Poll Watch: Americans Split On Israel’s War In Gaza

Yes, I know.

Public opinion is irrelevant when it comes to Standing With Israel.

Nevertheless, I still find it interesting though that 45% of Americans, 64% of non-Whites, 63% of Democrats and 67% of Americans under 35 disapprove of Israel’s war in Gaza.


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Half of Americans approve of Israel’s military action in the Hamas-led Gaza Strip, and 45% disapprove, according to a Gallup poll conducted several weeks after Hamas launched a deadly attack on Israel that led to a major military operation by Israel.

The slight public opinion tilt in favor of Israel’s actions masks diverging views across U.S. subgroups:

Solid majorities of Republicans (71%), men (59%), adults 55 and older (63%) and White adults (61%) approve of Israel’s military actions in Gaza.

Conversely, more than six in 10 Democrats (63%), adults younger than 35 (67%), and people of color (64%) disapprove, as do the slight majority of women (52%).

With no meaningful differences by education in these attitudes, college graduates’ and college nongraduates’ reactions mirror the national average. Political independents are evenly split in their views. …

32% of very liberal voters sympathize with Palestinians. 16% sympathize more with Israel.

New York Times:

In our polarized country, it counts as news whenever members of one political party deeply disagree on an issue. The Israel-Hamas war has become an example for the Democratic Party. Many Democrats — including members of the Biden administration — are divided over Israel’s war strategy.

That divide has rightly received a lot of attention. But the focus on Democratic infighting can obscure other parts of American public opinion about the war. In today’s newsletter, I will walk through four main findings from recent polls. …

What is Z.O.G.?

Z.O.G. is Joe Biden governing against 63% of his own voters.

Z.O.G. is when pernicious political polarization magically vanishes.

Z.O.G. is the fact that Bibi Netanyahu is far more powerful in Washington than Joe Biden.

Z.O.G. is when Congress votes 412-1-1 to define Israel as a Jewish ethnostate. Even The Squad has been cowed into submission by AIPAC.

Z.O.G. is House Speaker Mike Johnson, Chuck Schumer and Hakeem Jeffries locking arms and chanting their support of Israel after it exterminates thousands of children in front of the world.

Z.O.G. is the willingness of Joe Biden to torpedo his reelection by alienating young voters, non-White voters, the Left and Muslims for the sake of giving Bibi Netanyahu a blank check to do whatever he wants in Gaza.

Z.O.G. is the willingness of Joe Biden to forget everything he said about the battle for “the soul of America.”

Z.O.G. is when international law, human rights and social justice become irrelevant.

Z.O.G. is when America is diplomatically isolated and opposed to nearly the entire world for the sake of Standing With Israel.

Z.O.G. is the willingness of the Biden administration to enrage 1.8 billion Muslims for the sake of 7 million Jews in resource poor Israel.

Z.O.G. is more powerful than Wokeism as deference to People of Color and all that talk about white supremacy and the oppressed mysteriously vanishes.

Z.O.G. is the willingness to look the other way at the most intense forms of racism, lynchings, carpet bombing children, using food and water as a weapon of war, ethnic cleansing, Jewish supremacy, etc.

Z.O.G. is the force that explains all of this which cannot be explained by public opinion or geopolitics or national self interest or economic dependency or political ambition or morality.


  1. I agree on all Brad with you, but i still hate leftists even if they stand with Palestine…….. because these people used the antisemitism, WWII, nazism, fascism, Holocaust to push the woke agenda, to destroy history, to ban people from social media and public debate (censorship). So now i stand against Israel but i Will never and never sympathize with leftists scum. They stand against Israel (some of them) but we have to Remember all the woke madness that we have been subjected to these last 10-15 years. Pray for Palestine but keep in mind that when this war Will come to an end (At least in the global debate), leftists who are now supporting Palestine will come back to haunt us with their bullshit.

    • One enemy at the time. Of course, communists are bad but they are the only ones who have dealt with Jew successfully.

      Soviet Jewry was wiped off by Nikolai Yezhov young brats and in Germany, communists by the order of Stalin put Hitler into office.

      So now we must support communists and diversity to get rid from most dangerous enemy. Later we can deal with others. Communism is btw Jew financed so when Jew us gone, communism will collapse by itself.

