America Rejects Feminism SI, Victoria Secrets Return to Healthy Beauty Standards

Presented for “fair comment”, protected by the US 1st Amendment free speech. Hanging out in Dissident Right, Race Realist, Immigration Patriot, JQ aware places? Yeah, lots of overwhelmingly negative news. It’s hard to find much/any hope in Presidential Political campaigns or Disney/Marvel Universe holiday movies.
But, if you know where to look – there is very good news in the areas of sports, culture, fashion and just regular life.
Here’s some good news: Kathleen Kennedy’s feminist, man hating Marvel Comics Universe movies are bombing big time; so are Kathlene and (J) Bob Iger’s horrible woke remakes of “Sleeping Beauty”, “Peter Pan and (feminist, bit&&) Wendy”, franchise killing Woke Raiders of the Lost Arc and Star Wars streaming series. Did people see South Park’s brutal mockery of Kathleen Kennedy (“Put a chick in it and make her Gay”) link ?

Here’s even better news. Both Sports Illustrated and Victoria Secrets have given up on their “real women’s bodies” (fat POC women) to embrace healthy, athletic, sexy but not slutty White American/European fashion models, fashion shows. SI’s 2024 Swimsuit Issue features the very attractive, wholesome LSU gymnist Olivia Dunne. Olivia’s photo shoot includes swim suit and other photos that would be appropriate in a 1940s Miss America beauty contest. And Miss Dunne is a very beautiful young lady and seems to have sensible views about her self and about life. God bless our pretty young ladies like Olivia Dunne!

In a similar positive vein, Victoria Secret is bringing back their very popular VS fashion show. After a 4 year hiatus, VS will once again feature attractive, fit White American, European models. Victory Secrets is completely abandoning their ” inclusive rebranding faces body-image ” (fat Black women) advertising campaign that was a complete disaster – VS sales plummeted.

The behind the scenes, real story behind the big (bad) changes at Victoria Secrets contain lots of Js. As Gomer Pyle once said: “surprise, surprise”.

An Australian news source ( by Natalie Brown) reports: “The annual televised event, launched in 1995, was sold to women as the epitome of female beauty for more than two decades. The brand’s so-called Angels would model its lingerie, while wearing wings that weighed as much as 13kg, and sometimes wrapped in literal bows. Musical acts would also perform at the shows, which over the years included Rihanna, Kanye West, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift.

“The fashion show was axed in 2019, amid criticism ranging from cultural appropriation of costuming over a Native American-inspired headdress to the staunch hiring of models with a homogenous body type.

A damning 2020 article in the New York Times exposed a culture steeped in misogyny, bullying and harassment, allegedly cultivated by former chief marketing officer Ed Razek and L Brands chief executive Leslie Wexner.

Razek was the subject of repeated complaints about inappropriate conduct, including allegedly trying to kiss models, asking them to sit on his lap, and touching one’s crotch ahead of the 2018 show…

The 2022 Hulu documentary, Victoria’s Secret: Angels And Demons, looked deeper into the brand’s history of body-shaming and misogyny.

It also examined Wexner’s long friendship with convicted paedophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein, who died in 2019 while awaiting trial, allegedly used his association with the lingerie firm to procure young models.

The company broke off from Wexner and became Victoria’s Secret & Co in August 2021. In an effort to resuscitate its image, it launched partnerships with the likes of soccer star Megan Rapinoe, transgender model Valentina Sampaio, plus-size model Paloma Elsesser and Puerto Rican model Sofia Jirau, who has Down syndrome.” (Link)

So, the good news is – this woke, PC, feminist, anti our people’s natural beauty has apparently bottomed out and we’re getting pretty fashion models again and looks like Brei Larson, Rachel Zegler, Kathleen Kennedy and maybe top Disney J Bob Iger are on the way out.


  1. Les Wexner (the Jew owning VI) suddenly remembers that he’s got to suck up to white people again, a bit, so their boys can be cannon fodder again?

    • Yes. Not only is Wexner yet another rodentine jew who owns some company (what companies of any size aren’t controlled by jews?) but he had longtime close and off ties to the brilliant “math wiz” Jeffrey Epstein – who was hired by William Barr’s daddy to teach at an exclusive boy’s schul in Manhattan. Buy Victoria’s Secret and support pedophilia. Get ’em nice and fresh! (Make stake-burning great again).

