Donald Trump: How I Will End Joe Biden’s Border Disaster On Day One

It is 2024.

The Revenge Tour is building momentum.

The biggest political decision that I have to make this year is whether to 1.) reboard the Trump Train or 2.) watch from the sidelines. There is no chance that I will support Joe Biden in 2024. Regardless, I plan to focus my attention this year on improving other aspects of my life.

The most compelling argument for coming off the sidelines and voting for Trump is how Joe Biden has handled immigration as president and would continue to do so in a second term. Millions of illegal aliens have flooded into the country under Joe Biden. Joe Biden has been so awful on immigration that I am nostalgic for the failures of the Trump administration. Sure, Trump failed to “Build the Wall” or to deport the illegal aliens who were already here, but he brought the numbers down in his final year in office and he was at least trying to implement more restrictionist immigration policies, which were stymied mainly by True Cons in the Senate, a Democratic House and endless litigation in federal courts.

Joe Biden’s policy has been to dismantle immigration enforcement. It has gotten so bad that Democratic cities are pleading for relief. Even if Trump failed to deliver on 95% of what he is promising here, there is no chance that he would be as awful as Joe Biden has been on immigration.

Des Moines Register:

“The most urgent task facing the next president is to end Joe Biden’s nation-wrecking nightmare on our southern border. I am the only candidate who will stop this invasion — and I will do it on day one. …

Now you are witnessing the disastrous results. We have the highest number of illegal border crossings in history, by far. Nearly a quarter million migrants crossed in November alone — and that’s a likely vast undercount. Migrants are overwhelming our cities. Drugs, criminals, gang members and terrorists are pouring in. …

Then, we will begin a record-setting deportation operation. Joe Biden has given us no choice. The millions of illegal aliens who have invaded under Biden require a record number of removals. This is just common sense.

To achieve this goal, I will make clear to every department and to state and local governments that we must use all resources and authorities available. We will shift massive portions of federal law enforcement to immigration enforcement — including parts of the DEA, ATF, FBI, and DHS. … ”

I trust VDARE.

As frustrated as I can get with the GOP Congress, it is still true that it has come a long way on immigration since 2013. It has come a long way since 2018 when House Republicans couldn’t be bothered to fund Trump’s signature border wall on the grounds that it was too expensive.


The year 2023 delivered a pleasant surprise to immigration patriots. It showed a Republican Party willing to take immigration seriously for the first time in many years. The GOP no longer entertains Amnesty, at least not publicly. Now leaders openly espouse immigration restriction, threaten to shut down foreign aid unless the border is secured, and every GOP presidential contender wants Birthright Citizenship eliminated. The party is certainly not perfect. Issues with the GOP’s handling of immigration remain. But last year showed that Republicans are moving in the right direction.

The year began with the GOP’s assuming the majority and battling about the next House Speaker. Conservatives revolted against the coronation of Kevin McCarthy, forcing him to make concessions to the right wing of the House caucus. The fight had little to do with immigration, but it did show a party willing to be different from the past. It wanted to focus on matters important to its constituents rather than matters important to the Swamp. …”

The optimistic case is that the worst is behind us.

George W. Bush is discredited. John McCain is dead. Mitt Romney is leaving Congress.

Public opinion on immigration has radically changed. It is now a top tier issue. In fact, it is so important now that it has stymied the huge foreign aid package for Ukraine and Israel. Most Americans now support “building the wall” which was unpopular when Trump was president. The Great Replacement has gone mainstream and Republican voters overwhelmingly support immigration restriction.

In 2024, Peter Brimelow and VDARE are the mainstream on immigration in the GOP and it is dwindling ranks of True Cons in the Senate and the Chamber of Commerce types who are radically out of touch with the Republican base. This is a triumph from where we were at thirty years ago.

For all the failures of Donald Trump’s first term, he succeeded in “moving the Overton Window” on immigration. Also, Joe Biden’s disastrous first term as president has caused public opinion to shift and catch up and now there is majority support for what used to be “radical” immigration policies. A Trump victory in 2024 is unlikely to play out like his previous victory in the 2016 election which was considered a fluke by a generation of establishment Republicans who were still ensconced in Congress.

