Tales From The Movement: National Justice Party Collapses


It is getting nasty.

To recap:

Jazzhands McFeels retired from TRS and disappeared.

Michael McKevitt was purged from NJP.

Eric Striker was purged from NJP.

Tony Hovater was purged from the NJP.

Earlier this year, Greg Conte left NJP after accusing Hovater of financial mismanagement.

In somewhat related news, Andrew Anglin disavowed Nick Fuentes over associating with Richard Spencer. There has been a lot of movement drama lately.

I was never a NJP member.

I haven’t paid much attention to NJP or TRS in years.

I spend virtually 100% of my time these days working and raising my two sons. I heard about all the recent infighting on Twitter though. I don’t have time to be involved in this shit anymore.

As I have observed this unraveling from the outside, my impression of NJP/TRS is that it has slowly disappeared. If you are not on Telegram or deeply involved in the Dissident Right, you probably wouldn’t even know the group ever existed. NJP struck me as increasingly isolated, insular and cliquish. It seemed to be going all in on National Socialism which has a very limited niche appeal. The final implosion is pretty much a textbook example of the failure of these sorts of organizations.

I wish that I could say that I am surprised. I have seen dozens of these groups come and go though over the years. I’m sure NJP will be replaced by a new group with a new flag and logo with the same sort of pitch just like groups like Blood Tribe have popped up and replaced the NSM.


  1. No surprise. I was a big fan back in the day but when trump turned out to be a complete disappointment they really went off the deep end. Sad to see what they’ve become, ftn and trs were near daily listens to me for a while

    • Absent the grifter theory (which I favor), the best working explanation I’ve read of Trump’s failure is from NeoLiberal Feudalism:

      > The institutions he trusted were the institutions his boomer generation trusted. He read the New York Times, CNN and the Washington Post and did everything he could to ingratiate himself to these people. Trump was small-minded with the heart and soul of a merchant, not a warrior, and simply wanted a reversion back to the “good times” of a prior generation. His historical knowledge was absent and he stumbled from one crisis to the next with no vision. Unable to see clearly the forces he was up against – an entrenched liberal civil service close to impossible to fire, a leadership of racial bolshevik partisans working to undermine the core fabric of society, Rothschild-owned central banks immune to “public pressure” with their own longterm plans, and the equality cult of supercharged crypto-Christianity – he was always destined to lose.

      Even if he truly wanted to change the system and opposed the oligarchy and deep-state (which I contend he did not, as he was actually just another grifter with a better pitch than those used previously), there’s no way he could ever do it for all the reasons given above. A merchant is not capable of doing a warrior’s job. He failed to understand the essential nature of his enemy. Hell, his own son-in-law and daughter are Satanists who work with the oligarchy.

      The root problem lies within the white population itself. A large segment (40%) are fully gaslit into supporting their own extermination. AR’s Gregory Hood has a recent item up describing the Asian mayor of Boston’s latest hatefest directed against whites.

      As Hood notes:

      > White conservatives seem to be the only people in the country who believe the propaganda about the so-called civil rights movement. Every year they embarrass themselves by saying Martin Luther King, Jr. would agree with them on merit rather than race — and every year, his children laugh at them.

      They don’t even see it how ridiculous they are, nor are they even capable of seeing it. Hood also noted that Mayor Wu (daughter of Taiwanese* immigrants) has a white husband named Conor Pewarski. Pewarski is a Polish gentile name and his profile lists him as as a Straight White Christian Male. To bad someone didn’t pointedly ask Ms. Wu if her honky hubby was unwelcome at the POXmas party. As Robert Frost noted, they won’t even take their own side in an argument. I wonder how long before Madame Wu dumps the hapless honkey for a Jew billionaire? One could almost set up a gambling site to take bets on how long. As Hood noted earlier in the article:

      > What does the mayor’s white husband think about this? Is he invited? (“Woke” women of color often rail against white racism but settle down with a white guy.) He’s probably happy with the party. Like so many whites, he would find it bizarre to celebrate white identity, because he probably has no identity.

      Pewarski might discover an identity once Madame Wu moves on to a more prosperous mate. Pewarski represents one type of gaslit white person. The other type are the Conserviletards, typically Christian Zionists, who Hood correctly derides for worshipping the fraudulent preacher Martin Luther King – an operative of communist Jews backed by the deep-state who was liquidated when his adulteries were about to be exposed. These are the same morons who are cheering Israel and Jewkraine while they await salvation from the likes of Trump (which will not be forthcoming of course).

      *Wu is a Chinese surname. The population of Taiwan is 90% Chinese. There is an aboriginal population in Taiwan, now mainly confined to the mountains and East coast. They were pretty much abused, enslaved and killed by Chinese, Dutch, and Japanese through the centuries. Interestingly, they are now largely Christian thanks to the efforts of American missionaries in from the 1950s through the 70s. Madame Wu was a protoge of the very white fake-Indian Elizabeth Warren while at Haahvahd Law.

      • I would say Trump as a politician is a great rabble rouser, as good as anybody since Hewey Long. He draws a big crowd. As President and as a leader he left quite a bit to be desired for the reasons you enumerated. The Republican leadership seems incapable of even seeing the problems accurately, to me they seem to be always trying to bring back some point.in the past that doesn’t exist anymore. Like this make America great again bull. The European Americans need to stick together and make the best of where we are now, not cling to some stupid view of the past.

        The business class and the super rich are really not our friends, well maybe Elon Musk is on our side to some extent, way too many of them are jews, or might as well be.

    • There is the issue of how Moike miraculously was released from the Charlottesville lawfare while Spencer and others get hit with $6 gorrillian in damages. I suspect they had state funding too. There is no way they afforded all that on the number of subscribers they had. Press D to doubt. Jazzhands probably got a promotion at Langley and was reassigned. I’m glad I reserved judgement on Conte. He seems too principled for petty fraud.

  2. These podcasts mainly consist of snarky commentary which early on was directed toward liberals or neocons. Then eventually they turned on each other. Nobody is pure or based enough for these people apparently. Never put much faith in content creators. Even they will admit it is a mistake to do so. I expect the boring resolution to this is just people quietly not renewing their subscriptions.

    • “These podcasts mainly consist of snarky commentary”:

      I’ve overheard (not listened to them directly and deliberately) some WN podcasts that are worse than snarky. About every other sentence contains an expletive related to copulation or elimination of bodily waste, or taking the Lord’s name in vain, although some of the podcasters claim to be Christian. They are boorish and vile, and any good information they do convey is at least second-hand or third-hand. I know where they go to get good information, but I don’t think they tell their audiences where they get it. It is a sad situation.

      • “every other sentence contains an expletive ”

        Yep, you’d think that WHITE men would make an effort to make the best presentation and a clean delivery of our goals. I suppose this is an example of nggrization influencing our society under jwzish control. The jwz have made a decades long effort to lower all standards down to a gutter level.

        That’s one reason I’ve liked Jan Lamprecht at historyreviewed.com, he tries to keep WHITE standards.

        Our culture has been terribly damaged.

    • @Mike549,

      Yeah, and Star Trek, Dune, and 40K Hammer autism does not effective topics to lead to the solutions to our myriad of existential challenges.

