Poll Watch: Donald Trump Is Dominating Joe Biden In Swing States

If the 2024 presidential election were held today, Donald Trump would win in a blowout because Joe Biden has collapsed with his own base.


Joe Biden’s growing political troubles are coming from within his own party as he trails Donald Trump in the battleground states that will decide the 2024 election.

That’s the conclusion from the latest Bloomberg News/Morning Consult Poll of voters in seven swing states. Read the full report here.

This is the third consecutive month Bloomberg News has conducted the swing state poll, and the narrative hasn’t shifted for the president. In fact, it’s gotten worse and the new data only highlights Democratic voters’ deepening dissatisfaction with the White House. …

Joe Biden is now losing all the swing states to Trump.

In a recent CNN poll, Joe Biden was losing Michigan by ten points to Trump.


Former President Donald Trump has the upper hand over President Joe Biden in two critical battleground states – Michigan and Georgia – with broad majorities in both states holding negative views of the sitting president’s job performance, policy positions and sharpness, according to new CNN polls conducted by SSRS.

In Georgia, a state Biden carried by a very narrow margin in 2020, registered voters say they prefer Trump (49%) over Biden (44%) for the presidency in a two-way hypothetical matchup. In Michigan, which Biden won by a wider margin, Trump has 50% support to Biden’s 40%, with 10% saying they wouldn’t support either candidate even after being asked which way they lean. In both Michigan and Georgia, the share of voters who say they wouldn’t support either candidate is at least as large as the margin between Biden and Trump. …

Here is the worst data point of all for Joe Biden: after being indicted on 91 felony charges, Trump is polling higher than Joe Biden with core Democratic constituencies.

New York Times:

In an email, Greenberg summarized the results: “This is grim.” The study, he said, found that collectively, voters in the Democratic base of “Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, L.G.B.T.Q.+ community, Gen Z, millennials, unmarried and college women give Trump higher approval ratings than Biden.”

On 32 subjects ranging from abortion to China, the Democracy Corps survey asked voters to choose which would be better: “Biden and the Democrats” or “Trump and the Republicans.” …

It is what it is.

The Orange Man is back.

Whether you love him or hate him, 2023 was Donald Trump’s year. Politically, he has dominated his Republican rivals and taken a solid lead over Joe Biden in the general election.


  1. Now you know why there has never been an Irish Pope, the Irish would sell their own mother out to the Jews.

    • As cantwell says, if you wait until it’s time to vote, you’re too late in the political process. You have to get involved before the vote.

  2. Yes, they brought him back, after he had become a nobody. I agreed with Steve Sailer at the time of the first filing of charges. He felt the dems were trying to make a martyr of him so he would get the nomination, then lose the general election, of course.

    He is the weakest candidate. Nimrata is beating Biden by double digits in zog’s polls. The polls are rigged, of course, as are the elections.

    I wonder how Zognald is doing against the actual candidate, Newsom?

    Another valuable role Zognald plays is filling the space. Not much room in there for a real patriot in the race, not with Zognald there, and the Zog media all supporting him (his face is constantly on Zog media). The Zombies love their Orange Jesus, their savior, while the lefties have figure out that Zognald is one of them. He is. He always was.

    But he will beat Newsom? No chance. It is still rigged in 40 states anyway. Because Dominion, and unlimited mail in ballots. Fraudulent counting. New data dumps 99% of the votes for Biden, last time. Whatever it takes, they have it.

    • Newsom ?

      All any opponent has to do is point to the failed condition of Mexifornia and that will knock him down.

      • Rangewolf may well be correct. All Newsom has to do is show is pretty coiffed face. Retarded women even in Mexifornia could know or care less about his record. He can talk up the absolute importance of the right to abort any unhappy results of sluttery away while mentioning that Cheetohead appointed the judges who overturned their precious Roe v. Wade. It will serve handily to draw away any attention to Newsom’s abominable performance as governor of a failing state. More reliable than Colt 45 malt liquor, which “works, every time”.

        That said, look at the damned polls. If anything close to being accurate (which given the state of affairs they could very well be as real as the approaching victory of Zelensky and his NATO army), some 40 percent would cast a vote for a literal retarded ventriloquist dummy over a grifter who at least delivers a good sales pitch about addressing some of the actual issues (Yes, it’s just a grift and even if Trump is sincere he cannot solve the problem because he is fundamentally incapable of even seeing them). Four of ten are that terminally stupid.

    • Modern-Day Democracy is all Jewish Theater. This D vs R, Trump vs Biden stuff is all as scripted as any episode of “The West Wing” ever was. Americans love to be lied to – to be told that we are exceptional, a “Shining City On a Hill”, that our Republic and political system is the envy of the world despite it’s “faults”. It’s all complete BS, of course but it keeps the goyim placated with the belief that “A Better Tomorrow Awaits” if they just keep participating in The System.

    • “Nimrata is beating Biden by double digits in zog’s polls”:

      I’ve long been predicting she’ll be the Republican presidential or vice-presidential nominee, since she has been the most loudly pro-Zionist and anti-communist of all the candidates of both parties. The former pancake house waitress will be elevated by the elites she serves, to become the next figurehead leader of the world. She will do anything they want. She won’t hesitate for one second to destroy the world.

