Donald Trump Blocked From Maine’s 2024 Ballot

I don’t see how this is going to “stop Trump.”

1. All of these various attempts to “get Trump” have validated his argument that he is a victim and there is a huge conspiracy to rig elections against him.

2. It has rocketed him past his competition in the Republican primary.

3. It has been a media and fundraising bonanza for Trump.

4. It hasn’t helped Joe Biden’s poll numbers with Independent voters.

5. Most importantly, it has been ineffective. The Colorado Secretary of State has backtracked and announced that Trump will be on the ballot there after all.


“Maine on Thursday disqualified former President Trump from its 2024 ballot — becoming the second state to find he’s ineligible under the 14th Amendment’s “insurrection” clause over his actions surrounding Jan. 6.

Why it matters: Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows (D) increases pressure on the U.S. Supreme Court to make a ruling on whether the former president can be removed from ballots in the 2024 presidential election …”

Maybe it will be different this time in Maine?

After the Russia Hoax, the impeachment over the phone call with Zelensky, the impeachment over 1/6, the four arrests, the 91 felony charges and the convictions over fraud, defamation and sexual abuse, I doubt this roadblock will prove to be a greater hurdle than any of the others. Oh, and let’s not forget that Trump was also deplatformed and banished from the internet to Truth Social.

Trump’s enemies have tried everything except for making a compelling case against him. Dirty tricks like this are only fueling the suspicion and resentment that got him elected in the first place. He is coming out of 2023 in a far stronger position than he was in a year ago.


  1. Yep……. whatever they’re attempting, it’s just having the reverse effect and making him stronger. The public see Trump as an underdog and victim of the establishment that they can identify with. Trump isn’t stupid. He sees this as a major selling point and using it for all it’s worth.
    Love him or hate him, he’s certainly annoying the right people.

    • It has to be done on purpose to make him look like a victim because the top dogs in the (((establishment))) want him back, I don’t think they fear him at all his presidency was a disaster and he still calls the death jab filled with nanotech a tremendous accomplishment, I’m sure mid-level people in the Democrat Party truly hate him but the people leading your country don’t, or at least I don’t see why they would at all, he’s their goy through and through.

    • “. Trump isn’t stupid”

      I really question that.
      If he had brains he would have surrounded himself with loyalists and made better appointments and used the hell out of his Republic majority power.

      He’s lax and too in love with his own reflection,.,…. Narcissus of the Potomac.

    • This is the man who allowed his son in law, from a jewish criminal family, to hold much power in his failed administration.

  2. The Dems will keep making a martyr of him till he has the nomination, ensuring them four more years of control. They believe the Zombies on the right are simple enough to fall for this trick. And they are correct.

  3. It’s just that the Upper Class has (s)elected NIMRATA RANDHAWA to be the Republican presidential nominee, or at least, the vice presidential (Trump’s running mate) nominee.

    Nimrata said yesterday the Civil war was about government getting in the way of capitalist “choices” and “liberties.” “You’ve got to have capitalism,” she said, about the cause of the Civil War. She is extremely anti-socialist, a perfect convinced puppet and mouthpiece for the Capitalist Class of billionaires, multi-millionaires, Wall Street and London. She is extremely militaristic, all-in for the imperialist war industry, and among all the Republican candidates she is the absolute favourite of AIPAC and the rest of the Zionist lobby. She is the most outspokenly supportive of corrupt Netanyahu and the textbook genocide of the indigenous people of Palestine. “Finish them!” she said, proving that she has no moral compass – just the kind They want. I have predicted for a long time that she will be the Republican presidential or vice-presidential nominee (Trump’s running mate) just as I predicted (and no one believed me) that Kamala Harris would be on the ticket with Biden almost a year before she was, after she made that trip to Wall Street. I remember when former President Jimmy Carter said “The United States is no longer a democracy. It is an oligarchy with unlimited bribery.” Not true! It was always an oligarchy.

  4. I should have added to the previous comment that Nimrata was actually correct. The Civil War was dictated by capitalist economics, not idealism about ending slavery. When those young cadets in Charleston had been sufficiently worked up (emotionally) to fire cannons at Fort Sumter igniting the war with its easily-foreseeable inevitable result, the centers of gravity of Judaism in North America and of the U.sury S.ystem were already beginning to shift from Charleston, South Carolina to New York City.

    • Yes, Bismarck (who was definitely in a position to know), essentially stated the same thing you have. The slavery issue – solved without significant bloodshed by every other country in the hemisphere, including Brazil which had a far greater number of slaves – was ginned up by the usual suspects into a violent dispute. The Abolitionists and Fire-eaters were both supported by the usual suspects. The Federal government ended up signing the Treaty of Washington in 1871 and assumed responsibility for all war-debt, including that for funds lent to the Confederacy. It was paid off just in time for World War I. As they like to say in the City: Damn it feelz good to be a banksta!