      Jesse “Sven” Dunstan and Alex McNaab were simple grifters, as their most recent paypiggy behind the scenes post exposed.

      Only, Striker, Conte, and Warren were true believers.

    • @Mike549, I forget to add that their scoffing on people’s concerns over the COVID-19 vaccines pinned the needle at being out of touch and arrogant in their ignorance on that issue.

      • I forgot about that! Sven was ranting about wishing he had taken the vax because his non-home schooled kids kept bringing Covid home. Big red flag. I stopped paying after the Trannygate cover up. I never trusted Mike after that.

        • @Gerbils,

          Well, over the last week, we have seen McNabb’s and Dunstan’s true colors. They were in it for the shekels, and narcissistic e-celeb dopamine hits.

          The dissolution of NJP, and probably TRS has been an embarrassing shit show.

  3. I barely heard of the NJP, and on Kirksville, Alex Linder’s site, there is a very, very, verrrry long study of all of this, which lost my interest. It seems like the typical fringe movement that starts out with thunder, makes good points, but then, as Harold Covington points out, the “fearless leaders” take over, appropriate what funds are available, and it becomes a battle of egos.
    Reminds me of the National Alliance, when Pierce died and it fell apart and the new head helped himself to the kitty.
    To make these things work, you need someone who has actually run for office and can bring organizational skills, but anyone in America who can do that is locked into the two party lockstep.
    Harold said Pierce told him a major problem with the WN groups was that they turn on each other because they’re all chasing after the same dollar, and have to get nasty to get people to dump “the enemy” and contribute to them. There seems to be a Fuehrer mentality. They want to be like Hitler and dominate, but forget he had a national organization and qualified people with him.
    He was also good at stopping bickering, sniping, and getting on with the program.
    Groups like the NJP prefer to carp and plot. sort of like a WN version of the series Survivor, which is less survival than bare-chested office politics.

    • You could have forecast the fate of NJP from the rise and fall of two dozen similar groups over the last 25 years.

    • “becomes a battle of egos”

      Yep and that really makes me question the sincerity of many people involved in this cause. If they really cared about our issues they would submerge their differences for the sake of a greater good.

      There are so many powerful forces against WN that it drives away the good quality people and only leaves people of sub-marginal quality involved.

  4. No surprise that catty homosexuals like Anglin and Fuentes had a falling out over the effete Richard Spencer who now spends his time obsessing over Depeche Mode.

  5. It wasn’t producing anything tangible, not a single shooting or even a flier posted at a synagogue, so the FIB is closing it up.

  6. I don’t pay attention to these groups either, but for a different reason: Not because they (“the movement”) are ineffective, as you pointed out, but because they are on the wrong side of history. They are conservatives, conserving the system just like the fake “left” does, and like the moderate majority does. If WN and other far-right conservatism did not exist, the system would need to invent it, to give people an illusion of “choice” in the “elections” – although the system fights against EXCESSIVELY far-right conservatism (like it sometimes fights against its proxy-war creation ISIS) to keep workers from going off the reservation.

  7. Never a supporter, but I listened – still listen – to some of their podcasts. Both Warren Balogh & Mike Enoch are superb, dynamic, orators – they give some of the best speeches I’ve ever heard from our side. Just what is “our side” is part of the problem: as Hunter points out their determination to go essentially full National Socialist limited them to a tiny niche, permanently. NS is a bad fit for the Anglo-sphere in general & North America in particular: we have our own distinct political traditions, & quasi-NSDAP is not one of them. NJP types apparently think that among young people who have grown up in the racial-cultural-political cesspool of the past 30 yrs this is not a problem, but I’m skeptical. Populism, with charismatic, sincere (unlike Trump) leaders, + a competent, durable, administrative structure, is a much better fit for North American traditions. Also, from what I’m hearing out here in Texas, NJP insistence on top-down control (interference?) over already viable local groups, instead of a less authoritarian system, is resented. And finally, yet another dreary repetition of personality conflicts escalating into organization-killing destruction.

    I hope something is salvaged. Balogh & Enoch are talents who shouldn’t be wasted. The local groups have been doing effective work, & to a limited but promising extent, have been building the racial-social communities that we’ve been insisting for years are the key to white survival.

    • To hell with the “Anglosphere.” If it wasn’t for the Anglosphere’s airtight allegiance with international jewish finance, we would not be in the current situation the West finds itself in.

      IMHO, the Anglosphere need to STFU in regards to White wellbeing. No one trusts you guys.

      • “To hell with the “Anglosphere.” If it wasn’t for the Anglosphere’s airtight allegiance with international jewish finance, we would not be in the current”

        I don’t think that is entirely true.
        Past generations did most everything to keep jwz out.
        They excluded them from clubs, hotels, businesses, the officer corps, defense factories. If a gentile was considering marrying a jw they would be disowned and disinherited.

        I think your looking at a few spectacular instances and projecting it onto the norm.

        JP Morgan wouldn’t hire or do business with jwz.
        JD Rockefeller wrote about out smarting jwz and getting the best of them. (Then his only fertile son marries one.)

        • @William Sprayberry,

          Jared Taylor has a massive blind spot when it come to the JQ/JP, and even his wife or partner is likely a half jew on her mother’s side. She even went as far as writing to the SPLC of all places for them to confirm that she isn’t a jewess, and get those mean “anti-semites” off her case. https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/2016/05/04/setting-record-straight-longtime-partner-jared-taylor-addresses-white-nationalist-criticism

          I do credit Mr. Taylor with being the 101 of White racial realism, but at the same time, at his last American Renaissance Convention jewess and rampant zionist sociopath Laura Loomer was a guest speaker.

          Peter Brimelow is a WASP ethno-nationalist. Cut from the same aristocratic cloth that other English supremacists that supported the Boer Wars, WWI, and WWII came from.

          In Brimelow’s defamation lawsuit against the New York Time he insisted that he was a “civic nationalist.” While I believe that he is more pro-White than that, he comes off as a latter day “nativist” like Hunter Wallace’s hero from “Gangs of New York” William Poole AKA “Bill the Butcher Cutting.”

          Sam Dickson is Southern KKK affiliated lawyer. Nothing wrong with that, especially below the Mason-Dixon Line, but does give a rat’s ass about other White Americans that are not of British origin, or reside in regions of the USA? From what I can tell from Dickson’s speeches he gave at Taylor’s American Renaissance Conventions, Dickson comes off as more of a at best Western European elitist like Wilmot Robertson than a ‘big tent’ White racialist.

          Hunter Wallace is a Southern Nationalist. He wants the former CSA/Antebellum Dixie to exist without the chattel slavery.

          So as you see, these men are all fine should they be south of the Mason-Dixon Line or in England.

          David Duke is a Southerner that was able to break free of that insular WASP clannishness, but he is an outlier.

          In a perfect world, all those men and their progeny would live in their Christian Nationalist, Jeffersonian liberalism, with a large helping of Burke conservatism.

          I stand by my assessment.

          • You’re behind the times about Jared’s first wife, although I read all the articles by her & others about her alleged Jewishness & came away convinced she wasn’t. Behind the times because he has had a second wife for several years now. Jared keeps his private life private so I don’t know the details.

