Poll Watch: Joe Biden’s Fraying Coalition

It is 2024.

A lot has changed over the past three years.

1. The indictments revived Donald Trump’s political career and have sewn up the Republican nomination for him. The Republican primary could have been challenging for him, but now it is a cakewalk. It has also energized his base for the general election.

2. The indictments have spared Trump the need to come up with a compelling vision of the future. Instead, Trump is running on a simple message. He is the victim of a witch hunt. The system has been rigged by powerful elites against him. A vote for Trump is a vote against the establishment. A vote for Trump is a vote for revenge against powerful entrenched elites. It is a more compelling pitch than KAG.

3. COVID is over. Millions of people aren’t dying. The economy isn’t collapsing on Trump’s watch. Instead, the Trump economy is remembered fondly after what we have been through under Joe Biden.

4. The world is more chaotic with the wars in Ukraine and Gaza.

5. Joe Biden made a bunch of promises during the 2020 campaign. He failed to deliver on student loan debt relief. He failed to deliver on health care. He failed to reform policing. He made everyone worse off with the worst inflation in a generation. It has fractured his base.

The same basic dynamic has been evident for nearly a year now: Trump is holding more of his 2020 coalition than Joe Biden who has lost more of his supporters.

USA Today:

President Joe Biden heads into the election year showing alarming weakness among stalwarts of the Democratic base, with Donald Trump leading among Hispanic voters and young people. One in 5 Black voters now say they’ll support a third-party candidate in November.

In a new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll, Biden’s failure to consolidate support in key parts of the coalition that elected him in 2020 has left him narrowly trailing Trump, the likely Republican nominee, 39%-37%; 17% support an unnamed third-party candidate. …

Biden now claims the support of just 63% of Black voters, a precipitous decline from the 87% he carried in 2020, according to the Roper Center. He trails among Hispanic voters by 5 percentage points, 39%-34%; in 2020 he had swamped Trump among that demographic group 2 to 1, 65%-32%.

And among voters under 35, a generation largely at odds with the GOP on issues such as abortion access and climate change, Trump now leads 37%-33%. Younger voters overwhelmingly backed Biden in 2020. …

It is worse than 2016.

In 2016, Hillary was always ahead of Trump in the polls. She lost because of lower black turnout, lower youth enthusiasm for her candidacy, losing Independent voters and moderates voting for Independent candidates. That’s pretty much what we see here except Trump is now winning outright.

Note: I assume the plan is that Trump is convicted and goes to prison which spares Joe Biden the need to have to win reelection. I don’t think it will come to that though.


  1. One thing what could happen, is that multiple crises will cause so fierce infighting that the entire apparatus becomes defunct. Empire becomes ungovernable.

  2. Meh. I take these polls about Democrats losing the support of so-called people of color with a huge grain of salt. This is Lucy setting up the proverbial football for Charlie Brown to kick only to snatch it away at the last moment.

    Three things will come out of this. The Republicans will get all excited by visions of Blacks and Hispanics lining the block to vote for lower taxes and limited government and ignore their base.

    The Democrats will simply offer more Free Stuff for which Whites will be taxed.

    Most of the Whites composing Trump’s original supporters in 2016 will stay home in disgust.

    Add the usual cheating by the Democrats and there is a good chance Biden will be reelected unless the situation in Israel gets so bad, TPTB think Trump is the better bet to put boots on the ground in the Mideast.

    We should know this song and dance by heart now.

    • The democratic vote harvesting machine will ensure that every vacant lot in the ‘hood turns in a vote for Biden.

  3. Without a doubt Irish loyalty to the Jewish cause is being put to the test. What do the Irish do when push comes to shove? Do they sacrifice themselves for the sake of their Jew masters or do they turn on them? What is the nature of Irish blood? We shall see.

    • The treason you speak of is actually even more true of Protestants than it is of Catholics (though they have problems with it as well). Jewish-financed Cromwell let the parasites back into Britain and proceeded to butcher fellow whites such as the Irish like one of today’s Zionazis, with many English, Welsh and Scots included. Today it’s the Protestant Christian Zionists who are the largest single group who stands for Israel über alles. There does not seem to be a single white, nominally Christian group anywhere whose elites have not sold their own people out to Jewish power. Biden is merely a retarded puppet who can’t even read the teleprompter correctly. John Hagee is far worse – a wolf in shepard’s garb leading his flock into the devil’s maw.

