House Votes To Condemn Antisemitism On College Campuses

For the record, we are not obsessed with “DA JOOZ.” It is the GOP which is obsessed with passing these token resolutions out of subservience to their Jewish donors. They are not embarrassed by the fact that the House has passed around a dozen of these resolutions since October.

Note: They just passed one last week!


  1. Don’t ever be the first to stop applauding, zeks. Somebody compiled a nice vid of the finest legislature money can buy giving Netanyahu endless standing ovations (practically with every sentence) a few years ago. Funny to see the D-jerseys as the only ones even pretending to believe in the first amendment (yes we all know they really don’t – just another show in the circus).

    It seems utterly lost on our resident Talmudist that expressing disapproval of such brazen loyalty to a foreign power (treason, to put it bluntly) on the part of our “representatives” does not equate with “supporting Hamas”. Even disapproval of mass murder of civilians is now termed “anti-semitism”. The ones who should be supporting Hamas (other Sunni Muslims) don’t appear to have any stomach for it (because reasons). Opposing is not the same as supporting. I note that none of the millions of invaders being flown without any ID to locales around the country – many from the Islamic world – are signing up to fight the IDF (because reasons again). Funny that….

  2. To you in Congress. Does this same favor extend to gentile Southern White people? Or do we Whites have to stoop so low and actually buy out all you obviously money hungry politicians to get this favor and protection for ourselves and our ancestors and our children?

    For example, remember the non-white South-hater, Nikki Haley, who while she was Governor of SC ripped down a traditional Southern icon — an act which was offensive to all TRUE Southerners? And her action which was in response to acts of violence by someone on drugs that had nothing to do with the South gave rise to other non-whites ripping down/removing anything related to White people that offended them not only here in the South but all over the USA and globally. No wonder she is so popular — she hates White people or at least Southern White people. Nikki Haley is the mother of cancel culture.

    No, the South is too proud to play victimization games so nothing will ever be done.

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

  3. I am obsessed with DA JOOZ because they are the head of the snake – media, financial, education, political etc – you name the institution in the US and DA JOOZ control it either directly or indirectly.

    • It’s their level of poisonous malevolence that makes their influence so evil.

      If they were benevolent, i wouldn’t mind, but over 2000 years detroying says otherwise.

  4. The GOP worships Jews as if they were God, but Jews are not God and are along way from ever being God. And yet the Jews want their Moshiach, their third temple and their stairway to heaven to show us all they are with God, and are Gods chosen people, chosen to lead over us all by the hand of God. This is mental illness on the part of both the GOP and the Jews. How does killing innocent women and children bring you closer to God?

  5. Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to condemn the far more pervasive Anti-White hatred on college campuses and everywhere else. The GOP is Anti-White controlled opposition.

  6. I suspectGlobalist jew Cabal Bro gave this resolution a standing approval from the knesset.

    POS hasbara troll comes to OD trying to poison the well here by severing up what his yid supervisors believe will sway the uber philosemitic Dixie Land.

  7. The Local and State levels of “people’s representatives” are doing it too, regardless of how many hundreds or thousands of anti-genocide phone calls and letters they receive (their office staff receives) from verified constituents. You can see a typical conservative Zio-“Christian” Republican “people’s representative” from Lancaster Cunty, PA standing for Israel (our most important colony and overseas military base) about half-way through the video clip below. “Because of ‘antisemitism,’ we will not give one more taxpayer penny to future veterinarians in this antisemitic school, and never mind that there is a growing shortage of veterinarians!” Notice how Fox News also implies that anti-genocide “bullies and harassers” are “calling for genocide” – when in reality they are not bullying but being bullied, and harassed, and they are calling out against the genocide, not for genocide. Fox News is the worst of all!

  8. Baptist Mike Johnson is following krusty wanker’s agenda to the letter.

    Aren’t ya just ‘over the moon’ having a Southern White Protestant as Speaker of the House?

    Maybe, I you are good goys and girls, Schumer and Johnson will throw y’all a few crumbs of kugel and corn bread respectively.

  9. Apologies to anybody reading my post and wondering what the heck this information has to do with the topic at hand … Hunter may be so busy with his family obligations that he hasn’t posted this information yet.

    But a Delaware Senate Staffer was caught filming gay sex on a podium in a Senate hearing room. AIDAN MAESE-CZEROPSKI, an aide to Sen. BEN CARDIN (D-Md.). The identity of the pitcher obscured, with his face blurred. The receiver was fired, but is raising a stink about losing his job due to “homophobia.”

    We all collectively roll our eyes every time, House Speaker, Mike Johnson – AKA the Trifecta of Stupid – “Christian” Zionist with an adopted Black House Speaker leads the RepubliScumbags into pledging allegiance to Israel and loudly condemning “Anti-Semitism.”

    It seems the House seems to spend its time each day doing nothing but voting to condemn “Anti-Semitism” here, there, and everywhere. Like doing so can end any and all Wrongthink where our Jewish friends both in Israel and the Diaspora are concerned.

    But, as annoying as it is, one has to wonder if this is all a bunch of loud, meaningless posturing in a vain attempt to avoid having to do what is being demanded of them? By appeasing their paymasters with noisy but empty rhetoric?

    The timing of this broadcast coming out, much less coming out at ALL is very suspicious. It seems more like a warning shot by people trying to extort Capitol Hill into doing something that terrifies any of them who are attached to their own skins.

    The fact that this tape was made at all must mean that the antics with Cardin’s aide must be commonplace on Capitol Hill. Too bad this tape wasn’t broadcast BEFORE January 6th of 2021; because I imagine that NO innocent MAGA supporter would have been caught up in the Fedsurrection Snare for fear of picking up some communicable STI.

    How many years ago did it become common knowledge that Barney Frank’s live in lover was running a gay call boy operation out of the gay Congressman’s home? It was a tempest in a teapot for less than a week and then it disappeared.

    So, we all realize that any Senator or House Representative exposed as a closeted homosexual would only elicit yawns from the Jaded Left or Apathetic Right. Methinks this is the first shot out of the bow with the Kompromat Materiel. A warning, if you will, that something worse – videotaped child rape? – is sure to follow if orders are not followed.

    So, what are our sorry excuses for elected representation being blackmailed to do?

    MY guess is that they are being blackmailed to sign off on resurrecting the involuntary conscription of Americans to the military; i.e. bringing back the draft, because the military is not only not getting but hemorrhaging volunteers after Woke, Anti-White leaders were installed by the top thanks to the third term of Obama.

    Not only that but conscription will not only apply to men, but to women and the age limits are being greatly expanded to cover for any potential shortages.

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