The Political Cesspool: 2024 Predictions

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I will be on The Political Cesspool tonight at 8 PM CST to discuss my 2024 predictions with my friends James Edwards and Keith Alexander. You can catch the livestream above.

Note: I apologize in advance for my voice.

The whole family is sick with a cold after traveling up to Missouri for Christmas.


  1. My prediction for 2024 and beyond is, the west won’t fix itself.
    Instead, it’ll be corrected by nature.
    Our elite are corrupt, crony capitalists.
    Slowly they are impoverishing us through a combination of mass immigration, offshoring and outsourcing, high taxes, high corporate welfare, high military spending and low social welfare.
    The elite are able to circumvent the taxes we pay.

    Voting won’t change a thing.
    They own all the candidates, even 3rd parties and independents.
    They decide who counts and how the votes are counted.
    Elections are predetermined.
    The west’s wealth and power is being stripped, gutted.
    Meanwhile the east and south grow wealthier and more powerful as they continue to industrialize and develop.

    And so eventually, as the generations go by, we won’t be able to bomb them anymore and steal their resources, because we won’t be more powerful than them.
    And they won’t want to come here anymore, because we won’t be wealthier than them.
    Our proles will stop investing in our system politically, economically and militarily because they have little-no stake in it, crime and drug abuse will increase, the proles will stop voting, working hard and enlisting in the military.
    We won’t be able to rely on immigrants to keep our population growing, we’re going to have to grow or at least sustain our population ourselves.

    And so what remains of our elite, the ones who haven’t gone completely offshore, will have to invest in the common people again, in both social welfare and social conservatism or in other words, in working families.
    But we’ll never be as wealthy as we were, we’re not going back to the 1950s, 60s and 70s when the west was on top of the world, those days are long gone, never coming back, instead we’ll have enough to get by and keep things from getting perpetually worse.

    However this process, this correction by nature will take generations.
    We’re going to have to reach rock bottom, before things ever get better.
    So in the meantime, we’re headed for mass poverty, crime, drug abuse and civil unrest or in other words, the west will fall while the rest of the world continues to do alright.
    So yea, we’re headed for much more decline, perhaps even destruction, but a remnant of the west, white Christians, and mostly white Christians will survive, and it’ll be up to them to rebuild.
    So in the short term, there is no hope for the west, this is it.

    • Most of the west, or what was once the west, will be mixed race and nonChristian (Muslim, Pagan, Atheist), that’s just the way it’s gonna be.
      Some areas will remain largely white Christian, and some of those areas may choose to break off from the mixed race nonChristian areas, but most areas will be mixed race nonChristian.
      The Brazilification of the west will continue for generations unabated, until collapse.
      After the collapse, the parts of the west capable of rebuilding will rebuild.

    • Very good comment. I agree especially with your optimistic prediction that, in the long run, “mostly white Christians will survive, and it’ll be up to them to rebuild.” May His kingdom come on earth, as it is in heaven. The truth will be known and will make us all free. One suggestion though, regarding “We won’t be able to rely on immigrants to keep our population growing, we’re going to have to grow or at least sustain our population ourselves”: If I was saying it, I would say: “It” (the system) won’t be able to…. And I would say “the” population, instead of “our” population, because the population of the U.sury S.ystem’s “homeland” is not our people. It is not an ethny or a people at all. Now “the American people” is a collection of over 350 million human resources.

      Incidentally, my “New Year’s resolution” is to cease commenting (ranting and “venting”) here, because my Left Christian ethno-socialist viewpoint is not a good fit for this blog. I give Hunter praise for allowing free speech on his blog, and for being genuinely interested in learning about many other points of view.

      My main prediction for 2024 is that The System’s internet censorship and punishments will become even more severe, and its ubiquitous propaganda will also become more effective and often more subtle. But truth is ultimately stronger than lies. Light dispels darkness, which is really nothing but the lack of light. If we walk in the light and pray for wisdom, God will give us sufficient information even without the system-controlled internet. And even if the “kingdom” would never “come on earth as it is in heaven,” because the earth was destroyed by mad use of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, we can still look forward to “the blessed hope” of life in eternity from which the evil ones are barred. Be discerning, weigh and examine everything, never stop asking questions in this age of lies. Jesus said “be ye wise as serpents….”

