom of the State ministers to his external needs – food and shelter and security from external enemies.”
        – Vladimir Moss, quoted in

  4. Jews aren’t stupid: They realize that by remaining behind the scenes and invisible, they can further their interests by selling the Goyim a program of phony patriotism (actually neo-conservatism) while continuing to weaken these very same gentiles through massive non-white immigration and foreign wars fought for Israel. The Jews employ corrupt, sociopathic politicians, largely gentiles themselves, to trick the Goyim into thinking they are being represented by true patriots when in fact they are sheep being led to the slaughter. Donald Trump, Joe Biden, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Nikki Haley, RFK JR., Boris Johnson are all examples of this trickery. Tommy Robinson was a mere pawn, easily discardable.

  5. Shit like this in unavoidable. Jew motto is that with deception you shall fight the war and of course they infiltrate their people to our ranks.

    “”…“National Conservatives” ….”””

    Leaders might be corrupt but millions of supporters are mostly not and this means that controlled opposition become sooner or later uncontrollable opposition. Hamas was made by Israel for dividing Palestinians. Later they had other problems, this for example.

    “””….Son of Hamas founder who became an Israeli spy says his father and his army want to ‘annihilate the Jewish people’ and create ‘global’ Islamic state…””

    But finally Hamas got over all influence and turned out as Jew worst nightmare. Orban was Soros hand picked candidate for ruling Hungary. Before Ukraine , Jews wanted Hungary for their new homeland and Jewish moguls Budapest and other towns real estate by blocks.

    Hamas liberated itself from Jewish influence, Fidez mostly too even if Orban still catering for his buddy Netanyahu time to time. Sooner or later antisemites will run over their Jew appointed leaders and then most National Conservatives turn National Socialists.

    And of course comrade Stalin who was taken to serve Jews as secretary. Later this almighty secretary slaughtered all his masters.

  6. It would be interesting to do a full catalogue of Robinson’s history. The origins of the guy ought to be sifted over.
    It’s very difficult to establish a motive for his positions or how he got there. It’s important because there is a small yet significant amount of organic support for him among disaffected White proles and plebs in the UK. People that could just as easily be led onto a more authentic path before they get themselves shilling for Israel. When did Geller approach him for example? What was the threshold that got him The Call?

  7. “Tommy Robinson” is bad, but at least he is a Brit. Zog was never comfortable with him largely because he led a campaign against people grooming underage girls. I know he targeted only Muzzies, but remember, UK is a pedo state same as the US. Opposing any pedos makes him unclean for life in UK.

    People like Meloni and LePen are far worse. And this Geert Wilders up in world pedo central (Holland) is a long time Mossad agent and a Jew on his mother’s side. His first wife (handler) was a Jewess. Wilders, bleach blond hair and all, is the worst of them all.

    So I will have to agree with Hunter on European Nationalism. It is kosherized astrturf. Except possibly Vox in Spain. There are excellent nationalists in Russia, but the ones still living are mostly in the Gulag. The situation is bleak. Let there be war

  8. Robinsons situation sums up perfectly why I’m purely pro white. He looked like a fool in those images. Jews and Muslims equally don’t give a shit about us. Why would I shill for one side or the other?
    You can march for Gaza or march for Israel. To them, I’m just a ‘farrr wite’ thug opposed to them taking us over.
    Does your average Muslim or Jew concern themselves every day with the West becoming less white? Of course they don’t. They’re largely behind it.
    We should ban marches in western cities, and ban their refugees.
    It’s NOT OUR WAR!

  9. What happened to the British National Front? In the late 70’s they had some very big anti-immigration marches and were making some people nervous. It seems like the worse things get the weaker the genuine opposition becomes. If you point this out, you may be called a defeatist.

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