Poll Watch: How Much Is Biden’s Support of Israel Hurting Him With Younger Voters?

This is fascinating.

Donald Trump has an edge on Joe Biden in the polls because of Israel.

New York Times:

As recently as this summer, a poll with Donald J. Trump leading among young voters would have been eye-popping.

Now, it’s increasingly familiar — and our new New York Times/Siena College national survey released Tuesday morning is no exception.

For the first time, Mr. Trump leads President Biden among young voters in a Times/Siena national survey, 49 percent to 43 percent. It’s enough to give him a narrow 46-44 lead among registered voters overall. …

And there’s a plausible explanation for the shift in recent months: Israel.

As my colleagues Jonathan Weisman, Ruth Igielnik and Alyce McFadden report, young voters in the survey took an extraordinarily negative view of Israel’s recent conduct: They overwhelmingly say Israel isn’t doing enough to prevent civilian casualties in Gaza, believe Israel isn’t interested in peace, and think Israel should stop its military campaign, even if it means Hamas isn’t eliminated.

You might think that the young voters with these progressive or even left-wing views would be among the most likely to stick with Mr. Biden. At least for now, that’s not the case. The young Biden ’20 voters with anti-Israel views are the likeliest to report switching to Mr. Trump.

Overall, Mr. Trump is winning 21 percent of young Biden ’20 voters who sympathize more with Palestinians than Israel, while winning 12 percent of other young Biden ’20 voters.

In an even more striking sign of defections among his own supporters, Mr. Biden holds just a 64-24 lead among the young Biden ’20 voters who say Israel is intentionally killing civilians, compared with an 84-8 lead among the Biden ’20 voters who don’t think Israel is intentionally killing civilians. …

A significant chunk of blackpilled young leftwing Democrats seem to be supporting Trump in the polls in order to “own the libs” because they are pissed off with Joe Biden because of his support for Israel. It is an accelerationist strategy like when Bernie Bros refused to vote for Hillary.

In related news, Donald Trump is no longer seen as the King of Israel. Joe Biden is now more popular in Israel than Trump because of his support for the genocide in Gaza.

Times of Israel:

A poll conducted yesterday finds that 40 percent of Israelis would vote for Joe Biden in the upcoming US presidential election, compared to just 26.2% who would back Donald Trump.

The poll indicates a massive swing in Israelis’ support for the current president, who has made a series of gestures offering support for Israel since October 7, while his predecessor has spent time at rallies mocking the intelligence failure that led to Hamas’s terror onslaught and criticizing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Trump once enjoyed overwhelming support from Israelis, with a 2020 poll showing that 63% of Israelis preferred him as president, compared to 17% who said they’d back Biden. …


Donald Trump already dislikes Bibi Netanyahu because he was one of the first heads of state to congratulate Joe Biden on winning the 2020 election. Trump took it personally after he all he did to keep Bibi in power. Now it is politically advantageous for Trump to distance himself from Bibi. He isn’t going to lose the pro-Israel crowd and he can use the issue as a wedge to divide the Democrat base.


  1. “Democracy, the deceitful theory that the jew would insinuate – namely, that theory that all men are created equal.” – AH

    • The reason our founders restricted voting to WHITE men with some property. WHites, because they were racially aware; men, because they aren’t as emotionally swayed by others opinions as women are; property owners, because they have a stake in social stability.

      But this degenerate society allows illiterate ghetto scum and parasites to vote.


    • Democracy is the rule of the people. The real deceitful theory, which is taught by conservative (system-conserving) political-figurehead mouthpieces like “AH” is that “common” people deserve to be, and cannot escape being ruled by their “betters.”

      The people need to be told the truth, to become conscious of their rights and power, and exercise it. The class system works to keep the exploited people ignorant.

      “The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.” Maximilien Robespierre

      • Some people ARE worse than others. Some people ARE better and smarter than others. It is an unfortunate fact of nature. It is also true that honest Democracy is IMPOSSIBLE when you have a miseducated, misinformed, propagandized populace combined with a bought and paid for political class.

  2. No one kissed Jew ass more than Trump did. Be sure, he’ll do it again before he ever acknowledges that Whites as a race even exist. Whites who think Trump cares a wit for them are indulging in wishful thinking.

  3. “Poll Watch: How Much Is Biden’s Support of Israel Hurting Him With Younger Voters?”

    What does Voting have to do with anything ? Now Voter suppression, now we’re getting somewhere …

  4. Houthis rock !


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  5. It now seems that Zog has been using bioweapons against Russian front line troops. A large outbreak of what Zog calls “mouse fever”. Very nasty.

    The Russians don’t usually comment on things like this. Even if they know all about it. What they do is respond in kind.

    They will be now having their very competent biowarfare scientists examining this virus. They will know it soon, or already do, if this is a natural outbreak or a bioweapons attack.

