Jeffrey Epstein Court Documents Released

In the previous article, I said that I had to agree with Nick Fuentes that American elites are anti-Christian degenerates who are into bizarre cults and rituals. Christianity is the religion of the lower classes. Elites go to festivals like Burning Man. They visited Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island.


“Court filings from a lawsuit related to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking conspiracy case were unsealed on Wednesday.

The big picture: The documents feature roughly 150 people mentioned in previously redacted parts of the suit against Ghislaine Maxwell, who was sentenced last year to 20years in prison on sex trafficking and other charges for helping Epstein sexually abuse teenage girls. …

Former President Clinton is mentioned more than 50 times in the filings, though the records do not indicate any evidence of illegality on Clinton’s part, and his representatives said they did not object to the unsealing.

In one instance, one of Epstein’s accusers says the financier had remarked that Clinton “likes them young,” referring to girls. …”

Jeffrey Epstein was an Israeli asset who collected kompromat on American elites.

Daily Mail:

“Intelligence experts are becoming increasingly convinced that six high end brothels in the suburbs of Boston and Washington, D.C. were set up by a foreign nation as an espionage ‘honeytrap’.

They believe the brothels – allegedly masterminded by a 41-year-old South Korean woman – targeted politicians, high ranking government officials and defense contractors. 

But the mystery is which country was behind the scheme. RussiaChina, Korea itself, or even Israel are al seen as possibly being behind the scheme. …”

American adversaries like Russia and China are also apparently in on the game.

Note: Lady G is known as a frequent guest at such establishments. It might have something to do with why he wants to bomb Iran so much.


  1. What a joke. Israeli intel/Zionists/jews have been blackmailing US politicians for decades before Epstein came on the scene – probably as far back as the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913 which is when International Jewry began their consolidation of power in the US. This whole thing smacks of them getting ahead of the story so they can control the narrative. In a country that is as sexually degenerate as the US is nothing will ever come of this Epstein incident, of course, and ZOG will keep marching on.

    • “ahead of the story so they can control the narrative.”

      That’s their method in most every serious news story.

  2. “Note: Lady G is known as a frequent guest at such establishments. It might have something to do with why he wants to bomb Iran so much.”

    Has he ever confessed publicly that he actually is a homosexual? He did the South and the entire White race a great disservice by not standing up to that non-White NIkki Haley to prevent her from tearing down the Confederate Battle Flag at the SC Capitol in 2015 when he could have. That act of tearing down that flag has led to cancel culture and has spread out to the entire world with non-white radicals tearing down heritage objects of remembrance dedicated to Whites, White institutions, etc.

    We needed a real man to stand up in the gap and stop that White hating non-White, Nikki Haley from starting this White cultural genocide before it got started and he utterly failed and the rest is history. If he is a homosexual then that explains this lack of manhood at that most critical time. So this may not be a mystery at all but an automatic consequence as to why/how this happened and caused all this evil and chaos. We definitely need to out all our political representatives before they get voted into positions of power to hurt our interests.

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

    • “Did all the guys know that they were 17? ”

      Some were 11 and 12 yrs old.
      (((Jean-Luc Brunel))) sent Epstein 12 yr old triplets from France.

    • > Has he ever confessed publicly that he actually is a homosexual?

      Lady G doesn’t have to bother. Kind of a Gone with the Wind (movie) ‘Southern Belle’ version of Bwawnie Fwank. Truly the ‘Grande Dame’ of the Gay Old Politboro. The glowing flames can be seen from miles off. The G.O.P of the south is like Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

  3. Looks like tide is turning. Jew is evil master and lot of his servants would like to jump the ship if given chance.

    Dump Israel, rat on it as much you can…and you are clean and out.

    We may see mass retirement of the elite. Most of them are corrupt filth, not hardcore ideological warriors and they retire with great pleasure if given immunity and safety of their stoken property. Like Yeltsin. Who betrayed Jew, retired and enjoyed life.

  4. Barnie Frank was running a boy brothel out of his Georgetown townhouse in DC. These perv games go back to the founding.

    During to construction of the White House, there was an onsite brothel. Seems that set the tenor for our government.

    • Yeh, with full knowledge that jwz have always been involved in pimping, prostitution, brothels and human trafficking.

