Axios: Colorado Supreme Court Removes Trump From State Ballot

This is a small taste of the chaos that is coming in 2024.


“The Colorado Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that former President Trump cannot appear on the state’s ballots in next year’s presidential election.

Why it matters: It’s the first time a court has found that the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause applies to Trump in relation to his actions surrounding the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. The Trump campaign said it would file an appeal against the ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court. …”

I expect the Supreme Court will slap this down.

Will the Supreme Court save Trump from over 90 felony charges? I doubt it.


  1. Leaving Chauvin to his provably false politically motivated fate despite hard evidence proves the supreme court is a nothing burger political force and not a check on power/arbiter of the constitution, unless it means taking your daily shit.

    • No, he his is literally incapable of seeing it, even if he sincerely wanted to do something about draining the swamp (which I seriously doubt). Here’s an excellent six-point argument quoted by the substack article’s author:

      > 1. Right-wing populists have no awareness of the depth of the [societal] problem and the necessity of a massive social transformation.

      > 2. Right-wing populists consider metapolitics irrelevant. They view our plight as strictly a matter of state policy, therefore solvable by the legislative and executive branches (which is understandable given point 1).

      > 3. Right-wing populists do not command parliamentary majorities or sole governments – neither in the past nor in the present, nor likely in the future. They are always in opposition or dependent on coalition partners who are not right-wing populists.

      > 4. The institutional corset of late liberalism narrows the factual scope for political action to such a degree that profound changes are impossible.

      > 5. Right-wing populists offer no grand designs for solutions because they lack a positive alternative framework beyond “liberalism without foreigners” (which is closely linked to points 1 and 2).

      > 6. Right-wing populists are objectively too slow even where they bring about changes. A critical comparison between the development of right-wing populism and demographics during recent decades clearly shows that this approach is impossible solely due to lack of time (ignoring points 1–5)…

      Mind you, the above points refer to real right-wing populists – not Jewish-controlled grifters and con-men like Trump. Cheetohead did a fine job of conning a great many whites, even getting them to show up in number for a FBI-run operation on Jan. 6, 2021 which resulted in many now living out their days in a Soviet-style gulag under orders from a lawless black federal judge. The Gay Old Politboro, proving my characterization yet again, has not even made a move to impeach this lawless bitch and remove her from office. They no doubt voted to approve her appointment in great number, yet another proof of their utter worthlessness and status as fake opposition.

  2. The Shitlibs appear not to like Trump, his allies and followers, and vice versa.
    But Trump is still more or less a neocon, and what is a neocon?
    Above all it’s a Zionist, it’s also an authoritarian corporatist, a globalist (except for when it comes to Israel), militarist and lukewarm social conservative at best.
    He’s an elitist, not a populist.
    If he was an actual populist they would’ve imprisoned or murdered him long ago.

    He’s the same type of neocon as Javier Milei, Geert Wilders and Giorgia Meloni in Argentina, Holland and Italy respectively.
    These’re the new neocons if you will, the wave of neoconservatism that became popular shortly after the Bush W years at the same time as cultural Marxism/social justice was becoming popular on the left.
    He’s the type of neocon that rubs shitlibs, especially the cultural Marxist/social justice branch of shitlibs the wrong way because he doesn’t take their shit and he doesn’t give a shit.

    Don’t mistake their Islamophobia for real nationalism, these guys won’t fully secure the border if at all and they love mass immigration, they’re just not too keen on mass immigration from the Muslim/Arab world, because the Muslim/Arab world is naturally the most hostile to Israel/Jews.
    They represent the Jews’ fear and hatred of Muslims/Arabs.

    The way I see it this is a fight within the elite/establishment, not between the elite/establishment and some other entity.
    It’s infighting, not outfighting.
    We don’t have a dog in this fight, or at least I don’t.
    Will it lead to civil war or secession?
    I doubt it, I’m not gonna hold my breath because again, it’s infighting, shitlibs and neocons have far more in common than not.
    At the end of the day, a neocon is a Zionist, it’s Jewish national conservatism, not American national conservatism.
    With neoconservatives, you’re essentially getting Netanyahu in charge of your government.

