Zelensky Arrives In Washington To Beg For Ukraine Aid

It has been a dismal two months.

As far as politics goes, I have been in a negative mood. My family life couldn’t be better though. I have spent the last few days in a rush getting everything ready for Christmas.

I’m going to try to look on the brightside here. Unless a last minute Christmas miracle for Zelensky happens in the Senate, Ukraine aid is dead until January. The Israel aid which passed the House is also going nowhere in the Senate. Also, the only forseeable way out of this legislative deadlock in Congress would be for Democrats to cave on a bunch of reforms to the asylum system and deportations. Either way, it is likely going to be a win on foreign policy or a win on immigration.

The Bulwark:

“THIS MONTH HAS SEEN A TANGIBLE VIBE SHIFT on the war in Ukraine. Between Republicans in the House and Senate blocking a $110 billion package that includes military aid to Ukraine as well as Israel and Taiwan by tying it to border-security measures, dire warnings that U.S. aid may have to stop without new funding by the end of the year, and media reports detailing the purported failure of the Ukrainian counteroffensive this fall, the narrative that the wheels are falling off the U.S.-backed Ukrainian war effort is spreading.

And, predictably, it is being met with downright glee in some quarters. Tech venture capitalist and foreign policy dilettante David Sacks, a loud voice in the anti-Ukraine chorus from day one, is crowing:

Ditto for “anti-establishment” muckraker Matt Taibbi, a longtime hater of all pro-Western forces in former Soviet space …”

It could be worse.

Last year, Congress passed the $1.7 trillion dollar Porkulus which included $45 billion in Ukraine aid. Even if Zelensky gets the $61 billion that Biden requested, there is no reason to believe that Ukraine is going to win the war. Ukraine lost an enormous number of troops in the failed counteroffensive. The war in Ukraine appears to be winding down. It took two years but Russia has pretty much won.

Sadly, this war could have been avoided. It also could have been stopped in the first few months. If sanity had prevailed, hundreds of thousands of young men on both sides would be alive today. Tens of billions of dollars wouldn’t have been squandered on this. The final result – a Russian victory in Donbas which Americans really have no problem living with – would have been the same.


  1. “Sadly, this war could have been avoided”

    AVOIDED ???

    This has been in the (((mill))) before 2014.
    Something about, “war is the jwz harvest and the goyz slaughter”.

    • In March or April 2022, Ukrainian and Russian diplomats initialed a peace settlement that would have implemented the Minsk accords and kept the Donbas in Ukraine, and that would have ceded Crimea to Russia. The US sent Boris Johnson to Kiev to browbeat Zelensky into abrogating the deal, which he did.

      Real war on.

    • “This has been in the (((mill))) before 2014″:

      LONG before 2014. The U.S.’s weaponization of Ukrainian neo-ethnicity (I say neo” or “new” because, although the regional dialect, different script and Uniate “orthodoxy” already existed, the idea of “being Ukrainian” didn’t exist before the nineteenth century) against Russia was being put in action before the end of World War Two, as soon as it became clear that Soviet Russia would survive the onslaught of the German proxy. Russia fought the U.S.’s Ukrainian proxies in a long guerilla war through most of the 1950s until the guerillas were finally eradicated inside the border of the USSR. But the U.S. never stopped its propaganda war and building up its Ukrainian anti-Russian proxy force among the post-WW2 diaspora in the U.S. and Canada. It did not help that the early Bolsheviks’ worst mistake was creating an over-sized Ukrainian SSR by adding Novorossiya to it, which was entirely ethnically and linguistically Russian. Khruschev compounded the problem by adding ethnically and linguistically Russian and extremely strategic Crimea to the Ukrainian SSR, evidently as a gift to his Ukrainian wife.

      “this war could have been avoided”:

      This particular war (the part since 2014 or since 2022) would never have happened if the USSR had not been tragically betrayed and destroyed from within by fools and traitors, like Gorbachev and Yeltsin. The U.S.’s Ukrainian anti-Russia proxy force only began to reappear inside Russia (actually in the new state called Ukraine) when American and other Western business, government and NGO agents began to roam freely throughout Russia following the suicide of the USSR. But this is just one phase of a very long, endless war. The U.S. (Woodrow Wilson administration) and other Western governments had deployed soldiers in Russia in the 1920s. Russia, and China (and a few other countries) represent socialism and therefore the capitalist West will never give up trying to dismantle and destroy them and erase them from history.

  2. “. If sanity had prevailed, hundreds of thousands of young men on both sides would be alive today.”