      • You keep citing this one event from history when Lord Protector Cromwell let about 5,000 Jews come to London to trade and help finance a measly 1% of the Protectorates finances. Meanwhile, you ignore all the Catholic powers who were being financed much more by many more Jews during the same period and up to today. Why do you ignore the Papist Hapsburgs, Medicci’s, Borgias, French, and the Poles? The later in fact was nothing but a Jewish province in comparison to England.

        As to butchering fellow Whites, that’s history. The Irish Papists waited until dark and then butchered tens of thousands of their fellow Irishmen in a mere 48 hours, merely because they wouldn’t kiss the Pope’s brown ass. They started a murderous war and then promptly lost. Too bad for them. That goes for other Whites who started wars against the Protestant British including every single Papist monarch in Europe. Same goes true for Hitler and Imperial Germany who caused more butchering of Whites than anyone could imagine and then lost to the Protestant British.

        As to Protestants supporting Jews and Israel more than anyone else in history I beg to differ. All of the Papist European countries support Israel. All of Eastern Europe supports Israel and many “based” countries there are allied with Israel. Meanwhile, here, this country is predominantly run by a Judeo-Catholic combine whose origins lay in the North Eartern big city ghettos where their organized crime syndicate started. The Mafia and Kosher Nostra are totally tied at the hip and while one is Jewish the other one is not Protestant. They elect and unelected huge swaths of our political system and everyone ignores it or focuses solely on Israel.

        So, who cares if American Southern Prods support Israel slightly more than Papists? It’s more out of romantic nostalgia for White settler colonialism than any nefarious criminal syndicate to dominate the world. The Israelis are a useful ally in a region of the world which is nothing but Muzzie mafia states. The only people who want to focus on the Prods being Jew algae soldiers in this country are Papists trying to deflect from their evolving conspiracy to overthrow Constitutional government.

        • Cromwell was no better than the worst of his royal predecessors. I expect your one percent number is essentially a lie even it it’s legalistically true as the other lenders were likely just fronts for the kosher-nosetra usury-racket. As I recall he even borrowed from Catholic monarchs who opposed Charles (most of who were themselves in hock to jews). As for the matter with the big-city mafias from nominal Catholic populations, this is an example of what happens when even European populations who were allowed in set us up for worse problems later on. If they would have just kept the 1790 immigration law in place ….

          That wasn’t convenient for Yankee Prots – who’d already abandoned anything resembling Christianity in favor of proto-shitlib unitarianism by the 19th century and needed lots of cannon-fodder for their blue-coated legions to impose their utopian visions by the time 1860 rolled around. The dumb (largely Catholic) imported Irish and Germans were willing to kill for the fake money (greenbacks) being churned out – supposedly to abolish a practice which is not even condemned as sin in the New Testament. As I have inquired many a time here: How is it that every single country in the western hemisphere managed to outlaw the “peculiar institution” without major war of white upon white slaughter? FYI, all of these countries were nominally Catholic, even the last one to abolish slavery (Brazil in 1888).

          There is no single white group which has not had serious problems with treasonous elites. The present anti-Pope sitting in Rome, who most Catholics are too stupid to even comprehend as such, is a splendid example of how even very old institutions have been subverted from within and destroyed. What you’re not getting here are the following (among many other points):

          1. Whites have a very serious loyalty problem. As was noted in a recent article over at K-Mac’s, this problem has been present for a very long time. It generally effects elites but has now – thanks to Christian Zionism – even tricked down to the proles. Other groups don’t seem to suffer as much. Perhaps it’s genetic.

          2. Jews – being the literal spawn of Satan – will never be anything but enemies of whites (and every other race on earth). Allying with them gains us nothing but more of their endless subversion. You say we should support their colonial project in the Ummah. This has not brought a single benefit to us. As they’re busy expelling and killing civilians in Gaza they also demand that retarded Murika take the Muslims in (to provide one small example of hundreds that could be cited). BTW, it is an actual error in WN circles to blame everything on Jews. They fail to see that Jews could not have achieved the level of destruction they have were it not for lots of help from their targets.