            Peter Brimelow never struck me, in my conversations with him, or in reading him, as a WASP ethno-nationalist. More a supporter of white America with general European ancestry. If you’re searching for a movement leader or intellectual who really is a WASP ethno-nationalist, Andrew Fraser, author of The WASP Question, is your man.

            Sam Dickson is actually something of a Slavophile. He loves the Russian people. His boyhood tutor in Greek was a female White Russian refugee. Sam is also rather hostile to the ruling classes in Britain as they developed over the centuries. Much of Sam’s ancestry is Huguenot (Calvinist French), not British. I know Sam well enough to say he pretty much likes all kinds of white people, even ones from Massachusetts, & Texas. He is indeed a “Big Tent guy.”

            I’ll let Hunter speak for himself. He’s OK by me.

            Sorry you don’t trust us. You are welcome here.

    • Re: “determination to go essentially full National Socialist limited them to a tiny niche, permanently. NS is a bad fit for the Anglo-sphere in general & North America in particular: we have our own distinct political traditions”:

      It is a bad fit for ANY place in the world, and Nazism was never socialist. It was a right-wing ANTI-socialist/anti-communist operation that replaced and eradicated real German socialism (look up: the German revolution after World War One) and it was also proceeding to destroy the Soviet Union, until Operation Barbarossa didn’t go as well as planned. The Germans and Russians were supposed to fight each other to the last man, and then leave the entire world in full control of the Anglo-Zionist elites. The populist, pseudo-socialistic reforms that the Nazi regime allowed in the beginning seemed beneficial to the workers, but the workers’ apparent gains were soon erased by the doomed proxy war against Russian socialism.

      “Populism, with charismatic, sincere (unlike Trump) leaders, + a competent, durable, administrative structure, is a much better fit for North American traditions”:

      You’re talking about different styles (“traditions”) but still the same rotten substance. Nazi populism and other populisms are merely species of conservatism. Reform is reactionary not revolutionary.

      • Nazism was syncretic. True, it contained some elements of conservatism, especially love of country & its folk. Most Nazis disliked capitalism; many favored a kind of communitarian socialism. The German revolutions & attempted revolutions (many, in different parts of Germany) post-WWI were often led by Marxist Jews (e.g., Rosa Luxembourg in Berlin, Kurt Eisner in Bavaria). At national level (i.e., Berlin) what happened was more a regime change than a society transforming revolution. Most Wilhelmine social, governmental, & economic structures (e.g., the Army, judicial system, schools & universities, private companies) remained intact.

        “….Operation Barbarossa didn’t go as well as planned.” You have a gift for mordant understatement. OTOH, it kind of did go as planned, if you’re saying Barbarossa was ultimately a manipulation of Hitler by the “Anglo-Zionist elite:” it didn’t kill Soviet Russia in six weeks like Hitler expected but Barbarossa & the war of attrition following its failure (in the opinion of some historians) did mortally wound the Soviet state, dooming it to a long, slow death which ended in 1989. And, along the way, destroying the Third Reich & (as is now clear) the German people.

        I’m talking about different political cultures (Anglo-American vs Central European). I don’t think the substance was always rotten. Populism – like Nazism – is syncretic, & has conservative elements, but also liberal, even socialist ones, like support for unions, publicly owned utilities, & some kind of socialized health care. Reform is not – ipso facto – reactionary. It can, however, save reactionaries from the more unpleasant consequences of their greed & selfishness by making therapeutic changes, as the New Deal did in the American South before WWII, with rural electrification & soil conservation, & in the North with unionization.

        • “Most Nazis disliked capitalism; many favored a kind of communitarian socialism”:

          But that was true of the majority of Germans at that time, and of the Nazi party (originally called the German Workers Party) in the very beginning, but after Hitler’s entrance it changed, and by 1930 the Strasserite, socialist element of the Nazi party was gone, and the party had become uniformly fascist.

          “the war of attrition (…) did mortally wound the Soviet state, dooming it to a long, slow death”:

          The war of the old system against Russian socialism never stopped from 1920 on, except for a few years of World War Two. The Anglo-Zionist empire (now led by the U.S.) almost initiated a hot and nuclear war (not just a cold war) from the moment the Germans surrendered. But it was not the long cold war that killed the USSR. It was the betrayal within, the long, cleverly disguised Trotskyite counter-revolution that began with the death (probable poisoning) of Stalin and accession to power of the Trotskyite Khruschev, that weakened and finally killed the USSR. There were a few good leaders who came after Stalin, including Leonid Brezhnev who tried to reverse the right-ward direction, before the vain fools and traitors Gorbachev and Yeltsin finished the job. The fall of the Soviet Union, which was declared officially on Christmas Day, 1991, was the result of betrayal from within. In my opinion it was the greatest tragedy of the twentieth century.

          “along the way, destroying the Third Reich & (as is now clear) the German people”:

          It is not impossible for both Germany and Russia to be revived, with true Left leadership. Ethnocentrism is a natural force, that will “come back by itself” if the people are still there, and I think the Germans and the Russians are still there (although the Germans are a little more mixed due to mass importation of cheap labour). But a people needs good leadership. The German Democratic Republic should never have merged with the West, and the Berlin wall was protecting them. “National unity” was a carrot and smokescreen for the planned destruction. Eastern Germans who experienced both systems long to go back. I have been told that the German politician Sahra Wagenknecht, who comes from the GDR background, seems to be moving in the “right” (I mean Left) direction lately, breaking her connections with the fake-left parties. As for Russia: Putin still believes in the free market (although he seems to believe a little less each year) and he really needs to be replaced with another Stalin, if Russian people are to survive and prosper in the long term.

          • You have interesting takes on stuff. I don’t share most of them, but interesting. Btw, as to the more radical, socialist type ideas of Hitler himself, there is a good book on the subject, Hitler’s National Socialism, by Rainer Zitelmann. As to the final stages of Soviet decline…doubtful IMO. However, I have a soft spot for Brezhnev. Not only a legitimate war hero, he also (it is said) tried to warn both Nixon & later, Thatcher, that the real threat to Western civilization wasn’t from the Soviet Union but from the Global South – i.e., an updated version of the “rising tide of color.” Nixon & Thatcher stupidly shut their ears, & here we are.

          • Which sources would you recommend for basic reading on Russian socialism post-WWII?

            My inclination is that the tragedy of the war was to see two anti-liberal forces annihilate each other while the powers of liberal and other egalitarian forces used that time to build their strength and seep their corrupting rot inside every society.

            My impression is that Russian socialism post-war came to resemble national socialism in many ways and was likely, the second closest moment European people had to eventually (as imperfect as it was) creating a more sustainable form of community oriented ethnic politics.

    • “own distinct political traditions, & quasi-NSDAP is not one of them.”

      Thanks to USZOG and America’s jwzish mafia destroying the Bund.

    • @Wilburn Sprayberry, what wouldve happened in what’s presently (((america))) had jews & their golem not been in such a position of hyper-dominance?

      I see quite a few true crime “documentaries” explicitly boast of how brute force was used by (((meyer lansky & co.))), the “mob,” to suppress pro N.S. “americans.”