    • This is a good point and one I made earlier in response to the hasbara AGB. The “nationalists” you listed are all fake, controlled-opposition. Their “nationalism” comes from the notions forwarded by Yoram Harzony, popularized by new-klown mouthpieces like Ben Shapiro. It’s just another scam run by the usual suspects.

      For those who don’t get it, learn about the tale of The Fox and the Hedgehog.

      (A dialogue on Israel and Nationalism)

      Fox: “As I was saying, America is a great country precisely because it takes in the chaff of the world, those folks the rest of the world views as disposable and has, as we can never forget, all too often attempted to dispose of.”

      Hedgehog: “I see where you’re coming from, but I wonder if you would apply the requirement for openness to Israel?”

      Fox: “Don’t be ridiculous. Israel could not survive as Israel if it accepted mass immigration.”

      Hedgehog: “I agree with you. But doesn’t this logic apply to America as well? Isn’t mass immigration dissolving our traditional social patterns and destroying our traditional cultural core?”

      Fox: “Now I understand why you’ve become confused. You fail to properly distinguish between two-types of nations: the universalist nation and the particularist nation. The United States, my friend, is a universalist nation. It is dedicated to a proposition creed. Ethnicity, religion, traditional social patters and culture are not important to the universalist nation. Every man may be an American if he can nod along to the Gettysburg Address. Israel, on the other hand, is a particularist nation: it is the nation of the Jewish people. As such, ethnicity, religion, habits and culture are absolutely vital to its survival.”

      Hedgehog: “So America must be open because it is universalist and Israel must be closed because it is particularist? What if America decides it doesn’t want to be universalist anymore, or that universalism isn’t working out as planned?”

      Fox: “These are destructive thoughts, I’m afraid. Since America is a credal nation, rejecting the creed is the Path to National Suicide. You must remain universalist or perish.”

      Hedgehog: “Uhm. Okay. But what about Germany or France or Britain or Spain? These are not universalist nations, are they? Aren’t they the nations of the Germans, French, British and Spanish? Yet you’ve told me that they too must remain open.”

      Fox: “They are particularist nations, of course. But they have abused their particularism. By expelling, killing and persecuting minorities within their nations, they have lost the privileges ordinarily accorded to particularist nations. They must now become universalist nations because they have proven to be too dangerous as particularist nations.”

      Hedgehog: “This is quite complex but I think I understand the rule. There is a two-prong test for being allowed to maintain a particular national identity. First, one cannot be a universalist nation. Second, one may not have misbehaved as a particularist nation.”

      Fox: “You’ve got it!”

      Hedgehog: “I suppose I do but I’m finding it hard to think of any nations that may be closed.”

      Fox: “As I said at the start, Israel may be closed. And perhaps some islands in the south Pacific.”

      As we’ve recently seen with our lying eyes, the mass slaughter of non-Jews by Jewish soldiers is now continually re-defined as “heroic defense”. Some particularist nations (one in particular) are more equal than others (but this should have been obvious from the start, foolish paleface).

  3. Six catholics, two jew wimmens, and one black wommans. Not convinced those 9 freaks in dresses will rectify this Colorado provocation.

    • Don’t fall into that “good and bad states” red vs blue kind of simplistic thinking. These blue states are just patients with a terminal disease that is further ahead than in the red states who will follow the same fate in due time. These “blue states” were the former economic engines of late 20th century America, they attracted migrants from all over and had explosive growth and then the new populace voted for their fate. As they fall into decay you now have places like TX, FL, TN, the Carolinas being the new economic boom states attracting migration. The same fate shall befall them. As I’ve said before, The American Experiment is a failure, it doesn’t have any sort of cultural political defense mechanism and is “too free” and easily subverted. Should have kept our own anglo hereditary aristocracy, it’s better than the new one that snuck in through Ellis Island. I’d say the era of the whole globe aping the Enlightenment Drivel we get spoon fed every Firecracker Day in July like in that old Star Trek Episode where Kirk is worshiping the Constitution is coming to a close. Allowing everyone to vote just lets Anglo American NGOs subvert your nation. Societies hopefully will resort to more stable forms of government like a council of older, wise men ruling unapologetically with zero input from a bunch of crying New England School Marm types and their balless husbands.