    “Eh, it’s only goyz, but look at my bank account in Cypress, Moshe.”

  3. It’s worse than just Ukraine ending in defeat after hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths and untold destruction, Our Greatest Ally now wants U.S. troops deployed on its northern border to oppose Hezbollah. Their war in 2006 against Hezbollah was a stalemate (at best) and they have taken terrible casulties in their Gaza offensive. They don’t want to repeat their casualties from Gaza 200 miles north on the Lebanese border when the next war starts up.


    Will the loathsome scumbags in Congress tell Our Greatest Ally ‘No’ to their “request” for U.S. “peacekeepers”? To ask is to answer. That was one of the purposes of the Epstein video tapes and Lolita Express trips to Pervert Island, to make offers to politicians they cannot refuse.

    • “Our Greatest Ally now wants U.S. troops deployed on its northern border to oppose Hezbollah”:

      Judaeo-“Christian” heretics will be thrilled by that, because it’s getting very close to the Plain of Megiddo, where they believe the Battle of Armageddon will occur, and that the Russians will also arrive, leading the “evil” in battle against the “good” side (mostly the U.S., UK and Israel). If Russian troops do approach the Israeli border with Syria, to protect Syria, these heretics will become even more excited. They are also thrilled by preparations to build a Third Temple on the site of the Al Aqsa mosque (which is to be destroyed), and by the breeding of flawless red heifers and the training of priests to sacrifice them and other kinds of animals. This very dangerous (but profitable for the charlatans who promote it) so-called “Christian” false prophecy of the worst mass slaughter in human history must not be allowed to become self-fulfilling. It must be thoroughly disproven, once and for all, by totally contradictory real events: that the inhabitants of the land of Palestine, including the Western colonial settlers, decide to forgive one another and “beat their swords into plowshares,” and share the land, and everything else, EQUALLY, and respect each others’ different beliefs and efforts in search of truth and eternal life (because this life is only a short walk from the cradle to the grave). May God’s kingdom of love and peace “come on earth as it is in heaven,” as Jesus said, in Palestine and everywhere else.

      • ” decide to forgive one another and “beat their swords into plowshares,” and share the land, and everything else, EQUALLY, and respect each others’”

        Never happen, nature doesn’t work that way.
        Violence will continue until one group total dominates.

  4. Yep. I am certain, this administration, after they pull that rabbit out of their hat, they will find more money for their surrogate’$ over there, but when it’s time too do something, for the American people, as usual, they will have to concern themselves with balancing the budget, after all, we should be trusting in the good judgement of the republican and democrat syndicate, oop’s , I meant house and Senate, after all, they have done for us, we know they love us and care about us and we should trust them, without Question ……..Ain’t that right y’all……….

  5. Putin thought he was kicking around some dumb Georgians and Chechens when he invaded Ukraine. 21 months later and Russia has lost 200K+ soldiers and all Putin has to show for his invasion is some captured muddy Ukrainian cow pastures and a decimated military. The $100B that the US has given Ukraine is about 1 month’s worth of the US’s annual military budget to put it in perspective.

    • No—what Putin thought is that he had to try to prevent NATO from moving into the Ukraine. There was no guarantee that he would succeed, and he might yet fail. That has nothing to do with the essence of the situation, which you ignore because your only concern is denying dignity to someone whose political stance you oppose. That’s known as being Jewish or being Jewified. You’re one or the other.

      The first thing any serious American political figure would have done upon the dissolution of the Soviet Union is confer with Russia and Ukraine to establish the neutrality of the latter. That was the sine qua non of getting past the Cold War. Beyond that, America would have let its NATO allies know that it would remain allied with them for the time being, while the post-Cold-War would be emerging. It would have eschewed NATO expansion, which is probably the most dishonorable undertaking in the history of American foreign policy.

      America has no honor any longer. You fit right in.

  6. Are they really going to throw Zelensky under the bus? He put his trust in people that betray their own people so go figure.

    • “He put his trust in people that betray their own people so go figure.”

      HA !
      He’s put his trust in foreign bank accounts, over 400 million in Belize alone.

      • Who says a launderess can’t make decent money any more? Maybe it’s the irresistible penile-piano tricks…. Hunter and the Big Guy are definitely bewitched and bewildered.

    • The U.S. still builds big, expensive things, they just don’t work or benefit the population in general anymore.

      There is the high speed train to nowhere in California that originally was planned to go from S.F. to LA and San Diego at 200 mph. Now the geniuses want to have what is left of it go from San Jose (maybe) to Bakersfield. One problem is no one wants to go to Bakersfield.

