Henry Kissinger Is Dead At 100

Hot take:

Henry Kissinger represents the American Empire at the peak of its power. He also represents American Jews at the peak of their power and influence.

Antony Blinken represents the American Empire in decline. He also represents the decline of American Jews who are past the peak of their power and influence.

Kissinger to Madeleine Albright to Antony Blinken is a downward slope.


  1. Kissinger Dead.

    Striker out at TRS.

    Anglin denouncing Nick.

    Nick embracing Richard.

    — It’s the end of an era.

      • There’s ’round the clock threads about it on /pol/, and Ethan Ralph has done segments about it on the Killstream, which can be found on Rumble.

        Striker’s Telegram channel is “Striker Unfiltered.” He resigned on Tuesday afternoon, with little detail. Hovater filled in for him on Strike and Mike. Those two, likewise, said very little. But the first hour of Wednesday’s TDS was all about it. Listen to that hour to get their side of the story. Read Striker’s Telegram to get his.

  2. Bro you think you’re gonna win at politics when people collectively believe they are on a spinning ball with curved oceans where east to west and west to east flights are the same duration. You don’t appreciate the measure of just how much you are utterly dominated. One dead jew isn’t going to change shit.

  3. “He also represents the decline of American Jews who are past the peak of their power and influence.”

    Decline? They now have total control of our country, every crazy idea that used to be limited to a handful of leftist college professors a couple generations back are now public policy with no dissension allowed.

  4. It was amusing watching Kissinger try to put the brakes on his coethnics before getting shut down. He could see their dream of a genocidal world slave state slipping away.

    • Pretty sure Kubrick was referencing Doktor K. in that movie. My favorite scene was Slim Pickins ridin’ the H-bronco down to the glowing mushroom.

  5. Kissinger’s plan to “open up” (to corrupt communism in) China, and use China as an ally to destroy Russia didn’t quite work out. The U.S., which had been using a fascist, nationalist Kuomintang regime it set up in Taiwan (arming and protecting it, and calling it “the legitimate government of China”) to threaten China, suddenly switched to a “One China” rhetoric about Taiwan, to get China to ally with the U.S. against Russia (but now it is obvious that the U.S. always intended to keep Taiwan an unofficial U.S. military base on the coast of China). The celebrated arch war criminal – whose most infamous dictum is “Strike anything that crawls or moves!” – was also the architect of “Detente” designed to confuse and weaken Russia, and the grooming of the Khazarkrainians to fight Russia, and various middle and central Asian proxies against Russia, including the Mujahideen proxy that overthrew the democratically-elected and very successful secular socialist republic of Afghanistan; and the overthrow of democratically-elected proto-socialism in Chile and other Latin American countries; and many other imperialist activities all around the world, hot, cold, proxy, covert, diplomatic, and hybrid, that are too numerous to mention. It is a very sad legacy.

  6. have had similar thoughts about the arc of influence of reform jews on the world. moving to America en mass 130 years ago was the beginning of their ascent to global influence. America winning the Cold War and the ensuing decade or two was the all time peak of their power. as America is in decline, so too are reform jews in decline – there isn’t a good next country to jump to for parasite country to country jumping the way they prefer to do it. the jump from the Soviet Union to America was the final jump. now the entire planet is just downhill from here, and reform jews can’t jump to China as their exit plan or whatever.

    but whoa there, they’re still extremely powerful, and still mostly control everything that’s important to them. it’s not like their near total grip on every choke point is declining THAT much. it’s declining, but slowly. they’re in a stalemate battle so far with Elon over a central chokepoint – something that hasn’t happened in 80 years. he openly told them to fuck off, in public, on video (but but but he bent the knee, and made the usual, standard trip to Israel to kiss their assholes and apologize in private about how wrong he was to ever not automatically give what the jews demand – well in this VERY rare case, i venture this trip was about Starlink, as it was in Ukraine, and not about yet again folding to jewish pressure).