      • @Juri Communism is pushed by jews…… i agree…… but not the true communism or socialism but cultural marxism or wokism. Communists have been always allied with jews but they have not put Hitler in office……..those were socialists (Friedrich Ebert) and not for an order of Stalin but because the Liberals of that time were allied with socialists and thought that National Socialism was less dangerous than a communist bolshevik revolution in Germany. Communists in Germany tried always to contrast Nazi party from the beginning with Roter Frontkämpferbund and Spartacus league. I understand your strategy of separating communists from Jews and thinking of one opponent at a time but this is impossible. When the usual topics come up again you will see that they will still be united in a united front against us. Giving too much credibility to the Queers and antifa who are now shouting “Free Palestine” in the streets is dangerous. For me a pro-Palestine right wing should be created (and it already exists) and not support the far left assholes who as soon as they get a chance will come back to persecute us. We don’t have to listen to mainstream right-wing parties calling themselves conservatives or liberal conservatives anymore, they are liars.

    • @Marcel,
      And we must remind ourselves that many leftist causes are fronted by Jews, and were established by them.
      The dynamics confuse me:- some on the Right are pro Israel, some are pro Palestinian. Everyone on the Left are pro Palestinian. Jews are usually Leftist and hate racism…….but are mostly pro Israel.
      With me personally, I hate the white left, Jews and Muslims, in that order. I don’t give a shit about foreign conflicts. I just want us out of these wars, and non whites out of the West.
      Did these leftists ever campaign to get troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan? Not to my knowledge. They are scum.

    • Re: “I still hate leftists even if they stand with Palestine…….. because these people used the antisemitism, WWII, nazism, fascism, Holocaust to push the woke agenda, to destroy history, to ban people from social media and public debate”:

      Many of these “leftists” who stand with Palestine happen to also stand with Khazarkraine against Russia. Most of the “leftists” that you say you hate are not really Left. The Wokeism, anti-antisemitism, trangenderism, etc. of the “New Left” are distractions or diversions from facing the crucial issue that the fake left does not want to face, but the real left does face, which is The Class System, that divides and exploits the masses of common people, and needs to be overthrown and replaced by a better, classless system of liberty, equality and fraternity (i.e. socialism). Did you know? Besides being egalitarian, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, anti-war and anti-elite, real leftists tend to be culturally conservative, moral (even puritanical), naturally and consciously ethnocentric, and respectful (even protective) of all other ethnic groups’ ethnocentricities.

      During the period of the French Revolution, the terms Left and Right referred to the physical seating arrangements of deputies in the French Estates-General and the National Assembly. The conservatives and reactionaries who supported the Monarchy sat on the right side, and the revolutionaries and others opposing monarchy sat together on the left side. The true Left is always the side of common people. The Right is the side of the elites (aka the “nobility”) and of those not of the elites who foolishly admire and support the elites because they have been corrupted and mis-educated to fear and hate the Left.

      • @Merthyr I think your argument is partly correct……… until the 19th century, the concepts of left and right either did not exist or were still confused and embryonic. What you say, that the right from the 19th to the 1920s supported the elites is true and I fully agree with it.

        However, I disagree when you say that even today the left is for the people and the right is for the elites. The elites, who are difficult to define and frame, have used and still use the right as much as the left and indeed in the last 80 years they have used the left more.

        From 1945 onward and through the movements of 68′ the elites have jumped to the left (although I repeat they were never really left or right). Since then the world left never talks about jobs but about faggots, drugs, abortion, immigrants, abolishing borders, traditions and cultures, religion……..in the name of a humanity that must be without traditions, without borders, atheistic and believing only in money or material things and above all that no longer knows what is man and woman.

        The left has never been conservative and ethnocentric, not even in the 1920s…….was for the people this is true but always globalist, for a global concept of the people. What you say, i.e., anti-colonialism in favor of self-determination of peoples and respect for their cultures, the left has always applied it for non-European peoples (Asians, indigenous Africans of various kinds), but for us Europeans it has never spoken of our right to self-determination. Instead leftists teach that we are pure evil, that we have no rights as white european and that our history is worthless and must be erased. I like this website because i confront different opinions and i know Mertyr that you’re a socialist voice….but i disagree with your conclusions.

