AIPAC Funded 342 Members of Congress

There are 435 congressmen and 100 U.S. senators. AIPAC bought 342 of them.


  1. Re: AIPAC’s super-wealthy strength:

    I have long predicted that AIPAC’s absolute favourite Republican, Nikki (Nimrata Randhawa) Haley, will be the Republican nominee for President or Vice President. (I also predicted more than a year ahead that Kamala Harris, because I saw she was Wall Street’s favourite, would become Vice President although she did poorly in the primaries. The proles appear to vote, but the money-ed class really (s)elects the puppet figureheads (aka “our representatives”) that they want.

    Paying attention to American politics and other Western politics is a waste of time.

    • It’s all just a clown show. It doesn’t even rise to the elegant level of Kabuki. Pay no attention to that nose behind the curtain!

  2. “AIPAC Funded 342 Members of Congress”

    And still not registered under the foreign agents act.

    Must be nice to be exempt from all the rules that constrain the simple goys.

  3. No wonder all the politicians support “Israel” (actually Judah) since they will most likely lose their reelection if they don’t — bribed, paid off political hacks. All of them it seems.

    And no wonder the South is being treated like Palestine and tearing down our history and heritage seems to be the civic duty of all these Judahite Commie globalists. “Israel” is doing to Gaza what Lincoln/Sherman did to the South — total war against civilians — and the “Yankees” here in the Yankee Empire love it and can’t get enough of it and bow down and worship them and wish the same could be done here in this empire once again.

    Ban/outlaw this political bribery machine that is ruining what’s left of this evil Yankee Empire that conquered, took captive and has been ruling over the South for the last 160 years… Or…

    Separate from this political nightmare! FREEDOM!!!

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  4. LOL. Ali Velshi the “mostly non-violent” riot guy. Velshi is an African born Muslim and a Canadian citizen. Velshi is sort of a “house” Muslim for the Jew “Roberts” family who own MSNBC, NBC, CNBC, and Comcast etc.

  5. This corrupt filth is not loyal. They support Israel only until this is safe for them and beneficial.

    As soon as things go ungly and risky, they will jump the ship. This is also reason why Jews pushing so hard. They know that as soon they stop pushing, snowball immediately starts rolling to other direction.

    So despite this news, we keep winning. Pure fact that this corruption case is now open and public demonstrates that things are not well for Jewry.

  6. Sigh.

    “Our people are slaves of $ money and thus slaves of the J”


    Rockwell was right.

    “We” don’t have a lot/much/any influence in US Congress or USA Presidential elections in both controlled Demorat/Republitard parties. I recommend resisting wasting a lot/any time on this year’s national elections except maybe to network with local folks, get to know, meet $ contributors.

    I have some knowledge on how to access $ financial $ donors. For anyone who wants to do something productive, contact me/us.

    John Derbyshire – “The Derby” says his Long Island, Susses County – White flight suburbs of New York City is pretty solid against New York City/Albany racial treason, criminal, racial and immigration anarchy – I hear rumblings here in Chicago suburbs, Du Page county – remember that David Duke won big victories in the early 1990s from his White flight, working class NO suburb of Metarie LA – we should be looking for similar opportunities in White flight places outside of Memphis TN, Knoxville TN, Birmingham AL.

    It’s just reality that the next 11 months are going to be endless horse races “Who’s pulling ahead, who’s falling behind”, we really don’t have a horse in this race – some Trump but that’s it. The usual affinity groups like the Christian ZIonist Religious Right/Religious Wrong, Koch brothers, R&R Paul Libertarian/Constitutionalist cult members will all be trying to get attention “Look at me, look at us, put me/us on free TV” and the controlled media will be pointing fingers and saying:

    “Your supporters are all deplorable RACISTS, NAZIS” and those White Americans, Js, Neo Con men with a foot still in the system will be shouting:

    “No we’re not RACISTs – look at those guys over there (us) they’re the real racists, get them”.

    Lots of dumb as*, loner losers will “answers the call” to get on taped TV documentaries or Jerry Springer type trash TV shows like those idiots in Florida with the Swastica tattoos on their faces saying “We’re with Santos, We’re with Trump, We’re with R&R Paul” and then spokesman for these campaigns will do press releases saying;

    “We denounce RACISM, Anti Semitism, even Islamaphobia and homophobia, We’re a Nation of immigrants, we stand with Israel”…

    Blah, Blah, blah.

    Yeah, just sit this out. Please don’t do much/any Butt showing.

    Now might be a good time to pass out, get rid of most, all of your racist literature and anti Semitic books like the New Testament Christian Bible, any books by evil RACIST, ignorant haters like:

    Mark Twain
    Charles Dickens
    Martin Luther
    All the Catholic Popes before 1965

    Might be a good time to bury our DVDs, VHS copies of classic Disney movies – “Song of the South” “Dumbo” (the crow scenes), “Sleeping Beauty” (the Prince is Stalking Sleeping Beauty!)

    Yeah, lay low – don’t agree to talk to the mainstream media, Cuck Conservative media.

    Most of us know not to talk to the cops, FBI, ATF say:

    “I have nothing to say”.

    Do the same with the media – the media is not your/our friend.

    Things are spiraling out of control and lots of scary prophesies seem to be coming true with the Js taking over all of Jerusalem.

    Thins are “Falling Down” in this fallen world.

    Be prepared.

    • What’s not for a mensch to like? It’s truly Age of Gold for the chosenites in Murika. The shekels roll in like a tsunami and the whores are both plentiful and cheap! Happy dreams of 600 goy slaves (esp. the blonde girls and boys) to serve a mensch’s every whim and desire. I wonder how long before we see all those nice white Evangelical Protestant CZ’s selling their daughters and sons to the local made-man from the Kosher Nosetra? It’ll be like Berlin of a century ago!

  7. I had to laugh today. Vox Day quoted Florida state rep (((Randy Fine))) “We are a people that has been kicked out of every place we’ve ever lived for 2000 years. Every. Single. Place.” and then included a link to a Gab post. The comments are a riot, such as “Why does every place for 2000 years hate you … Could it be YOU?”

    I can definitely recommend the 1940 German movie Jud Süß if you’ve never seen it. Unfortunately, it’s not dubbed and only available online with English subtitles. But it has the best dramatization of Jewish influence behind the scenes that I know of, in this case in the 18th century. It also clearly shows the weak goyim (the Duke and his minister) who enable it and the goy muscle (soldiers) who enforce it. It’s a constitutional monarchy, but it’s easy to see how the same could work for a congress or parliament. Hollywood is always looking for old movies to do a remake; I’d recommend that one. hahaha

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