    as they decline numerically and genetically (they seem to be getting less smart generation by generation by now) and as the internet exposes their 100 year campaign against the US (and their larger 2000 year campaign against the people of europe in general) there may be some acceleration to their decline. indeed – i remember just a few years ago when Hunter did NOT think reform jews were BY FAR the biggest political problem in general and biggest threat to european people of the world. hopefully now he correctly sees that reform jews strictly view us as a resource to be exploited ruthlessly, and that many reform jews can barely contain their sneering contempt for us. go die for jews, goyim. that’s their attitude.

    their biggest “allies” by far, white boomer Americans, are in decline and out their way out, so they’re losing their largest parasite resource. Elon is not an American, and not a boomer, and in some ways, more accurately reflects the attitude that non-American non-Boomers have about meddling, nation wrecking reform jews. note this entire thing is mainly about ashkenazi reform jews – you know, the kind that blend in (on purpose) and aren’t very religious. orthodox jews and the other jewish groups play a much smaller role in the destruction of our society and aren’t the big problem here.

    • There’s an interview of Elon with a Jew


      If I read this correctly, he threw down a bloody shirt and told them, as you said, directly to fuck off. They are threatening him to cut off advertising and the Jew tried to get him to say he would,”moderate things”, means let the Jews run things, and he said FU. Several times. The Jew then tried to get him to say, maybe you should sell twitter, and again he said FU. He said if it goes bankrupt from advertisers boycotts he would meticulously account for who was responsible and tell the world. When the Jew tried to say they would blame him, Elon told him the world would judge.

      Several times, the Jew tried to weasel him into saying incriminating things. He was not successful.

      People keep saying Elon is some sort of Jew agent, but I have seen no evidence of this. He does have to work with them and a frontal attack on the Jews is…foolhardy, but he doesn’t seem to want to be their pet or be controlled by them.

      I think one thing people miss is that the wealth that Elon has is very recent. All the things he said he was going to do, everyone said was a bunch of foolish nonsense. Then his persistence paid off and all of a sudden Elon’s wealth skyrocketed because all the things others said were impossible he did. A lot of his wealth was privately held so they couldn’t directly attack him. They tried as bests they could to sink Tesla with shorts, but all they did was lose a pile of money.

  7. Well said. It’s apparent Jewish power in the US is in decline. The quality from Kissinger to Blinken is astounding. But, one could say the same thing about our native political class. It’s late stage liberal degeneracy. The old post World War II establishment is mostly being replaced by Latinos, Chinese, and Moslems. Most of Hollywood is owned by the Chinese and their CCP agents. Jews are being replaced by CCP Black and Baizou White slaves. Sooner or later, you guys will realize it isn’t “Duh, Jews” which are the problem, it’s our own people and culture created by Americans shortly around the Civil War that got us here.

    At any rate a review of Kissinger’s biographical arc is quite representative of this recent Jewish American Establishment. He was a typical German Jew kid interested in sports and friends. His family fled the Nazis in 1938. He got a working job in a manufacturing plan, then studied accounting at University before being drafted into the army. He was noticed by an another naturalized American, Lutheran German Kraemer, who was part of the early deep state. Consequently Kissinger was made a member of the storied Counter-Intelligence Corps. He worked well hunting Nazi German forces and with occupation forces into 1946. He undoubtedly made serious connections in the intelligence community from that period.

    The rest of course is history. Kissinger was actually very fair even soft handed with Germans in his role during the occupation. His experiences didn’t make him a bitter hardened militant like some but the opposite. His relationship with Kraemer was crucial in making him a member of the old conservative international part of the deep state. Note, Kraemer was a Lutheran German, kinda like Hunter. Except he was a foreigner. And there is your answer. But for a law requiring natural born citizenship neither Kraemer or Kissinger, two foreigners, would’ve gotten so influential.

    • “Most of Hollywood is owned by the Chinese and their CCP agents.” – Alex Jones, is that you? And until the jews only control 2% of the US’s wealth which would be commensurate with their population here instead of the 50% of the wealth that they currently control it should be “Duh, Jews” that Whites should focus on.