      As you probably know, “american” N.S. were able to fill Madison Square Garden, but they got their skulls cracked by proto antifa mafia managed goons & werent able to effectively fight back.

      We can agree that so long as jews maintain total dominance of the media, radio, films, the “schools” & so on, they’ll probably be able to herd the cattle away from National Socialism & portray it as “fringe” even though that’s absolutely not true.

      Disagree? Why then do they have to literally churn out nonstop cradle to grave 24/7/365 demonization of N.S if it’s just soooo “unpooopular”??? Not one day goes by without them demonizing Hitler & promoting their holohoax. Why bother if “da Nazism is so ugly 2 da whites”? Obviously, b/c it’s the one “technology” that the Aryan man has invented post (((Saul))) that freed Aryans from the jew yoke.

      How about a thought experiment though…

      What would happen if we could magically put Hitler & his loyal servants in power – real supreme power – here for a month?

      Would Aryan normies rush out the house armed to the teeth demanding schlomo be put back in power??? Would the plebs be clamoring for nancy pelosi or w.bush or obama if they had just one month of actual leaders not dedicated to tormenting them to death?

      I can imagine there’d be attempts at opposition from judaized whites, probably more intense & serious than just burning down the capitol (Reichstag). If anything though, normies would probably form lynch mobs against the dedicated judaized whites. No way would the dedicated jew wannabees be missed. Jews lie for good reasons. If anything’s “fringe,” it’s jewry.

      America was unfortunately “the” perfect victim of jew takeover. It’s as though “muh republic” was custom built for them to march in, take over, & turn the entire enterprise in against itself. And that is also b/c of (((who))) founded america. Literal psychotics who fancied themselves as “da lost tribes of israel & shiyt” wandering around in the desert (aka new england, but whatever, since when has reality mattered to their (((type?))) )

      • Right on ‘Shlomo’, the Anglosphere was, and still is very ripe, low hanging fruit for the parasitical Gegenrasse.

  8. Mike Enoch of NJP had a Jewish wife and in all likelihood is a Jew himself.
    Blood Tribe are pro-Biden and pro-Zelensky or in other words, they’re being manipulated by US intelligence agencies, wittingly or unwittingly and so are not fit to lead anything.
    According to Russia Today, Bone Face of Blood Tribe helped organize ‘Ukrainian Nazis’.
    Why would anyone trust a ridiculous retard ex-con like Bone Face anyway, whose face is covered in hideous tattoos?
    These people are all Jews and feds.

    The masses rarely, if ever build our own movements, instead we are manipulated this way and that by those on top, whether posing as Marxists, progressives, liberals, conservatives or even fascists.

    • (ABOVE)
      “”NS is a bad fit for the Anglo-sphere in general & North America in particular: we have our own distinct political traditions, & quasi-NSDAP is not one of them. NJP types apparently think that among young people who have grown up in the racial-cultural-political cesspool of the past 30 yrs this is not a problem, but I’m skeptical. Populism, with charismatic, sincere (unlike Trump) leaders, + a competent, durable, administrative structure, is a much better fit for North American traditions. ”

      …These people are all Jews and feds.

      The masses rarely, if ever build our own movements, instead we are manipulated this way and that by those on top, whether posing as Marxists, progressives, liberals, conservatives or even fascists.”

      Yep, even a single Jew in the mix ruins the broth…


      • Yep, White and/or Christian National Populism is the way to go here in the Anglosphere, not Nazism/totalitarian dictatorship.

        • National Socialism is only ideology that openly and uncompromising opposition to the jewish materialist world order.

          Christian National Populism will always be undermined by cryptos that will bring chosenites right back into your society. Of those 109 Christian countries that expelled the jews, many did it multiple times because Christianity is too weak to keep the jews at bay.

          • To be human, especially a white human, is to be free.
            Nazism, like Marxism and all forms of totalitarianism, robs us of our humanity, makes us automatons/drones/slaves to the the state, to one man/party, and with technologies like Ai, cybernetics and genetic engineering continually advancing, upon completely relinquishing our freedom to the sate, we may never get it back.
            That is a fate even worse than death and white deracination.
            While some state control may be necessary, to keep the peace and social order, absolute state control is anathema.

            Whites have always been independent and freedom loving by nature, that’s a big part of what it means to be white; to have a keen mind, to be creative, inquisitive, to have a free, sensitive conscience.
            It’s one of our great strengths, but of course in some circumstances our independent nature can be turned against us by our enemies by atomizing us but that’s just something we have to mitigate.

            The vast majority of whites desire to be free, and so are repulsed by totalitarianism.
            The solution is the middle path; white Christian national conservatism.
            It’s what worked for centuries.
            It only stopped working because we got decadent, like pagan Rome got decadent.
            We can recover from this era of decadence just as we have in the past.
            Hard times are coming but will ultimately strengthen and purify our race.
            History is cyclical, we have to adapt to its ebbs and flows rather than succumbing to them on the one hand or denying them on the other.

      • “The masses rarely, if ever build our own movements”:

        So true. Revolutions (as opposed to rebellions) that are initiated and led by “the masses” themselves are rare throughout history, and probably none have ever succeeded – and logically so, because slaves are poorly inter-connected, poorly informed, poorly trained and equipped (even if many have served in the military) and just too poor, to match the ruling class with its hired forces, that has the money and owns almost everything and is accustomed to exercising power, and is well-informed and very inter-connected. That is why the few successful peasant revolutions against feudalism, monarchy and capitalism throughout history have all been led by rogue members of the upper class and upper middle class. Foreign invasions, inter-elite power struggles, economic depressions and crashes (which are an integral feature of capitalism), and great natural disasters, such as the Black Death, are also associated with successful revolutions. Even the English Peasant rebellion of 1381 that followed decades of severe loss of population to the Black Death was led and inspired by a few rogue non-peasants, and it collapsed quickly when those leaders were killed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MP_lggnwDxE (Note that the rogue priest who inspired the revolution never harmed anyone himself, and did not advocate violence when he preached in fields and villages about the evil nature of the system and the good alternative to the system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IJsIfGyiWA ) The peasant revolt in the Hapsburg provinces of Slovenia and Croatia in 1573 is the classic example of what happens to a fully “bottom-up” movement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgFlO8lsgvw But the Nazi movement in Germany was not a peasant or workers’ movement. Germany was in revolution after World War One and would have become a stable, united socialist (communist) republic, if not for the quick and decisive action of the ruling class using heavily-armed right-wing militias and the remains of the imperial military to crush the socialists, followed a few years later (after the Weimar capitalist “republic”) by the use of Populism: the ruling class elevated the most anti-socialist/anti-communist political party (the Nazis) to power, destined to fight to obliterate the example of successful socialism in Russia, which was “booming” economically all through the capitalist Great Depression and continuing to inspire the exploited workers of Germany and around the world. Well, that is how I see things.

    • @Karl Logan,

      Mike Peinovich posted his 23andMe results, and he has ZERO jewish genes. His ex-wife was half jewish, but identified as a jew. Fortunately, the marriage was shoahed before any kikelets were spawned from her hellmouth womb.