      There are half finished parts of the project standing, construction materials and machines sitting idle while everyone involved still gets paid. That’s the best they can do now.

      There was $7 billion spent for EV charging stations but none got built, but every penny was spent. Some people got rich off of that one too.

      The Navy spent a fortune on something called Littoral Combat Ships that were a failure and were taken out of comission a few years after being commissioned because they were sub-standard.

      A fortune has been spent on something called “Green Energy” that produces very little electricity. Its cost as measured by dollars per Kwh compared to using coal, oil or natural gas is off-the-charts expensive and it’s also unreliable requiring traditional generators as backup. It also leads to blackouts but other than that it’s great.

      The U.S. Government is spending a fortune facilitating a Third World invasion and replacement of the White population and that is one of the few successful Government projects. This is cheered on by The Usual Suspects of course except when they are lying saying there is no such thing.


      Either the big projects are useless failures like Green Energy or they are successful and destructive like the Third World invasion. Either way the political class always gets paid off handsomely, they think these boondoggles are great.

  7. Maybe Zelensky should visit Russia instead. Not much complaint about antisemitism over there as of late. It’s really getting “bad” over here so they say. Just sayin’.

    Lindsey Graham and his “defense” (actually offense) minded $$$ war hawk cohorts started this war with their “Rah, Rah, Let’s put NATO on Putin’s Border” tours of Ukraine promising that they would supply all the tech, weapons, ammo, etc Ukraine needed to bully Russia into accepting their ultimate fate the West had planned out for them. Just keep poking the Bear until you finally kill him.

    So, why don’t you let Lindsey Graham and all these defense industries pay Ukraine the money they need out of their own very deep pockets since the continuous wars they are promoting all over the world brings them such huge $$$ profits? They could write it off on their taxes.

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

  8. I wonder how much “aid” got kicked back to the MIC. And went into the little Jew’s personal bank accounts. And let’s not forget the 10% for the Big Guy.

    • Some day soon Zelensky will get on an extra long range Gulfstream executive jet with some very heavy luggage, depart in the middle of the night from Kiev and land at a military airport in Florida. Next stop Miami to live out his retirement in luxury, complaining that the U.S. abandoned Ukraine. He can commiserate with Netanyahu’s son who is hiding out in Miami enjoying the good life rather than joining the fight back home.

      • @12AX7

        Most Jews have bug out bags packed and ready. A few even have El Al tickets for Tel Aviv in hand. The one way kind. Želenský is no different. His bags are packed and his wife has already been sending assets outside of Ukraine. Besides, Florida is the Jewish retirement homeland. Želenský will be in good company, with all of the other perpetually complaining Jews.

  9. Re: “it is likely going to be a win on foreign policy or a win on immigration”:

    You seem very optimistic. But your “foreign policy” (imperialism) and “immigration” (the importation of refugees from your hot, cold, proxy and hybrid wars and other imperialist activities, to gain cheaper labour and military cannon fodder, and increase ethnic dilution to reduce and prevent resistance by ethno-social cohesion) will NEVER stop or slow down. The system is run by the rich, so there will ALWAYS be plenty of war (hot, cold, proxy and hybrid) to enforce endless exploitation of workers, barring a real workers’ revolution. But as a populist (conservative) you want to CONSERVE (not destroy) the system, so you can speak of “wins” in “foreign policy” and “immigration,” that are not real changes of direction but mere “fine tuning” adjustments in the same direction. Just put on the “glasses” of class consciousness, and you will see the otherwise “invisible” class system and class exploitation all around you come to life, in action. In the current system, money is much thicker than blood. Ethno-centrism (attachment to traditional culture, love of place, love of family, etc.) is a natural human tendency, but Racialism and religious bigotry, and “patriotism,” are tools in the class system’s divide-and-rule toolbox. There will be no real “wins” for the vast majority of people as long as the current system endures. It must be removed and replaced, cannot be improved or reformed.

  10. Not sure where this fits in, but some may find it noteworthy: “Far-right Polish MP uses fire extinguisher to put out Hanukkah candles in parliament (…) As the Polish parliament prepared for a vote in confidence in the new government, MP Grzegorz Braun, a member of the far-right Konfederacja, used a fire extinguisher inside the parliament building to put out candles lit for Hanukkah. The Sejm session has been interrupted”: https://niqnaq.wordpress.com/2023/12/12/graun/

  11. Russia has already won. They’ve been winning since 2015. Želenský is either gonna end up six feet under, in exile, or in a Russian prison. ZOG is through with him and with Ukraine. ZOG has lost, and they know it.