      • No, its not Alex Jones. But, I did help him get started as someone else around here did too. At any rate, Jews dont control 50% of the wealth in the country. The upper class 5% may have around that number but they are about equally divided between Papists, Prods, Jews, and muds. So, at best they control about 12.5% of the wealth and I think that is still to high. Its the Prods, especially Yankees, who own the biggest chunk of change, followed next by the Papists. This is why focusing exclusively on “Duh, Jews” is foolish and makes you a proxy for some other oligarchic class faction.

  8. That old Jewish Jackoff is now burning in Hell !? And here I didn’t think I’d have anything to smile about today !

  9. With your mention of Madeleine Albright, Mr. W., you’ve reminded me of that news story—in the ’90s maybe?—about Albright’s having discovered her ancestry was Jewish. That, of course, in our entirely-falsified culture, is “discovered.” I can still hear the then-remark of a friend of mine:

    “Did you hear that story? About how Madeleine Albright learned she was the only person who hadn’t known she was Jewish?”

  10. Rolling Stone ran an obituary titled “Henry Kissinger, War Criminal Beloved by America’s Ruling Class, Finally Dies” and the front page of HuffPost labeled him “The Beltway Butcher”. Writing for The Intercept, Nick Turse described him as “a diplomat responsible for millions of deaths”. Due to his controversial legacy, the announcement of Kissinger’s death was met with widespread celebrations on social media.

    In November 1975, seven months after the Khmer Rouge took power, Kissinger told the Thai foreign minister: “You should tell the Cambodians that we will be friends with them. They are murderous thugs but we won’t let that stand in our way.”

    Kissinger had also come under fire for private comments he made to Nixon during the Bangladesh–Pakistan War in which he described Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi as a “bitch” and a “witch”. He also said “the Indians are bastards”, shortly before the war. Kissinger later expressed his regret over the comments.

    In September 1976, Kissinger was actively involved in negotiations regarding the Rhodesian Bush War. Kissinger, along with South Africa’s Prime Minister John Vorster, pressured Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith to hasten the transition to black majority rule in Rhodesia. With FRELIMO in control of Mozambique and even the apartheid regime of South Africa withdrawing its support, Rhodesia’s isolation was nearly complete. According to Smith’s autobiography, Kissinger told Smith of Mrs. Kissinger’s admiration for him, but Smith stated that he thought Kissinger was asking him to sign Rhodesia’s “death certificate”. Kissinger, bringing the weight of the United States, and corralling other relevant parties to put pressure on Rhodesia, hastened the end of white minority rule.

    Chile: Chilean ambassador to the United States Juan Gabriel Valdés called Kissinger “a man whose historical brilliance could never conceal his profound moral wretchedness.”

    • Rhodesia wasn’t completely isolated. It had several key countries supporting it including several in Latin America, Taiwan, and wait for it…….Israel. But, yes, Kissing brought the weight of the US down on it. He was also chiefly responsible for overthrowing a NATO member ally and key figure on the right, Portugal.

      Kissinger, like a lot of Jewish power players was doing the bidding of the International cabal running the west at the time rather than the orchestrator of these events. He was more aligned with the old Prod establishment than the up and coming Judeo-Catholic one. Thats why you will find alot of reactionary Papists hate on Kissinger even thought they are often just as bad. Its all various levels of sewage affluence to chose from at that class.

  11. Before you all call me a horrible person, I don’t really feel sorry. I get a little dash of joy when I outlive yet another evil person.

    • Same here. I don’t even know why, when this world is clearly a hellhole. But you aren’t alone. Maybe it’s instinctual, to have such a reaction, somehow.

  12. So Henry Kissinger – America’s J “Grima Wormtongue” adviser to our controlled kings/Presidents finally died at 100 yrs old.

    After I figured out J Neo Conservatism, I’ve never had any problems understanding all types of Js in America (there are now no American Js, just as there aren’t, never really were any German Js).