      Boneface was a larper. A Ukrainian translated his comments in Ukrainian, and they were gibberish. The photos of Boneface that were linked to AZOG Battalion were shoddily photoshopped.

      Blood Tribe does glow though, and the GDL made a bad mistake in doing combined activism with them.

        • True, but it came out with the results that he had said he was all along (i.e., Norwegian and Serbian).

          Even Dr. Goebbels in college dated a half jewess, and like Peinovich, it was prior to being jewpilled.

          Make no mistake, it was a glaring mistake to appoint Peinovich to the Chairmanship of NJP with his baggage. Striker doesn’t have the proper disposition for that job.

          They made a lot of mistakes, and shit on too many people like Keith Woods, and even Lucas Gage when they should have stayed silent.

    • “Mike Enoch of NJP had a Jewish wife and in all likelihood is a Jew himself.”

      He acknowledges the jwz wife and he refutes being jwzish.
      I doubt that he’s a jw.

      • He is 109% NOT a Jew. I thought this stupid thing was over but nope, it’s 2024 and still stupid “Enoch is a Jew” comments occur.
        When the media & legal Jews did a deep dive into Mike back in 2016-17, they DESPERATELY tried to find a Jew relative to mock him with. They interviewed his mother, his sister, his father, his stepmother, and other distant relatives and childhood friends and they came up with…a fat WHITE kid with asthma and psoriasis.
        Which they decided made him a fearful outcast who resented people of color and Jews out of nothing but pettiness and fighting with his shitlib father/stepmom.
        You can make up or list REAL negatives about Peinovich, (I can think of a good few), but he was not J woke when he married the Mischling Jew broad and he isn’t a Jew by blood.

        Please. Enough. It’s embarrassing.

  9. Mike Peinovich is not cut out to be the leader of even a podcast. He is a better debater than Joseph Jordan aka “Eric Striker,” whereas Jordan is a better speaker and worse debater than Peinovich.

    Instead of writing a wall of text, The Daily Rake has done a fantastic job of illustrating the debacle and fiasco that NJP became, https://dailyrake.ca/

    By the way, Greg Conte was proven to be 100% correct, and that he was libeled as being mentally unstable by the NJP central committee should be their “Scarlett Letter” henceforth.

  10. While National Socialism may have a limited ceiling with midwit Whites in the West, it is the only model that we know works and is effective to shed the ailments that we suffer.

    • November …

      …except that becoming soulless machine-people is one of the primary ailments from which we suffer.

      Please consider a political theory that loosely defined the American South (which was, itself, an outgrowth of Burke’s ideals – and to trace the pedigree further, we might say is a resting on God’s providence over many hundreds of years, organically settling a people and their habits into a particular place). It’s this: that men – and by extension their societies – are grown, not constructed by arm-chair machine-builders.

      I don’t know what you consider “effective” but the only really “effective” system of government in our people’s history has been the one that grows healthy, spiritually-vibrant, flourishing, and happy Christian people. This has never and will never be achieved by constructing a machine collective operated according to rigid abstracta and bureaucratic meddling.

      Be proud of your humanity. Reject the transhumanists who want you to merge with your neighbors to create a pointless political-tower-of-babel.

      • @Scott Terry,

        “Soulless.” Mister, you are delusional. NS Germany was the only nation to have Protestants, Catholics, Pagans, agnostics, and atheists, all row in the same direction for the selflessly for the greater good of their nation and folk.

        Their societal norms didn’t include debtor’s prisons or indentured servitude, as your beloved and ‘soulful’ Christian South did.

        Again, the South in a very unique Petri dish of Anglo Protestantism that can only flourish where it originated. I believe that many of us are grateful that it is so provincial a mindset.

    • “shed the ailments that we suffer.”

      Beyond that, it’s a very healthy structure to grow and advance civilization. It cultivates all the better elements of human behavior.
      Such as workers welfare, giving children a solid moral direction, advanced education for common folks…… on and on .

      • @Arrian,

        You understand that National Socialism was far more than large rallies, cool uniforms, goose-stepping, and all the obvious aesthetics of that time. It was a revolutionary movement that achieved economic, societal, technological prominence in just a few years in power.

  11. OT: Does anyone know what happened to Based Southern Belle? I think her name was Sidney and she lived in Georgia. She used to have a Youtube channel, but the last time I checked she had deleted it.

  12. This will probably kill off TRS. I knew there would be an afterglow of the Altright after the mass leftist censorship post 2016 and then Charlottesville. Looks like that period is over and we have truly reached the end. Spencer is long since insane. TRS is cooked. The Dailystormer is on borrowed time. The entire imageboard constellation is destroyed. Telegram is a suspicious echochamber. Twitter even with Musk is still very much handicapped and neutralized. Meanwhile the rest of the internet or what is left of it is remorselessly censored. The leftists are just biding their time to once again assume total control of Twitter and reban everything that isn’t still shadow banned and algorithmically stranded. Musk is not going to make it, there is simply too much universal opposition. It’s like Trump in the white house all over again.

    Was it worth it? I honestly don’t know.

    • You’re so “blackpilled” Anonymous, because you’re analyzing our situation like a government-schooled materialist.

      Those who can only think in memes, and those who demand fart-jokes and profane humor, and those who need to be herded around in a flock, suffer a great loss with the ending of all those institutions you mention.

      Does the white race need that sort?

      For men who are able to think and form opinions objectively, without appeal to crowd status (that is: who can accept or reject ideas based on their truthfulness instead of on how it will make one appear to other members of a herd) can exist nicely in our current online situation. Blogs, for example, like this very one, are relatively uncensored and flourished before social media (recall: the “blogosphere”). We can easily reignite blog-rings and form a sort of unofficial social network. Additionally, I’m surprised you failed to mention Gab – whatever its shortcomings, it is a platform on which we can achieve all we need in terms of online connectivity.

      Those who reject Gab in favor of Twitter do so, I’m convinced, because they still have a psychological need to be liked by and be a part of a disgusting, liberal, society. Lose that urge. Secede in your mind…

    • “The leftists are just biding their time to once again assume total control of Twitter… Musk is not going to make it…”

      Jews obviously have Elon’s nuts in a vice grip which leads to people dismissing him as “controlled opposition” – he’s obviously controlled but he’s not necessarily an enemy (people can’t claim that Jews control the West and then act shocked when they see based billionaires jump through hoops to appease these people). And I don’t see Twitter going anywhere any time soon. If they wack Elon they risk making a martyr of him. But of course they could resort to blackmailing him which is the modus operandi for these people. Even then I just feel like the genie is out of the bottle at this point. The populist right is emboldened and increasingly winning out against Con Inc, so much so that establishment influencers like Walsh & Kirk have had to make concessions about racial demographics & the Great Replacement in order to remain relevant & keep normies in their kosher camp. I think there is too much discontent with progressivism for things to completely return to what we had before. Combine that with the increasing hostility towards Zionism from the increasingly non-white democratic voting base which means Jews will increasingly abandon the the bailey of antiwhite progressivism to defend the motte of antisemitism & Zionism. So they’ll increasingly defect to the anti-woke right-of-center.