      • The former pancake house waitress? My goodness, Merthyr, such contemptuous dismissal of a woman who worked for a living. That’s not what I would have expected from a good communist such as you—but maybe it should have been. You pig.

  3. I suspect that the dems will turn to Gov. Beshear of KY who was reelected over the magic negro put up by the repugs. Beshear has the reputation of a “moderate” and the dems have had great success turning to southern, moderates to win nationally. After all, the party investors will want to maximize their advantage for graft even if they have to throttle back a bit on the nonsense.

    All this effort to nail Biden and his son will be a wasted effort.

    • The effort to “nail” Hunter Biden is just the same scripted BS that occurs during every presidential term to serve as a distraction – Trump and Russiagate and Stormy Daniels, Obama’s birth certificate, Clinton and Lewinsky, etc.

  4. Lucky for Joe we have fake elections with fake mail in ballots. No one will stand up to Obama’s army of obese black women with vans full of fake ballots.

    • True but…

      Back in the day White guys like Mayor Daley Sr and Joe Kennedy knew how to stuff ballot boxes and win, always playing to win and winning.

      “Don’t make no waves, don’t back no losers” (that was the mantra of the always winning Mayor Daley Sr

  5. There’s nothing to love or hate about Trump, he’s just another neocon, his run for president, win or lose, means nothing.
    The shitliberal elite’s hatred for him is mostly theater, to show their PMC base they’re not ‘racist’ and ‘sexist’.
    He’s a buffoon, clown, fall guy and scapegoat who read the quiet part out loud and went off script a few too many times, nothing more.
    If they imprison him, few if any republicans will come to his aid.
    There will be no civil war.

    Most Americans are still clueless, living in a geopolitical fishbowl, stuck in the uniparty.
    They can’t locate Ukraine, Israel or Taiwan on the map.
    American politics is a joke.
    If America has any enemies, they’re all outside America, in Russia, Iran, China.
    BRICS appears to be outmaneuvering old Uncle Sam, that’s the real story here.

  6. This may all be real but wouldn’t the Deep State WANT their hated citizens to feel like everything is somehow now legit and everything is going their way and then in the home stretch before the 2024 election have another covid-class crisis “conveniently” come out of nowhere and then remove Joe Biden and run a “shiny” “brand-new” savior that wins the hearts of all the Dems and independents and have the left-wing deep state controlled media (predictably) go wild over this new “messiah”. Plus, have the DOJ throw Trump in/under the prison (if they haven’t already) and then update all the voting machines’ algorithms to have them all come up “snake eyes” against the Republicans and somehow these new vastly improved AI generated algorithms have the Dems “squeaking” out wins to give them majorities in both the Senate and House and a new Dem President (4 more, no, no, now 8 MORE YEARS!).

    In a Communist Deep-State controlled dystopia one would expect something like this to happen if not this election cycle then the next for sure.

    Just sayin’…

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

  7. Republican leadership hates Trump and wants him gone. Republican strategy has always been to throw away a winning hand. Perennial losers by design.

  8. ” Donald Trump would win in a blowout”

    That’s the reason they are trying to kill him with stress.

    Just imagine being in your 70’s and facing endless felony charges coming from every direction. That’s heart attack material.

    • Imagine after your first disastrous term as POTUS largely due to the oversized role your chabad lubavitcher son in-law played, and it leaking that jared kushner is Zion Don’s leading choice for Secretary of State. Zion Don may as well keep anthony blinkin on in that role. Absolutely, no difference.

  9. I’m absolutely dumbfounded, how anyone ever voted for that chronic liar, Biden. It’s just proof of the miserably low level of the American electorate.

    A republic just won’t work without some standards for the electorate, literacy, land ownership, some standards.

  10. To the average conservative voter in Kansas with only token understandings of politics, Trump is obviously the more logical choice.
    Trouble is, he failed the voters on some promises he made during his single term.
    Was the wall completed? Biden pulled troops out of Afghanistan, not Trump.
    Trump was all tweets and talk, but no action. And he carried on like an idiot craving attention.
    One good thing he did do was shine a spotlight on China’s unfair trade policies that sparked the erasure of US manufacturing.
    Most companies now are happy to use cheap/slave labour in China instead of fairly paid workers in America (and elsewhere in the West) who generated economic activity in the areas they were employed in.
    He never promised to make America purely white again, and couldn’t be expected to. You must be realistic, but he still failed the people on many fronts.
    You’ll never again have a leader from either party that meets all your criteria.

  11. Hunter and others here, please do not waste a lot, any time following this fixed Presidential election horse race, the polls of

    “Who’s pulling ahead, who’s falling behind”.

    We really don’t have a horse in this fixed horse race.

    Our side always, ALWAYS does this – put all our time, our little $, all our hopes, prayers in to electing some White savior, riding in on a White horse to SAVE US, make America great again, go back to the 1950s or even further back. It doesn’t work that way.

