NY Mag: Guide To Polyamory

I’ve always had a lot of White Nationalist readers who are either confused by or critical of my support for Southern Nationalism and Christian Nationalism. While I agree that race is important and that race matters, I have always believed it isn’t the only thing that matters. Even in a homogeneous White ethnostate, our values and culture would still be of supreme importance.

See, for example, the latest issue of New York Magazine which immediately brings to mind the predictions of 19th century critics of Northern liberalism like George Fitzhugh and Robert Lewis Dabney. The slippery slope is the history of liberalism in which one sick fad triumphs only to be succeeded by some new fad which triumphs and is succeeded in turn by another degenerate fad in an endless race to the bottom.

New York Magazine:

“If you live in New York, it’s very possible you’ve recently found yourself chatting with a co-worker, or listening to the table next to you at a restaurant, and heard some variation of “They just opened up, and they’re so much happier.” Or “My partner’s partner truly sucks.” Ethical non-monogamy isn’t new (The Ethical Slut, the polyamorous bible, came out in 1997), and it isn’t exactly mainstream, but it isn’t so fringe either (or reserved for those who live in the Bay Area). A curious person might be tempted to download Feeld or let their partner know over salmon they’re ready to let in a third. But though people don’t talk about it in hushed tones anymore — Riverdale just ended with Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica in a quad, after all — it isn’t such a simple thing to do well. There are a million things that can go awry, from the small and awkward (oversharing about a date) to the enormous and life-imploding (ending an otherwise fine relationship). The poly-curious among you likely have questions about the day-to-day operations — how do you tell your kids about it? Where do you find people to date? What if your partner gets way more matches than you do? What if their new partner is way hotter than you? To that end, we’ve created an exceedingly in-depth guide. …

Open Relationship: In a strictly technical sense, this is when you and your partner can have sexual, but not romantic, relationships with other people.

Swinging: A couple who have sex or dates with other people as a duo.

Hierarchical polyamory: When you and your partner can have relationships — romantic or sexual — with other people but have agreed to remain each other’s primary partner. You might pursue these relationships as a couple or separately.

Nonhierarchical polyamory: There are no primary partners in this scenario — everyone is on an equal footing.

Solo-poly: A single person pursuing multiple intimate or sexual relationships while trying to avoid riding the Relationship Escalator. This means you’re not particularly interested in, say, sharing a home or bank account with any one person. …”

Since I started this blog, we have seen the triumph of gay marriage (2015) which was immediately followed by the mainstreaming of “trans” (2017 to 2023). After a few years, “trans” is becoming old hat now. The PRIDE flag has been redesigned. It is time to start pushing for polyamory in 2024.

George Fitzhugh was right!


  1. I recently spoke to my sister who lives with her husband in another Southern state. They are both normie conservatives. They know a couple who has a son, married with kids, who has come out as trans. My sister says his mother is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Brad, when you were born, any form of sexual race mixing was still ultra taboo and almost never seen in Alabama. Social rot both deepens and spreads if not nipped in the bud.

    • “has a son, married with kids, who has come out as trans. ”

      All the result of mass media normalizing freakish behavior.
      Without the impetus from the media, I’m 99% certain he would never have chosen that behavior.

      • Social media? Or some teacher pushing this stuff? Back in the 80s we had this highly charismatic alpha male teacher who was also a big leftists. He did enormous damage to the kids, all the girls wanted to F him and all the boys wanted to be like him. Back then the agenda was basically “Reagan Sucks” but now it seems to have shifted to sexual degeneracy.

        “While I agree that race is important and that race matters, I have always believed it isn’t the only thing that matters. Even in a homogeneous White ethnostate, our values and culture would still be of supreme importance.”

        I agree, blacks are the result of millennia of a complete disregard of those values and culture during sexual selection. Black men basically sticking it anywhere that is warm, and black women letting anyone impregnate them. You don’t get truth and beauty traits from that, it’s dysgenic.

  2. No, no, Fitzhugh and the Southerners were wrong. They were just reactionary, parochial Christian incels riding on their own affirmative action, that is Patriarchy. This, all of this liberalism is actually the REAL Nazi eugenic experiment. Hitler just couldn’t appreciate it because he was an incel too. This will ensure that only the true blonde beasts breed with the women. Liberalism is actually a “return of nature” because if you assume the opposite of something else then you are automatically right. I’ve never read Hegel and only got around to Marx in 2020 when I was trying to gaslight Bernie Bros but let me assure you that this is “dialectic.” ZOG is actually going to save us. Jews are actually Nazis.

    Dickie Spencer and “Mark Brahmin”

  3. These scumbags still don’t want to touch polygamy with a ten foot pole. The so-called feminists will push for everything else but they blow a fuse when the subject of polygamy comes up. How can they refuse polygamy when everything else is allowed?

    The Moslems of course practice polygamy and female genital mutilation even though both are illegal in the U.S. and under state laws, too. They don’t give a damn about anyone else’s laws, only their own warped, Sharia law. Both polygamy and FGM are practiced in Michigan, perfect examples of multi-culturalism in action and the logical result of throwing open the country’s doors in 1965 and seeing what the cat drags in.