      “The entire imageboard constellation is destroyed”
      I haven’t been on 4chan in a couple of weeks but if this is true then it must’ve been a rough couple of weeks!

      All in all, however satisfying the black pill is it is still a pessimistic departure from reality – much like the white pill being it’s optimistic counterpart. Stick to the red pill, people. Not all is doom & gloom nor is it all rainbows & sunshine.

      “Those who reject Gab in favor of Twitter do so, I’m convinced, because they still have a psychological need to be liked by and be a part of a disgusting, liberal, society.”

      You probably wouldn’t realize this if you’re a Christian but a lot of people reject Gab because it’s owner is a religious crackpot of the worst variety and want absolutely nothing to do with the radical Christian exclusionist society he’s trying to build. After the fallout of wokeism, a lot of people are understandably fed up with religious lunatics with blue-pilled worldviews stepping on the nuts of sane people.

  13. There is NO organization, especially none called a “party” that will not be infiltrated by the self-chosen. It’s basic stupidity, you cannot work within the system when the entire power structure is corrupt, PERIOD. How many racist (divide and conquer) websites are there on the interwebz, while those who strike the root (the nose-feratu clan) are disappeared. Wake the HELL up…. and btw I never heard of these clowns.

    For a deeper understanding of Juden world, here well past the fall of man, this series is great – done by a great writer.

    The Nature of the Beast.


  14. The cycle showcases the superiority of the social norms of the American South in contrast with propositional modernism – even the National Socialist variety:

    Historians contrasted North and South by noting that if you met someone new in the North the first question was “so…whaddya do for a living?” Where as, meeting someone new in the south you first ask, “so…where are you from?”

    It’s a clear difference in reflexive identity markers. One class-based and exploitative, the other ethnic and regional.

    The one is flighty and ephemeral, the other has staying power and builds lasting communities men will fight and die to maintain.

    • ‘Where as, meeting someone new in the south you first ask, ‘so…where are you from?'”
      @Scott Terry
      Speaking to that, when I would visit my grandparents in the rural south, decades ago as a young child, every person we encountered in the area they lived in spoke in terms of, “Who are your people?” Basically, the same thing to them as, “Where are you from?” Both my mother and my father were from that area, so every person I encountered in that rural area already knew more about my extended family ties than I did myself!

  15. TRS was very good at creating fun content back in the day. Caricatures of Ben Shapiro, sketches such as Infight Club, spooky offensive Halloween stories with Ghoul, interviews with people across the online right, parodies of popular music such as making Journey’s “Separate Ways” about Trump deporting Mexicans — great entertainment you could not get anywhere else, even if you were not onboard with the ideology.

    I haven’t listened since 2017. It was an easy job, and they screwed it up.

    Nazism and the NJP buffoonery are too moronic for not just real-life politics but real-life anything. The problem with Nazism isn’t whether specific autistic details are true or false, but that it has nothing to do with legislation today and attracts messianic, egotistical, and self-destructive people who live in a realm of pure imagination. It is magical thinking. A crash with reality is always inevitable. This is why normies, right and left, with total justification, stay far, far away from anything to do with Nazis. It isn’t that we’re brainwashed by Jewish propaganda. We just know the risks of being near incompetent low-status losers who believe in being losers and gravitate toward lost causes because it validates their loserness. Strangely, Nazism today is a slave morality.

    Also, putting all of your eggs in the anti-semitism basket was a bad strategy; anti-Zionism is mainstream now in the Democratic Party. Twenty years ago, anti-Zionism meant you were a crank. Today, it means you’re educated and have read authors such as Ilan Pappé and Rashid Khalidi instead of parroting stupid Boomers like Bill Maher. And anyone, regardless of education level, can scratch that itch with Novara Media, Krystal and Saagar, Secular Talk, etc.

    While TRS adds low-IQ conspiracy theories to the anti-Zionism, they will never, ever, out-stupid the Republican Party when it comes to huckster stuff like vaccine skepticism, stolen elections, Putin apologia, aliens, fad diets, and whatever Roganisms they cook up next. If that is your schtick and you don’t care about kosher policy outcomes, you’re better off being a basic Republican. That’s why I don’t feel too bad about the more ordinary people caught up in this, like Dunstan. With Nazis, what did you think would happen, duh.

    tl;dr TRS had an edgy and fun thing going. They were good enough to weather the Charlottesville backlash but overreached with humorless political clown stuff, exchanging what they were great at for something they were terrible at, which did them in. An end of an era.

    • Good comment, worth reading, including this part: “anti-Zionism is mainstream now in the Democratic Party. Twenty years ago, anti-Zionism meant you were a crank. Today, it means you’re educated and have read authors such as Ilan Pappé and Rashid Khalidi….” However it is a different kind of Anti-Zionism. Different because it is associated in almost every case with being anti-Russian, anti-China, anti-Cuba, and anti-Iran. They are not well-read and educated enough to be anti- (against) the system itself, and to understand the nature of the imperialist military-colonial project called Israel. Being just anti-genocide is not enough.

    • “While TRS adds low-IQ conspiracy theories to the anti-Zionism, they will never, ever, out-stupid the Republican Party when it comes to huckster stuff like vaccine skepticism, stolen elections, Putin apologia, aliens, fad diets, and whatever Roganisms”

      You mean the truth about Jews and their mandated poisons, election fraud? You call that “low-IQ conspiracy theories” – ie smarties don’t dare say the Emperor is naked? Just like they don’t dare say the kikes run western society?

      No doubt the kikes cope with the “anti-Zionism” that is popular on college campuses by reassuring themselves that it is just a relatively unwanted benign outgrowth of the overall woke cancer they’ve seeded in the culture. Protesting students can be persuaded that their future careers depend

      Nobody believes the covid vax is safe anymore, nobody thinks Democrats don’t cheat in elections, and nobody thinks Ukraine is winning against Russia. This thing with Gaza isn’t just a problem in that kikes are stupidly brazen in their criminality and are pushing up against their the followers of their generational Anti-white propaganda. They’re giving the game away. Jews control America.

      It doesn’t take much, even after the Jews clamped down somewhat on the internet to make it harder to find things without specifically looking for them, for the curious to put 2 and 2 together. Hitler came to power for a reason. And that reason was not because of some pseudo-intellectual babbling about repression or false consciousness. Today there is nothing to stop these kids from linking Zionism to the Democratic Party, Freemasonry, and the Jewish religion.

    • Today on my normie FB profile, a couple that my Dad has known for something like 40 years posted a picture of their black grandson, whose white mother is their daughter. The wife made a comment admiring how cute he looked. The husband was in the picture. One big happy family.

      You are correct about one thing: Its not Jewish Propaganda at all. A universal deceit among Pro-Whites of all stripes and ideologies is this:

      “Our race is deceived. Their instincts are healthy. They are being conned and tricked.”

      When a more accurate appraisal of the situation is this:

      “Our race is weak. We are too naive and gullible to withstand the onslaught of lies and gaslighting from the enemy. We failed to evolve past our lemming/herd status, figure things out for ourselves, and survive. We will collectively die as a result.”

      There was no “propaganda” that could have convinced a White Nationalist or a Nazi to support race mixing and the ugly bastard children it produces. And there is no counterpropaganda that Pro-Whites can conjure – censorship or not – that will change the minds of our race.