          3. The “Constitutional government” you refer to is already totally overthrown. It has been dead since 1965 at very latest. 1913 is likely the best date but some have made the case for 1865 (or 1871) as the coup sans grace. It’s done and over with. It will not be restored, nor is it even possible to restore at this stage. What we have now is the Empire of Lies, ruled by Satanic Clowns. It’s so thoroughly evil and depraved it probably deserves to be wiped from the face of the earth. Pray that God is merciful.

          So, assuming for a minute you’re just a maledumacted and mis-guided white person thrashing around instead of a troll, try addressing the real issues instead of the superficial ones for a change.

          Here’s a big point. White Protestants and White Catholics need to understand that neither of their respective hands are clean insofar as how we got into this mess we’re in. We need to try and bury the hatchet as our greater enemy loves the old strategy of divide et impera. Both have fallen into usury-traps and both have been subverted to the point that neither branch of western Christianity is recognizable as Christian ant more. It’s like seeing two terminally ill cancer-patients at one another’s throat. The “help” being offered by the POX church (backed and inspired by Jews naturally) – repent of yo’racism YT – is similar to that of Job’s comforters.

        • LOL that you think Imperial Germany was responsible for WW1. Read some history beyond the 5th grade narrative version. And Hitler never would have happened without the unjust and unprecedented victors’ “justice” after that war.

        • If you look at the deaths due to the Jews in the USSR compared to the Germans that died under Hitler to keep the Jews away, Hitler comes off looking good.

        • “…The Israelis are a useful ally in a region of the world which is nothing but Muzzie mafia states. …”

          The Jews will never be useful to Whites in any capacity at any time or place.

          • “A reading of the polemical writings of the 17th and 18th centuries, or of the conversations between Frederick II and Voltaire, inspires one with shame at our low intellectual level, especially amongst the military.”

            “The Jewish people, with all its apparent intellectual qualities, is nevertheless without any true culture of its own. … With this, the Jew lacks those qualities which distinguish creatively the culturally blessed races.”

            Hitler quoting and referencing Voltaire.

        • “You keep citing this one event from history when Lord Protector Cromwell let about 5,000 Jews come to London to trade and help finance a measly 1% of the Protectorates finances. Meanwhile, you ignore all the Catholic powers who were being financed much more by many more Jews during the same period and up to today. Why do you ignore the Papist Hapsburgs, Medicis, Borgias, French, and the Poles”:

          It might have been a little more than 1% of Parliamentary expenses (much more with the interest added) but I think they were admitted in desperation, at a time when the outcome of the conflict could have swung either way. War has never been “affordable.” The problem with the English “revolution” however is that it was not a real (people’s) revolution, but merely a transition from late-stage feudalism to beginning, proto-capitalism, but the common people who formed much of the army who bled and died hoping for freedom gained little or nothing from it. The English revolution although not a revolution was nevertheless a small step forward, breaking down some barriers to the future advance of socialism, including people’s misplaced faith in the old order of feudalism, monarchy and Papism.

          “Hitler and Imperial Germany who caused more butchering of Whites than anyone could imagine and then lost to the Protestant British”:

          I disagree. When it comes to causation of WW2, I think the leadership of the Anglo-Zionist empire, not the German leadership, was more at fault. Read accurate historical sources. I certainly don’t agree with this author’s view of Russia, but he is accurate regarding the immediate cause of the war: whohttps://www.unz.com/article/hitler-the-peacemaker/

  4. It seems the legacy media — whatever that is — is trying to reinforce the idea the 2024 elections will be competitive, Biden behind in polls, young folks and minorities abandoning Biden, repubs have a “good chance” to retake the senate etc etc.

    We were told the same in 2022 and two years before that. Read between the lines and you find there’s little substance behind any of this. The only senate pickup the gop is likely to get is WVA. The right has lost every special election thus far. In November I’m guessing it’ll be time to dust off once again the now shopworn “game over, man — game over” meme.

    If I’m wrong I’ll acknowledge it. We’ll see.

    • It depends on who WVA Republicans run.

      There is a good chance that it will be a hand-picked Mitch McConnell crony OR Joe Manchin might switch parties at the last moment, vowing to undo the damage done when the DNC pulled a fast one on him.

      MY big fear is that Trump will not be able to resist the temptation of putting himself in the middle of things by endorsing a candidate whose campaign McConnell (who holds the purse strings) will never fund.

