Washington Post: U.S. Oil Production Has Hit a Record Under Joe Biden. He Seldom Mentions It

Drill, baby drill.

This is one of the few things that comes to mind that has been going in the right direction.

Washington Post:

You won’t hear President Biden talking about it much, but a key record has been broken during his watch: The United States is producing more oil than any country ever has.

The flow of huge amounts of crude from American producers is playing a big role in keeping prices down at the pump, diminishing the geopolitical power of OPEC, and taming inflation. The average price of a gallon of regular gasoline nationwide has dropped to close to $3, and analysts project it could stay that way leading up to the presidential election, potentially assuaging the economic anxieties of swing state voters who will be crucial to Biden’s hopes of a second term.

But it is not something the president publicly boasts about. The politics of oil are particularly tricky for Democrats, whose chances for victory in the 2024 elections could hinge on whether young, climate-conscious voters come out in big numbers. Many of those voters want to hear that Biden is doing everything in his power to keep oil in the ground. …

It is more oil than was being produced even at its peak during the pro-fossil-fuels administration of former president Donald Trump, when production was 13 million barrels a day in November 2019. …

“When the head of the U.S. government tells industry to produce more, that is significant,” Book said. “It reflected a sea change, and certainly the end of a campaign of very restrictive rhetoric.” …

It could be a lot worse.

Last summer, I will never forget filling up our car in Los Angeles on our road trip out West where the price of gas was over $7 a gallon. Joe Biden has stayed out of the way since then. We will get the same energy policy from Trump without the constant political pressure to spike energy prices.

Note: Joe Biden got sick of seeing his face on that sticker at gas pumps. In hindsight, those stickers were a highly effective example of activism. He yielded to political pressure.


  1. The great bulk of this production has come from innovations in slick water fracking, developed by Nick Steinberger.

    If not for WHITE gentiles, like Nick, we would be in a steep production decline.
    Biden deserves ZERO credit.

    Without WHITES, like Watt, Otto, Diesel etc. crude oil would be of little value.
    Sadly, millions of innovating WHITES have been killed, not born, or mentally crippled by our (((degenerate culture))).

  2. Biden has been draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Most of the crude oil actually pumped from the ground in the US is now from fracking and requires more refining than US refineries are set up to handle and the crude used to make Gasoline is typically imported from the middle-east. Draining the reserve and selling the increased flow from the fracking fields is how they’ve been keeping the price down. It won’t last forever but it will work through election time.

    • Pumping oil out of the ground just to store it in the ground somewhere else using US taxpayer $ – i.e. the SPR – is redundant. Besides, oil is abiotic and crude just keeps on bubblin’ up through the earth’s crust. The Saudis were supposed to run out of oil 50 years ago yet they can increase or decrease oil supply by hundreds of millions of barrels with a few turns of a valve.

  3. Spikes in commodity prices are always courtesy of the Tribe at the NYMEX and the CME speculating on commodities using freshly printed Jude Fetzen.

    • I wouldn’t say ‘always’, but they certainly create a deep layer of corruption.

      There are things like crop failures and other natural shortages.

      If we had an all WHITE culture, we’d advance to having large stockpiles to buy up excess at low prices, supporting producers and releasing surpluses in times of shortage. Stable prices for a better society.

      Nope, we can’t advance, we’re in deep retrograde because of our ((controllers)).

      • In this day and age the US produces so much that the government pays farmers not to plant crops and for ranchers to kill surpluses of animals. There are no “shortages and failures” there are just (((rumors))) of them(i.e. the infamous Egg Shortage of 2021). And the US government artificially props up commodity prices to keep US farmers and ranchers solvent as well as shutting out importation of things like Cuban sugar which would shut down US sugar production overnight if it was allowed to be imported into the US. The next time the jewish-run media tells you about some shortage take it with a grain of salt.

  4. How about mentioning the obvious.

    if we didn’t have a diverse, violence filled, multi ethnic society, we could get by living close to work and using public transport, then only using about one-third the oil we currently use. Instead of using a wasteful 20 million bbl per day we could use 7 million, or so.

    The news never mentions the eco disaster that integration and mass immigration cause. That is strictly verboten.

  5. “Police in riot gear clear hundreds of rowdy juveniles from Torrance mall”

    juveniles ?? juveniles ?? juveniles ??

    • Yootz. Why did gaslight media stop using that term? There are few creatures on earth more loathsome than gaslight media. Back in the old days at Vox Day’s site when comments were allowed, a common axiom was: Journalist + Rope + Tree. Some assembly required.

  6. The economy doesn’t seem to be doing that bad under Biden right now. Seems stable at least down here on the Gulf Coast.

    • Yeh, when we’re going 1 trillion in debt every 6 months.
      Credit card debt is> 1 trillion.
      This is a debt driven economy, it can’t last.

      You, go out borrow as much money as you can and see how well you can live, temporarily.

      There will be a day of reckoning, then it will be hell.

      • I hear what you are saying. But I’m an old man of 63, and you could make a strong case for a near term economic collapse 45 years ago! The Machine just keeps turning.

      • The debt will eventually be repudiated through inflation, it cannot be paid back in constant dollars. Although the details will be different from 100 years ago when Weimar Germany defaulted through inflation the end result will be similar.


        A big advantage Weimar Germany had in the 1920’s over the U.S. in 2024 is that Germany was still German, it wasn’t overrun with wogs like the U.S. is now. It seems likely the diverse types in the U.S. may be slightly upset when society breaks down, not being known for their forward thinking, thrift and patient dispositions.

        The colored gentlemen in the U.S., inquiring in dulcet tones about their gibs when the financial system seizes up may be slightly concerned to learn that there may be a delay in receiving them. Empty shelves and abandoned stores may cause a small disturbance amongst the people of color when they discover the delicacies they have become accustomed to dining on in fine restaurants like Mickey D and KFC are no longer available. Some would claim that this will result in, the ‘Scholars of Color’ (such as The Gentle Giant of Ferguson) “Burning da Bitch down” but that sounds rayciss therefore preposterous.

        Most likely the good, White, suburban, “Liberals”, having prepared well for the day the lights go out will be first to invite the colored hordes into their spacious abodes to share their accommodations and food (and women). I can see it now, the good White liberals and the wogs, arm-in-arm, singing kumbaya, led by the lesbian Unitarian minister, finally overcoming the White patriarchy and bringing the multi-cultural, rainbow nation to the U.S., just like South Africa. Add in power blackouts and you get the whole diverse package without having to travel 10,000 miles to South Africa.

          • Very few people lost their jobs under Biden even with high gas and food prices. No one is going to take a risk with Trump again. My prediction and I will be right. Biden wins in 2024.

            By the way. Both parties on care is Zionist here in America. According to Republicans the Jews here in America are Democrat but in Israel they’re conservatives yet they’re worried about the lib Jews on Campus who feel threatened that people support cease fire. F THE REPUBLICANS AND F TRUMP.

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