  4. George Floyd riots was “mostly peaceful protesting.” A group of mostly White people peaceably assembling with no firearms or visible leader was an “insurrection”. We live under leftist tyranny and the GOP is an accomplice to it.

  5. The straw that has broken the camel’s back, We are a captured operation, the electoral process is dead, the REPUBLIC IS DEAD ………..LONG LIVE THE SOUTHERN REPUBLIC ! ……………

  6. These dumb bastards are making even more of a martyr out of Trump than he already is to his supporters and even some of his opponents. This strengthens Trump’s argument that the whole Government i.e. the Deep State is out to destroy him, first him then “you”.

    This is a big, unforced error on the part of the Democrats/Republicans/Deep State. Even people who don’t like Trump like it even less that a court has decided arbitrarily to cancel his political campaign for obviously ideological reasons.

    Their hatred for the man apparently knows no bounds and has driven them insane.

  7. Back in the day the tyrants in robes stopped California Prop 187 against the votes of the people.

    I could still vote for Pat Buchanan or Ron Paul though. I felt at least I had some voice in the political process.

    Without even letting Trump on the ballot even that small consolation has been taken away by the Clown World Occupation Government.

    All the time I put into politics (reading blogs & listening to podcasts) I will just put into Bible Study and listening to Christian radio. Perhaps Christian Nationalism is the path forward?

    • Sure. Adopt a few niglets and chinks to get some bonus points from God, and march bravely into the beautiful brown future. As long as they’re Christians, everything will be just fine.

  8. “I expect the Supreme Court will slap this down”:

    I agree. The Court will probably let him stay on the ballot because Trump is no threat to the System. He believes in it and belongs to it. But don’t forget that the U.S. Supreme Court and the state-level court system did put a truly oppositional Presidential candidate (Eugene Debs) in prison until his election was over, so he could not continue campaigning and would receive as few votes as possible. Any candidates for election on any level, federal, state or local who make “seditious” speeches like Debs did, and have a chance of securing a lot of votes like he did, will not only be attacked by the system’s “news” media, but their campaigns will also be ruined or stopped by the legal-judicial arm of the system:

  9. This is precisely the sort of thing that fuels the process of balkanization.

    We don’t need a civil war or secession to solve our problems when the empire is tearing itself apart under the force of its own internal contradictions and inconsistencies.

    The moment states weaponize democracy itself along partisan lines, the union ceases to exist, the federal government loses all mandate, and regional bodies of like minded enough states will emerge, and diverge.

    See the break up of the soviet union as the perfect example. Was there some conflict and economic hardship? Absolutely and it will suck. But look at Poland today, East Germany gone. Some states still in Russias orbit, some in that of the West, but largely independent.

    The strong powers will always exert influence over weaker ones. This is just economical and political gravity. It is what it is.

    Nothing that is happening right now is justification for blackpilling and fatalism. The empire is literally killing itself with its own bullshit.

    We aren’t losing. They are. All we gotta do is survive the fallout.

    Merry Christmas, stop being so damn negative.

  10. Didn’t Roberta Kaplan use “Civil War” legislation to go after the Unite the Right people? It was designed to hurt Southerners who at that time after the war had no political power to resist it and thus to many in the South it is illegitimate and should be removed and definitely was not part of the original Constitution at all. Maybe it could rightfully used against Trump since he is not from the South but a lot of his base is made up of Southerners which they could protest against the use of Yankee, anti-South laws.

    When those commentators start tearing into Trump using those bogus Civil War laws they look as if they are lying through their teeth.

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

  11. Why weren’t the founders of this original nation charged with insurrection and allowed to hold office since they were all guilty of insurrection and rebellion against the throne of England? Seems as if your punitive anti-South “Civil War” laws are unconstitutional and should be removed.

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