Supreme Court Takes Trump’s Colorado Ballot Case

Heading into the 2024 election, I had three big questions:

1. Does the Supreme Court take the 14th Amendment case coming out of Colorado? The answer is yes.

2. If so, does the Supreme Court rule in Trump’s favor, squash the attempts to disqualify him as an insurrectionist and allow the Revenge Tour to proceed?

3. Finally, when Trump is convicted on felony charges in one of the four cases, does he get sent immediately to prison or does it become background noise while the appeals process plays out?

Damon Linker:

Scenario 3: Trump Convicted and Jailed Before Election Day

I consider this scenario quite unlikely, because even if one or more of Trump’s trials manages to get underway and reach a conclusion (with guilty verdicts, and sentencing) before November 5, Trump’s legal team will file appeals that take considerable time to be reviewed, with appeals to the Supreme Court likely to follow. And I don’t think any judge would require Trump’s imprisonment until the appeals process had played itself out. …

This is what I also see happening.

We will be spared the drama of Trump being disqualified from the ballot by the 14th Amendment or campaigning from federal prison. He will easily win the primary.

National Review:

“Trump’s strategy is delay, delay, delay. It’s simple: If he can get trials in these cases postponed until after Election Day and win, a new Trump Justice Department will dismiss the indictments. The cases will be closed, Smith will be fired, and the new president will be out from under criminal jeopardy. (As we saw in the Trump Justice Department’s 2020 attempt to abort the prosecution of Michael Flynn, however, an ornery judge who is heedless of the Constitution’s commitment of unilateral prosecutorial discretion to the executive could try to thwart the Justice DepartmentTrump ended up pardoning Flynn because Judge Emmet Sullivan refused to dismiss the indictment — lawlessly, in my view. If it comes to this, it’s not hard to imagine Chutkan following Sullivan’s lead, leaving Trump to pardon himself — which would sure get his next administration off to a boffo start, no?) …”

Donald Trump has been treated very, very unfairly by the WITCH HUNT and the Revenge Tour will gain momentum through the primary and the 2024 election will be the verdict on it. Trump’s legal fate will hinge on whether he can win the 2024 election and pardon himself.


  1. Unless you vote for the left you’re anti-democracy and probably an insurrectionist. It ought to be abundantly clear by now that the only way the left can hold on to power is by force, not by consent. Apart from an election with high entertainment value, don’t expect Trump to do anything to change this.

  2. It’s not about political parties since both are controlled by the same evil moneybags. Both parties validated the last election and put Biden in the White House and they know Jan 6 was a gov op. Washington DC was a ghost town during the inauguration with military and police force and bobbed wire fences everywhere. Surely nobody should even consider actually voting in any federal election.

    Biden doesn’t even know where he is which should lead people to question who is running the White House. Those same people are running the world. They are behind brics and the destruction of the west by opening all our borders and outsourcing our industry and the killer vaccines.

    The people of Hawaii were burned alive by DEW, directed energy weapons. They were killed by the US government. Our military uses technology against us. Elon Musk’s satellites are used to spy on us. The government will control us with new technology. They already have bots that outnumber humans on the internet. They were not supposed to allow AI or robots to be on the internet so they can’t get control of the world.

    You can follow Patrick Wood on substack to learn about all the new tech and who the technocrats are who are behind everything.

    If you owe money on your property, auto etc they will take everything you have when the markets crash because the laws are already in place in every state that gives those in control ownership of all collateral. The dollar is already destroyed and there is no saving it.

    When they take everything from you and you need cash that is when they will force their digital currency on you because that’s the only way you will be able to buy food. Then they will have total control.

    Watch The Great Taking on youtube. Learn about new technology. Forget about Trump and the democrats. The coming year is not gonna be anything like you think it is.

    We should refuse to vote in any federal election and then dissolve this government and institute a new one according to the Constitution which would result in a small, tiny federal government and us governing ourselves at the local level.

    I am saying this because it’s like James Edwards and you are living as though it is 50 years ago and you are not even aware of current reality.

    • “dissolve this government and institute a new one according to the Constitution which would result in a small, tiny federal government and us governing ourselves at the local level”:

      Impossible. Libertarianism (belief in tiny, weak government, local and individual self-rule, etc.) is an impossible fantasy that the capitalist system wants you to believe in, or say you believe in if they buy you off with a little trickled-down prosperity.

      The system that we do need, that will bring REAL liberty to the vast majority, involves not only local-level democracy (elections) but also a strong, intelligent, meritocratic leadership (the “dictatorship of the proletariat”) at the top, on the federal level, which will order and manage the forceful (it certainly won’t happen voluntarily) de-privatisation (nationalisation) of banking, insurance, medicine, transportation, communications, education, and all other essentials for human life. A government that is truly of, by and for THE PEOPLE will not be small and weak. It must be strong and will GET BIGGER for a while as the private profit sector and the excess (stolen) property of the superwealthy elites and their upper middle class toadies are forcibly dismantled and distributed.