      • Hey Merthyr Rising, I would hate to see you stop commenting here at OD. Yes, your overall perspective may not totally fit in a white consciousness blog, but you bring a needed alternative world view that can sharpen understandings among should-be allies (i.e., people who support the insecure against the supply/demand curve manipulators).
        You and I have sharply disagreed as to the socio/political/economic complex that can best serve the masses, but I think we agree on the general need for cross-paradigm alliances against Those Who Rule. In that spirit, hearing out alternative observations has value in opening our minds towards strategic alliances to effectively Fight the Power.
        Nonetheless, if this is indeed the end, may your goals be met and your life blessed.

        • I agree. Merthyr’s “old socialism” is really pretty interesting, though it seems to have existed only in smallish communities. It’s not the same as the racket practiced in the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc, which resulted in a similar outcome to neo-liberalism: everything owned or controlled by a tiny elite.

      • I know what you mean, 1stly I’m Canadian, but regularly follow American politics in the media.
        I’m also more of a socialist than Brad is, more of the market socialist than state socialist variety.
        I don’t think Brad wants much to do with socialism these days because of the sorts of people socialism tends to attract, these days; cultural Marxists/SJWs/woke.
        I’m also more of a civil libertarian than Brad is, what consenting adults do in private is none of my business, but I’m also a federalist, so I think these matters should be solved at the local rather than the federal level.
        Lastly, lately I’ve been pretty pessimistic about the direction the western world is headed, I think our governments are probably beyond repair.
        But I am a white nationalist and social conservative, that’s what keeps me coming back here.

  2. Great show last night, political cesspool, my Saturday Hi – Lite, the host of this site, did a great job, Mr. Edwards and Mr.Alexander are always terrific, thank you all very much ……….

  3. We all need to be prepared, or preparing for a grid down scenario, a supply chain interruption, or break down, that’s our Achilles’s Heel, for the sake of survival and well being of our family, friends, take heed too these words …….

  4. What a year! 1984+40=2024

    The Ministry of Truth, the Ministry of Peace, the Ministry of Love and the Ministry of Plenty: will all work together seamlessly — I just know it! We may even have to subtract some words (that have been made obsolete) from Newspeak after this is all over.

    See you in hell, Johnny Reb!
    See you in hell, Billy Yank!

    May we both avoid Room 101.

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

  5. 2024 prediction: Our Greatest Ally starts a war with Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. Their plan is to turn this war over to the U.S. of course and also get the U.S. to attack Iran, their arch-enemy now. Whether or not their plans will work or be frustrated remains to be seen.

    No politician in the U.S. wants to be responsible for getting in a war – during an election year, especially after more than thirty years of continuous war. No politician wants to say ‘ No’ to The Usual Suspects either. This is The Scumbag’s Dilemma: do they betray their voters (again)in an election year or do they betray their owners and keepers, who have very long memories.

    GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire will crack up when it tries to conscript Whites into its next war. U.S. military units, already short staffed, are not sufficient for another war. Our Greatest Ally, taking high casualties in Gaza, will not take those casualties twice in less than a year, that’s what friends are for.

    Diverse, multi-cultural empires look fierce on paper but they don’t have any depth or staying power. Their power is a mile wide and a millionth of an inch deep. Whites saying ‘No’ to conscription will be an unprecedented challenge to GloboHomo.

    • @12AX7.

      If USZOG does enact conscription in order to fight a large and bloody regional war in the Middle East, White men and now White Women will not be able to cross into Canada to avoid the draft, as Canada is as much a ZOG nation as USA. Perhaps ironically, Whites will flee to Mexico to avoid serving in Uncle Schmuley’s military.

      • There is some irony there, no doubt about that. Mexicans don’t like gringos though, good luck with the locals anywhere south of the Rio Grande especially if the USD is falling in value.

      • I expect ZOG will resurrect the draft after the upcoming edition of the MOST IMPOTENT ERECTION EVAH, irrespective of which clown-puppet “wins”.

  6. I recall you predicted that Trump is finished after his dinner with Fuentes at his Florida home.

    You should predict his VP choice; that’s a big piece missing here.

    I predict, and hope for, Tucker Carlson. He’s Pat Buchanan without the intellectual horsepower…and that’s good enough. In some ways he’s craftier than Buchanan.

    If Tucker becomes VP, he’ll be President in 2028. Tucker knows the Jew and will dynamite the 3 letter agencies if Trump doesn’t do it but I think he may do that in some fashion in his term. As somebody already said: Afuera !

    Killing JFK and overthrowing countless governments around the world…they have it coming big time. The CIA must be crushed totally.

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