Joe Biden’s Valley Forge Speech

Door #1: Four more years of this guy or likely Kamala.

Door #2: The roller coaster ride of the Revenge Tour.

There isn’t a third option.

The primary is a formality at this point.

Even if you tune out to focus on your own life, which is what I plan to do, we are going to get one of these two scenarios. Who would you rather put up with for the next four years?


  1. “we’re so pro-democracy we’ve disabled comments on our video and also won’t show negative ratings if more people disliked this video than liked it”

    Duck Youtube, especially the version thought up by Jew Susan Woci-jizz-witz

    duck Jeffrey Epstein bribery Mossad schemes

    duck his buddy Dershowitz defending Israel before the ICC after getting his rocks off on kiddie porn

    duck the ADL tracking those opposed to kiddy murder in Gaza

    Duck Biden legislation to go after anyone who made more than 600 dollars with PayPal and Venmo so they can feed Israel money from taxpayers so Israel can murder Gaza children

  2. Shitlibs to the left of me, neocons to the right, I don’t have a dog in this fight.
    Heads they win/tales we lose.

    I guess at least Trump will be more entertaining *shrugs*.
    He seems to rub people on the left the wrong way, but he’s still a neocon.
    The only difference between Trump and conventional neocons like Tony Blinken and Victoria Nuland is Trump has 0 tact/says the quiet part out loud.
    Trump is like Tony Montana from Scarface, he tells the truth, even when he lies.

    • Both Blinken and Trump are neocons and sociopaths capable of committing genocide without reservation, the difference is Blinken appeals more to the upper classes because he’s cultured, Trump to the lower because he’s crude, crass and promises them crap he has no intention of delivering, but they forget and/or forgive him.
      They believe in him, it’s a personality cult.
      TDS is its counterpart on the left, they want to pin all of America’s many woes on him.

      Trump is a narcissist in addition to being a sociopath, whereas Blinken is just a sociopath, its Trump’s narcissism, vanity and histrionics that gets him into trouble.
      But they need a pseudo-populist ass-hat like Trump to give the masses hopium, keep them engaged, the people were tired of guys like Blinken, Cheney and Rumsfeld lying to them, they wanted a new lie.
      It’s all theatre.

      • The real rulers of America always hedge their bets. Heads they win, tails we lose. Whites that look upon Trump as the Great White Hope are engaging in wishful thinking.

  3. The only “roller coaster” if Trump gets elected will be the shitlibs having fits on TwitterX and CNN/PMSNBC. Other than that it will be Trump obsessing over the jews’ stock market, moaning about the Fed Funds Rate being too high, pandering to Israel/the jews and maybe another half-assed trade war with China.

  4. I cannot do it I cannot pull the lever for Trump. Not Nikki Haley. If it’s Haley for sure I am voting Biden. Trump I will have to hold my nose. Not feeling this election.

  5. I want to see the system openly, brazenly, flippantly, unleash the antitrump violence, I want to see it flood into gated communities, high end shopping areas, even sleepy rural Yankee towns, anywhere that pearl clutching liberal white people live. I want them to have their noses rubbed in their own shit. I want it to be on live television, 24/7.

    I want there to be no ambiguity that the system is going to suppress the will of the majority… Be it the popular majority, the Electoral majority, or both.

    HW is correct here. You’re going to get one of two choices. “Not playing along” gets you nothing. They don’t care if you don’t vote. They DONT WANT YOU TO VOTE. Dissidents voting makes it harder to convince the people that the system is working. Dissidents not voting makes it easy for them, and takes the wind out of the sails of people who aren’t “dissidents”, but who agree with us on most things.

    You’re damn right I’m voting Trump. Even if I get very little in return but entertainment value.

  6. Re: “political violence is never acceptable in the United States political system”:

    To the contrary: The United States’ political system (capitalist imperialism) LIVES by political violence, at “home” and everywhere around the world, every day, every hour, every minute. The “U.S. political system,” which includes its chief neo-colony and overseas military base called Israel may be the most violent entity in human history. Even the U.S.’s so-called “humanitarian aid” is really premeditated violence:

    Pay attention only to what the lying “U.”sury “S.”ystem DOES, and ignore completely what it says. It certainly doesn’t want you to be able to see what it does.

    Also it certainly isn’t “Biden’s speech.” He only tries to read from a teleprompter. Trivial nonsense.

    • ” . . . The United States’ political system (capitalist imperialism) LIVES by political violence, at “home” and everywhere around the world . . . which includes its chief neo-colony and overseas military base called Israel . . .”

      You have it ass-backwards. Here is the corrected version of your quote:

      ” . . . The United States’ political system (capitalist imperialism) LIVES by political violence, at “home” and everywhere around the world . . . which includes Israel’s chief neo-colony and overseas military base called the United States . .”

      Ask Jeffrey Epstein whom he worked for.

  7. I hate lapel patriots.
    They stick a dinky flag on their lapel trying to fake patriotism.

    Only vets should be able to wear those.

  8. This stupid geezer trying to look tough is a joke. His administration is firmly in the Lincoln-Yankee liberal race mixing imperial tradition.

    America was founded on insurrection and state rights.

  9. I just care about the system anymore. I want to hope everything crashes, and St. Louis is safe enough so nothing crumbles and crashes. There are huge swathes of America where life will go on. If it is a Trump or Biden vote, I’m still uncaring. As Jacob Dreizin said, not participating means the system will crash sooner, and we can start to re-build. So Trump gets it up, rises to “save the country” and makes Nikki Haley. his Veep. Some saving. Biden is nothing. he’s simply the front-dummy, not even a man- for the jews destroying what’s left of America. They seem determined to simply take it all down.
    I’m just not into it. Like Candide, I’m cultivating my own garden.

  10. I am not a Republican and never intend to ever vote for them but I do pray that DJT will somehow win and beat this worthless illegitimate president now in office who supports thieves stealing elections for Dems and illegals pouring over our borders, etc. I hope DJT pardons all these J6 people made political prisoners.ver j6.

    Republicans for the most part are FOR clean elections. They want VOTER ID to make sure the one voting is qualified to cast a vote. But not these thieving Democrats. They open the doors for corrupt elections — mail in ballots, no voter id, wanting illegals to vote, etc, etc.

    You DEMS are thieves no matter how much propaganda you pour out through the news media to the contrary. Let’s see you REQUIRE voter-ID, no mail-in ballots, stop illegals from voting, etc, etc.

    Maybe give the J6 people after they are pardoned jobs to spy on these thieving DEMS. These NO-VOTER-ID crooks need plenty of supervision for sure.

    If Mike Pence could have stepped up, and helped DJT out of this difficult situation and deny these DEM thieves pulling off this steal, these J6 people would not be treated like they committed more than just an overzealous protest.


  11. Let’s look at this world we live in with a clear eye. I’m talking the Western world especially and home-base, America, in particular. There is no hope. It has been excruciatingly bad for decades but these past three have been shear anti-White madness and a lavish feasting by the brown/black carrion-beasts on the carcass of what’s left of the White race. The normies (95% of the race) care nothing for the country they’ve fully lost in the year 2024, their wealth (such as it is), their culture (gone), their societies (fully fractured), their lives, and the ultimate evil of their stone hearts – their children and grandchildren. They’ve decided to give it all away and bare their throats to the black/brown knife. I, personally have only one hope, that God will preserve a remnant for my grandchildren’s sake and millions of young White people like them. I repeat, answer to prayer by an all-powerful God, the God of the Bible, is my (our) only hope. I do not suggest we (the tiny fraction) not fight to the last. But it is not enough, the point of no return has been passed. I think it’s obvious.

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