      “The jwz belong to a dark and repulsive force.” …… Cicero

  5. Nobody is perfect. Americans my entire life have always been uptight, hypocritical about sex.

    I went to Cape Town South Africa 4 years ago. CT has pretty much legal, consensual “escorts” very high quality, hygienic and with the exchange rate being 17 South African Rand to $1 USA dollar the American guy (that was me) was getting great “bang for the $ buck” so to speak.

    I don’t have much of a problem with private consensual heterosexual sex, without drugs between adult mens and grown up females. What should be the “age of consent” for females? Not 37 Yrs old which is when American college miseducated White Anglo women want to settle down and start of family!

    I’m going with 16 years old for females. The fast majority of 16 year old American females are grown up women, they’re not getting any taller, they have curves women’s parts.

    When I was 15 years old I was 5 ft 2 inches tall. I grew a whole foot 12 inches in the next year and a half.

    My Russian Great Aunt who was a teen girl in Czarist Russia, she saw German Troops come to our family land in Tula country estate outside of St. Petersburg Russia in World War I. After our side, lost Russia to the Bolshevik Je*s she moved to France from the 1920s and lived there ~ 2005. Her mind was sharp right to the very end.

    She lived in Paris during the German Occupation during World War II. She says everything was safe and orderly – Paris was all White back in the day of the German WW II Occupation She says German officers would give up their seats to ladies like her on the Paris Metro.

    This as during the late 1980s and Garry Hard the leading Lib Democrat candidate for President had to end his campaign when it was revealed that Garry Hart was having a sexual affair with a blond 20 something model aboard a cruise shop called “Monkey Business”

    My Russian Aunt told me:

    “You Americans are so uptight about sexual things. Our French President Mitterand has a mistress and everyone knows this, plus his wife is very ugly and she’s a Communist”.

    I’m sure my Russian Great Aunt would understand why Bill Clinton would want mistresses and use brothels when being married to Hillary Rodham Clinton

    Ha Ha.

    Our White British Country was first settled by Puritans who were kicked out of England for being uptight about sex, booze, uptight about everything and just… well, NO FUN!

    What’s wrong with having some fun!


      • In most American states 16 is the age of consent.

        This goes far beyond age. Epstein and crew were involved in rape, kidnapping, false imprisonment and trafficking

    • Odd one. Gary Hart was set up by a “Pittsburgh, PA” Jew, that no one ever heard of before. Of course Jews are attracted to politicians, and the influential, like flies to shit.

    • “during the German Occupation during World War II. She says everything was safe and orderly ”

      That’s true for every country Germany occupied.
      The Hollywood narrative about German behavior is always a lie.

    • @jr

      I don’t have much of a problem with the mores of Old Europe, where a mistress or brothels (especially for single men) did not raise many eyebrows. The sexual barnyard of much of the modern West is something else entirely. The former was not corrosive to society. The latter seems part and parcel of the decay and rot he see all around us. Your thoughts?

      • ” The former was not corrosive to society.”

        Oh yeh ?

        Read about how entire villages went to ruin by syphilis.
        Without adults to plow and tend gardens and take care of livestock the remaining old folks and children starved.

        Syphilis ripped through Europe like a range fire.

  6. Ryan Dawson has gone in more depth on this subject than any of the obsolete media. He discusses the “Mega Group” of billionaire jwz behind this and Epstein being financed by les Wexner . He has a very detailed organizational chart on the people involved, all jwz, with few exceptions.

    The obsolete media does more to conceal than to reveal. you have to fight the reporter to get the real story.

  7. “six high end brothels in the suburbs of Boston and Washington, D.C.”

    Some believe that the Playboy Mansion served the same purpose.

  8. The media is treating this like a mundane “sex scandal” when the real question is what was Epstein (and whoever was in the shadows behind him) doing with all the dirt he was collecting on all these elites? At a minimum, if the Bill Gates scuttlebutt is accurate, they were forking over a lot of hush money. Who says Epstein’s fortune really came from “investing,” perhaps it was all from this blackmail racket. Another thing is the whole “pedophile” angle is untrue, that comes from bitchy feminists, look at the picture of Prince Andrew with that Virginia Guillefer or whatever her name was. Does she look like a kid to you? She could well be a college student working at Hooters. Did all the guys know that they were 17? (statutory technically, not kiddie diddling) Could well be some of these were used to the regular type 19-24 “Hooters” girls or “Strip Joints” etc. and didn’t realize Jeffery found these wild girls from bad homes who were under 18 and somehow allowed to go flying around the world. Some could well have been ambushed into blackmail, others though kept coming back. Slick Willy though? Was he a customer? Or behind the extortion? Or both? Add Epstein to the list of Clinton associates who wind up dead mysteriously.