      There is no middle ground. Populism in any style is a mere distraction, a diversion tactic, a pressure-relief valve to preserve the current system.

      • “.. a strong, intelligent, meritocratic leadership (the ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’) at the top …”

        And let me guess, Merthyr: You’re willing to volunteer your service.

        Behold Philadelphia’s white proletariat in its native habitat, i.e., outside a sports bar with a spiked fence at two in the morning …
        (“Tragic Incident at Philadelphia Sports Bar Xfinity Live! Claims Woman’s Life”)

        Written a third of a century before the rise of the Soviet Union …

        “Socialism—as the logical conclusion of the tyranny of the least and the dumbest, i.e., those who are superficial, envious, and three-quarters actors—is indeed entailed by ‘modern ideas’ and their latent anarchism; but in the tepid air of democratic well-being the capacity to reach conclusions, or to finish, weakens. … [S]ocialism is on the whole a hopeless and sour affair; and nothing offers a more amusing spectacle than the contrast between the poisonous and desperate faces cut by today’s socialists … and the harmless lambs’ happiness of their hopes and desiderata. Nevertheless, in many places in Europe they may yet bring of occasional coups and attacks: there will be deep ‘rumblings’ in the stomach of the next century …. In the doctrine of socialism there is hidden, rather badly, a ‘will to negate life’; the human beings or races that think up such a doctrine must be bungled. Indeed, I should wish that a few great experiments might prove that in a socialist society life negates itself, cuts off its own roots. The earth is large enough and man still sufficiently unexhausted; hence such a practical instruction and demonstratio ad absurdum would not strike me as undesirable, even if it were gained and paid for with a tremendous expenditure of human lives.”
        —From a notebook entry of 1885, Nietzsche, The Will to Power, Book One, section 125, as translated by Walter Kaufmann, 1967


      There is nanotech in the jab, you can even check it yourself by using a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Scanner on your phone, you will see Unknown MAC addresses with unknown manufacturers coming from people, what are they gonna do with that, I don’t know, it’s probably a killswitch at the very least. Posting comments on the subject on Unz’s Review will see you moderated 90% of the time, and even comments unrelated to that subject will probably be trashed too because you were a naughty boy, Ron Unz (or at least his moderation team) are fake and gay.

      • Re: “There is nanotech in the jab, you can even check it yourself by using a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Scanner on your phone, you will see Unknown MAC addresses”:

        The Earth is flat too, isn’t it? Not possible! But with the general ignorance of science and lack of adequate science education among the proles, many can be convinced that a scientifically impossible fantasy, like nano transmitters hidden in Covid vaccine is real. The class exploitation system thrives on its victims’ ignorance of science, and ignorance of history, geography, etc. “They” must keep the proles distracted from reality, focused on all kinds of nonsense and trivia. In addition to “divide and rule” tactics they employ “dumb down” (miseducate or non-educate, deprave and addict) to rule. But we can overcome this imposed ignorance, if we really start thinking. God gave brains to us proles, not just to the “nobles,” and He expects us to use them! It does not require a very high IQ to figure out how the class system works, and to understand the better alternative and how to get it.

        Regarding the problematic Covid vaccines: A truly non-profit, public, SOCIALIZED system of health care, medical technology and scientific research would produce more reliable, effective and safer vaccines than Pfizer, Moderna and other private corporations can. Until medicine is nationalized along with banking, insurance, etc. the private profit motive will make vaccines and medicines more expensive, and less safe and effective than they could be.

        • I very much doubt that the Earth is flat, I need to get into orbit to check by myself though, for all I know we are living into a Borg Cube !

          Seriously though, if you have any rational explanation about the crapton of MAC addresses that you can see with a BLE scanner (or an unpatched Android phone, yeah they patched it because people were freaking out when the “vaccine” came out and Android users were seeing tons of unknown devices all of a sudden, you can still enable unknown MAC addresses in developer mode though) with no known manufacturer, well please enlighten me, I’m saying that with full honesty.

          I don’t disagree with your economic views, at least I agree partially, but this seems like an utopia and we know it never existed, probably never will. I just don’t think those fake vaccines were made for the shekels, sure the profits were a bonus, but not the main goal.

  3. Once you understand that this is all theatre and their won’t be any civil war or secession it loses its magic.
    Nuttin of any consequence in the grand scheme of things will come of any of this.
    But hey, I hope I’m wrong, maybe Trump will crown himself emperor, imprison and execute his enemies *shrugs*.