    Even in landslide victories for some White Conservatives like Nixon in 1972, Reagan in 1984 – these were 49 out of 50 state landslides. It doesn’t change things that matter. A White Conservative GOP President doesn’t control the media, any media that counts, he doesn’t control teachers unions, doesn’t control the Federal Reserve Banking cartel that prints our fiat corrency. We used to have some dominance, some influcence in the military, intelligence agencies – we’ve pretty much lost that.

    We should have been building state and local organizations same as the BLM, LGBT Lib Left has done. Instead we waste all our time on these fixed Presidential horse race elections.

    Our people like to be on TV.

    We haven’t heard from the R&R Paul race denying, Constitutionalist Libertarian cult – unless we’re careful these cult idiot will jump in the horse race again and lose 99.6% again.

    Aren’t there some county board chairman, county DA and Sherrif’s contests in Alabama you can get our readers plugged in to? And if we don’t pay attention to these state and local races these immigration traitors that just LOVE CHEAP MIGRANT LABOR like the former Onion King of Georgia, Tyson Foods, those fat ass ranchers looking to slaughter the beautiful Grey Wolves in Idah will take over state and local politics – they’ll make short term $ profits for themselves which translate in to taking “30 pieces of silver” to betray us and replace us in the longer term.

  12. They cheated so hard and in plain sight in 2020 with essentially zero real consequences and you think they’re going to let you elect someone they don’t like? If Trump happens to win 2024, it will be because he sold out even harder than he did previously. You aren’t going to “win” elections if they can just stop counting, cheat until the results match what they want and then nothing happens. You do remember that happening right, or is everyone reading this just that deluded?

    • They really think they bluff forever and that nobody in the class of “people who matter” is ever going to take issue for fear of ridicule. But do you notice, they don’t actually use the word “kook” too much anymore? They call them “deniers” not “kooks.” The word “kook” and “conspiracy theorist” have lost their stings. And that is because nobody believes in American Institutions anymore. Nobody thinks that someone who suspects things are a hell of a lot worse than we can even imagine is crazy anymore.

      Gaza, a tiny statelet against the Western world, shows us that the real power of ZOG is vastly overrated. They still depend overwhelmingly on systematic lying and deception.

    • @TW,

      Probably the best outcome for this jewish socially engineered leviathan. Perhaps the only way for dumb ass ‘merikan patriots to wake up from their flag waving coma.

  13. Here is the true outcome of the 2024 US elections for president, US senate, and US representative; jews win. Full stop.

    • True but our own Mayor Daley Sr used to win all Chicago City, Cook County elections back in his day 1955-1975. Mayor Daley Sr played to win and he, his side won.

      That’s what we should be doing, that’s what we should have been doing since David Duke and Pat Buchanans strong showings in the early 1990s.

      Concentrate on state and local elections, build organizations, gain power in places like White flight working class suburbs of New Orleans LA and New Hampshire.

      Pat Buchanan could have won Governor or New Hampshire in ~ 1994. Instead his ugly sister Bay Buchanan talked her Brother Pat in to running for President again 3rd Party Reform Party and chose a Black John Burch Society woman running mate to distance the Buchanan Brigade from the Racist David Duke people. Bay Buchanan wanted to be a Cable New TV talking head to compete with the likes of Rachel Madcow Maddow.

      Well, that didn’t work. The only “Conservative” women allowed on Cable News TV are drop dead beautiful like Megan Kelly and even then the ADL, AIPAC, Neo Cons and Paul Ryan Cucks do thought police, censor, purging.

      Folks, Let’s just skip the 2024 Presidential election or just vote, network a bit with locals. Definitely DO NOT talk to the Zio media in taped interviews . The System will be on witch hunts for RACISTS, NAZIS, MAGA Duke, Buchanan even Trump supporters.

      IT’s a fixed horse race, we don’t have a horse in this race. so don’t waste a lot, any time in this fixed horse race.

  14. > Definitely DO NOT talk to the Zio media in taped interviews.

    Excellent advice. Vox Day has been saying this for some time now. NEVER talk to gaslight media. If they ask you a question, your reply must always be the same one: “no comment”. They are enemy soldiers who are every bit as destructive and dangerous as armed Antifa thugs (FBI trainees).

  15. Well after reading this article from the gateway pundit in NO WAY NO MATTER HOW BAD BIDEN IS I CANNOT SUPPORT DONALD TRUMP https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/12/donald-trump-criticizes-rino-congressman-chip-roy-encourages/ I am an American first. You are allowed to support whoever in a primary. In a General I expect the Republican to support the Republican nominee. Chip Roy is a conservative not a RINO like Jim Hoffa her suggests. Sorry i am so tired of Trump and his Vain ness I will not vote for Trump in 2024 no matter what

    • So Cheetohead calls Chip Roy a RINO because he endorses Meatball Ron instead of Cheetohead. Total fecking Klown-show, but what else should we expect from the Gay Old Politboro? Actual debate?? I read that the great Smedley Butler – wisest jarhead who ever lived – ran for congress as both a socialist (first) and (later) a republican. They don’t make jarheads like him any more, sad to say.

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