1. I live in St. Louis, so I’m glad you’re visiting our state. Not much snow here, only rain, but very mild weather. Hope the visit is a lot of fun, and Merry Christmas to you and your family, You do so much good, and it’s always nice to hear what you and the family are up to.

  2. Wanted to share some White Christmas music. Following rendition of ‘God Rest ye Merry, Gentlemen’ is nice. Group is Southern Raised, from the Ozarks. Unusual with a bass vocalist. Bass soloists are not really that popular in the US, compared to say Germany or Russia.

    Following is Silent Night sung in German with the original melody from the early 19th century, all 6 verses. Original melody is seldom heard outside of Austria (certainly not in the USA) with the differences being pretty subtle. For example, the 3rd and 4th measures use the same dotted eighth/sixteenth note rhythm as the first and second measures. Anyway, this version sung by choir and orchestra from Salzburg, Austria.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Those of us who know you don’t mind you being Bi-Polar Bradifer Griffin most of the time, but inevitably you “cycle” and becum-cum all Cunthair Walrus on us and advance Lyin’ Ryan / Wile E. Hibernigger who spreads sum ZOGbux while looking to get some Axis Skanky stanky on its witless Beta hangdown. I’d like to thank you for not banning me this past September for sticking up with some whiggroid nigger shooter against your Dylann Storm Roof rules against liking dead niggers.

    But still, I recommend that you try to self-medicate to where you don’t cycle more than once a month max. You can tell you are about to lose it when you let Lyin’ Ryun run wild on your blog like a ZOGling Cucktard.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  4. https://twitter.com/DD_Geopolitics/status/1740092468694290446 – video shows “Father Frost” and his beautiful “Ice Maiden” companion travelling out of the far north to celebrate the “real” Christmas on the 7th of January and New Year’s Day on January 14th, not on the “wrong” dates “that were created by the Pope and his atheist astronomers.” The Pope’s date-shifting “innovation” was not immediately and universally accepted. Protestant England was slow to officially adopt the Gregorian calendar – The Calendar (New Style) Act of 1750 (24 Geo. 2. c. 23) – while unsanctioned “Old Christmas” observances continued in some stubborn rural communities, and in some isolated villages in Appalachia (eastern Kentucky) well into the nineteenth century. Anyway, Merry Christmas, whether belated or premature.

  5. A belated traditional Merry Christmas, and an early Orthodox Merry Christmas to the OD host, commenters, and readers.

    Batten down the hatches. 2024 is going to be one for the ages.

  6. Merry Christmas Mr. B.

    I’ve got the OD 2023 Traitor of the Year Award nomination blog ready to go. I’ll post tomorrow Friday Dec 29th unless you say “Nay”.

    Thanks brother


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