    Želenský is a Soros backed Russian Jew, and a minion, not a Ukrainian at all. Being a Jew, he might get lucky and end up in exile. Unless they need a martyr, whose death they’ll blame on the Russians.


    • “ZOG is through with him and with Ukraine. ”

      There’s still meat on the bones for the vultures to pick off, at the goyz expense and suffering.

    • “he might get lucky and end up in exile. Unless they need a martyr”

      … Unless other jwz want to get a hold of all that cash he’s piling up.

  12. Zelensky is the holdup. But who to succeed him? I am reading on reliable Telegram channels that the State Department (aka CIA) has given up on the Generals and summoned Zelensky to Washington attempting to persuade him to let Poroshenko take over. That would free up the $61 billion, plus a lot more from Europe. If Zelensky still won’t go I believe the CIA will get extremely violent in Ukraine, to force him out.

    Poland is now back in the war, sending in the tens of thousands of soldiers they pulled out months ago, when Zelensky went ape on Poland, accusing them (rightly) of wanting to seize Western Ukraine for themselves.

    For now the snow is still too soft to hold tanks. Any kind of offensive on either side is impossible for now. When the snow hardens to solid ice, the meat grinder powers back. If the nigger at DOD is plausible, Amercan units will be there before Spring. That is why Biden has instructed Israhell to finish up in January. This Ukranian war is far from over.

    • I’m really surprised that tanks are a thing. I would have thought them obsolete by drones, helicopters and missiles.
      I obviously give people too much credit for technical acumen.

    • @Rangewolf

      “If Zelensky still won’t go I believe the CIA will get extremely violent in Ukraine, to force him out.”

      The CIA and MI6 have assets in Kiev that can eliminate Želenský and put the blame for his death on Putin in particular, and the Russians generally. Or they can spirit him away and use it for propaganda purposes, and claim that the Russians are so evil that they just had to rescue Želenský from certain death at the bloody hands of Putin. Barely in the knick of time

    • “That is why Biden has instructed Israhell to finish up in January. This Ukranian war is far from over.”

      Yes, that is logical. The inexplicable “withdrawal” from Afghanistan (but the U.S. is still “meddling” in Afghanistan) finally made sense when we saw the operation being launched a few months later to finish off the remains of the Russian People’s Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk (Donbass) that was blocked, just in time, by the Russian SMO. The U.S. is also preparing a new war in Guyana to assist Exxon-Mobil, and is revving up the war in northern Myanmar (where an important pipeline was just destroyed by the U.S. proxy force) and several other wars, including especially, the 75-year-long war (now centered in the proxy Taiwan) against China. The U.S.’s war against Russia (now centered in the Ukrainian proxy) has also been going on since at least 1945 and there’s no reason to expect it to end.

  13. So General Robert E. Lee was right again. Yankee Empire bankrolls another useless, bloody war that waste human lives, lots of money and leaves bitterness for many in its wake with the defense industry (ministry of peace)/war hawks starting to worry/think about where/when will their next big money maker appear.

    “The consolidation of the states into one vast republic, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of that ruin which has overwhelmed all those that have preceded it.”
    — General Robert E. Lee, in reply letter to Lord Acton, 12-15-1866.

    This whole wicked nation and the entire world around us is now become one big “magical world” nightmare that will hopefully soon come crashing down never to rise again…

    I remember this song back in the 60’s when I entered a liberal southern university coming from the rural South and seeing drug use and total moral collapse for the very first time. The video portion reminds me of all the Communism, Marxism, etc being pushed at that school and in this country now…

    Rotary Connection – Magical World

    “Oh my God, I tripped to this song so many times in the sixties. When you’re tripping, you understand what this song means!”
    — youtube commenter about the song above

    Stay out of foreign wars.

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  14. > As far as politics goes, I have been in a negative mood. My family life couldn’t be better though. I have spent the last few days in a rush getting everything ready for Christmas.

    You’re doing exactly the right thing, sir. May the blessings of Christ be upon you and your family. Make this Christmas one to remember.

  15. > Even if Zelensky gets the $61 billion that Biden requested, there is no reason to believe that Ukraine is going to win the war. Ukraine lost an enormous number of troops in the failed counteroffensive. The war in Ukraine appears to be winding down. It took two years but Russia has pretty much won.