  4. If he really gets that far – far enough to appear poised to win the primary while the appeals process continues – he will need to choose Nimrata as his running mate, to continue any further. He knows the system wants Nimrata.

    Nimrata’s co-presidency can save him for awhile, until he is finally removed and Nimrata becomes sole president and commander in chief (puppet figurehead) of the U.sury S.ystem.

  5. Trump is the best entertainer-president this country has ever had. At least that is one accomplishment he has since politics is just showbusiness for ugly people anyway.

    Events are now in control which is Corrupt Joe’s misfortune. It’s only a matter of time before the Near East goes from bad to worse and blows up again, bigger and badder this time. Eventually the Houthis will sink a ship with their missiles and Corrupt Joe will have to bomb them in retaliation. Iran will get drawn in directly either through their support for the Houthis, their support of Hezbollah or Israel attacking their nuclear program.

    Hezbollah is really unhappy that Our Greatest Ally has been killing their leaders in Lebanon while winding down the Gaza War and shifting troops 125 miles north towards Hezbollah’s forces. All of this is happening while Ukraine is being abandoned and Russia will eventually dictate peace terms to them, another foreign policy failure.

    Corrupt Joe will own this whole bag of shit, because he is in the White House, if nothing else. When the Near East really blows up fuel prices will skyrocket, there will be shortages and high prices for everything and everyone will blame Corrupt Joe. These are shades of 1968 and LBJ, another failed President.

    Add to this the tens of millions of wogs who have come into the country for the mighty gibs and the Summer of St. Floyd, patron saint of fentanyl addicts will look like a picnic by comparison. The vibrants are going to be unhappy with all of this and will let the world know in their own, inimitable style. There must be a feeling of pervading doom hanging over the White House and Congress, like after the Titanic hit the iceberg but before the lights went out and the band stopped playing.

    • > Trump is the best entertainer-president this country has ever had. At least that is one accomplishment he has since politics is just showbusiness for ugly people anyway.

      Yes that’s a good way to think of it. The God-Emperor of Grift has not only the grifting skill of Charles Ponzi but the vulgar crowd appeal of Phineas T. Barnum.

      > Corrupt Joe will own this whole bag of shit, because he is in the White House, if nothing else. When the Near East really blows up fuel prices will skyrocket, there will be shortages and high prices for everything and everyone will blame Corrupt Joe. These are shades of 1968 and LBJ, another failed President.

      He will indeed. The idiocracy probably even think the retarded ventriloquist dummy actually has some kind of control over the criminal enterprise, which is hilarious all on its own for sheer stupidity. The pathetic old fart can’t even control his sphincter. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving old POS – a 50-year criminal career ends with a giant rancid clown-fart. So who is the best bet for destroying the empire fastest? Cheetohead of Joey Shitpants?

  6. We are a banana republic now. When DJT is elected he should declare himself dictator for life (I thought he should have declared something similar right after the Dems stole the election in 2020 before J6) and stop all this democracy facade and go full blood and soil king for life. There is absolutely NO justice if the Dems should ever get control of the Yankee Empire again. Look at what they are doing right now. They would lynch DJT if they could get away with it. Just start executing the Commies and the Deep State and never stop until the last one has been exterminated. They use the legal system to do the same to the Right. They have no shame at all and are all woke as hell.

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

  7. The “Dems” are paranoid and use illegal means to rule and attack the Right and always overplay their hand because they are trying to get away from being caught for their crimes. Just look at this unabashed (sheer naked power grab) landslide of cases against Donald Trump to make sure (overplaying their hand always) he is never/ever President again. They have NO SHAME at all. I think the Right should spotlight these show trials against Trump and make these Commies wish they never come up with this lawfare circus in the first place. Disgrace them for going full banana republic and never let up on them until they are the ones who never come to power ever again. Turn the tables on them.

  8. Both democrats and republicans including Donald Trump are on the side of the globalists-Zionists.
    If you don’t get that by now *shrugs*.
    The globalists-Zionists essentially control all western governments and probably BRICS too.
    Their modus operandi is divide and conquer.

    The biggest question of 2024 is, are they content to keep the war between democrats/shitlibs and republicans/neocons on the one hand, and the war between the west and BRICS on the other, cold, or will they get hot?
    If they get hot, all hell will break loose.

    But I’m not taking sides, because all sides are part of a single globalist/Zionist crony capitalist technofeudal world order.
    The west represents the existing world order, BRICS the emerging world order, potentially.
    Their ultimate objective may be to bring us into this emerging world order centered on BRICS, but it’ll be just as controlled by the globalists/Zionists as the old American world order was, even more so.
    There are no sovereign nation states, there are investment companies/cabals like BlackRock and Vanguard.
    These investment companies/cabals essentially control the nation states.

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