        • “The left has never been conservative and ethnocentric, not even in the 1920s…….was for the people this is true but always globalist, for a global concept of the people”:

          I meant that the Left viewpoint (not of the “New Left”) is culturally conservative and ethnocentric, in the sense of recognising ethnocentrism (and family- and tribal-centeredness) including ethno-cultural traditions as a natural inclination, which does not to be created because it’s just always there. The Left position is not opposed to any culture or ethnicity as such. I agree though the Left has a universal concept of “the people” (humanity) as well as a local and national concept of “the people.” The Right Wing seems to have little use for the concept of “humanity.”

          “the left has always applied it for non-European peoples (Asians, indigenous Africans of various kinds), but for us Europeans it has never spoken of our right to self-determination”:

          I agree that the “New Left” tends to be anti-European, or anti-White, but that is not a true left position. It is an evil caricature and perversion of left opposition to CLASS (class system) with its wars and all kinds of usury. What the Left AS SUCH opposes is the crime of imperialism committed against people in Africa, Asia, Latin America, etc. – which is not being disrespectful of Europeans’ nature, culture and right to exist. In fact the Left’s solution of Equality would protect and preserve what remains of White genetics and culture after centuries of Western imperialism that has mixed and blended the world.

          “I like this website because i confront different opinions and i know Merthyr that you’re a socialist voice….but i disagree with your conclusions”:

          I also appreciate that O.D. is not an echo chamber of Southern nationalism only, though I doubt that Hunter agrees with me on most issues or fundamentally. I am willing to consider other views, and facts, and be convinced to change my view if I have been wrong.

          • The problem Is that we have to deal with what we have…….the left since 1960’s is drug, globalists, anti White history and culture, LGBTQ obsession, etc.

  2. “45% of Americans, 64% of non-Whites, 63% of Democrats and 67% of Americans under 35 disapprove of Israel’s war in Gaza.”

    Dissecting this a bit further. Approximately 57% of people under 35 are White and 43% are non-White. If 64% of non-Whites disapprove of Israel’s war holds true for the under 35 age group, then that means about 70% plus of Whites under 35, SUPPORT Israel’s war.

    It’s also likely true the overwhelming number of that pro-Israel White under 35 faction is Protestant. In turn, it likely holds for the other age cohorts. In short, the overwhelming majority of native born, true blue, Protestant Christian, Patriot, Colonial Settler Americans support Israel’s War.

    In opposition to them and Israel, stand niggas, spics, chinks, fags, lesbians, commies, and Yankees, all apparently operating under the Papal mitre. This is why Anti-semites First (AF) Gay Latinos like Nick Fuentes have come to terms with demographic cleansing of White Protestants with immigrant people of color. Cuz, all they care about is destroying “Duh, Jews” and “Duh, Prods”.

    Meanwhile, it does seem ZOG is in absolute control. Therefore, it makes little political sense for American Patriots interested in mobilizing their nation, to join forces with an anti-Protestant anti-ZOG group consisting of minorities and aliens to fight “Duh, Jews” and the majority of their own nation. Time to “Stand with Israel.”

    • > Meanwhile, it does seem ZOG is in absolute control. Therefore, it makes little political sense for American Patriots interested in mobilizing their nation, to join forces with an anti-Protestant anti-ZOG group consisting of minorities and aliens to fight “Duh, Jews” and the majority of their own nation. Time to “Stand with Israel.”

      No sale, Schlomo. White boys need to sit this one out and let the free-shit rainbow army – one of several Jewish golem set loose to exterminate whites – go after their ‘creators’ instead, like Frankenstein’s monster (or even the original Prague golem). That way we end up with the POX lesser enemies killing the greater ones (which include ZOG’s hwyte shabbas-goys) and vice-versa. Once the fake-ass overheated rigged-casino “free-market” finally collapses altogether, most of the free-shit army of leeches and ticks will self-deport and leave the remaining whites here the opportunity to rebuild.

    • “Time to “Stand with Israel.”

      No. I do what’s best for Whites. Even when Whites are ignorant about what that is. In order to get to where we are,jews chose specific issues,created polarization and chose the side that was best for jews to win.

      It’s a lot like distilling down a mash into moonshine. You split it into runs by polarizing the solution,choose the runs with the qualities you want,and recombine them to get the proof and the flavors that you want.