    How can the U.S. Government tell the goat fuckers ‘No’ to FGM and polygamy when that would clearly infringe on their first amendment religious rights? They can’t and they don’t and the hypocrite feminists and the rest of the Left refuses to touch these issues. I guess we will have to wait for the courageous Republicans and other good “Conservatives” to fight against these things. They have a great track record overt he last 75 years of conserving the country except they couldn’t even conserve keeping the boys out of the girls’ locker rooms or putting up concertina wire 20 feet tall, 20 yards deep across 2,400 miles of the southern border to keep the hideous wogs out. .

    • You’ve probably seen it here before, but old Rev. Dabney already had figured out the “conservative” racket back in 1870 (!). Few if any paid attention back then, even less now. This aspect of conservatism is not a bug but a feature.

  4. “While I agree that race is important and that race matters, I have always believed it isn’t the only thing that matters.”


    (While race makes the higher potentials of civilization possible, it doesn’t guarantee them. Whereas race mixing slams the door on higher civilization.)

  5. Another jwd concept to ruin society. Like rats, these perverse concepts gnaw at the fabric of healthy societies, leading to eventual ruin.

  6. There is a great term coined by the author of the Neo-Liberalism Review in Substack: The Equality Ratchet. His one possible error is in making the claim that it is a built in feature of Pauline Christianity – though he does make something of a case for it. The ER is how you end up with the abominations described above.

  7. Magazines, the same source that spread the cancer of toxic feminism, especially women’s magazines and those with a predominantly female audience. 60 years of jwzish poison being injected into the body of Western culture.

    For those seeking the source of rampant female hostility, look no farther than the editorial masthead of any ‘woman’s’ magazine.

  8. “Since I started this blog, we have seen the triumph ….”


    The death of a thousand cuts, one slice at a time.
    (Remember a few years back, when the media was pushing cuckery ?)

  9. “Reporting by Allison P. Davis, Alistair Kitchen, (((Alyssa Shelasky))), (((Anya Kamenetz))), and Bindu Bansinath”

    Somehow I knew the Jews were going to be heavily involved in pushing this perversion…

  10. There’s nothing revolutionary about ‘polyamory’, once known as ‘free love’, it was revolutionary from the 19 to mid 20th century, not now.
    Nowadays people are free be promiscuous, but of course there’s consequences; STDs, unwanted pregnancies, damaged goods, rape, social stigma, violent jealousy.
    These consequences will always be there no matter how hard they wish them away, and if they keep it up eventually they’ll reap them.
    Likewise there’ll always be people who promote fidelity, monogamy and healthy choices, as there should be.

  11. A WICKED and PERVERSE generation ! ……TERMINAL, ignorant, living in darkness, I say this with no malice intended, but they are in trouble, their is no TRUTH in them, we really cannot afford their disfunction, disruption, they would/will weaken any nation, but the truth is, they are ours, they need prayer, they also need contained, too allow this SOUL SICKNESS to spread, we do to, our own detriment, at the least, they should be called out on it, they can’t say they we’re not warned ……..nor, can we ……..

    • You know there has been at least one retard posting here who thinks Gavin Newsom is a great idea – even stating they’d vote for him unironically. He’s not even a jew and endlessly promotes all of this bullshit. Don’t be surprised if they arrange for Joey Shitpants to die or suddenly ‘become incompetent’ (he’s already incontinent) and replace him with Newsom. There are plenty of retarded whites who’d vote for him because he ‘looks presidential’. Small wonder the men who founded the long-dead republic had such contempt for democracy.

  12. The “culture” of the pursuit of private profit was never really puritanical. The love of money is the root of all this evil. “Free love,” polyamory, pedophilia, prostitution, etc. are symptoms of the real disease which is the outmoded class system. The persistence of the natural ethnocentric lifelong monogamous paternally-led family is a serious impediment to capitalism’s movement from local exploitation and monopoly toward total global monopoly, through alienation (including breakup of marriage and family, destruction of religious faith, etc.) and atomization of all the “human resources.” I believe people will revert to the natural pattern of monogamy and ethnocentrism, when the capitalist class system is removed and real equality is established.

    Many socialists have upheld the institution of monogamous marriage and paternally-led family, but some of the best-known (best known but not the best) socialists including Marx, Engels and Trotsky (these three were wrong about many things) have erred exceedingly regarding marriage and family: https://www.csustan.edu/sites/default/files/History/Faculty/Weikart/Marx-Engels-and-the-Abolition-of-the-Family.pdf

    After ousting Trotsky and beginning to purge the Trotskyites with their “free love” policy, Joseph Stalin led the return to traditional marriage and the Soviet (Russian) family. Divorce that was very easy for a few years suddenly became very difficult to obtain. The Soviet revival of one marriage with male headship was followed, as you would expect, by a historic population boom and extremely rapid (world’s fastest) economic growth – during the years when the U.S. and other capitalist states were mired in the Great Depression. In China, the development of socialism with Chinese (Confucian) characteristics was also marked by strengthening of monogamous marriage and family, and disappearance of prostitution and “free love” behaviour. Today, personal immorality is an absolute bar from CPC (party) membership and ground for immediate dismissal. Independent, unoccupied northern Korea with its “Juche” ethno-socialism is also quite puritanical, while the U.S.-occupied southern half of Korea is as morally depraved as Japan. This may seem like overstatement but I see a pattern: In the U.S. “homeland” there is direct relationship between inequality, alienation and moral depravity.