    What is hard, so hard to figure out is what’s wrong with White American “Conservative” leaders like Nixon, Bush Sr (Bush Jr was/is just a rich, dumb as# frat boy), William F Buckley – especially WFB?

    What did/do they actually believe in ? Anything? They aren’t really frothing at the mouth anti White, anti American history, Communists – some like George Will are just Gentile fronts, but what was with William F Buckley and George Bush Sr? They just sort of…

    Were there.They liked to be…. well


    William F Buckley’s fake upper class accent and his spy/sex novels nobody read – it was strange.

    So open Alt Right, race realists just saw WFB as a Gate Keeper a thought policeman to keep our subjects out of polite discussion – not quite the same as King Theoden in LOTR being under the spell of renegade White Wizard Sauraman and that J poison in the ear adviser Grima Wormtongue. But, the effect was/is the same.

    • Murika’s Grima Wormtongue is a fitting summary of him.

      > What did/do they actually believe in ? Anything? They aren’t really frothing at the mouth anti White, anti American history, Communists – some like George Will are just Gentile fronts, but what was with William F Buckley and George Bush Sr? They just sort of…

      Well now you’ve gone an asked a truly important question. One popular theory that fits is that they are all basically shabbas-goy step-n-fethchits who serve at the pleasure of their Jewish overlords. This explains many (Buckley, for example) for sure. It does not entirely explain the very wealthy whites like the Rockefellers and the Prescott-Bush famiglia though. At least at one point, these had enough FU money to tell jews to pound sand. Grima’s first job in the establishment after his stint in the military (a typical jew, he was never in serious danger of taking a bullet or getting blasted to bits by artillery) was working for the globalist Rockefeller foundation.

      The Rockefellers were nice white Baptists BTW who would pass Browning’s litmus test. Not some Irish or Italian RC’s. I think the only thing certain whites believe in is money and power, and that this end justifies any means. All boils back down to Crowley’s four words: Do What Thou Wilt. If that’s your credo, you will end up working with the jews because that’s the jewish credo as well.

    • BTW, white elites in Britain, France, Germany, Poland and elsewhere all were more than willing to sell out their nations for thirty pieces of fake silver, loaned by Schlomo Shekelstein and his relatives at those “unbeatable” interest rates. So were Muslim elites – especially in the fabled (because most history written about it is truly a fable) Al-Andalus (Spain). The power of fictional reserve banking is a remarkable.

      Franco held them at bay, but old Grima was instrumental in getting rid of Franco’s nationalists once he died. At least one important admiral was blown up by the CIA. That all took place when Grima was whispering in Nixon’s ear. Spain ultimately put on the NATO slave-collar during the Reagan era (1982).

    • What is interesting is how Jews like Kissinger operate at such high levels of Gentile power and society and yet remain Jews. Thats not Kissinger’s fault. Thats the fault of the Gentile elite.

      Basically, the current Gentile power elite are such whores they let in anybody with utility. To them, everything is about utility, the utility to protect and/or make money. Its very unlike the former Christian elite that used to run European global civilization. They not only kept out non-Christians they kept out other Christian sects.

      I remember when the last bastions of Western Christian power elite exclusivity were being battered down by a coalition of liberal Yankees, Papists, and Jews. This especially happened in the Protestant counties. I blame this surrender of Christian class, society, and country, on Yankees, not Jews. Kissinger only rose to such influence because of them.

      • > Basically, the current Gentile power elite are such whores they let in anybody with utility. To them, everything is about utility, the utility to protect and/or make money. Its very unlike the former Christian elite that used to run European global civilization. They not only kept out non-Christians they kept out other Christian sects.

        Can’t disagree with this. Even a broken shill-clock….

        Like the DWM Robert Frost said: A liberal is a man too broadminded to take his own side in a quarrel. That observation is almost worthy of Rev. Dabney.

  13. Henry Kissinger, the single person responsible for destroying Rhodesia and South Africa, using the might of USZOG to do it.

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