      You think jews give a damn about the environment? It’s a way to get these goyim to line up on this side and those goyim to line up on that side so they can add a little weight to one side of the scale and win the issue. If you do it that way,you win every time. And if you tailor to always select the same goyim on the losing side,then you can just beat them down continuously and break them down until you get stuff like Congress voting unanimously to support you committing war crimes.

      We need to do the same thing. Pick an issue,polarize our enemies, then tilt the scales,over and over,until White people who are pro-White are the only ones left standing.

  3. The only people who have ever talked about the Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG) are those labeled as right-wing lunatic fringe (e.g. naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews). In other words, those who habitually engage in crimethink.

    If the present polling data is anything resembling real, it would seem the only ones who notice the long list of data presented above by HW are leftists, POX et al. The white folks who the WN’s nominally try to appeal to are either utterly gaslighted into the dispensationalist heresy or they’re getting paid by ZOG via the MIC, whose big job is to fight wars on behalf of (((International High Finance))). Very strange situation to say the least.

    • It might be much more delusional. Recall when Trump complained that Jews didn’t reciprocate with more votes after he moved the embassy to Jerusalem? These Protestant whites are expecting American Jews to wake up anytime now and appreciate White abasement to their peculiar State. It’s delusional. The Jews in the diaspora are only going to double down and reactivate BLM. Note how they exonerated the black soldiers in Houston? Worse is coming. One stray bullet or choke hold.

    • …That’s really sad but also very true.

      The internet and free flow of real information has been accessible for decades now and mainly the domain of whites- And yet very few understand even a semblance of the JQ.

      If your math holds true (I feel it does) that says alot of our predicament… We need the White masses to be at least somewhat sympathetic to our ideals and we are failing.

  4. “””….Public opinion is irrelevant when it comes to Standing With Israel….”””

    Well, it depends. As we see with Ukraine, they expected miles long lines of volunteer’s in front of Ukro embassies and billions of donations. At least on Eastern Europe they tried to make Ukraine peoples war, letting NATO stay aside. Self equipped volunteer’s army with their own guns, cars drones and family and friends based supply lines.

    This army never arrived, people ignored propaganda and here we are.

    For virtue signaling, people really do not matter but real war demands millions in the army and tens of millions working 24/7 to support them. Then peoples opinion really matters.

  5. So they are fighting to win. The way we used to do it. That is the only thing I admire in them. As for international law, human rights and social justice, why should they care? Those are all fake meaningless concepts invented to replace Christendom.

    The Ukies have been using civilian shields successfully for almost three years now, because Putin is too much of a pussy to shoot them. The result is a few hundred thousand dead Russians and a war deadlocked that should have been won in 10 weeks.

    In the Filipino American War we kidnapped all of the Catholic Priests in the entire Filipino nation and sent them to prison camps on Guam till the war was won. As Batangas and Laguna remained filled with rebel commandos that we could not defeat, General Bell rounded up all of the people and put them in camps. Everything outside the camp was a free fire zone. The orders were literally to kill anything that moves.

    On that basis we subdued the rebel army of Miguel Malvar, the great flip commander. General Bell went on to be Secretary of the Army and retired with honors. Malvar became the biggest supporter of America in the entire nation. Four of his sons graduated from Cornell.

    In war, winning is not the main thing, it is the only thing. I wish to God that General Lee had understood that. This predicament we are in is all his fault for losing

    • Rangewolf “I wish to GOD that GENERAL LEE ,had understood that, This predicament we are in is all his fault for losing” Wrong !!!! It’s our own fault, then as now, too blame and Blaspheme MARSE ROBERT, Is the epitome of WEAK and STUPID, Our NOBLE COMMANDERS Birth and life, his presence, the example he set, thru word and deed, his own personal sacrifice, he was a blessing too us and he was and is ours…….. I love him and always will….

  6. Western politics is moot.
    The west is moot.
    What matters is de-dollarization.
    What matters is 33 trillion in debt.
    What matters is NATO getting kicked out of Eurasia.
    …an aging population, declining birth rates and growing poverty, not just in the west but the world over.
    …the coming economic collapse, only the desperate and destitute will want to migrate here.
    …corruption, crime and drug abuse, all of that is what really matters.