  2. 100 years from now, women who look like Olivia Dunne will be extinct, or close enough to it, thanks to replacement invasion from the Turd world, and race-mixing propaganda in the jewish advertising and entertainment media.

  3. Whew. that’s a relief. Those fatsos of color were like bird goop on your car. it was simply deliberate perversion of normality.
    In the 1980’s, when there seemed a softening of the Cold War after initial Reagan rattling, I saw some Russian culture displays, among them aerobics training videos and booklets. I was impressed that the Russian women in them were very attractive. Remember, we never were shown ANYTHING good about Russia then, and the women’s bodies weren’t super slender like ours, but looked a bit full, like normal women. Sort of like fifties beauty standards. They were of course the best Russia offered, but their beauty seemed more approachable and less manicured and engineered like our supermodels. Also, they were all white.

    Glad to see in recent decades Russian women have become more appreciated than before.

  4. Nobody likes an obese land whale, but nor do we like stick insects either.
    Real women have curves where curves should be, but are otherwise toned and healthy.

    • So how about the LSU gymnist that’s the featured gal in the “Back to beauty” SI Swimsuit edition coming out in February? She’s neither a beached POC wale or a anorexic stick? She’s fit, got curves in the right places and appears to be very feminine .

  5. The feminst group “Ni una Menos” an International far-left and cultural marxist group Is now protesting in my country and doing violence because a girl was killed by her boyfriend and they say there is patriarchy in society and men are all guilty and murderers……… These feminists then stormed the headquarters of pro-life…..

  6. Adriana Lima (middle of Victoria Secret photo) is actually a mixed race Brazilian model. She’s pretty though.

    • This Brazilian gal is very pretty.

      I recommend promoting natural, pretty women – especially our pretty women – but just any, pretty women that are feminine, not feminists.

      Look at Inrique Igleses or the grand daughters of John Wayne. The White Nordic gene can come out, through in some interesting places – Inrique and Anna Kournikova’s many children are beautiful and very, very White with great hair. Does anyone know if they can sing or play tennis?

  7. I would like to make this an updated, recurring OD blog:

    Noticing pretty, sexy, but not slutty beautiful women – mostly our women, or partly our women.

    The natural beauty of our women and children is probably THE best argument for our people’s existence. All the other races, ethnic groups, pseud religous/political groups notice the beauty and sexual desirability of our women – Js and Arabs/Pakistani/Black/POC notice and go for our women, why shoudn’t we also notice our beautiful women and support them when they make good life choices like having beautiful children?

    We can’t rely on some stork to bring us beautiful children, let’s have way less negativity, gloom and doom, less “Glum” “We’ll Never Make It” (Anybody got that reference?)

    It’s reality that most White, Southern, Midwestern Americans are spending all their free time watching, worshiping College (in name only) tackle football and seeing where Taylor Swift is hanging out, who Taylor Swift is dating (She’s going with national TV cameras, dating a tackle football player on the Superbowl champion team – that’s what American women care about not Middle Eastern wars, not hard money conspiracy theory debt slavery 300 page books, not Judeo Christian J Theology hair splitting a bout WHEN JESUS WILL COME BACK.

    • Jack, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this is Miss Palestina, a contender in the 2023 “Miss Earth” contest (to be held in Ho Chi Minh City in a few weeks), a 22-year-old native of Ramallah, Palestine:

      Last year another young Palestinian woman won the contest:

      This is the result of a very quick search. Evidently these are not Muslim Palestinians, but Palestine was always religiously diverse.

      • Thanks so much Merthyr Rissing. 1831

        The second Miss Palestinian woman was very pretty and very classy looking. I wish the Palestinians, Arabs would make someone like her, who looks like her their spokesperson instead of what they usually have, someone that looks like Muhammed Ata or Yassir Arafat back in his day.

        Good public relations, good propaganda is something very easy in concept – usually our side falls down. That’s why David Duke back in his heyday 1980s and early 1990s was so good – a good looking, well dressed, good speaker, intelligent articulate those are the spokesmen we need. What they say is usually not that important, it’s how they look, how they come off.


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