    If Zog really has resorted to biological warfare, WW3 has entered a new and perilous stage. Both sides have enough bioweapons to kill billion of men.

  6. Trump’s position on Israel is a much more blatant support, while Biden supports Israel but pretends to call for less civilian causalities. Biden is to the center of Trump. Trump won’t move to center of Biden.

  7. Good news: younger voters show declining support for Israel.

    Bad news: it’s because so many younger voters are nonwhite.

  8. No way am I supporting Trump again. We know whose side Trump is on and it is not his white Christian base. Just stating the true facts

    • I’m not even religious, and his fake religiosity bothers me. He’s a self-absorbed clown, and a liar. Note to simpletons….this does not imply support for Joe Bidet, the traitor.

  9. Excellent post and subject, Jaye. I was about to post a comment and video about the Christmas truce, and here you did it. The “truce” was a spontaneous, bottom-up mass act of disobedience, “treasonous” dereliction of duty, fraternization with “the enemy.” However, the System could not arrest, court-martial and imprison or execute that many “traitors,” so it used psychology and dispatched snipers to make the “traitors” go back into their trenches, and resume slaughtering, fearing and hating “the enemy.” War is an extremely profitable racket that is absolutely essential to the System, so the elites who depend on it will never stop it. Only the common people who do the actual fighting and dying, and do the work of producing the weapons, and pay for the cost of it all (through taxes) can stop it. But first, the common people need to be led well and educated to become fully aware of the nature of the system, and of their own power to stop wars and overthrow the system.

    “Hei Pawb Nadolig Llawen!” (Hey, everyone, Happy Christmas to you!) sung by two Welsh girls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvWmoL96FY4

  10. Re: “young voters in the survey took an extraordinarily negative view of Israel’s recent conduct: They say Israel isn’t doing enough to prevent civilian casualties in Gaza”:

    Yes it seems “extraordinary” to me also, even miraculous, that ANY Americans would care about and take a negative “view” of the textbook genocide being carried out the U.S and its colonists against the indigenous people of Palestine. The vast, overwhelming majority of the U.S. population go about their daily lives while U.S. bombs and missiles take lives, overseas, by the thousands. Americans go Christmas shopping while their bombs are dropping. America celebrates Christmas by slaughtering men, women and children. America is the most “Christian nation” because it most consistently worships the god of money and business success. Mammon-worshipping Americans put up festive decorations and attend parties and feast on rich food and feel no guilt, while thousands of their victims slowly starve to death. The U.S. has always tortured prisoners, and so does its chief colony, “Israel”:

    “Nayef Ali, 22, said he was detained in Gaza City’s eastern Zaitun suburb and later taken to an Israeli detention facility, and showed cuts on his wrists and other parts of his body. He said: ‘They tied our hands behind our backs for two days. We were not allowed to eat or drink, neither were we allowed to use the toilet. There were only beatings and beatings. It was freezing cold. They threw cold water on us before transferring us to a prison, where it was again torture and beatings.’ Khamis al-Bardini, 55, also alleged torture by Israeli soldiers, saying they poured ‘cold water on our heads through the night’ along with “beatings during the day.” In recent weeks, the Israeli army has faced international criticism after viral footage of detainees stripped down to their underwear and blindfolded with their hands tied behind their backs. The army has said it was investigating the deaths of ‘terrorists in military detention centres’ after Israeli media reported that several detainees had died in custody….”: https://niqnaq.wordpress.com/2023/12/24/middle-east-eye-93/

  11. Gonzalo Lira appears to be dying of pneumonia in a Khazar-krainian torture prison. All it would take to save him is a call from the U.S. embassy since he is a U.S. citizen. The U.S. is fully informed. This is yet another proof of the true nature of the so-called “City of Light on a Hill.” I predict that Julian Assange will die in prison too, whether in Belmarsh or in a U.S. torture prison in the imperial “homeland.” America is no different than Europe in the “Christian” Middle Ages when prisoners died by the thousands in dark, cold dungeons, and on the racks and other torture machines.

  12. You’re right.
    Gonzalo could be free within hours, with just one phone call.

    This shows the vicious cruelty of our rulers. All their pretended advocacy for justice is just a sham to conceal their truely sinister character.

  13. the so-called “City of Light on a Hill.”

    That’s such a joke.
    Only self-deluded Americans swallow that pandering flattery.

    A nation living on cheap slogans, while malevolent monsters progressively take the levers of power.

  14. OT:
    News Flash:
    Nikki Haley was asked by a voter in New Hampshire tonight about the cause of the Civil War. “I mean, I think the cause of the Civil War was basically how government was going to run. The freedoms and what people couldn’t do,” Haley answered.

    The mother of cancel culture, Nikki Haley, ripped down the Confederate Flag at the SC capitol back in 2015 which led to cultural monuments/icons/etc of the White race being pulled down/destroyed all over the world and it is still continuing today. It appears that she has some more tricks yet to be played.

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