    I think this is overly optimistic. Even Simplicius notes that Russia will still require time to remove the puppet regime in Kiev, and gives the earliest date as 2025. It would speed things up if Moscow actually declared war instead of keeping the ‘Special Military Operation’, Declaring war would open all sorts of options, like killing American and other NATO generals there to plan attacks on Russia, shooting down NATO drones and AWACs near Russian airspace, etc. plus much more devastating attacks upon infrastructure. It’s more like the Red Army’s position after Kursk. Yes the outcome is pretty much inevitable but the Germans were able to put up a fighting retreat for two years. Zelensky will likely be replaced with new puppet after the first of the year. He has plenty of places to land (Florida, London, France) and two super-yachts. Ukroid oligarchs (all Jewish) remain untouched to fund him as they like. Zelensky also basically sold all assets in Jewkrain to Soros and Blackrock. Soros plans to make money dumping toxic waste there.

  16. Zelensky (in deep Ukrainian voice) Arriving In Washington said: “I’m a dirty Jew who needs more ‘personal funds’ To defeat Russian bear.”

    • Russia is just another Cog In the Zionists’ Wheel. I don’t know why Putin is considering “based” by the Far/Dissident Right when he sends hundreds of thousands of White men to die over a few thousand sq kilometers of Ukrainian cow pastures while Russia has 1/7 of the world’s landmass.

      • Good point.
        Russia has the resources to hold its lines and sling 1000’s of tons of high explosives at Ukrainian infrastructure.
        Why waste the lives ?

  17. I would like to see some of the sum bags who want one war after another have to fight in them. The military industrial complex always seems to wind up in the chips. In the old days, before world war 2, they were called what they are, the merchants of death. Since then, they’ve learned to wrap themselves in the flag, make all these invasions and occupations about freedom and democracy, our brave fighting forces are fighting for freedom and democracy! These damn stupid kids have been taught to worship a government that makes things as hard for ordinary people as possible. Go off and kill a foreigner for them, or get blown up. You’re a hero. Oh bullshit.

  18. We Aryans do not support initiating Brothers wars. Nor do we support Brothers wars in general…except when it becomes necessary. It became necessary for Russia, and it became necessary for Ukraine. Ukraine as a brother Aryan country had every right to choose its destiny, with its historic Euro-Aryan Western forbearers or with its related but bastardized Russo-Asiatic cousins. The Ukrainians chose the West and Russia invaded. So, we Aryans lean toward the Ukrainians, while cheering their underdog fight and weeping at the loss of so many Aryan brothers.

    The Ukrainians have higher church attendance rates than Russians, are more homogenous a people than the heavily Islamicized and Asiatic Russians. In turn, they have proved they are man for man superior fighters to the mongrelized Russians. However, Russia is far larger and more powerful. Its government, although it has its own malignancies, is free of the suicidal malignancy found in the West. Ik contrast, Zelensky has been forced to subirdinate Ukraine to the West to get some of the weapons and support he wants. Meanwhile, the two sides are stalemate.

    Its warfare unlike anything seen in the world since WWII. The European peoples really do know how to fight and wage war. Its a shame its been used most effectively against each other, rather than the dark hordes piling up on our civilizational borders. Instead of properly arming the Ukrainians, the neo-liberals in the West have typically provided just enough war support to not win. Just in time to piss Hunter off, the GOP passed the NDAA today and provided Ukraine another $1,000,000,000 dollars of aid. Its paltry compared to what is needed but a snub to America as zombiefied druggies spread, Latinos invade from the South, memorials to national reconciliation between North and South threatened with genocide, and the military falls apart. Merry Christmas.

      • @White Law,

        Dear (AF) Antisemite First and likely Papist,

        I am 100% Native American, as in the people who built this country: British American colonists and settlers. So, my nose is a good strong British type, I have blue eyes, auburn hair, and I kicked anti-American ass across several continents and drilled little shits like you into not being snotty nosed little Fuentes fags, but killers, lovers, and heart breakers.

        I am descended of English Cavaliers, Huguenot privateers, Scottish Freedom Fighters, Norman knights, and Anglo-Saxon frontiersmen. Also, while I am part Bog Irish, I am not tainted with Yankee blood, whose known past generations were pinched eared social engineers, Christmas tree destroyers, witch burners, and fanatics. Still, I will take them over Ellis Island Rif Raf and Papists.

        In turn, I will also take rhe later as fellow Americanized citizens over others, so in that sense I am America First. But I am not a simple isolationist. In short, the world is a big place, complicated, with all sorts of dangers. You have to build coalitions. Including with big nosed Jews. Be smarter and better.

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