    What will the fetishization of Jews, BIPOC and LGBT mean in the coming new world orders (plural, it’s going to be multipolar) and chaos?
    The answer is, all the issues we think are important today, aren’t really.
    People are going to be concerned with what’s happening in their own backyard, never mind on the other side of the planet.
    People’s identity is going to shift and fragment.
    Our sphere of influence will recede.

    Kitchen table issues, what are we going to do about mass poverty, how are we going to be safe in an increasingly insecure world, that’s what’s going to matter.

    Our political paradigm will have to change dramatically, but not without catalysts, which are coming.
    What set of circumstances led to the rise of neoconservatism on the one hand and cultural Marxism/social justice/woke on the other?
    What circumstances will lead to their undoing?

  7. I was pleasantly surprised over thanksgiving and from recent subtle inquiries of coworkers, that nobody in my family or at work gives a single shit about the Israel/Hamas thing.

    Nobody thought it was cool to slaughter jewish kids at a concert and take hostages in the way hamas did, but nobody gives a shit about palestinian rights or feels obligated to run to israels rescue. More than a few thought brown people getting bombed again was pretty funny, which I can’t say I disagree with, given these are some of the most obnoxious brown people that there ever were.

    I’m proud of Whitey in general. If they all were being as gay as the dissident right, i think I’d despair. Unz review has articles actually declaring support for hamas. A terrorist organization. How retarded are these people?

    I see this becoming as much of a nothing burger as ukraine, shortly. The perennial conflict in the middle east will go on, and the most we can hope for this time around is a new high score.

    Only online and in the media does any of this matter. In meatspace, White folks have actual problems.

    • “Nobody thought it was cool to slaughter jewish kids at a concert”:

      You still believe that happened? Find out who really did that slaughtering. What blew gigantic holes into the walls of the kibbutzes? Did Palestinians operate the tanks and helicopter gunships that fired on the concertgoers and kibbutzes?

      “brown people getting bombed again was pretty funny (…) some of the most obnoxious brown people that there ever were (…) the most we can hope for this time around is a new high score”:

      I know this is how you conservatives really think. Your hoped-for “new high score” is already over 20,000 in Gaza alone, plus 10,000 missing under the rubble, and a lot more scheduled to die by bombing, bullets, starvation and disease. The Right is bloody selfish, cruel and merciless.

      “as much of a nothing burger as ukraine”:

      But aren’t the slaughtered Slavs “Whites,” the only race you are supposed care about?

      Recognise that YOU the American “people,” who trust in your Almighty Dollar “god,” are the ones who are responsible for all these imperialist wars, from which you take some of the rich booty (the elites get the lions’ share). You really LIVE by the imperialist sword and on the fruits of it, while you laugh at all the “non-White” victims you killed and robbed. But someday “Babylon the Great” will fall.

  8. Excellent Hunter.You perfectly summed up our Jew occupiers.I would rather it just be stated as Jew but JOG sounds to silly.

  9. You really do love numbers and stats don’t you?!
    Even if 2% oppose what Israel is doing, it’s still wrong, but again…….not our fight.

    • Yeah lol.

      Nb4 he does six months of daily death tolls, as reported by the least reliable partisan sources, like he did with Covid, before finally realizing the entire thing was a scam to push vaccines and boost Pfizer stock prices, and use fear to justify stealing an election with “mail in ballots” that nigger poll workers then stuffed by the armfull into every drop box to boost the current potato in chief’s turnout.

      Is anybody else seeing a pattern with the dissident right? All of them suddenly in lock step agreement, on the gayest most self destructive position they can take? This whole thing is starting to glow in the dark.

      There is no such thing as organic concensus. Some people always disagree. Its their nature. This thing smells like another gayop to get a new wave of people sued, jailed and lawfared into poverty. Unz Review declaring support for Hamas….? Really?

      The sheer stupidity of this is mind boggling. I don’t blame small bloggers getting caught in the momentum of the herd before there has been time to think about it. If social engineering and psyops weren’t effective they wouldn’t do them.

      This thing stinks like another Cville or Jan6th.

      Anybody ever who says they support a terrorist organization publicly is an idiot and/or a Fed. This is entirely without any regard for whether that organization has a valid gripe. Its beside the point, caved in head wojak tier stupid to publicly endorse anything of the kind.