  13. Whatever it’s called at the moment, to me, it’s pretty much the same thing, a society that is so obsessed with it’s own petty wants at any particular time, it can’t or won’t accept any boundaries. And if anyone points our boundaries they get name called, they’re homophobic, they’re trans phobic.

    And much of the medical establishment has accepted the junk science and quackery that has become a part of modern living. The institutions that people once depended on have proven themselves to be corrupt and stupid, often amazingly stupid. A group of witch doctors could be more reliable.

    It doesn’t help at all that many people at the top of society are relentlessly pushing blasphemy, perversion, anything out of the mainstream. And it tears at the fabric of what holds a society together. They look like anarchists to me.

  14. I will say this, it is ironic to see the hideous, fat, ugly bitches in this picture pushing polyamorous perversion, because it’s not as if they are going to be able to attract multiple men.

    As the old saying goes, “I wouldn’t fuck any of them with yours.” I’d pass out drunk before I got beer goggles enough to take one home…

    • Thr problem is the parents who filled their head with this notion that they are princesses and are special. Then they grow up thinking their you know what doesn’t stink.

      Of course back in the day, they would have to date in their class. A 3 could only get a 3 and so on.

      But you now have this plethora of incels putting these below average women on pedestals. The cycle repeats itself.

      • You’re right, too many girls raised on fairytales.

        Simps are also a major problem.
        Men too weak to be independent.

  15. “they’re homophobic. ”

    That’s another (((crypto-communist)) neologism, pushed into the common vocabulary by the kosher media.

    Not homophobic , but HOMOREPULSED,
    because it is truly a repulsive perversion.

  16. The word “cuck” gets thrown around a lot, but Jeez:

    Julia: After we had our child, I went through a few years of lacking sexual interest. It got to the point where it felt like I might never be interested in having sex again and that would be fine. That began to change in May 2022. I started having a crush on someone. I didn’t know if I was even going to tell Matt, but I didn’t want to repress this part of myself. And I didn’t want to cheat on him. Eventually, I told him about this crush, how I was feeling different and vibrant. I said, “I’m feeling more open about my sexuality and more interested in exploring it.” He said, “Are you asking to open the marriage?”

    Matt: We talked and cried for hours. But I knew it made no sense to hold her back. I was like, I’m not going to get in your fucking way.

    Julia: It was still an unresolved idea, and we sat with it for a week. I never wanted to push it, I wanted to wait for him to be the one to suggest it. Eventually, he said, “I don’t want to hold you back from being yourself.”

  17. The triumph of the sodomites was not in 2015, when Zog began pretending they can marry. Their triumph was when all of you began calling them “gay”. Once they conquered your minds and speech, the rest was easy.

    • They were called “gay” already in the 20s and 30s because they lived the “gay life” which was what the called the party life back then that young, modernist adults with no family attachments lived with jazz and booze.

    • “Next will be lowering the age of consent,”

      This prediction has always struck me as very wrong-headed and stupid. Feminists hate the fact that men can spurn them for younger women, they will never permit them to go even younger.

  18. I once saw a fairly recent interview with a middle-aged man who “identifies” as a little girl and dresses, talks, and acts as such. Also a woman who gets her kicks having unnecessary invasive medical procedures done on her…The horror…the horror.

  19. There is sort of a degenerate historian who looks sort of like Andy Dick named Richard Carrier who originally I thought was queer. However he claims to practice “Polyamory” and I can see these fairly plain looking groupies helping set up the AV during his presentations. He’s fairly alpha for a “hipster” type and is quite funny with mocking religion, however, he’s clearly a degenerate and I very much doubt that “polyamory” is the secret to happiness and long term social stability. He is sort of a hero of “the Mythisists” who think Jesus never existed, the old guru was a fat, bearded Southerner who got cancelled by all the atheists who used to love him when he disagreed with BLM and said that black criminals deserve to go to jail. While I do agree that there is no god and Christianity is obviously a tall tale, I do think there was a real person, probably a violent, anti Roman rebel messianic cult leader, behind the origin of the superstition who was white washed by Greek Gentiles who wanted to spin their own version of a monotheistic Abrahamic faith.

  20. Adultery is already illegal in many states. The tools already exist for an enterprising prosecutor to go after the polyamory freaks. But I wouldn’t expect a Christian nationalist to do this, their political platform is abortion and not much else. They are still attached to Bush-era “small government” fusionism; Christian nationalism is just be a new name for Bushism, led by the same people who’ve learned nothing.

    • ” their political platform is abortion and not much else.”

      If they had any practical sense, race would be the first issue on their agenda, but it isn’t even on their table.

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