      So far, Trump has kept any of the other GOP primary candidates from even touching him by refusing to debate any of them. This has given him such an advantage that I am hoping he heeds the Silence is Golden Rule and keep out of any Senate and House races.

      Trump should let his apologists and supporters come out swinging for him; they know just how far up to the line they can go without landing in too much hot water.

      In any case, all that needs to be hammered home to the voters is that they now have a choice between two candidates who have held the Office of POTUS and they can decide who did the job better in 2024 as opposed to whose promises sounded better.

      • Trump has been absolutely atrocious in his picking of Congressional candidates. He picked a Muslim Turk for Senator in Pennsylvania. He picked an anarchic-libertarian for Senator in Arizona. He’s now picked a Black guy to run in North Carolina governor race and nearly sidesteps Southern heritage issues especially Confederate war memorials. Despite this, Trump can’t help himself from intervening in all sorts of races down ballot without any real regard for a cohesive national political strategy. This is mostly because his campaign organization is little more than an extension of his family business.

  5. Is it possible that if the radical Left did knock DJT out of the running for President that one of his two sons could step up and run for President and have the MAGA people elect his son President and then have his son pardon DJT once his son took office and then make his father DJT Vice President and basically turn the whole show over to DJT? There are probably some laws against that (if not they will try to make one). That would drive the radical Dems just absolutely crazy. All of their election interference and other schemes would all be a total loss. They would go crazy again as they did after Hillary lost. Just askin’.

    • Of course Donald has the plan in case something goes wrong. Even the dumbass redneck lorry driver buys life insurance for his family. Stable Genius has plan B and plan C and also Putin and Orban and others. Without those plans, lot of our leaders would be removed long ago.

      • At least DJT could seek asylum for several months in Russia this spring/summer to get away from the Dems’ lawfare circus to highlight to the world just how much of a banana republic the empire has become and maybe cause the crooked DOJ to come apart from political pressure.

  6. It’s even kind of on topic … since one gang of enemies toppled a fine example of another.

    How about some tasty New Year schadenfreude, Zeks?? Yummmmmmm.

  7. Will ‘Ole Senile Joe harken to His Master’s Voice and deploy U.S. troops to fight Hezbollah? Inquiring minds want to know. Our Greatest Ally won’t take heavy casualties again after the fighting in Gaza and Hezbollah’s position in Lebanon is much stronger than Gaza. Our Greatest Ally’s military and economy is prepared for short, intense, high-tech wars, not the long, Stalingrad-type, grinding, attrition in Gaza.

    The Ukraine war is winding down now, another failure but U.S. troops deployed into Eastern Europe will soon be available for war in the Near East once a peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine is reached on Russia’s terms, of course. Between Ukraine and Israel U.S. military stockpiles have to be depleted though which does present a big problem. With the selling off of the U.S. industrial base starting with Pres. Reagan and the big defense contractors being allowed to create just-in-time manufacturing cartels (after suitable bribes were paid to Congress) it will take years to rebuild military stockpiles. WWII type mass production of weapons and supplies is simply not possible now.

    ‘Ole Senile Joe may have another war on the Arabian Peninsula though before the big show commences with Hezbollah as the Houthis continue to attack shipping, ignoring Joe’s threats and pleading about not wanting a bigger war. Apparently, they just don’t give a fuck. No Nobel Peace Prize for them this year with that kind of bad behavior.

    A huge war, especially one that spikes up oil prices won’t do a thing for ‘Ole Senile Joe’s reelection chances especially when it becomes obvious the U.S. military is in no way prepared for a big war. The cascading effects of war, high oil prices, social turmoil and general national failure may cause the Deep State to dump ‘Ole Senile Joe in desperation but they can take heart in this; the Republicans will screw up victory again, handed to them on a silver platter, too. They just can’t help themselves.

    • > The cascading effects of war, high oil prices, social turmoil and general national failure may cause the Deep State to dump ‘Ole Senile Joe in desperation but they can take heart in this; the Republicans will screw up victory again, handed to them on a silver platter, too. They just can’t help themselves.