      If it is true that Pro-White thinking attracts anti-social losers to it like moth to a flame – and I agree with you that it is and does – then unless you have the writing skills of someone like Hunter Wallace, Greg Johnson, or the oratory skills of Kevin Alfred Strom, I highly suggest making your Pro-White beliefs into the Hobby Horse that they really are. Read websites such as OD, CC, and National Vanguard, because its not like we are getting truth or spiritual nourishment anywhere else, but don’t take it seriously. Our race doesn’t, and therefore, we shouldn’t either. Saving a dying species is both doomed and a waste of time.

      There is no version of Pro-White ideology or beliefs that will attract normies or rogue members of the elite. They made their decision by 1945, and what we see around us today is not the chicanery of the Enemy, it is simply – in the words of Ben Shapiro – The Future That Our Race Wants.

      The White Race is okay with race mixing. It is okay with homosexuality. It is okay with transgenders. One day it will be okay with polygamy, polyamary, and, in all liklihood, MAP’s (google it). And unless my highly polite acquaintance Scott Terry is correct in his appraisals about the Christian God – I myself have decided that Carl Sagan is correct that the universe is the only thing that is, was, or ever will be – then I assure you: Nothing in this material reality will alter the course of death that the White Race is on. The cosmos will have to find some other way to continue its upward expansion and self-discovery. The White Race isn’t it.

      tl;dr “Nazis” aren’t the problem with Pro-White ideology. The inherent and unchangeable weakness of the White Race is.

      • >“Nazis” aren’t the problem with Pro-White ideology. The inherent and unchangeable weakness of the White Race is.

        That’s brutal. But probably true.

        I once had a conversation with a conservative single woman in her forties. She had a high-powered job and looked like she was of Scandinavian extraction. She kept bringing up her furbaby Chihuahua over and over again, telling stories about it, showing pictures, knowing what she was doing was cringe, but unable to help herself, as if it was a psychological compulsion. It was revolting. A dirty animal took the place where children should have been in her life. I wanted to vomit and got myself away as soon as I could.

        What is shameful is that none of us lost to Tyrone, Paco, or Mohammed in this case. We were defeated by Sparky the Dog.

        It is tough to talk about these things in right-wing circles. NJP aside, most conservatives are more functional than leftwing people and often don’t have direct familiarity with degeneracy and deracination, which are consequences of capitalism and urbanism. Even if we finally got past the clown conspiracy stuff, went big-brain and understood Spengler, Jouvenel, Pareto, Turchin, etc., and grasped the institutional and historical forces working against us and sketched what a solution looks like, we’d still be fighting a toxic mix of 5 million years of human evolution, which has baked in traits like hypergamy into the female brain, combined with the winner-take-all impact of information technology — social media, dating apps, etc. I’m over 6 feet tall, make 100K+ a year, am educated, have all my hair, attend many highbrow events, hit the gym daily, and it’s a desert out there. I can imagine how tough it is for everyone else.

        I don’t believe in false hope. It’s not fair to others. I appreciate your honesty.

        What sucks is that all of the trad people like Jordan Peterson pile on men, giving us a long list of things to do to improve our lives, as if we’re the problem. We’re not the problem. Look at that benzo addict’s own disgraceful family. Andrew Tate flew Peterson’s 4/10 daughter out to Romania to bang her. None of us can compete with millionaires and billionaires like this. Women are not impressed with our whitebread middle-class suburban lives when other people they can easily meet due to tech have Bugattis and yachts. But good luck getting the free market people, or the Jesus people, or fossilized Boomers, to understand how this concretely impacts dating and marriage. Some get blindsided by divorce and still can’t figure it out.

        Right-wing grifting blames us for things outside of our control. We didn’t do this enough. We didn’t do that enough. But if you give X amount per month to support some Imaginationland cause, we can turn it around.

        So, I feel like right-wingers are not addressing the root facts that will finish off European civilization and its people. And personally, I’m done loving a civilization that does not love me back. I’m at the point where if anyone wants me to do something for them, they need to do something for me. I have a life to live. And this applies to the Democrats too. (I’ll be staying home in 2024.)

        I know it’s an effortpost and probably TMI, but thanks for listening.

      • “Its not Jewish Propaganda at all.”

        Oh no, not at all [/sarcasm]

        IT’S TOO LATE FOR THE JEWS. Be sure, the whole world hates the Jews, and whites are tired of the migration.

      • > tl;dr “Nazis” aren’t the problem with Pro-White ideology. The inherent and unchangeable weakness of the White Race is.

        Your contradicting your own assertion. The weakness you describe is certainly real, but it was not always so. The notion that it’s immutable is therefore false. Gaslighting works. Our enemies – in control of all media and academia – have been doing this gaslighting for well over a century. The weakness you accurately observe is the inevitable result. Gramsci’s ‘long march though the institutions’ is a fait accompli now. This includes all branches of what was once known as ‘Christendom’. Ironic you reject the Christian god while you embrace the atheist jew Carl Sagan. You’d be better off converting to Islam.

        The white Spaniards fought for 700 years to reclaim their land from Muslims and their Jewish accomplices. Their one error was to allow the ‘new converts’ to remain. The new converts should have been at once dispatched as missionaries to distant places like China. Their “conversions” were done under duress to avoid expulsion – which they absolutely deserved. Conversion and repentance does not mean you are no longer responsible for past crimes. It just means a change in direction.

  16. So glad I “got vetted” and gave them my personal information, money, credit card numbers and time to the NJP for IRL protests.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are many good willing and well intention young men in this.

    I’ve been along longer, and I have seen schisms and revolts.

  17. @Some Dude,

    “Strangely, Nazism today is a slave morality.”

    There is no more a slave morality that Christianity. Pray and worship while you are a mortal and pray and worship “the creator” in the afterlife.

    Your understanding of NS higher idealism could fit on the head of a needle.

  18. I wont celebrate alongside Greenblatt or Soros over this, but that does not mean there are not valid criticisms of the NJP.

    Those who wish to create a political vehicle for the vindication of white collective interests in the future would do well to follow the alternative plan which carefully avoids all the pitfalls of the NJP that the author and commenters have taken pains to lay out in this post.

  19. The demise of the NJP like the demise of NW Front after the dave of H Covington and pretty much the demise of the National Alliance after the death of Dr. Pierce – yes, all disappointing but no unexpected.

    Here are some of my “observations”.

    1) Can’t do National, International Organizations.

    It’s very difficult to impossible to create, maintain an “National” or “international” White Nationalist organization. Pretty much all practical, intelligent remaining Whites/Europeans in the world all agree it’s impossible to “save”, “reclaim” all of the (Dis) United States, North America, Western Europe, Britain – yet these National Organizations based somewhere in the USA operate on doing just that, commenting, snarking on all international news, politics, racial atrocities etc.

    We ned to go local – concentrate in specific areas where there are opportunities in local politics, local business, local culture, religion, separatism etc

    The Success of Orania should be one of our main models. Ain’t no way we’re going to compete and win some National Election, restore the supposed safe, White 1950s.

    2) Very difficult to organize around “White”.