      Folks need to back away slowly from this and get a 1000 foot view for perspective. Its easy to lose your head in the heat of the moment. They prey upon that.

      Gotta seriously consider what is leading us to White Knight for people that hate us.

      We have it made right now. Our ideas are all going mainatream, minus the JQ which is redundant toxic autism anyway.

      Faith in national institutions is at all time low.

      The establishment is losing all control and legitimacy.

      Our enemies are at eachothers throats and everybody else is disgusted with all of them.

      White normies just want the border closed and to not be villainized because they are White.

      Everything. We have EVERYTHING we wanted 5 years ago, except that people still don’t give a shit about the JQ, because they know just looking at the people that push it, that its a losers obsession. Everyone ALREADY KNOWS the Jews are a problem. They didn’t need autistic internet shitlords marching through their towns with tikitorches scaring old ladies to understand it.

      Its the dissident right that DOESN’T understand. The JQ already went viral and its yesterday’s news. They are telling people the sky is blue and arguing with boomers who insist its blue and white (an israel reference, did you catch that?, god I’m clever). Nobody cares what boomer ziocons think either. They are past their usefulness and no longer in touch with the reality on the ground, just like the dissident right.

      THE best thing we can do is shut the fuck up about Israel/Hamas and enjoy the holiday with our White families.

      There are way larger voices (with credibility we lack for good reason) already pointing out the glaring problems with our unconditional support of israel. Who also have no love of palestinians/hamas.

      Our public agreement isn’t necessary or even wise. Its not our fight. And nobody cares what we think. It will just be used against us. Because nobody likes a perennial loser, and thats what the dissident right has become.

      Time to wake up and go to work for this White boy. I’ll be around to throw peanuts from the stands, but I’m not having anything to do with this latest round of stupidity.

      • Unless I am missing something, the GOP has controlled the House for a year now and hasn’t accomplished a single thing EXCEPT for all this shit it has passed to “Stand With Israel.” Well, that and expelling George Santos from Congress.

        As for closing the border, you know, we have heard that same old siren song for decades now. Amazingly, Republicans never do anything to close the border when they actually have power. When Trump was president, they outright refused to fund the border wall on the grounds that it was too expensive. They needed that money for their wars in Syria and Afghanistan and now in Israel and Ukraine.

        Conspiracy theories aren’t necessary to explain the lack of enthusiasm for Israel when roughly half the country and an outright majority of people under 45 in both parties are opposed to it. 85% of Boomers are pro-Israel and their position on the issue is repulsing and alienating everyone else. It is just more on the Democrat side because there are fewer evangelicals.

        Didn’t we vote on that in the midterms? If I remember correctly, the message was … Democrats are causing inflation, crime, illegal immigration and so on. The country was falling apart and we had all of these major problems. And yet, they haven’t done jack shit about any of that. They have spent the last two months though passing over a half a dozen bills to “fight antisemitism” on college campuses to give to billions to Israel. Follow the money. It really explains everything.

    • Yep.

      Unfortunately, when your government is 1.) using its diplomatic weight to block a ceasefire at the U.N., 2.) spending billions of dollars on direct military aid to Israel, 3.) vowing to intervene to fight Israel’s enemies in Iran and Lebanon, 4.) literally coordinating the invasion of Gaza on the ground with Israel, 5.) opening its weapon stockpiles to Israel and 6.) amassing an armada in the eastern Mediterranean to facilitate a genocide … in that case it is hard to say it is not “our fight” when this is all happening as a direct result of our foreign policy.

      • Every single one of the six points you list in unarguably true. Add to this the simple answer to TW’s question below

        > How many folks do you think could find Gaza or Ukraine on an unmarked map?

        I expect less than 10% of the retards who presently inhabit this God-forsaken country could find either. What’s even worse is that 90% of the morons, most of them edumacated in public schuls, don’t even care that they can’t find either place but still feel entitled to express an opinion fed to them on 100% Jew-owned Gaslight media and edumacation.

        As has been stated only about five million times before, we have zero vote on this, on funding the money-laundry in Jewkraine or on the ongoing invasion. They’ll do whatever they damned well please and rub everyone’s noses in it – as they always do. They’ll not only aid the mass slaughter but at the same time they’ll obey Schlomo’s demand to take in the survivors as refugees and support them on welfare, while giving more aid to ‘muh Israel’ and Jewkraine for wars.