      That’s why the Gay Ol’ Politboro is also known as the Washington Generals. They are masters at snatching defeat (for their voters) from the jaws of victory. The Republican voters are very much like Charlie Brown, forever kicking at that football regardless of how many times Lucy pulls it out just before his foot makes contact. It’s very sick … and not even funny.

  8. My sister came to town, she lives in the ultra rich DC suburbs and socializes in that crowd. I got multiple lectures about how Trump quite literally is Hitler. That’s over the top, I understand how a lot of people could dislike Trump’s crass, narcissistic, grifter personality. But he is not Hitler, only Hitler was Hitler. More like Napoleon 3rd and his farcical reign. Most of all Trump was not interested in any war which was keynote of Hitler’s tragic road to nowhere reign. But that evidently is the mindset of the white women out in the Beltway. She was gushing about some movie about rowers during the ’36 Olympics and how the movie shows “what make America great again is really all about.” So the most mild patriotism is seen by the elite crowd as the most villainous nefarity? Clearly the globalists don’t want this nation to exist in anything resembling it’s 20th century form. Remember, the “woke” young brats in Generation Bastard now see the 80s and 90s as evil times, so just what kind of a world have these college professors brainwashed them into thinking they want?

    • ” . . . what kind of a world have these college professors brainwashed them into thinking they want?”

      They want a science fiction, Star Trek utopia filled with colored guys with White women and a few pathetic White guys to kick around for laughs. What they will get is South Africa in North America as the wogs proliferate and like locusts, destroy everything in sight. Never mind inter-stellar travel, the occasional broken-down automobile trip and decrepit, dangerous train or bus ride will be the best most people will get in the future we are headed in to unless there is drastic change.

      • I work with a black guy who has just the foulest mouth. He is preoccupied with sex, walked out on his wife of five years and year old kid to “play around.” Talks non stop about “busting nuts” etc. He’s got all these “baby mamas”…the majority of them white. The last white girl made him marry her as if he were husband material and they would live like George and Mary Bailey happily ever after. I don’t get what all these white women see in this guy? He’s not a hard drug user either, so they’re not junkies going for a drug source, just a lazy pothead who frequents the weed dispensary. The hindus are right arrange marriages, it seems pretty clear that young women in America make very, very poor choices if left to chose a mate on their own…the porn addled young men are probably in the same boat, but I see a different problem, just a general lack of any sort of family formation as the girls all practice hyperagymy with a small, select crowd of psychopathic charmers.

        • “a general lack of any sort of family formation”:

          Family formation is based on real love and requires self-sacrifice, but everywhere you look you see selfishness. Note that universal usury and universal debauchery go hand in hand. It’s the system of Satan based on the evil inclination of selfishness in man. that exists to reward the luckiest or most clever liars and cheaters. But another system is possible, based on the good inclination in man of love and self-sacrifice, that exists not to promote business but “for the praise of them that do (morally) well”: I Peter 2:14

        • Nightowl ” l don’t get what all these WHITE women see in this guy ” A lot of WHITE women, just like a lot of WHITE men, are SOUL SICK …….. What else is their to say ……….

      • “want a science fiction, Star Trek utopia filled with”

        That’s a major problem, since the 60’s people have been living in a TV world.

  9. Everyone should get out and vote for Trump. They are going to have to steal the most tremendous amounts of votes to defeat him, and the more they steal, the more likely they are to be caught. That they stole the last election and have not paid for it…yet, means nothing. Many are still chewing away at this data and as soon as they lose power in areas they can be prosecuted.

  10. SAM J. ” Everyone should get out and vote for TRUMP ” Agreed, I cannot and will not vote for a Democrat or a republican, I cannot and will not vote for a man with a foreign name, meaning i.e. the Indian man, his name I find uncomfortable, same as Barack Obama’s name hey, I am, the way I am, making no excuse’s for DON JOHN TRUMP, he is the way he is, that being said, our enemies see him as our symbol, they see us as a bunch of weak, chicken shit, punk ass bitches, who are all talk and won’t do anything, well, I can get up and go vote for DON JOHN TRUMP …………..embrace your inner DIRTY WHITE BOY, you will feel a whole lot better when you do ……

  11. Hunter, you assume the plan is that trump is arrested reliving Biden of the need to beat him in the election. Nope. The plan is the same as 2020. Unlimited fake mail in Democrat votes that are impossible to trace or verify.

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