    Our people and our traitors and J enemies and other enemies have made it difficult to impossible to successfully organize around “White”. Except maybe White Southerner, remaining White European Americans, Europeans don’t identify as “White” they run from the label, smear.

    That’s life.

    So organize around some smaller (implicit) White like

    Irish but only in Ireland – Irish are going to be the weakest link in USA – look at Biden, RFK Jr. , they want to do Braveheart, Irish Potato feminine (We’re another oppressed colonized people like Js, Blacks, Gays, Muslims – that’s the Irish for ya in every place outside of Ireland.

    3) These White Nationalist organizations, mini “movements” tend to fall down during USA Presidential election years where all the attention is on the cursed USA Presidential horse race – and it is a (fixed) horse race, not a college debate where polite, quiet, sincere (White) students are there to learn “Reason” learn about the USA Constitution, learn about hard money currency reforms, learn about real history – no it’s a horse race.

    Usually we don’t have a horse in the race – exceptions were George Wallace 1968, 1972, Reagan sort of in 1976, 80, 84, Buchanan and Trump. Any kind of apparent break thoughts by White guys sort of on our side, the system J and Cuck, Zionists, Christian ZIonists close down, buy off these break throughs.

    Our side keeps admitting that there is no way we’re going to vote our way out of this mess, reverse the course of White replacement, defeat the anti White, anti Christ Js in this darkening final age of Kali Yuga , yet every 4 years most of our people do just that, waste their time, hopes, prayers and small $ donations hoping for a White savior to ride in to Washington on a White horse and restore sanity, restore White Civilization.

    Nope. Not happening.

    I get a lot of criticism for focusing on the repeated, always losing ~ 0% Ron and Rand Paul Libertarian, race denying, immigration denying Constitutionalist crusades that seem to be done every 4 years. These are not competitive – like trying to get an 80 year old 120 lbs Libertarian, Constitutionalist to challenge Deonte Wilder for the Heavy Weight boxing championship. Nope. WE do have competitive White boxers in the Heavy Weight boxing division including THE best White heavy weight boxer ever – Tyson Fury. Why not support Tyson Fury instead of some long shot, no shot old 120 lbs guy without a working penis?

    Look to Europe – the Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Sweden yeah Russia – what’s working for them? We can do state and local versions that work for us or are at least competitive for us.

    Add in the meantime – do the basics – eat well, sleep well, exercise well, support White mothers and White children, support local alternative sports – that’s pretty much everything except American Football and Basketball. Don’t support ZOG Hollywood especially Disney, MCU. And yes, learn to pirate… the spirit of Walt Disney will understand as he doesn’t want his life’s work to go to enriching, giving more power to the ZOG likes of Disney CEO Bob Iger or bitch Disney/MCU Kathleen Kennedy, Brie Larson, Rachel Zegler.

    • > The Success of Orania should be one of our main models.

      I’m curious why you hold this up as a model. As I understand it, Orania made a deal with the ANC. In return for loyally voting ANC they were permitted to have their white Bantustan (for those too young, Bantustan was a term used for various tribal quasi-states carved out of the old South Africa back in the day). Despite this long-standing bargain, Malema (one of the ANC’s rising uruk-hai) is calling for white extermination (Death to the boer, death to the white farmer) and his followers (current and proto) have happily butchered around 6000 whites since the ANC established the de-facto one-party state in collapsing SA, who really has no place in BRICS (they signed up when BRICS was desperate for members according to some knowledgeable sources). What’s going to stop Malema and his orc legions from doing to Orania what the Jews are doing to Gaza?

      Maybe you should argue your case in an article. The one you did on Al-Andalus is a fine reference on the subject and blows away some of the bullshit about the place generated by the usual suspects and their retarded shabbas-goys.

    • J RYAN ” WHITE European American’s, Europeans don’t identify as ” WHITE ” they run from the label, smear ” yep, we all know that, but don’t despair, their is a better country coming and a better day with it ……….

  20. I’m not sure which is the more niche ideology, national socialism or neo-confederacy… It’s pretty damn close.

    • @Brandon C,

      It’s neo-confederacy by a country mile.

      There are National Socialists all over the Western World, and on several continents, but neo-confederacy adherents are confined to the American South with a few supporters in the US North,

      • NOVEMBER ” Their are NATIONAL SOCIALISTS all over the western world and on several continents ” Good for them, they might need it, we don’t ……..We didn’t Bleed for socialism at VALLEY FORGE ! …….. ANGLO/CELT founding stock America knows that, it’s beyond high time, the rest of you people, know that …


        • @Rebel Terry,

          Yeehaw! You Anglos and Celts in the South are more dysgenic as the rest of the European race in the rest of North America and on European continent, so God speed with that Confederacy 2.0. I’m rooting for you.

          • NOVEMBER Thank you, for your comment, your good wishes, KIND SIR, WE SOUTHERN REPUBLIC people, recognize and appreciate your Quality, you will always be welcome in the SOUTHERN REPUBLIC and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you ……….

      • True enough. What other types of national-socialism are there apart from the one advocated by the Austrian painter, though? As I understand it one of the earlier models was advocated by Sun Yat-Sen in the wake of the Imperial China collapse (1911). Is Xi’s ‘socialism with Chinese characteristics’ all that different from ‘national-socialism’ when push comes to shove? If you were to resurrect Mao and drop him into today’s Shanghai he’d likely have a breakdown.

        Too many lose sight of the fact that at the end of the day the German regime of 1933-45 utterly failed. Despite all that was written in Mein Kampf about the role of bankstains in creating the disaster of WW I and Weimar Germany, the only Rothschild who died in a German prison (from typhus) was the estranged wife of one the minor scions of the criminal dynasty – a convert from Catholicism to Talmudism to boot. Why is that? One would have thought that the families running the banking cartels would have been at the very top of the red list for the Gestapo, SS, etc. Apparently not.

        • @Exalted Cyclops,

          History tells a different story. Up until the judeo-Anglo powers of GB and USA war mongered Germany into that tragic war for jewish hegemony that still controls all the Western (((all-lied))) institutions culturally, financially, legally, and politically. Only the Germans were fighting for the survival of both Germany and Western civilization.

          It was Germany that kept the Soviet Union from steamrolling Western Europe by launching Operation Barbarossa. That was accomplished at the highest cost to German heroes that fought the bolshevik hordes. As you already know, it was the jew infested FDR administration that kept the USSR able to continue to fight Germany. otherwise, bad winter weather in 1941 or not, the Red Army was going to break due to lack of food and war materials.

          I do not intend to write a wall of text to make the point that what Hitler and his economists such as Hjalmar Schacht brought Germany out of mass unemployment and hyperinflation. Instead, I’ll let WWII expert Mark Weber Director of The Institute for Historical Review explain Germany’s economic miracle. https://altcensored.com/watch?v=O99fWf_UIWs

          Hitler removed both Austrian and German central banks from the Rothschilds. It wasn’t Germany’s responsibility to rid other nations of Europe of their jewish financiers.

          The Third Reich was a miraculous success, but hateful jews joined by envious Anglo establishment elites would not permit a world power to break free from their cabal’s tentacles, so they had to destroy it.

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