Note: Our friends at VDARE have been under relentless attack in recent weeks by people who are big mad at how much the ground has shifted. Slow and steady is winning the race.


  1. Who the f cares what the president wants (assuming he is elected which if he is that will be a concession by the powers that be aka they are letting you win because they will use it to their advantage). All these agencies are pretty much rogue anyway. Trump wouldn’t be able to do squat even coming in with the best intentions, which I highly doubt he is. Really how naive do you have to be to take any of this seriously?

  2. Are we talking about the guy who in 2015 promised to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it?

  3. We’re in the part of the “Peanuts” cartoon where Lucy(Trump) is telling Charlie Brown (disenfranchised former Trump voters like Brad) that she won’t pull the football away this time when Old Chuck goes to kick it.

  4. One district judge somewhere, anywhere, will say he cannot do it, and then Trump will say, it’s not my fault, I tried.

  5. What gets me about Trump and his supporters is that I thought in 2016 there was an understanding that immigration was a “house on fire” situation where you fix it now or lose your country forever.

    Then Trump gets into office and not only does he not build the wall, he didn’t even try.

    Then his supporters didn’t care that he wasn’t trying.

    For four years nobody cared that nothing was getting done.

    Then the retarded right starts whimpering and whining again about immigration in 2021 after completely pissing away their last chance to fix it.

    Now they want to re-elect the same orange traitor for another attempt. I can predict with certainty that Trump will do nothing in his second term, and all the immigration whiners will suddenly shut up about immigration even though no policies change and the flood will continue under Trump.

    I just don’t want to hear about it anymore, I have already made peace with the knowledge that heritage Americans are going to be dispossessed, and true be told, they deserve it for their stupidity.

  6. I find it interesting, Mr. W., that some of the commenters here, at Occidental Dissent, think you’re mistaken or deluded about this. They think, that is, that nothing positive for pro-whites will come of a Trump victory—if they even share your view that a Trump victory is in the offing.

    Since, as you know, I don’t really understand politics, I find myself reading your assessments and wondering whether your views are accurate. Your recent list of 2024 predictions fascinated me, not least because I’m surprised how strongly you believe Trump is headed for an election victory. That’s not something I was really expecting you to predict. Well—as usual, all I can do is read your remarks and wait to see what happens.

    The one undeniably good thing is that you have a good wife and two children who appear to be healthy and happy. No matter how much political force is presently directed against their well-being, that fact is worth more than anything else, so a good New Year to your family and you.

    • Put simply, Trump is now a known liar and grifter. As late as 2018, he had a chance to ‘cross the Rubicon’ and shut down the border since there were several organized (by well-funded NGO’s run by Soros, et al) “Caravans” invading the United States. If he’d declared martial law, ordered the military to seal the borders, used asset-forfeiture to decapitate all businesses, NGOs, etc. who hire the invaders and supported the invasion (e.g. treason) and similar measures, most of the parasites would have self-deported in short order and many of the worst perpetrators would have ended up in prison waiting for their chance to receive justice. This would have vastly reduced the number of deportations required.

      Instead, he chickened out. Game over. Trump did nothing but betray his base and fellate their enemies for four years running. The final betrayal was in January 6, 2021. After an ‘election’ in which Democrats were permitted to engage in massive and blatant fraud, Trump called upon the faithful to come to DC to protest – and proceeded to toss them under the Church of Woke’s bus starting its revenge tour. He could have issued pardons for all of those unfortunate fools on his way out. Instead, he got a pardon list from his son-in-law Grima and pardoned a bunch of jew swindlers and violent negroes. In retrospect, it should be apparent by now that his whole 2016 campaign was a massive grift. Ann Barnhardt was one of the very few out there to catch it in advance. It was ‘kayfabe all the way’ just as he said.

      It’s only logical, based on his miserable record, to hold that a second Trump term will be more of the same bullshit. Yes he’s out working the crowds with his snake-oil again and many are still falling for it. As Mencken trenchantly noted a century back: Nobody ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of the American public. Absent him totally repudiating his Satanist Son-in-law and daughter, no way would I believe a single word of his present sales pitch. Both of them are thoroughly evil and his airhead white daughter is a traitor to boot. It would be a very frosty day in hell before we’d see Cheetohead the Clown who would be King repudiate Grima Wormtongue and “Queen Esther”. Why even participate in this obvious farce?