  5. This is likely all political theater.
    Trump probably isn’t going to prison.
    The ruling class has to put on a good show, to keep people invested.
    They got one third believing Trump is a hero.
    The other third believes he’s a villain only a vetted democrat like Biden has a chance of beating.
    Either way, the uniparty, and America’s institutions, which serve the ruling class, win.
    As George Carlin would say, both Trump and Biden are part of the big club you and I aren’t a part of.
    Jeffrey Epstein, the Bushs, the Clintons, RFK Jr, they were/are all part of that club.
    As long as you’re invested in that club, they win/you lose.

    It’s like Connor McGregor versus Kabib Nurmagomedov.
    Connor played the part of the brash, vulgar white Christian anti-hero/villain, the Donald Trump if you will, while Kabib played the part of the honorable, stoic nonwhite Muslim hero.
    Connor is as much of a talented businessman and actor as he is a fighter, he was such a good actor he had Kabib himself convinced.
    At the end of the fight after Kabib won, Kabib was still furious over how Connor insulted his family, race and religion, Connor had to remind Kabib; ‘bruh, it’s just business…it’s just business’.

    Whether you loved Connor or hated him, he hooked you, he knows how to sell tickets, you paid to watch the fight that helped make both Connor and Kabib hundreds of millions of dollars, and that’s what Donald Trump is, a hook, he keeps people invested.
    Hero/anti-hero/villain, it’s all an act, 100% style/0 substance.
    The only actual difference between Trump and any ol’ republican or democrat is his style/swagger, his hutzpah, the way he carries himself, that’s his gimmick/shtick, and it sells.
    If you’re attracted to the archetypal alpha male bad ass who says what he thinks tells is like he is, charts his own course and doesn’t take shit from no one, you’ll be inclined to vote Trump, if you’re attracted to the archetypal Beta bootlicker errand boy, straightshooter who keeps his head down, you’ll vote Biden.
    Americans do politics the same way they do Hollywood, over the top pomp and spectacle.
    Americans do everything that way, go big or go home, made in the USA.

    • Yep. That’s why I call Cheetohead the God-Emperor of Grift. He’s at least as good as Phineas T. Barnum was at it. Kayfabe all the way. Like ol’ P. T., Zion-Don knows that there’s a sucker born every minute and is no doubt also aware of Mencken’s observation that nobody ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of the Murikan people. 2024 will be the Absolute Gold edition of the MOSTEST IMOPOTENT ERECTION EVAH! Take those blue pills, zeks. It’s almost time for the Greatest Show on Earth.

      • Some people know he’s the King of Grift, but they still think the establishment is out to get him…for some reason.
        What reason would the Jews and the sociopathic banksters, gangsters, big pharma and the control freaks have to go after him?
        He’s doing exactly what they want him to do, and that’s who runs things in America and around the world, Jews and sociopaths, not leftists or rightists.
        Libtardism and conservatardism are just masks these people wear for the proles.
        It’s like when a hunter wears the furs/hides of the species of animal he’s hunting, to appear as one of them, to blend in with the herd.
        Many Biden voters hate Trump cause he wacist and seksis, but the Biden regime itself and its big donors don’t give a shit, they’re merely feigning to for the proles.
        All these fake trials that’ll go nowhere are part of the theatre, to pretend they care.
        Part of the divide and conquer tactic, get two halves of the population to hate each other, thinking ‘if we could just get rid of these Trumpers or just get rid of these dems, then everything would be great’, when the reality is it doesn’t matter.
        It’s a uniparty.

        And even if they do imprison Trump, cause he read the quiet part out loud one too many times, I doubt the republicans will care, sure they’ll pretend to be outraged, a few may fight in court to have it overturned, but no civil war will be fought over America’s biggest clown.

  6. Well, MR. DON JOHN TRUMP, we would really appreciate it, if you would keep the civil war expert, to SOUTH CAROLINA’S everlasting SHAME, the RENOWNED, SCALAWAG governor Haley, off your ticket …………….

  7. The 14th amendment lists “insurrection or rebellion” as disqualifying one for holding federal office. The crimes of “insurrection and rebellion” are specifically part of the federal criminal code. Trump has neither been charged, tried nor convicted of such crimes. Even Biden’s Justice Department has declined to press such charges.

    While the Left is claiming the 14th amendment does not state one must be convicted of the crimes of insurrection or rebellion, how is one determined to have committed such crimes? Is the Left now now becoming “strict constructionists”?

    • “Trump has neither been charged, tried nor convicted”

      In a (((judeo-bolshevic system))) who needs due process ?

      Mob sentiment is enough to condemn, it’s called democracy , rule by mob opinion.

  8. Let the unballoting of Zion Don continue in all the shitlib states. This only accelerates Balkanization.

    As Jesus said in Luke, Matthew, and Mark, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

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