        Yes in a sense it *is* our fight but it’s not by our choice. Destroy Christian Zionism and there could be something of a change. AIPAC would not have as much power as it does if folks like Hagee had no money coming in from the morons who listen to his heretical lies.

      • When I say its not our fight, I mean White Southern/Midwestern middle class normies like me. If you choose to shoulder responsibility for what this empire does, when we have zero institutional power and no political representation, then feel free to push that rock up an endless hill. I don’t accept culpability for this anymore than I do the blackmail of slavery.

        There is no argument that you can make to convince me to White Knight for brown people. You would have an easier time convincing Anakin Skywalker to defend Sand People.

        All of this israel/hamas crap is making balkanization more and more likely in our lifetime, and thats nothing to shy away from. Its eating away the credibility and power of the empire. This is good.

        Donald Trump (who will be martyred by the establishment) and the Republicans were never gonna save us.

        White normies realizing that enmass, however, could. This is why its more important than ever to not distract them with autistic axe grinding about things that don’t matter to their interests, like dead brown people on the other side of the world.

        The ONLY thing we need to do is watch the shitshow and keep our families intact, which means not dividing them over retarded arguments about the israel/hamas conflict, which we have zero influence over, when most of us are struggling to pay the mortgage.

        Becoming men and putting away childish things. Thats the way forward. Where I’m going regardless of what anybody else does.
        @Merthyr Rising, 1831

        Do you think you know whats actually happening in Gaza? I sure as hell don’t.

        What I do know for sure is the Jewish media machine is on both sides of this kicking up a smoke screen to obfuscate all of the facts. Since when did we trust the Jewish media (other than the covid thing….for some reason I still don’t understand)?

        Does that matter to normie Whites? No. What difference does it make who actually killed those jews, whether they abuse the hostages, whether the death tolls in gaza are totally fabricated or manipulated, like the covid stats were, for maximum emotional impact. All i know is jews and brown people are dying over there, White people are dying here, and only the latter is of any importance, but the higher the score in the middle east, the lower the score here at home. Thats the hard reality. Its us or them, and I prefer us over them.

        Are Slavs White? Does it matter? We didn’t get a choice or say in the Ukraine either did we?

        The little influence we do have, is the influence we have over our friends and families and coworkers. If we only ever use that to blackpill and advocate despair, then we truly are culpable for the outcome.

        I firmly believe the only way Whitey can be completely vanquished, is by self defeat through Blackpilling, despair mongering, and self destructive faggotry. I’m paying attention to those things, because they are the things we DO HAVE control over.

        • I agree.

          If we are getting zero political representation, why should we be invested in the outcome of elections? Why not focus on other things in life?

          The last election was about immigration, inflation, crime, the weaponization of government, the war in Ukraine and so on. It was a laundry list of things that had gone wrong under Joe Biden. Nothing was done about any of those issues. Instead, the Republican House has focused on sending billions to Israel and fighting antisemitism on college campuses. They have done nothing else for two months. They are delivering for their donors.

          As things stand today, it looks like the plan is to pass another huge Omnibus like last year with tens of billions of dollars for Ukraine and Israel. There might be some face saving money for “border security” which will amount to nothing as long as the Biden administration refuses to enforce immigration laws.

  10. Good Sunday afternoon Hunter.

    I’ll post my SI, VS fashion blog in 40 minutes unless you say “nay”.

    How’s the new family addition?


  11. Goose, are you familiar with Mark Twain Samuel Clemons comments/observations on the JQ?

    Check it out over at the Colchester Collection “anti Zion” by William Grimstad

    Mark Twain called out the Js for being “Money Getters” and he seriously questioned that 2% figure. Mark Twain said he personally knew more Js than that and was told by those who knew that the Js were seriously involved in politics and debt slavery usury scams.

  12. Because the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was on the right side of history during WWII, of course, I side with the Palestinians. How anyone could take the side of the jews with any modicum of historical knowledge of their actions against Europeans anywhere and everywhere is a Judas (e.g., Jordan Peterson).

    Palestine for Palestinians!

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