    • “Who says Epstein’s fortune really came from “investing,”
      The lying media……..”financier Jeffrey Epstein….financier Jeffrey Epstein..”

      He was a pedo pimp….who used blackmail to make a fortune.
      Ryan Dawson gives extensive details on all of Epstein’s (((backers).

    • Melania was one of Epstein’s girls. After working two stints as an “escort” (prostitute) in Slovakia.

  9. Wow the real world really is like Stanley Kubrick flick ‘Eyes Wide Shut’

    All this information coming out about Bill Clinton leads me to wonder what did Epstein know about Barrack Obama & Joe Biden?

    The rot runs deep with top Drmocrats engaged in fiendish sexual acts with minors… Epstein was clearly blackmailing many of them and I suspect in some dark room the Anti-Christ himself may be seated trying to bring about the New World Order.

    Quibbling about ballot access laws must stop as Patriots must put on the full Armor Of God and work to stop the sinister machinations of BOG (Biden Occupation Government)

    • I believe Kubrick himself made a remark about his film being a documentary shortly before his rather suspicious demise – which came a couple of months before the film’s release in June 1999. Kubrick was a talented filmaker who took the oligarchy’s ticket and likely paid the price when he violated the omerta.

        • It’s been a while since I last saw it, but I think the piano player, who was a friend of the Tom Cruise character who have him the password for the orgy, was hauled away by a couple of hit-men according to the hotel clerk. I wondered if that was put in as a kind of self-reference.

  10. These documents show what gutter trash many of the rich and powerful are. They have money, they could get girl friends, no, they want to shove around a 14 year old homeless girl. These people like to strut around and act better than everybody else, they aren’t better than hardy anybody else, serial killers maybe. This is the people running the world, a bunch of over paid child molesters.

  11. Rothschild’s fortune was started by supplying children as sex toys to the nobles of Europe and brokering mercenaries to stock their armies.

  12. I’m intrigued seeing how the mores of the upper class/political class is dropping away. Also how the jews own them. What we saw in Godfather I where Michael Corleone soothed things for the American senator is simply how it is. But Americans are too sleazy to do anything about it, as really, there isn’t an America anymore as we understand it.
    For the record, I used prostitutes when I was a soldier in Germany in the 70’s. I never had sex in America. In Germany you went to houses controlled by the state, they were well-run, the girls were inspected and clean of disease. They also had a union and benefits. it was a bit cold re passion, but such is prostitution. The area I went to was noisy and tawdry, but orderly. Crime as we know it didn’t exist in Germany then. Of course, if you went into a dark alley trying the non-state sponsored sex you could get rolled, and the bars were rip-off joints, but such is love for sale.
    I really wish we had legalized prostitution here. it would solve a lot of problems and satisfy a basic need. But Americans have their sacred, holy hypocrisy and this prudery. Also, too many people make money out of being go-betweens, both private and political. Imagine all the cops ticked off at not making undercover busts anymore, or losing money skimmed off from brothels paying off the sheriff.
    People in the media are still refusing to step up and go full investigative into Epstein’s client list, or take the next step where, for example, Clinton “wants them young,” changes the preference from girls to boys. “No,” the system says, “we ain’t going there.” We love to step away from the precipice, any precipice.

  13. “Jeffrey Epstein was an Israeli asset who collected kompromat on American elites.”
    “American adversaries like Russia and China are also apparently in on the game.”

    Welcome to the club. This so-called “conspiracy theory” bull**** was known many years ago. You had to confirm it a decade later from MSM **** like axios and daily mail.

  14. I saw where Stephen Hawkins was on that list? What can he possible do. He is paralyzed and I am assuming he cannot be aroused.

    • No.
      His name was mentioned in an effort to discredit the girls testimony.
      Epstein came up with a scheme to say the girls were saying they had sex with Hawkins so their testimony could be discredited in court.

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