  7. “Slow and steady is winning the race.”

    The demographic race has already been lost in the U.S. Even if all the illegal aliens were deported tomorrow, the natural rate of increase of the non-whites who are citizens or lawful permanent residences will cause European Americans to constitute a minority of those with U.S. Citizenship. Birthright citizenship and miscegenation will only accelerate this trend. Whites are already a minority of the adolescent population. The crypto-white nationalists at VDARE need to change their strategy; immigration restriction will only slow the pace at which whites will become a minority and will be insufficient to reverse this existential trend.

    • You are correct, anon. It’s already too late, unless there is an immediate complete overthrow of capitalism and the capitalist class (elites) and upper middle class, and the establishment of a truly socialist ethno-state or federation of states, the distinctly European-descended component of the population of the U.S. (U.sury S.ystem) will soon dwindle to almost nothing as it is blended into the pot of all human resources. But if the system ever thinks it has imported enough new human resources to grind in its mill, it would shut the border immediately, and the figurehead President who is seated at the time and the party with the majority of seats at the time would get the credit for fixing the disaster. Trump and all the other candidates believe in the system and know nothing else. The “nation” under Trump, or rather, under Nimrata Randhawa Haley as I predict, will continue to escalate its imperialist warfare, and the immigration (slave importation) and every other disaster (for common people) that the capitalist system wants and needs to perpetuate itself.

  8. Who cares if the worst is behind us. The damage has been done. Unless there are mass deportations, this country is doomed.

  9. Good interpretation of the goings on between Light and Dark, Good and Evil, Patriots and Traitors, Nativists and Foreigners, in government. Everything is true what you and Vdare wrote. We’ve won the debate. For generations American Patriots have fought to focus on the border, end immigration, and restore our national sovereignty. They finally won the debate, when the Dems surrendered supplying Ukraine and Israel and our military ops overseas rather than stop the invasion at our border. The people have had enough and are with us.

    The Democrat led Globalists in government showed they would rather have no border, no military in the Middle East, no American power than stop the invasion of our southern borders and international ports of entry. Today the Democrats and Globalists have proven they care less for Ukraine, care less for Israel, care less for American power, than they hate more America, hate more American borders, hate more American people. Now its a matter of time. Is there still time left, demographically and politically to implement the rhetorical victory to solid policy implementation.

    Fortunately, there have been people out there getting this prepared. Whether it’s the Heritage Foundation or the Jew Stephen Miller. Yes, the Jew is helping to save us. Imagine that. Looks like the Anti-Semites First were wrong. Take heart, the charge is about to begin. Even if we fail, it is still not the end, but a shining shore and green fields await us. What we do now will echo for eternity. Let the games begin!

  10. What I would like to see Trump do, if he does get re elected, is do something to the fucking dirt bags who took away citizens do process rights. Keeping somebody in jail for months without charging them with anything, treating people, who at most could be charged with trespassing like they were the weather underground terrorists from the early seventies. We’re talking about judges and local prosecutors, Trump should see to it that they are removed from their positions.

  11. “Keeping somebody in jail for months without charging them with anything”:

    But the U.S.’s chief colony and mentor, Israel, does that too, keeping thousands of innocent indigenous people, men, women and children, locked up in its genocidal torture prisons for years, not just months, without any charges or trial. I predict there will be a lot more of it here soon, not less of it, regardless of who is (s)”elected” to be the next puppet figurehead “commander in chief.”

    “Trump should see to it that they are removed from their positions”:

    He wouldn’t dare do that, even if he would think of it and wanted to. But it will be a President Nimrata, not Trump, if the Republicans get their turn this year. All the Powers like Nimrata the enemy of common people.

  12. “Most Americans now support “building the wall” which was unpopular when Trump was president. ”

    It was never unpopular. Publicized “respectable” polls are not honest assessments of public opinion. Polls do not publicize public opposition to “elite” agendas. Polls are publicized for ONE REASON – to announce to the public that they should agree with fake “majority” the poll is touting.

  13. Too many commentators here are giving up , throwing up their hands saying

    “ it s hopeless – we ll never make it “.

    Why not look at the good things in Eastern Europe ? Or look at Orania S Africa ?

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